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Victor John Fleener posted on 10/16/21

When I lived in Champaign, Illinois on Lancaster Drive John Rhoades was my neighbor. He was always cheerful and very kind. John always had nice things to say. He was also very funny. I remember when he was mowing along the road on a hot day. I put a cold drink against his neck. He jumped and laughed. I gave him the cold beverage and he drank it. We had a good conversation. He was just a great person. I am very sad he is no longer with us. God Bless.


Victor John Fleener posted on 10/16/21

I was a former neighbor to John. He was always very kind and friendly. He cheered me up with his personality. I am very sad John is no longer with us. He was a great person. John is missed by everyone who knew him. God Bless. Victor John Fleener


Karma Ibsen posted on 10/15/21

John was such a kind hearted friend at our gym. He lifted my spirits every time he would greet me with that tremendous smile.


Drew Tyler posted on 10/15/21

Mandy and Lara, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. John was a great man and he was always able to light up the room. You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dennis Shipp posted on 10/15/21

Remember Carol from High School in Centralia. She had a very sweet personality. So sorry that she departed this world and her loving family.



MHS Class of 1991 posted on 10/14/21

Thank you for being a part of our lives, John.


Margie Veach posted on 10/13/21

I met Carol when we worked a book rush at I.U.B. She was beautiful , sweet & kind and fun to be around . Through the years we have exchanged Christmas cards . I will miss her .


Margie Veach posted on 10/13/21

I met Connie through my husband , she hung around with a group of friends that my husband did . This was nearly 20 years ago . Connie was a very dear friend . When my mom was in a nursing home recovering from a fall Connie would go in to see her mom and then visit with my mom . I will treasure our friendship always and will miss her a great deal . Love her .


Linda Riggle posted on 10/12/21

Connie and I got to be friends when we meet in juniorhigh.We were members of Mahomet-Seymour High School class of 1970 and we shared the same birthday.I just learned of Connie's death on Facebook.Sad to hear of her death.



Alice Dilts posted on 10/12/21

Hail the Traveler! That which is remembered lives on



Roger & Debbie Schieber posted on 10/11/21

Dear Aunt Dee and Family, We are so very sorry for your loss. Our hearts are broken too. Our family has many, many years of memories to cherish of Uncle Bill. He was the sweetest, kindest, loving person. Will miss his sweet smile and funny humor. Always joking around. So proud of his years in the Air Force to serve our country. An all-around wonderful person! Rest In Peace Uncle Bill. Keeping all your family in our thoughts and prayers. We love you. Take Care and God blessings to all of you. Love, Roger, Debbie and Family


Susan Minyard posted on 10/7/21

I had planned to at least come to Les' visitation, but my morning appointment ran much longer than planned. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Les, and your whole family, was such a big part of my church life and my memories through my earlier years. I feel your loss! With great sympathy, Susan


Patrick and Rochelle Riccobene posted on 10/7/21

Beautiful Eulogy, what an amazing man! Loved reading stories about his lifetime filled with adventure and successes. My condolences to the family, may God Bless you all.



Wime Hart posted on 10/7/21

My sincere condolences to the wife Sandra, Children and Grandchildren . Even though I only knew you for short time, it was nice being around you. May your soul Rest In Peace.


Giancarlo Cozzani posted on 10/5/21

Our most sincere condolences to the whole family



Susan Kapacinskas posted on 10/3/21

Rest in peace, Joe.


Karen Rabbitt posted on 10/3/21

I'm so very sorry to hear of Joe's death. I worked with him at Tax Aide for several years. He was humble, funny, and an excellent mentor. He often spoke of his family with great love. I'm sorry for your loss.


Mike Henderson posted on 10/2/21

Connie was cute in High School. We were friends but she was good friends with the girl I was dating so we never dated. Good memories of her.


Bruce Rogers, Jr. posted on 10/1/21

I have great memories of Mr. Short from my time with Troop 101. All the camping trips and other events he helped make possible with his time and effort. He was kind and always there for you if you needed anything. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Dorothy Rigg posted on 9/30/21

So sorry Ceanne to read that Ron had passed away.i first knew Ron from Shorts IGA I love that grocery store then in 1995 BankIllinois merged with Champain Nat Bank and Ron and I were working at the same place. He was a great guy and when my Ron would come into the Bank if your Ron was on the first floor he would come over and talk to my Ron. Maybe they will meet up in Heaven and talk again..I believe that when you go to Heaven that you are well Hugs to you and your family


Gary L Scaff posted on 9/30/21

Great photo of Ron looks a lot like his Father I have a lot of great memories of Ron So sorry for your lost PRAYERS coming your way


Mark Medley posted on 9/30/21

Mr. Short was a wonderful man. I enjoyed our conversations and meetings in yesteryear, as his son Roger and I were great friends at Illinois College. Mr. Short will be missed greatly.


Carole Fisher posted on 9/29/21

We are so sorry, Ceeann. Roger remembers the trip he, our Roger, your Roger, and Ron took to watch a golf tournament in Indy. That was a fun trip! We will be praying for you, Roger, Julie, and their families. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Carole Fisher posted on 9/29/21

We are so sorry, Ceeann. Roger remembers the time he, our Roger, your Roger, and Ron drove to Indy to watch a golf tournament. That was a fun trip! You, Roger, Julie and their families will be in our prayers. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Sean M Gould posted on 9/29/21

My condolences to the Short family. I always found Ron to be warm and welcoming. Peace be with you all.


Larry Waters & Eileen Waters posted on 9/27/21

Our thoughts and condolences are with your entire family at this time.


Larry Waters posted on 9/27/21

Larry & Eileen Waters


DeShon Harris posted on 9/27/21

My condolences to the family and I’m so sorry for your loss, sending hugs and prayers ❤️


Bob Varndell posted on 9/25/21

My buddy Tommy was one of the toughest guys I ever really got to know. Not tough as in raisin' Hell and kickin' butts--Tough as in he endured more blood draws and catheters, organ scrapings and removals (more than any ONE human being should ever have to), all with hardly a whimper or complaint. As Pat Nelson put it: "If anyone of US had to go through that sh*t, we would be like balled up on the floor, thumb in mouth, and cryin' like a baby". Oh...but NOT Tommy! He could be a little hard-headed every now and again (but can't we all!?). After a major procedure, he might have been instructed to take it easy--no driving or lifting for say, two or three weeks. Well, it wasn't unusual to see him out and about just TWO days later making his usual stops and scooting heavy chairs around so friends could join him. As I understand, he was categorized in the medical community as being, "non-compliant". This was a title that he was kind of proud of! One time, after a major surgery that required that he recover in the hospital for at least a week, he decided that since he was there to "rest" (which he deemed as impossible with all of the alarms and interruptions), the best place to "rest" was at HOME. So...he clipped all of his IV lines, dressed himself, and headed to the nearest elevator. As he told it, he almost made it past the nurses station when his nurse noticed him, jumped up and said something along the lines of, "Thomas--two things: first, you're much too weak to go home now so you need to stay here and rest and second, YOU STILL HAVE ALL OF YOUR IV NEEDLES IN YOUR ARMS!!" In Tommy's own smooth way he said, Ma'am, the doctors say I need to "rest" and I see no reason that I can't get that done at home so sweetie, kindly pull your needles out of my arms, I'm going home. Gawd...I LOVED that man!! Tommy was a gentleman's gentle man; he was a door holder and a chair scooter. He was not at all fond of when one of us (PAT!) let lose an "F-Bomb" in the presence of a lady. Quickly after the "infraction", he would clear his throat, look down his nose and shake his head "NO". Now, around the guys-no problem--around the "fairer sex", NEVER. One of my ever lasting memories of my buddy will be the way he would enter a room. He'd enter, come to a dead stop, lift his arms out wide in a very welcoming gesture and as he leaned back slightly and with a smile ear-to-ear would say, "Hell-Low People!! While I will surely miss my buddy I find comfort in knowing that the pain brought to him from the countless surgeries and procedures is over now. He has a bevy of relatives and good buddies to fish and golf with and he has found peace. PEACE MY BROTHA'!!


Steve Lemons posted on 9/23/21

I knew Connie a bit from high school and then later when she came to work in my department at Illinois State University. She was a joy to be around, always smiling and upbeat. I was sad when she left ISU and moved to Champaign. My sympathy to all in her family.


Pat, Shep, and Ryan Kelly posted on 9/23/21

Diane and family… We send our prayers to you all on the loss of Connie. She certainly was a fighter with a fierce spirit! How fortunate she was to be surrounded by people who not only cared, but cared for her during her long battle. May fond memories keep her near to you.


Ann Stribling Verderber posted on 9/23/21

My sincerest condolences to the Carper family for the loss of your sister and Aunt Connie. As I traveled to the Mayo Clinic to deal with my own brain needs, please know my thoughts and prayers were with you all. God blessed Connie with the strength to fight her own fight. What a courageous woman. Rest In Peace Connie


JANET M RUDICIL posted on 9/23/21

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Connie. I worked around Connie serveral times over the years in the pipefitting trade. She was always very friendly. I always enjoyed talking with her. Please take care.


Chuck Voigt posted on 9/23/21

Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. The support that John and the others in the group have given me over the years has been invaluable to me. I'm so sorry that Covid has kept me away from the meetings for so long. David, Sten, Gene, John, and I were in the first generation of survivors that sat at the Round Table at Carle. Now, two of those seats are empty. I'll miss John very much.


Bob Swiney posted on 9/23/21

Tom was a real fisherman, he fought through pain and sickness to be on my boat for the annual walleye trip to Lake Erie, never complained, never a bad word spoken or a bad thought revealed a true gentleman and someone I was proud to call friend Tight Lines and following seas my friend, you will be missed and remembered. Capt. Bob


Billie Krueger posted on 9/22/21

We know God is saying to John, Well done, good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:21 Our thoughts and prayers are with you Sharon and your family. Billie and Larry Krueger


Betty Reinhold posted on 9/22/21

Dear Sharon and family, so sorry to hear about John please accept our condolences and prayers to you and your girls. Betty & Richard


Jane L Solon posted on 9/21/21

Heaven just got another Angel and we on earth will have a huge void in our lives. Rodney was such a caring, wonderful, humorous person. I still have his Santa picture to remember him by and all the memories of events at the DMBGC and annual meetings at UICCU. God Bless your soul Rodney!


Claudia posted on 9/21/21

John was a friend since elementary days in Kimberly. During the last 6 years we were in touch once again as my husband was dealing with cancer. John offered compassion, kindness and concern during those very frightening days. As odd as this sounds, it was a highlight to see he and Sharon at my husbands funeral. As difficult as it was for him to travel he shared his time in Wisconsin with me and my family. His upbeat and hopeful messages continued up until his own last days and he said he was comfortable and at peace. Heaven truly gained an angel and I am sure John is already enjoying his heavenly family. Go now and rest, no more pain, appts , waiting and worry. You have earned your heavenly reward, dear friend ❤️


Jerry Kuchenbrod posted on 9/21/21

I began my construction career under John over 30 years ago and appreciated his friendship at Broeren-Russo. My wife and I send our condolences to John's family.



Julie Shelley posted on 9/21/21

4 Hope and Rainbows



Sherri Jakobsson posted on 9/20/21

You will be missed Rodney xoxo


Margaret Robutz posted on 9/20/21

Rodney was my classmate & neighbor for many years. His siblings were friends with my siblings. His mom was best friends with my mom. A lot of history. He was just so positive & jolly all the time. And lots of laughter too. We had our differences sometimes but that didn’t matter to us. We had that special bond of growing up together in that little town of Tolono. He loved the arts & so did I. We always had a good time together. I will miss your beautiful smile & laugh. Maggie (Margaret) lots of good memories to hold on to.


Dixie Phillips posted on 9/19/21

I have known and loved Rodney most of my life growing up in the same town. He was a man who walked his talk of Christ and the gospel. His voice was captivating as was his acting. He was a genuine person who loved with his heart from Christ. He will be singing and celebrating in his new heavenly home. Rod, you will be greatly missed and Jace and your family will be showered with prayers.


Emma Henigman posted on 9/19/21

Phyllis, Amy, and Erica, To say that Art will be missed is an understatement. I will cherish all the years of memories that I've collected with both him and you all. I know that he has touched so many lives during his time here on earth, from his days as a pharmacist to his time out doing what he truly loved, hunting with all his friends. Please know that you all are not going through this alone, and I am here for anything that you might need, for a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to listen. Love always and forever, Emma


Cindy Cain posted on 9/18/21




Murray and Susan Friend posted on 9/18/21

Art was a very good man. He enjoyed coming down to Isaac’s Farm and hunting and we loved to have him come. He will be greatly missed.


Jeff Lewis posted on 9/18/21

I knew Mouse nearly all of my life. His class (Centennial 1971) was very close and he fit in with his partners, Jim Reid, Kirk Karlstrom, Leo Andruzyck and many others. He was part of the 1971 class but stayed in a running gang after graduation that covered the Classes of 1972 and 1973 as well, Among his friends were Bill Smith, Ralph Mendez, Jack and Paul Jarboe, Steve Ward, Greg Garland and a host of others too numerous to mention. He was always a pretty quiet guy but could be persuaded to raise hell if given half a chance. I have three short memories related to Mouse that stand out in my mind; #1. I was out of town for a bit in the late 1970's and early 1980's and would link up with the wider gang when I returned to Champaign. One one occasion I was "drafted" in to see Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter at the U of I Assembly Hall in September of 1980. There were a bunch of us sitting in "C" section who were a bit rowdy and while I was largely unfamiliar with Waylon and Jessi, I was along for the ride and to experience some "Outlaw Country." The hall was not packed, but it was full and there was quite a diverse audience of Waylon fans present, many of whom were senior to us who came dressed up from outlying towns to see the show. We were all packed together and those who came for the "Outlaw" part of the show eventually started to get on the nerves of the very respectable folks from Tuscola and beyond who were there for a special night out. Mouse, for some reason or another was very energized about seeing Waylon and he did from time to time quite vocally and repeatedly express his anticipation during Jessi Colter's portion of the show. Not only were the Tuscolan's not happy about Mouse's fan homage, Jessi wasn't either. Eventually she stopped singing and brought everything to a halt mid-performance to admonish Mouse and all of his "Outlaw friends" in "C" section for their affection for Waylon. Her message was something to the effect of a direct order for all of us to "keep our britches on" until Waylon arrived. In the end everyone settled down and it was a good show. #2. The second memory I have is also Assembly Hall related. This would have been 1975 or so when the J. Geils Band played on a Saturday evening in the springtime. It was little known that Mouse was a good harmonica player and a great fan of the harmonica player in J. Geils, a gentleman who went by the name "Magic Dick," Mouse loved M.D. and was more than turned on and excited that evening every time M.D. took a solo on the harmonica throughout the concert. #3. The last memory I would like to convey was/is a bit personal. During that mid 1970's era, it was not uncommon for close friends to "borrow" items from each other, usually temporarily, but sometimes permanently. I confess that one time when I was visiting the Yellow house that Mouse and his room mates were living in on Willis Street in Champaign, I temporarily/permanently "borrowed" one of his harmonica's. He later let me know that he was aware that I'd done it, but said little else and never requested its return. For some reason my confiscation of his harp, never left my conscience throughout the years as something of a debt that I should rectify. In 2007 or so, while living overseas, I happened to walk by a music shop in Darmstadt, Germany where a complete 10 or 12 harmonica set was in the window. I resolved right then to rectify my confiscation and bought the set along with a shell case for safe keeping. I resolved to deliver it to Mouse during my next trip to Champaign. When I arrived I managed (after two telephone calls) to connect with him and asked him to meet me at Huber's Bar on Church Street. Even though I was a bit nervous about it, I explained the situation, my reason for procuring the harmonicas for him and I handed the set and case over. Instead of admonishing me for my transgression, Mouse began to cry tears of joy and gave me a big bear hug. From that moment on, my debt to him was never mentioned again but both he and I knew that it had been paid in full and my error corrected. I saw little of Mouse after that, but received reports and updates on his health, etc. and I was aware of his struggles via news from Jim Reid, Jack Jarboe and Ralph Mendez. Like all of us he was not a saint but nonetheless lived a full and active life. He was a good soul, a loyal friend, a hard worker, a good Dad and fine human being overall. So Mouse, my friend, you lived your life well on the plus side of the ledger. It was a pleasure to have known you and to hang when life's circumstances brought us all together. Rest easy and take care Hombre. Jeff Lewis Crozet, Virginia USA


Greg Grady posted on 9/18/21

With deepest sympathy to Tims entire family. I used to enjoy seeing Tim at Hubers. May He Rest In Peace. Greg Grady Monticello IL


Rachel Vanetti posted on 9/17/21

I originally met Rodney when he was working on the play, Miracle on 34th Street with my younger sister. I was blessed many years later to have a Christmas session with him while he was working for Illini Studios with my daughter who was 11 months old at the time. Those images have been and will continue to be cherished memories of a sweet and wonderful friend. Rodney supported me and my business since the beginning and I will forever be grateful to have known such a true, kind and warm friend.


Deb Richardson posted on 9/16/21

I met Rodney when I sold Tupperware in the 80's when my kids were little. At the time, I had no idea he was a theatre person and how much our paths would cross in the coming years. I just always will remember how joyful he always was, no matter what challenges he was facing. What a wonderful soul who will be greatly missed. Goodbye, dear friend.


JoeMcNamara, Palm Springs, California posted on 9/15/21

My Condolences!


Rita Manning posted on 9/14/21

I so enjoyed working with Ron after Joyce's death when I worked at Carle Hospice. I felt very blessed to have known him and walk along side of him as he learned to live with his loss. Great man - I am better for having the opportunity to know him. So sorry for the loss of both your parents. He was so proud of you all - thinking of you all through this time.



Julie laich posted on 9/14/21

Sweet memories of him playing Santa .❤️❤️


Lori Zunich posted on 9/14/21

To know Rodney was to love him. I always enjoyed seeing him whether it be at the Credit Union or Faith. He was so warm and genuine. Prayers for his family and all who must carry on without him on earth.


Renate Ping posted on 9/14/21

Your kind and open heart coupled with your warm, gentle smile never failed to lift my spirits. You always seemed to know the words I needed to hear. I'll miss your kindness, your care, and your compassion for everyone. Rest in peace friend.



Julie Williamson posted on 9/13/21

Fondest memories filled with song, rib cracking laughter,and best bear hugs ever! My prayers to your family.



Suzy Goben posted on 9/13/21

Dear Sweet Rodney…you were so loved, and are missed exponentially already!!


Cara Day posted on 9/13/21

I have no doubt that you made quite an entrance when you arrived in Heaven. You may physically be gone but you will be fondly remembered.


Sally Mikel posted on 9/13/21

Rodney, I will miss your beautiful smile and presence at Faith. I'll miss your participation in skits, Bible readings etc. - that deep melodious voice. I'll also miss seeing your Facebook posts. You helped me be a better Christian by your words, actions and life. Thank you and God Bless.


Robin Price posted on 9/13/21

Rodney will be truly missed. He was also kind to anyone he talked to.


Schelle Miles posted on 9/12/21

Rodney was the best big brother a girl could ask for. He was so kind, protective, and loving. As a young girl growing up in a houseful of brothers Rodney and Jace would sit patiently and attentively throughout the many tea parties I had. Being so young I was unable to reach the sink for the water and resorted to the commode water for the tea. When Rodney discovered where I was getting my water he didn't scold or refuse to have anymore tea parties with me. He gently told me that he would be in charge of the tea because it would be a special and magical tea! As I later became an adult, got married, moved away, and had children of my own he was always a phone call away. We often laughed of childhood memories. He was always a great listener and offered advice. I will forever cherish all the memories of Rodney and hold them within my heart. I Love You Rodney to the stars and beyond. As always, your little sister!


Dave Summers posted on 9/12/21

Rest in peace my dear, life long friend. You will be missed by all that were lucky enough to have known you.



Paula Hearnes posted on 9/12/21

Somewhere over the rainbow fly high Rodney I’ll miss you.


Suzanne Koeberlein Coleman posted on 9/12/21

RIP Dear Rodney! Always so sweet and kind, and such a wonderful life! Your light shines so brightly here and in heaven.


Jerry Carden & Tim Temple posted on 9/11/21

My husband Tim and I have known Jean ever since we started attending the Unitarian church. We loved her quick with, her wide-ranging knowledge on a dizzying array of subjects, and at times she could put you on edge with an observation maybe you weren't ready to hear. Jean knew how to throw a party, and she held countless numbers of events for the UU church. She and son Tom (gone too soon) would host auction events that everyone wanted to attend. Particularly of note was the Bluegrass, Beans and Barbecue events held at Tom's, but Jean was hostess as well- even after having her mobility impaired. Jean and Tom supported so very many property projects at UU. Their theory was, give a large contribution, such as in 2014- they gave half the cost of a new boiler system, with the challenge for the church folks to raise the rest. We always came through, because we were inspired by their unbounding generosity. Especially fun was hearing Jean and Tom kibbutz back and forth... with language not for the faint of heart! We loved both Tom and Jean immensely, and now that they are both gone, I'm sure a few thunderstorms were the result of their 'heavenly' banter back and forth. Much love to the whole Gillespie crew, including their staff, who would come together for the Christmas Eve party at Jeans with Laurence Hobgood and spouse from New York entertaining us all evening. I often heard the various staff members refer to her as Grandma Jean- and they all loved her as their own grandma. With love, Jerry Carden & Tim Temple


Becky Ryherd posted on 9/11/21

God bless you on your journey Rodney. We will greatly miss your big heart for others, your spiritual insights and you.


Paul Mettler posted on 9/10/21

Bob was a very faithful and long-term member of the Mettler Center.


Rev. Robert K. Freeman, Directing Pastor posted on 9/10/21

We the members of Urbana First United Methodist Church send our deepest condolences to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.


Laura Aull Johnston posted on 9/10/21

Sally and family, I am so very grateful to have known your folks when we were young and reconnecting with your dad in recent years has been one of the special things about living in Champaign again. What a blessing his life has been to many, to all who knew him.


JACKIE FREEMAN posted on 9/10/21



Patti Cassidy posted on 9/8/21

I knew your mom from her work at Bottenfield where my children attended school. I’d visit with her at the monthly teachers luncheons. She was always interested in others and was so kind and lovely. After her retirement I’d see her after mass and we’d catch up. She remembered my children after many years. My condolences to all your family.


Joseph Wright posted on 9/8/21

Our condolences to Mrs. Twardock and the entire family. My parents, Gil and Colleen Wright, treasured their friendship with the Twardocks and were very grateful for their early and generous support of the National Academy of Arts. Peace to you all.


Joan Twining posted on 9/8/21

I have many wonderful memories of White Lake. Also, the summer Bob and Mary got me a job at Michlinda Lodge. Best summer job ever.


Joan Twining posted on 9/8/21

I have many found memories of White Lake. They got me a summer job at Michlinda Lodge, best job ever.



Joy Woodson posted on 9/8/21

Sadly to say, as Ryanhart sister of NJ we were separated in our childhood years, so we didn't get to know each other. However, the few times we did conversed his words of encouragement uplifted me through dark periods in my life. RIP brother, love you, and much continued blessings and God protection for the family.


Earl Finder posted on 9/8/21

As Verna Finder posted, we, her cousins, enjoyed many wonderful experiences with Irma and her parents at their cabin at Homer Park and in their homes, especially on election nights, Christmas,family events and and other special occasions for many years. We will hold these good times in our hearts forever.


Julia Whittington, DVM posted on 9/8/21

Dr. Twardock was my professor when I attended veterinary school at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. He taught nuclear imaging and made that technology relevant and attainable to us budding veterinarians. He approached his teaching in a patient, engaging, and calm way that garnered the respect of his students and colleagues. Imagine my surprise when I heard him sing! Dr. Twardock will be missed, but his legacy lives on in the lives he touched and helped to guide.


Bruce J. Kelman, Ph.D., DABT, ATS, ERT posted on 9/8/21

My sincere condolences to the Twardock family. I was Bob’s Ph.D. student from 1971 to 1975. He was a marvelous teacher and compassionate advisor. He taught me the scientific method, to seek new ideas, and encouraged my curiosity. His guidance formed the foundation for my 47+ year career in toxicology. It would not have happened without him. I am so fortunate to have been blessed with his presence in my graduate years.


Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings posted on 9/8/21

Twardocks were first to build on Prairieridge in Robeson Meadows West


Carole Fisher posted on 9/8/21

Mary, we are so sorry. Roger and I have fond memories of our time in Bethel Bible Study with you. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Gwain Zarbuck II DC posted on 9/7/21

My deepest condolences to all of the Gillespie Family. Over the last 5 plus years that I've been making house calls to Jean I got to know her quite well. I will miss those visits, helping her through Chiropractic but also helping myself through discussions in a vast number of differing subjects. I enjoyed playing her piano on most all of the visits, she inspired me to practice harder and work on a large number of works which I had not previously looked at. I was very grateful for her kindness in allowing my family to go to some Krannert concerts, Gillespie parties and pool workouts. Mrs. G was a long time backer of Chiropractic, starting as a patient at Zarbuck Chiropractic in 1949 and referring many people as patients over the years. In the 1950s Palmer Chiropractors could not get licensed in IL and Jean served as an officer in the local laymen's organization. This was after my Father and Uncle were arrested for practicing medicine without a license. The support of this group and others throughout the state helped to eventually rectify this situation. Jean will be missed by many. RIP Jean


Marilyn J Oothout posted on 9/4/21

Many happy days and many fun times were spent with Sue in years gone by. She will always be remembered for her giving self. May God welcome her into paradise.


Jan Carter Niccum, President of the CCRTA posted on 9/3/21

My children and I all knew Susan from her days at Bottenfield and I additionally watched her service to the Champaign County Retired Teachers Association, serving many years on the Board. She will be missed.


Karla Peterson posted on 9/3/21

Jean Gillespie was an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood as were many of her family members. Her care and concern for women in need of low-cost medical and reproductive health services was exemplary and so very needed. She will be missed.


Maureen M McCord posted on 9/2/21

Jean and I were neighbors for forty-eight years. She was a good neighbor and I shall miss her.


Bill and Marilyn Hancock posted on 9/1/21

My husband and I sat by Jean and Bob for about 25 years. We enjoyed them so much. The group around uswould often eat together before a game. Jean was funny and obviously very smart. One game a man walked by our seats and Jean said something like "I counseled that man and his wife on marital problems" With out missing. Beat she addd "They are divorced now! Those games hold special memories for us. After she no longer came to the games her son, John occupied them. Our condolences to John and the entire family.


Chris Gorski posted on 9/1/21

My condolences and best wishes to the entire Gillespie family. Irma Jean was a huge presence and I'm sure her absence will be felt.


Elaine Palencia posted on 8/30/21

Ellen was a good friend to our son Andrew when they lived in the same group home. I always looked forward to seeing her. I am so sorry you've lost her.


Justin posted on 8/30/21

I miss you - be at peace my friend.



Marco Garcia posted on 8/30/21

Mike was one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever known. Made me feel like I had been working at Volition for years, even though it was only my first day. You'll be missed, my friend.


Verna Finder posted on 8/30/21

So sorry to learn of your loss of Irma Jean. I have many happy memories of good times spent with Aunt Anna and Uncle Vern and Irma Jean at their cabin at Homer Lake. Thinking of you all.❤️



Steph posted on 8/30/21

Forever a Saint and you won’t be forgotten. Thank you for everything.


Lynne armstrong posted on 8/29/21

Dottie, I was so sorrry to hear of Ellen’s passing. She was such a sweet, amazing lady and will be greatly missed. I think of her often along with others in the group homes. I worked with Ellen many years and she was a favorite. Take care of yourself and god bless.


Gayle Jeffries posted on 8/28/21

I just found out about Ryan Woodson’s passing. He was a wonderful person. He always had a smile and had kind words to share and greet you! He was missed by the school district as he was helpful to all! God bless his family and may you find strength through God’s guidance!


Karen posted on 8/27/21

Dear Karla, Nathan and Katie. We are so sorry to hear of Ryan's passing. Ryan and your family are our family. We love you and cannot imagine how you are feeling. May God be your source of comfort and peace at this difficult time. Love James, Karen, Shauna, Wesley and Leah


Jerry and Janie Myers posted on 8/26/21

Ryan, You will always be my best man friend, and I miss you. I always enjoyed our visits on the phone and the videos you sent to Janie and me. I will never forget that special day when I introduced you to your dear Karla. Being your Best Man at your wedding and Janie being Karla’s Maid of Honor was one of the best moments of our lives. You will always live in our hearts as we share our memories with Karla. I know how much you love God, and I know you are so proud of your family. I’m happy we have such great memories of coming out and visiting you and your family. We will always love you, and you can know that Karla will be held close to our hearts forever. We will be praying for all of your family who you loved and loved you. You will never be forgotten. We know you are having a good time in heaven and I know my mom Carrittus welcomed you in with open arms. Rest in the arms of Jesus. Jerry and Janie Myers


Lihui Zhang & Xiaomeng Gao (Chinese teachers at King) posted on 8/25/21

Ryan was very friendly, helpful, responsible and respectable person. Working with him at King school for many years was a pleasant memory! During the break, he often chatted with us and talked a lot about his family and hometown. He was so proud of his wife and children and loved them so much! We feel so sad and sorry for his family, and you are in our thought and prayers!


Sally Thompson posted on 8/24/21

I was so very lucky to work with Ryan for so many years at King School! As a classroom teacher , I appreciated Ryan visiting my classroom each morning to encourage me and give me words of wisdom when I had those "tough classes" ! Throughout the years , Ryan was always there to help set-up for Veteran's Day assemblies, Civil War programs, 5th grade graduations, and more . He loved to come to all of the classroom dinners we had and I can see him sitting there eating with the students ! The students at King loved him ! He had silly nicknames for all of them and they loved that about our "Mr. Woodson." Ryan was the kind of friend that called to wish you Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and on and on. He never forgot a holiday !! I was really lucky to call him my friend ! To Ryan's family , he always spoke so highly of all of you and I know how heartbroken you must be . You are in my prayers!


Yvonne Vitosky posted on 8/23/21

I am so very sorry for your loss. I can only think of smiles, laughter, kindness & compassion when I think of Ryan. He was truly a wonderful man who took great pleasure in doing everything he could to make our workdays together at King School enjoyable. Ryan always made time for everyone, no natter how busy he was. I thought of him as a brother because he just possessed & embraced that true sense of community. God bless his soul & all of you at this most difficult time. My thought & prayers will be with you.


Cathie White posted on 8/23/21

Ryan is my cousin. I live in Virginia. We all grew up in the same neighborhood going from house playing, eating and sometimes spending the night. After moving to Illinois he would come back to Virginia for visits come by to see me. My heart is heavy. To his wife, children and grandchildren so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest condolences. It's a loss for our whole family. May God be with you and bring you peace in the days and years to come.


Martin Nieto & Maggie Rodriguez-Nieto posted on 8/23/21

So very sorry to hear the passing of Ryan. Praying that the Lord will hold each of you close in these sad and difficult times. All the years that we lived next door he never showed us anything but kindness, a true gentleman he was.


Katie Woodson posted on 8/22/21

For 35-years my dad has given me unconditional love and support. There aren’t any words I can use to properly describe what he has meant to me.


Raymond Dillard posted on 8/21/21

Ryan and I was first cousins, and we both lived in Wingina Virginia. Ryan had one brother named George Woodson, who is decease.One sister named Helen Woodson who is deceased. At the age of 14, Ryan and I went to Connecticut to harvest and pick tobacco in 1971. We earned about $1,000.00 for working. The work was hard and difficult. Ryan and I lived in same house, and we had 11 children in the house. Ryan and I would call and text each week. He taught himself to play the guitar. Ryan could also sing. He loved his family. I will remember him with smiles and laughter. Rest in peace cousin Ryan Hart Woodson.


Janet Tedrow posted on 8/20/21

Alice, so sorry to hear of Mike's passing. May God be with you and give you peace.


Jean Korder posted on 8/20/21

I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Woodson's passing, and am holding your family close in my heart. I knew him over many years with Urbana School District, and he always had a smile for me and a wonderful way of making me feel welcomed and that I was important to him -- even when we passed quickly in the school hallways. He was a wonderful human and we will long remember his many, many kindnesses over the years. So very sorry for your great loss.


Brent Meyer posted on 8/20/21

I had the privilege to work one summer with Ryan when I worked for the School District. He ultimately is the reason Nate and I became such good friends. Ryan was fun to work with, great to talk to, had an amazing heart and always talked so highly of his kids. The world lost a great man, but heaven gained a special person. I will always cherish the times I got to spend with Ryan.


Kay D Cook posted on 8/20/21

Joe was always cheerful and a bright spot in our day. His smile and sense of humor will be missed. Dorothy, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and your family.


Gary Powell posted on 8/17/21

Bryan - So sorry to have learned last week of your mom's passing. I still have so many good memories of her from when we would pal around during our high school days, and then also much later when I would see her, on occasion, when Trinity and Bethel would combine for worship. Take care. I would love to reconnect and catch up sometime. Gary


Thomas Fox posted on 8/15/21

Joe did so much for us at Psi U. His time as treasurer was truly so much more than keeping books and collecting receivables. He would visit the house every week: share stories, offer advice, and help us with whatever we needed. Hundreds of us met him and saw his devotion to Psi U over that time. He truly was the best of us. YITB


Thomas Fox posted on 8/15/21

Joe did so much for so many of us at Psi Upsilon - his time as our treasurer was so much more involved than simply keeping books and collecting receivables - every week he'd be at the chapter house meeting with undergrads, telling stories, helping out wherever we needed it... He was truly the very best of us. YITB


John White posted on 8/14/21

I was sad to hear that Mrs. Hummel had passed on. Having been one of those kids who grew up on William street, I knew Mrs. Hummel as a kind, caring and devoted Mom who dedicated her life to her family. She was an amazing woman and will be missed. My condolences to John, Glenn, Paul, Tom, Mary and their families.


Brian Conway posted on 8/11/21

I was working on a project to get a house with a handicap accessible bathroom for a member of 1st Baptist. This seemed like a small project but it grew into electrical repairs, ceiling damage repairs, and one day I discovered that some other volunteers had gutted the kitchen, even though that was NOT on the plan, nor were there funds for kitchen remodeling. Yet money and volunteers kept appearing, and the house became not just functional, but beautiful. Part of the finished house Being beautiful, what is the appearance of Dick Behrends. At first I worried that he was an inspector from the city, but this man in his 80s worked in the oppressive heat day after day to help a church family have a lovely house. I was proud to call him a brother in Christ.


Don Korte posted on 8/10/21

Sorry to hear about Mike. It's been some time since I'd talked to him. Lots of good memories at VTI and Carterville. Condolences to you Alice and your family


Margaret Morrrissey posted on 8/10/21

RIP Grandpa Red ! Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives! Love Mike Maggie Brennan and Callum xoxo


Karen Kresin posted on 8/10/21

Nick and I would like to send our condolences to you Alice and your family. We will be thinking of you throughout these days ahead and be praying for God to lay his hands on you and give you peace. Mike was such a nice man and we know you will miss him dearly. Nick and Karen Kresin


Phyllis W Williams posted on 8/9/21

Alice and family, we are so sorry for your loss. Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia “Pat” Brazelton, your old coworker


Nancy Steinecke posted on 8/8/21

To My Uncle Richard, I said a prayer for you to thank the lord above for blessing me with a lifetime of your heartfelt Love. I thanked God for the caring you shown me and the letters you wrote me, the pictures you sent me and the endless stories of your childhood with Dad, Aunt Mary and Grandma and Grandpa Behrends. Since Dad died when I was young I would of never known who he was. I know I will see you again, in the meantime give everyone a hug for me. So, I thank you from the heart for all you've done for me and I Blessed the Lord for giving me the best uncle this girl could ever have. You are Loved more than you ever know. Thank you for Loving me back. Love Nancy


Tammy posted on 8/7/21

I will miss you momma.



Susan Beard posted on 8/6/21

To a loving adopted mom who was also my neighbor most of my childhood you'll be truly missed! Thank you for always welcoming me in your home!


Lynn Reynolds posted on 8/6/21

My memories of Ruth are endless & not enough room for the story, but our lives along with my Husband J & Robert Ruth’s Husband began at our kids Elementary School in Jax, Fl, we were all very involved in PTA & Patrols, we shared so many events together & The Phillips were very hard workers, We shared the Carnivals together & spent many nights counting money till wee hours of morning! Not to mention running all over Jax for food, game prizes, etc! None of us complained, we had so much fun at those events & we would have our board meetings for PTA at ChiChi’s which was a fantastic Mexican food restaurant with THE best margarita’s in town! Needless to say we had THE best board members of all time & several others shared this honor with us! We made honey drippers by the dozen & we sold after school everyday & Ruth was always there, in the heat or cold for our Patrol Team, which earned them a trip to Washington, DC, here was Ruth all the way to DC in her wedges, girl don’t you own a pair of sneakers? Ruth would say, I can only walk in wedges & not have my feet hurt! She was always so elegantly dressed & hair & make-up perfect! Ruth was a perfect lady & such a beautiful person, inside & out❤️ This is a very brief memory of our fun times, Ruth always spoke positive about everyone, never met a stranger, kids loved her spunk! She loved God, her Husband Robert & her Children & now with even more Grandchildren & greats, so much more love to spread around, just so sorry a cure hasn’t existed for Alzheimer’s patients, they are so cheated out of so much life, so sad Ruth’s great Grands will miss out on so much of her love, but Robert will be giving that same love as Ruth did❤️ Wonderful memories I have to cherish of Ruth & hope each of you will have lots of wonderful memories of Ruth, a very dear friend❤️ Rest In Peace beautiful friend❤️


Stephanie posted on 8/6/21

I have known my Mommy Nonnie’s love for 70 years. It is going to be heart breaking to know her encouraging words and love are no longer just a phone call away. I look forward to spending eternity with her together with our Lord Jesus Christ After her Glorious uniting with her Lord I know the first person she will want to see again will be our Nanno (grandma) Sissy loved and loves her so very very much. Nanno’s warm embrace was her place of refuge and love during her early years of struggles. May the Love of God through Jesus Christ that my sissy knows fill each one of you that has been touched by her life.


Roberta McEntire posted on 8/6/21

I will always remember our bowling days with Dolly. She was such a special person.


MMarg Jarrell posted on 8/6/21

Exercise in the Wedgewood Pavilion. I was there for several years a few times a week ……still use Gil’s CD often! Good memories. Rest In Peace Gil. A neighbor.


MMarg Jarrell posted on 8/6/21

Wedgewood Exercise in Wedgewood Pavilion


Mary Hecker MacRae posted on 8/6/21

Sincere condolences to the family and especially to Tracy Brinkmeyer. I only wish I had know Mr. Brinkmeyer. He influenced many and left quite a footprint.



Mike Field posted on 8/6/21

Tracy - My best to you. Im sorry to hear about your dad. My dad called me yesterday to tell me. Been a long time. My prayers are with you.


Peter T Tomaras posted on 8/6/21

I endorse all the information and second the emotions evident in the wonderful obituary for Gil. The summary of his life was spot-on. Shared a locker room at Kenney Gym in 1955-6, gymnasts had the gym, fencers the annex. Ever the upbeat, positive, joking guy. Friends in a circle including the Achesons, Dallenbachs, and others. Saw him often early a.m. at the Armory. His treatment for injuries: more workout, however painful. Hard-core athlete. Doubt he had an enemy in the world.


Family of Mary J Lantz posted on 8/6/21

Richard touched everyone who knew him, a kind,caring and charitable man whose memory we will treasure. Prayers for peace and comfort


Lynn T Scott posted on 8/5/21

Gil led a group of women in exercise at Wedgewood Pavilion for many years. He kept my mother going for a long time! May he rest in Gods eternal peace and light


Laura Guest Restaino posted on 8/5/21

My husband and I send our deepest condolences. I understand now where Steve obtained his love of the outdoors. Richard’s inspiration to others to live a “perfect day” will go on through his family, friends, those he touched and read this lovely obituary.


Henry Dawkins jr posted on 8/5/21

Rip Jerry you was great Man will be missed by many


Nancy Forebaugh posted on 8/4/21

I was saddened to hear of Mrs. Hummel's passing. Though it gave me a moment to recall all the grand memories of growing up on William street (neighbor and Mary's age.) Mrs. Hummel was always sweet and tender. Always patient and caring to my childhood antics. Her food! Her recipes! There is only one place where I have ever had homemade ice cream--in the Hummel's backyard. Mrs. Hummel was truly a very special woman and matriarch to an exceptional family.



Amy Gaines posted on 8/3/21



Marjorie Seaman posted on 8/2/21

My condolences to Gil's family. RIP.



Cameron & Michelle Pitcel posted on 8/2/21

Diane was a beautiful and kind soul who always seemed to know the answer to the most obscure questions. She was always there to listen if you needed to talk and was a joy to work with



Dawn Colter Carden posted on 8/1/21

Aunt Diane, I wish I could be there. Thank you for loving my uncle and our family so fierce, so compassionate, so loyal. A hole has been left, but I know I will see you again. In the meantime, hug your sister, your parents, and my grandparents for me. I know you and BMA are having long Alan centered conversation with a thanks for “loving my baby boy” in there. You are loved....


Chuck and Sarah Lee posted on 8/1/21

Gil was a great guy. We bought our first house from him when he didn't know us at all. He called Chuck's boss, got an ok about him, and it was a done deal. He also gave me a hand full of Anthony Robert Martin Trigona hot pads which we used every Thanksgiving and thought of Gill with a smile. He will be missed.


Denny and Sheila Lincicome posted on 8/1/21

Our deepest sympathies for the lost of your husband. We never met him but he sounded like a great person. May your wonderful memories help you at this difficult time


Kim Lafferty-Copple posted on 7/31/21

I am sorry to hear of Mrs. Hummel's passing. I couldn't help but reflect on all of the wonderful memories of growing up on William Street. Mrs Hummel was always there to help advise, console or laugh with us. She was truly an exceptional Mom. May your wonderful and special memories help you thru this difficult time. Your Family is in my thought and prayers.



Dena Wright posted on 7/30/21

I loved you more then you will ever know. We’ve been friends for over forty years and I will never forget you Thanks for loving me back. Love Dena I miss you already


Virginia Wood posted on 7/29/21

My husband and I worked with Alan Arnold several years. During those years we got well acquainted with Diane and enjoyed spending time with the nice couple. We are very saddened to learn of Diane's passing.



GARY L SCAFF posted on 7/29/21

So sorry for your lost. Diane and Family were my friends and neighbors years ago I worked with Diane Dad at the Urbana Post Office. Sending PRAYERS


Ryan posted on 7/29/21

There was never a question she couldn't answer for me (except what was that weird alarm thing outside her office). Sad when she retired, and even sadder now. She was a champ.


Joe Muskin and Susan Pollock posted on 7/29/21

So sorry for your loss Alan. You are in our prayers


Marlyn (“Corky”) Rinehart posted on 7/28/21

My condolences to John and the Hummel family on Bonnie’s passing. I knew this lovely lady from our being members of the U of I Chemistry Circle way back when!


Denise Flora posted on 7/26/21

Thinking of Nancy and all who loved her in this moment before her graveside service. Feeling gratitude for what she and I shared over the years. As the cousin of my mom, Mary Lou, you might not think we would have had occasion to be particularly close, especially since I've lived most of my life away from Champaign. But we had a few of the same interests and that brought us together at various times. We connected early on around genealogy and she passed me many facts and family stories. We connected later around her faith when we spent some time with the same community. My sister and I lived with Nancy for several months while we cared for our father at the end of his life - she was a gentle host who gave us just the space and place we needed. And recently we shared stories of her grandparents to help Mom write her memoirs. I am so happy her worries are over, her work is done, it is time for her hard-earned reward. I hope that includes getting to eat anything you want Sending love to one and all.


Valerie Knupp posted on 7/24/21

My thoughts go out to the entire family. My mother was her cousin and they talked via phone, text and email over the years. I hope they are able to share their memories in the peaceful beyond.


Nancy Johnson posted on 7/23/21

Our deepest sympathies on the loss of Karen. We enjoyed seeing and talking with you both at mutual friends' gatherings. Nancy Johnson and Ken Bengoechea


Gordon and Sophia Rumanes Kernes & Family posted on 7/21/21

We are sending you our deepest condolences. Karen was a wonderful woman with a beautiful heart and smile. May her memory be eternal.


Kevin and Katie O'Connell posted on 7/21/21

Our deepest condolences to all of you on Ruth's passing. We've so enjoyed seeing your family each summer at "the blue house" and hold cherished memories of all of you. Mike and Ruth always welcomed us up to the porch for a visit or a drink...usually with an interesting story or a clever quip embedded somewhere in the conversation. Our sympathies are with you. Her beautiful smile will be missed.


Linda Ross posted on 7/20/21

Mrs Shtohryn came into the parish office occasionally while I was working there to schedule Masses. She was a lovely lady. We joked about the pronunciation of her name. I finally got it right!


Mike Day posted on 7/19/21

Dear Jean & Ken-I am so sorry for your loss. I certainly remember Dan as a person who was very pleasant & eager to improve his health. May he Rest In Peace.


Deb (Thorne) Haarmann posted on 7/18/21

I worked with Eustachia at Mercy Hospital in the early 80s and have fond memories of her. She made the world’s best Christmas cookies!


Nisha and Indra Aggarwal posted on 7/18/21

Dear Liuda and Bohdar, we are so very sorry for your loss of your beloved Mother. She was a kind and loving person and her presence will be greatly missed. Our love and sincere condolences to you and family.


Denis & Viviane Gauthier posted on 7/17/21

To: Ken & the Helm family, There are no words to express how grieved we are at the painful loss you are going through. We tenderly share your grief and we just hope that our sympathy will bring you some relief. May the Lord give you the strength to carry on and the peace of mind to recognize the gift that is his Kingdom.


Kathy & Greg Spancake posted on 7/16/21

Liuda, Greg and I are sending condolences, hugs and prayers for you. I am sure that your Mom appreciated all that you have done for her. This is not an easy time but our hope is that memories of a happier time with help you through.



Sandy Williams posted on 7/16/21

Liuda, I am thinking of you and particularly our last conversation. Thinking of you especially now. I love you and you have my thoughts and prayers.


Teresa Petry Dorsey posted on 7/14/21

I’m sure all four of our parents are having a drink in all our honors!



ann flanagan petry posted on 7/12/21

Ruth made everyone she met feel special. So very grateful to know her and Mike and the whole O'Byrne family.


Joanne Foley posted on 7/11/21

Ruth and I became friends in 7th grade and we graduated together from Champaign High. We enjoyed being Pi Phis together. We celebrated many New Year's Eves together and we were in a pot luck group. What precious memories.


Anne Payne posted on 7/11/21

David and I are so sorry to learn that Ruth has died. A very lovely person to have known in our stock buying club many years ago. Our deepest sympathies to the O’Byrne family. Anne and David Payne.


Quay Ball posted on 7/8/21

Linda, I will treasure your kindness and love for my family forever. You helped me heal from a painful divorce by checking in on me and how I was processing things when I lived in Andrea and Reagans basement. You also took my little girl Avery to the doctor when she had an ear infection and I was out of the country in Ireland on a mission trip with Reagan. You were available and always asking questions that showed your care and concern. I love how you always wanted to play cards at our family reunions and go to the games at Warner and stay current and in the lives of your grandchildren. I celebrate you today as you are reunited with your husband and family and also that you are face to face with your One True Love.



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

Love you so much Mrs Garret. Thank you for being so special to me



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

I loved Mrs Garret very much! Miss you so much! Thank God for Heaven



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

Mrs Garret is a wonderful woman enjoying Heaven


Jim Bohannon posted on 7/7/21

I cam't believe I failed to leave a comment here back in April. Paul was one of the finest professionals and finest people I've ever known. I'll never forget the time I interviewed him and suggested we chat about the first amendment. He provided listeners with a brilliant look at our free speech rights, one full hour, all off the top of his head. Paul was one of a kind. I miss you, buddy.


MS posted on 7/6/21

So very sorry for the loss of your dear mother.


Michael Wade posted on 7/6/21

Condolences to the Bannon family


Mark and Vickie Shaner posted on 7/6/21

Linda was one who loved and invested in so many! The impact her and Don had on our sons Austin and Timothy while they were students at Warner University was significant, especially when Austin felt let to start a chapter of FCA on the Warner University campus. The support through prayer, storing FCA materials, and encouragement was huge and for four plus years this chapter flourished and many students came to know the Lord and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Don and Linda loved University students at Warner and were a huge encouragement to so many, but definitely had a direct impact in the lives of our two sons.


Carl and Linda Smith posted on 7/5/21

Les, can't begin to tell you how sorry about the passing of your mom. Carl and Linda( from Touch of Class)



Laura Prowse posted on 7/4/21

My memories of Stevenson HS will always include Heidi. Basketball, volleyball and if course shot put and discuss throwing. My deepest condolences to her family! I will never forget when her little sister came into the world.


Myrle M Blackburn posted on 7/3/21

Les, Cindy and family so sorry for your loss. She was an amazing woman.Thoughts are with you. Sincerely,Myrle Blackburn


Patrick Connolly posted on 7/2/21

I was very saddened to hear that Jackie passes away. She was incredibly compassionate and when Scott and I attended the police academy, she always worried about us. Halloween won’t be the same without her. She made the best popcorn balls in the world! God bless the family and keep them strong.


Peter Brunk posted on 7/2/21

I want to say that if all the people I encountered at U of I during my time pursuing an aviation career, nobody was kinder, more generous, more encouraging than Omer Benn. He showed his love for education and pilot training at every turn. I will miss him dearly.


Peter Brunk posted on 7/2/21

A true patron of education


Lisa Ladely posted on 7/1/21

Vince was a great kid and will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Janet Scoggin posted on 6/29/21

Erin, Kelly & Family: We are sorry for your loss. Your Dad was so proud of all of you. His Uncle Harry, was always pleased that your Dad would take time to come see him. And bring you to his house, when you visited. May you find comfort in the memories you have of your Dad. Love, Jan, Allen & Matthew Scoggin


Merveille Luyeye posted on 6/28/21

So sorry for your loss , prayers


Jackie Anderson posted on 6/27/21

Connie, I am so sorry for your loss. I sent an email to the address I had for you. In case it doesn't go through, I just wanted to send my condolences. I hope to make the visitation later in the afternoon. My Sympathy - Jackie


Terry Anderson posted on 6/26/21

Sympathy for Erin, Kelly, & family



Linda Williams posted on 6/26/21

A wonderful cousin and lifelong friend. I will miss him always.


Eileen Miller H C E Staley Unit posted on 6/23/21

Dee was a long time member of Staley Unit of the HCE I think she joined about 1985. She helped willingly over the years and was always cheerful at the meeting. We missed seeing her smiling face these last few years. So sorry to hear of her passing. She taught us a lot. Hugs to her family.


Debbie Lawrence posted on 6/23/21

I am so sorry to hear about Jackie, my deepest condolences. She was a fantastic SATO asset. She was always able to fix my travel to fit my needs. She knew all the ways around the system blocks! I traveled just under #1 traveler Ron Webster one year so I traveled a lot back in the 80s and early 90s. She always greeted me with a smile and a laugh at my latest adventures. She was fantastic and will be greatly missed.


Peter Heinricher posted on 6/23/21

I worked with Jackie at CERL for several years. She was always a joy to deal with. My condolences to her family.


Francois Grobler posted on 6/23/21

Jackie was one of my favorite people at USACERL; I always enjoyed her competent and friendly support while working there. Condolences to the family and friends.


Terri Norman posted on 6/23/21

i was blessed to have worked in the same office as Jackie for several years, Jackie had a mischievous side, she would come up with an idea and Teri, Marla, and i would carry it out. Jackie always had a kind heart, and always meant well.


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/22/21

We are so sorry for the loss of this good man. Thinking of all of you. The family of Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia Brazelton


Marilyn posted on 6/22/21

Imie was a role model for all business teachers. She was a true professional being actively involved in professional organizations for business educators at the local, state, national, and international level. I was fortunate enough to travel with her to attend numerous professional meetings over the years. I have many fond memories of time spent with her--she was a true friend.


Walter J.Mikucki posted on 6/22/21

I was saddened to read Jackie's obit in the N-G. Since I traveled a lot in my last year before retirement from USACERL, I frequently interacted with Jackie. I could always count on her to make travel plans to fit my needs. Even more, I could count on her to "have my back" when weather, airlines or unexpected delays necessitated a change in itinerary. She was both professional and personable,both characteristics needed to do her work as SATO. It was a plasure to know and work with her.


Kent and Sharon Taylor posted on 6/22/21

We loved our visits with Jackie when she was in Florida and will really miss her. She was extremely proud of her family and loved to talk about the new babies! Such a great lady! We are so sorry for your loss.


Elnora Webb posted on 6/22/21

Bewley Family, May you find comfort in God’s promise at Revelation 21:3,4. “God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things has passed away.”


Roberta posted on 6/22/21

My thoughts & prayers are with you Amy….


Joanne Cahill posted on 6/21/21

Dee was a faithful member of Staley Home Community Education(HCE) for many years. She loved calling our members to remind them of meetings etc. I knew Dee since 2001 & she was always eager to help in spite of her many health issues. She was a very sweet & caring lady. I was happy when she moved to Windsor of Savoy & didn't have to deal with the stairs in her home. Her son Robert was a caring caregiver & made sure his Mom was well taken care of.


Skeeter Summers posted on 6/21/21

So sorry for your loss Jean, Scott, and families. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Mom was always so sweet to all of us kids that would invade the house. May all your special memories give you peace.


Tony Khan posted on 6/21/21

Brian & Family, I am sorry for your loss. Your father was a good man and he will be missed by many.


Karen posted on 6/21/21

She was a very special.lady and will be truly missed. She was my favorite teacher. She just had that special gift of making you feel like you were the most important student in her class.


PAMELA BROSS posted on 6/20/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. I would see her occasionally and enjoyed talking to her.


Judy Forte Brown posted on 6/20/21

Jackie was a friend of mine throughout 12 of school and beyond. Although I moved far away we've always stayed in touch and I will miss her calls & texts. She was my main contact for our '56 class and helped me keep everyone's email addresses correct. Such a thoughtful and caring friend to me.



Sherilyn A Morrill posted on 6/20/21

Great classmate..she wilm be missed.


Jeff Kirby posted on 6/20/21

I worked with Jackie for many years at CERL. She always greeted my with a smile and many times "saved my bacon" while I was on a business trip. She was well versed in making travel arrangements and always make an effort to make arrangements that were a good fit for the needs of the traveler. She was an asset to CERL and well liked by everyone she can across.


Kathy posted on 6/20/21

I always enjoyed my interactions with Jackie in the Travel Office at CERL. Good memories. My deepest sympathy to the Swan family at this sad time.


Patricia posted on 6/19/21

So sorry about the loss of your beautiful, wonderful father. I never met him, but I can tell he was a wonderful, loving person.


Greg Grady. Monticello IL posted on 6/19/21

Condolences to Rays family. I worked with Ray at Sherman distributors in Urbana in the late 70's May He Rest In Peace


Kimberly (Schalk) McDowell, MSHS 1975 graduate posted on 6/19/21

Mrs. Streeter was one of my favorite teachers at Mahomet-Seymour High School back in the early 1970s. I recall that she was not only a devoted teacher but she was a very interesting individual. Living about a block from her on Main Street, she invited me into her home one day to see the many paintings and art work that she and her husband had collected in their travels. I vividly remember that visit and I've thought of her often over the years. It sounds like she lived an exciting and very rewarding life well into retirement. I extend my condolences and kindest wishes to her family and friends.


W M Karr posted on 6/18/21

Edison, Central


Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson posted on 6/18/21

Dear Teri and family, We are saddened to hear of Carl’s passing.. we remember both of you so wonderfully involved with your boys’ activities and now your grandchildren… We pray God surrounds you with His courage and love…. Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson( former neighbors)


Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson posted on 6/18/21

Dear Teri and family, We were saddened to read of Carl’s passing..he was so young….we still remember both of you busy with your boys and involved with their many activities …and now over the years involved with your grandchildren’s activities! Our condolences and prayers to God that He may surround all of you with his courage and love! Elizabeth and Dan Nelson ( old neighbors)


Sue Landells posted on 6/16/21

To all the Comer family: I am very sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother. She was a very sweet person and was always so kind to my children and me. My parents enjoyed being in the car club with Micki and Norm. Rest in peace, dear sweet Micki. Sue Landells and family


Russ Hamilton posted on 6/16/21

Our community has lost a really good person. I have lost a good friend. My condolences to Teri and family. RIP my friend.


Terri L Choules posted on 6/15/21

Messing up my desk and making me laugh when I was complaining about my girls. You always put it into perspective for me. I will miss you so much!


Gary Montgomery posted on 6/15/21

Tom and Jim, Just found out about your dad's passing. Ed was a blast to sit and speak with at MikeyDs. Found out he worked with my grandfather on the I.C. railroad and learned a lot about the R.R. A great guy.


Jane Morford Hill posted on 6/13/21

Very sorry for your loss. Great memories of shelling beans at the kitchen table.


Laurel Marshall posted on 6/11/21

Always a gentalman. Well dressed man. He had pride in what he did.



Ron and Hope posted on 6/9/21

Please accept our sympathy for Ed,s passing.


Don Muse posted on 6/8/21

So sorry to hear about Ed's passing. Good friend and co-worker. We also served on the I.C. Credit Union together. My sympathy to the family.


Kris Lewman posted on 6/8/21

Neal was one of the most authentic people I have ever met. He simply wanted to help people and solve problems. I was lucky to have had him in my life, even if it was for too short a time. A wise and loving soul.



Steve A Parker posted on 6/7/21

I will miss Ed. He and Mary spent many hours sitting at my parents dining room table having lunch or dinner or just some cards and coffee. Two of the best people I've known in my life. They weren't simply friends, they are family. He and dad shared a love for the railroad and were the best of friends. I know Ed is at rest now, my thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and the rest of the family. God bless. Rest in peace my friend.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 6/7/21

Our neighborhood and Savoy have lost a good man…and a loyal veteran…and a railroader. May he Rest In Peace.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 6/7/21

The neighborhood and our community has lost a good man…a veteran…and a railroader. May he Rest In Peace.


Marty and Pam Joop posted on 6/5/21

Becky so sorry to here about Kevin. I had known him from the late 60's. I have fond memories of going camping... Got re-acquainted with him thru Jimmy Young and poker. Kevin was great guy and will be sorely missed Pam and I will pray for your family.


Cindy Connolly posted on 6/5/21

Becky I was so sorry to hear of Kevin’s passing. I worked at the County and got to know Kevin there over the years. He was a Great Guy with a WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR!! He always had a joke for you in his passing through on a job. Again I am So Sorry for your loss . May your Wonderful Memories of your HUSBAND AND BEST FRIEND HELP HEAL YOUR ♥️ HEART AT THIS SAD TIME. Keeping you and Kevin’s Mother in my prayer’s . God Bless Cindy and Pat Connolly


Marty and Pam Joop posted on 6/5/21

Becky so sorry to here about Kevin. I have known him since the the late 60's when our parents were friends. Have a lot of good memories when we camping... I back in touch at a poker game that Jimmy Young thru. Kevin was great guy and will be sorely missed. My wife and I will pray for the family.



Rosemarie Jean Jurczak posted on 6/4/21

I am the 'ole' women who started walking past your home 11 years ago now. We fought the same 'C' word for the past 3 years- Bob would always great me and always had an uplifting little morsel to share with me when I was down. And I felt safer walking out that way because of him. He will be greatly missed


Cindy Cain Connolly posted on 6/3/21

Richie and Family I am so sorry to read of the lost of your little sister. May your Good Memories of Liz help heal your ❤️ HEART AT THIS TIME. She is with your Mom and brother’s in HEAVEN IN YOUR Mother’s arms. . Keeping you and your Dad and family in my prayers. Love Cindy Cain Connolly


Larry Waters & family posted on 6/3/21

Connie, our thoughts are with you and all of the family. We sure do remember all of our time spent together as band parents in all kinds of weather! All of you stay well and take care of yourselves.


Cholpon from Kyrgyzstan posted on 6/2/21

Great grandfather with a great sense of humor, was always fit and in a good mood, and of course very kind man, I will always remember, together with grandma they made my year in the US more fun and very interesting! Thanks for everything! My deepest condolences for grandma Bernie, mom Darla, Gina, Craig, Clint, Daniel, Aaron, Tim and all other family members... may his soul rest in peace...


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/2/21

Mike, I am so sorry, words fail. (We worked at the Armory with George Crawford one million years ago.)


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/2/21

Mike I am so sorry, words fail. We worked together at the Armory one million years ago.


Bill (and Leslie) Pfrommer posted on 6/2/21

Our sincere condolences to the Seaman and Clark families. I was lucky to have played a couple rounds with "Uncle Kevin" on the (Colin) Clark golf outing. An outstanding player and an even nicer guy. I am Colin Clark's father-in-law, in Bloomington, IN.


Bob Doty posted on 5/31/21

Mike and family, you have our condolences.


Bill Dixon posted on 5/31/21

Mrs. Korst life story is inspirational. As a Champaign native raised in the same era as her four children, I always found her to be kind and gracious. My condolences to the Korst Family.


Dennis & Johnette Sparks posted on 5/30/21

We send our condolences to the Feldman family. As Bob’s tennis coach Dennis remembers Bob saying “Let’s hit this one for Judy!” May you find peace in your special memories.


Linda Maier posted on 5/30/21

So sorry for your loss. Jack was a wonderful man who I liked very much. I will miss him very much. My prayers are with the family.


Marie Slattery posted on 5/30/21

Please accept my sincerest condolences to the family for your loss . I knew Judy for many years being in different clubs with her, and always enjoyed working and visiting with her. I'll always remember her beauty, grace and lovely smile. Sincerely, Marie Slattery


Elaine Harmon posted on 5/30/21

I remember Mrs. Korst as she would regularly come to the Mechanical Engineering office to go to lunch with her husband. She was always smiling, pleasant and always kept us laughing with little tidbits about her husband. After Prof. Korst retired, anytime I would see them, they always remembered me. I offer my condolences and am so honored that I got to meet them. They were perfect for each other.


Shirley Wagoner posted on 5/28/21

Sending my condolences. Neal was one of my favorite people ever.


Terry and Jo Beauvois posted on 5/26/21

Sending our sympathy to Bernie and family.


Terry and Jo Beauvois posted on 5/26/21

Sending our sympathy to Bernie and family. Neal was a very nice man.


Hernan Velarde posted on 5/26/21

Shalom, Noel. You were one of my favorite professors at U of I in 1987 when I took statistics with you. You inspired me to continue in economics and today I have a master's in economics thanks to your love in all things economics. It is always hard to hear that people like you leave this world so early. May you rest in peace and thank you for your devotion to helping others.


Donnie Sherrill posted on 5/26/21

We spent many joyful hours with Neal & Bernie at Hoopeston Methodist Church, mission trips, Owl Club, golfing (with Don) and FMC Engineering (with LaVonda), etc. He was a very special person who will be sorely missed. Don & LaVonda Sherrill


John and Theta posted on 5/26/21

We will be traveling the week of services but you truly are in our thoughts and prayers. What a terrific gentleman!!!! I always start smiling when I think of him. He is missed greatly!


Gregory Ryan posted on 5/25/21

Jack was a great man. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Jack.


Jerry Hardesty posted on 5/24/21

I knew Neal from our college days. Bernie and my wife, Joy, lived at the same house, Stratford, on campus. When Joy and I were moving to Highland Park, we would pick Bernie up and take her to be with Neal, who was waiting at a diner. Later they moved the Hoopeston and some of the Stratford girls and their spouses would be there, sometimes to help celebrate Hoopeston Festival. They returned to Champaign and became involved with the same church I attended and even joined the same Sunday school class, Kum Dubble. The Stratford girls and their spouses would still get together.Neal was a worker for most of his years. He loved to farm. We will miss him.


Rich Hall posted on 5/24/21

Dave was a dear friend and classmate of mine. We participated in sports together and shared many classroom experiences together. A great guy, he will be truly missed. Condolences to all the family.


Lyn Nalett posted on 5/23/21

I am praying for you and am grateful for your friendship.


Lyn Nalett posted on 5/23/21




Richard and Claire Everett posted on 5/23/21

Our sincerest condolences for your loss, she lives on in eternity with your memories and many stories from her life. Every person she touched is better from having had her in their lives.



Christine Vanier O’Shaughnessy and Paula Vanier (niece) posted on 5/22/21

So many memories. Uncle Neal taught me to fish in Ohio when I was about seven years old. He took my sister around on the riding lawnmower. He always came to see aunt Mag and got into a teasing argument regarding the Cubs versus the Cardinals games. Whenever he came to see us for many years he brought pudding pops. He would tell the “glad that’s not my kid” story. Whenever one of my children was acting up. Always knew how to tease and make you smile. Always extend a helping hand when someone was in need. He has a saving grace when my mom was ill. My sister and I miss him dearly.



Melinda Morgan posted on 5/22/21

Love you all and am praying for you!


Scott Huston posted on 5/21/21

Cousin Bill and I had several good times together over the last 58 years. The 2000 miles from Illinois to CA limited the number of occasions, but the quality time was always there. Bill was always kind, thoughtful and took initiative to go do something enjoyable. Fond memories include going out to a club see some local Urbana live music, a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to see the Strawberry Alarm Clock, a full day exploring the San Diego County local mountains and deserts— even spotted some wild big horn sheep— all the while listening to tunes and getting to know each other. Last time was in 2008 when Mom (Aunt Edna) and I visited Urbana Bill and Adana and Sara took us on a tour of Indiana covered bridges—- what a delightful day. Let’s celebrate the life of this giving man as we grieve. Love to the family!


MHS Class of 1991 posted on 5/21/21

The Monticello High School class if 1991 remembers and appreciates Mr. Fay and the impact he had on our lives as an educator. Much respect to his family.


Pamela Wilkinson posted on 5/21/21

Bev and Bill were great friends and neighbors of my grandparents, Fred and Lou Hood. They helped each other out many times. I remember going to Marion and Ellen Pasley’s with my grandparents (possibly New Year’s Eve as they were eating oyster soup), and Bill and Bev were there with Kathy. Kathy and I ate all of Ellen’s oranges as if she gave us some exotic treat! I love little memories like this. My condolences to the Hanks family as I know you will all miss her until the time you meet again in Heaven.


Elaine (Washington) Harmon posted on 5/21/21

To the family of Oscar Adams, you are in my thoughts and prayers. When I had the children in school, I remember an involved Dad, always supporting his children and a great funny Dad. Know that you have my heartfelt condolences.


Roger Ellis posted on 5/20/21

So sorry to hear of Bills passing. Always enjoyed talking to Bill when passing by your house.


Mike and Pam Miller posted on 5/20/21

Mike and I met Dave in 2005 when our Daughter Carie married Dave's Son Mike! Dave lived his life the old-fashioned way by studying hard in school, continuing his education to become a teacher and taking on an extra job in the summers! He and his Son Mike had a very special relationship and he was always there for Care and Jo! We are so sad that he is gone but happy that he is at peace! Love you Dave!


Daniel posted on 5/18/21

I am so sorry to hear the loss thoughts and prayers


Sergio Franco posted on 5/15/21

I owe immense gratitude to JD: He helped me through the glorious days of the Illiac II Computer, and then the days of the Salmar Construction, all the way to my Ph. D. degree at the U of I. He has influenced my way of thinking as well as my writing style. Thank you, JD, from the bottom of my heart!


Jim Smith posted on 5/14/21

My belated condolences to the Holm family. I just saw Tom's name in the "In Memoriam" section of the Caltech Alumni Magazine. Tom was a good friend and classmate. He had a great sense of humor and wicked jump shot. And he was always ready to share his knowledge. He is and will remain one of my best memories of Caltech. May he rest in Peace and God bless you all.


Jim Smith posted on 5/14/21

Belated condolences to the Holm family. I just saw Tom's name In Memoriam in the Caltech Alumni Magazine. He was a good friend with a great sense of humor, a kind disposition, and great outside jump shot. He is and will remain remembered. May he rest in Peace and God bless you all.


Vicki wyatt posted on 5/12/21

Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about Jayne’s passing. I can’t believe it. She was such a wonderful person and I am so happy to have known her. Prayers Vicki


Judy Mauck Sentel posted on 5/8/21

So many fond memories of Jayne in 12 years of school we had together. Probably her pushing me in my wheelchair after my surgeries and marching band in high school stand out the most. So sorry for your loss!


Angie from Christie posted on 5/8/21

Joyce, I am so very sorry to hear of Jayne's passing. She was a lovely and delightful person and she will be missed greatly.


Richard "Dick" Shelby posted on 5/8/21

Joyce...I am so sorry about the passing of Jayne. I remember how she excelled in sports at Atwood-Hammond High School and how proud you and Ed were of her. No doubt she has provided you many fond memories to remember her by. My sincere sympathy goes out to you Joyce. Feel free to contact me anytime Joyce.


Pam Sanders Simpson (Sam) posted on 5/7/21

So sorry! Love the memories of playing basketball with Jayne!



Peg Greek posted on 5/7/21

High School memories: marching band, Friday nights at Monicals in Tuscola and cruising the town and just being a friend.


daniel powell posted on 5/6/21

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. I have numerous fond memories of him from my teen years. May god be with you and the family at this trying time.


Brad Coats posted on 5/6/21

So very sorry for this great loss to Marsha's family. She was a class act, a hard worker, smart as can be, and incredibly kind.


Babs & Rick Hazelrigg posted on 5/6/21

Our sincere sympathy to all of Marsha's extended family. May your many good memories of her better days bring you comfort and peace.


Sara Huff Steele posted on 5/5/21

Dear Steve, I am so sorry to have read of your loss of your dear wife, Marsha. I did not have the good fortune to have met her, as our paths have not crossed since high school days. She sounds like a super lady and you were fortunate to have her.


Sandy Bickes posted on 5/5/21

Steve, my sincerest sympathies to you and you family.


Lisa Davis (neighbor across the street) posted on 5/5/21

Sorry to hear of your loss. Marsha always waved to me when I was out in my yard and even checked on me one day when I was on my roof cleaning gutters and the wind blow the ladder away from the house. Luckily I was inside when it happened and not on top of the house. Rest in Peace Marsha. I life well lived.


MARTHA DOBOS posted on 5/5/21

I was a close friend from High School. I'm so sorry for your loss! We had some great times over the years. She was the best friend anyone could ask for. Prayers to you all!


Julian Gorski posted on 5/5/21

Allison, my deepest condolences to you and your family. I knew your mother professionally and as a friend when we were in our 30's. I can still feel her warmth and enthusiasm for life. She will be missed by so many.


Early Careers Teams at UnitedHealth Group posted on 5/4/21

On behalf of the entire UnitedHealth Group team, we want to say how sorry we are for your loss. We cannot begin to imagine the pain you are experiencing. We know how talented Jacob was, as he was set to embark on his internship journey with us this summer, and in his honor, we are contributing to the Jacob Schleinz Memorial Scholarship. Please know our thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Our deepest condolences, Early Careers Teams at UnitedHealth Group


Phil & Donna Matteson posted on 5/4/21

To to Colbert family members. My husband and I wish to extend our sympathy over the loss of your Dad. We had great admiration for both of your parents, and even had a connection with a love of antique cars. We will remember Dick’s constant smile and gentle manner. Best wishes to the family. Donna & Phil Matteson


Laura Karlins posted on 5/4/21

Russ and I are so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. He was a sweet and kind man who will be missed by many. Our thoughts are with all of you at this time.


Cindi holsren posted on 5/3/21

Tim, it has almost a been month that you went home to be with Mom and Dad. I think of you daily and oh how I pray that you knew I was leaving Florida for a surprise visit to see you. You couldn't hold on. I hold the memories we had together in my heart forever. Through all of the good, bad, and , ugly we always loved eaxh other. You weres uch a hard worker, just like dad, and dealt with the hand you were given with such strength and positivity. Until we meet again my sweet brother. RIP. I love you, Cindi


Tom and Laraine Glenn posted on 5/2/21

Our memory of Dorothy (and Earl) is one that always brings a smile. Friendly, hard workers and always glad to see you.


Ted Rogers posted on 5/2/21

Cousin John, to soon, to soon, John was always way out in front of all the rest of us academically, except for the intellectually consistent and persistent Rick Wheeler. Who could challenge and pull even but never maintain a lead. Halcyon days! Peace Be With You, God bless and God Speed, Ted Rogers


Joe Marino posted on 5/1/21

Our condolences to the Habeck family. We’ve had the pleasure to have known Dale for over 15 years. Dale was an all around great guy. We have a few pieces of quality furniture that he crafted for us. Dale will be greatly missed.


Lisa Greyhill (nee Gay) posted on 4/30/21

My sincere condolences to all of Margi's family and "extended family" that shared her life. I'll always remember her laughter and sassiness on ski trips and races. Oh, did we have some fun times!


Betsy Elsaesser posted on 4/30/21

I admired Margi for her many leadership qualities, especially in organizations that were not easy to lead like Pine Point Ski Club and CSMC. She was smart, opinionated, decisive, hard working and persistent. She will be missed.


Mary Knight posted on 4/29/21

,I was so sorry to here about Dick, he and Emily were one of my favorite couples! Gof Bless Dick and his entire family!


Mary Knight posted on 4/29/21

I am so sorry to hear this news about Dick! He and Emily were one of my favorite couples! I will miss him so much,along with Emily!! God Bless hem and his enitre family!!


Neva & Elmer Friedrich posted on 4/28/21

I'm so sad to see that Lois has past away. I live in Tx. and it always was so nice to come home and visit with Lois. Last time was summer of 2019. Diana was there too and great to visit with her. May God Bless and Comfort you. Love , Neva


Jim Snider posted on 4/27/21

Like a lot of people I remember Margi most sling. Years ago I went to Taos with Dave, Mary, Bill and Margi. Going down the intermediate slope I looked over into the woods next to me and there was Margi booming through the powder dodging trees at full speed. Margi knew how to enjoy herself.


Connie Hubert posted on 4/26/21

sherr I would like to talk with you girl. call me please.. 217-714-9013


Connie Hubert posted on 4/26/21

my friend


Ray Depa posted on 4/26/21

Rest In Peace dear friend! You have more than earned are a champion of our craft, a broadcast industry leader who influenced the careers of so many. Journalism is in dire need of more people like you!


Beverly King (Fabert) Peagler posted on 4/25/21

My memories are too many to post. However, she was always one of my closest and dearest friends. Wonderful times together for many years. I shall always love and miss you Shirley!!!


Anne Davidson Bliss posted on 4/24/21

Hello family of Paul Davis. I grew up with your Dad and my parents were best of friends with your grandparents Playford & Zona B. I have awesome pictures of your grandparents in the Watson area when they were teens and a picture of their wedding. If you send me your email, or mailing address, I will send you copies of some of these pictures. They knew how to have fun back then. We visited one time at the Plazona Motel, and my brother and Paul played together, but I was too young and a girl and so I was not included. We all looked forward to seeing Paul on Chanel 3 news. He was one of the best news persons they ever had! So sorry for your loss. He will be missed. Sincerely, Anne Davidson Bliss


Donna Docz (now Donna Kaszynski) posted on 4/24/21

My heart felt condolences to Margi's family. I remember Margi as a fun and happy member of Pine Point Ski Club. Those were great days. If there are snowy slopes in heaven, she's there.



susan kviz posted on 4/23/21

When I think of Margi, I picture her tackling a slalom run at various ski resorts, enjoying life near Lake Michigan or just wandering the Lincoln Park Zoo grounds where I would occasionally run into her. I was always impressed by her closeness to her family, especially the little kids. I really loved her wry sense of humor. We were all lucky to have been a part of her life.


Janie (Bogner) and John Hand posted on 4/23/21

Our deepest sympathy to all of you.


Pat Wenzel posted on 4/22/21

Condolences on Margi's passing. Know that she is fondly remembered from many. I knew her from the CMSC days and worked with her while in CMSC. She was fun to hold court with and share perspectives. She is over her pain and resting peacefully.



Mae McDonnell posted on 4/22/21

RIP. So sorry to hear of her passing. Prayer for the Bogner families.


Cathy Sauer McQuillan posted on 4/21/21

Dear Manolakes Family, I am so very sorry to hear of Terry's death. I just heard today, in April. I have such fond memories of her! I was a student of Dr. Ted - was in the first Bristol group and taught at Olive School -- so, over the years I saw Terry and she came to my wedding. She was always a lovely person to be with. I smile when I think of her. Please accept my deepest condolences and prayers for all of you. May God surround you all with peace, love, and comfort.


John Cockrell posted on 4/21/21

I grew up in the 70s watching Paul on Channel 3. He was akin to Walter Cronkite in my eyes. The thrill that he was actually still around is tempered by his passing. Condolences to his family and may it comfort you to know he was much admired and respected by his audience.


Eye Sea Weiner posted on 4/21/21

So sad to see Mrs. monke go, i guess she is frolicking with the other members of the monke family.


Georgeanne McBride posted on 4/21/21

I just found out about Dr. Grinberg passing. She was a wonderful dentist and a compassionate woman. She will be missed My condolences to her family and friends.


Luci McClurg posted on 4/21/21

My condolences to the Davis family for their loss. Watching the news on television everyday delivered by Mr. Davis was an important part of my life growing up in Gilman Illinois. So it was truly an honor to meet him in person later as an adult and to become good friends with his son Paul. My deepest sympathy.



Carol LaCloche Heredia posted on 4/21/21

So sorry to hear of Margi’s death. Too young & too sad. Really sorry for you all.


Midge Collofello Machado posted on 4/21/21

Cheers To a life well lived!


Ken McClurg posted on 4/20/21

I always admired Paul. He was a good, hardworking man who cared deeply for his family. Our sincere condolences to Paul, Glenn, Marinell and the extended family. Rest in Peace Paul.


Jane (Kociuba) Gray Class of 65 SFA posted on 4/20/21

Margie will be remembered as a sweet, smart classmate at SFA.


Linda Ogle posted on 4/19/21

Condolences to the entire Robeson family. Fond memories of them at Westview School.


Bill Belmonte posted on 4/18/21

My condolences to Lane. I have fond memories of John as high school classmates. Class of ‘65. He was our class valedictorian. Remember John’s campaign speech in the school gym to the school running for an office. He played the guitar to the tune of a Beatles song and changed the words to his campaign speech. Very clever. Also remember a group of friends listening to a new Beatles album at your beautiful home on Main Street. May the blessings of our Heavenly Father be with you during this time.


Peg McClintock posted on 4/18/21

As Judy and I were growing up, our families spent winter holidays, as well as several ambitious, multigenerational road trips together. As adults, holidays grew to include our children, our grandchildren, our friends, and their families -- plus a trip to France with our husbands. Judy was the best big sister, to her own brothers and to me, always generous, loving, and inclusive. She worked hard in philanthropic activities, and had a wide circle of friends. She took absolute delight in Victor, Ruthie, Bob, and Lizzie. No one who knew her will forget her sweetness or how wonderful it was to spend time with her. She left a legacy of kindness and love to those she knew.


Peg McClintock posted on 4/18/21

Judy's and my parents were very close, going back before I was born. Our families spent holidays together and had some ambitious vacations together by car. Judy always acted like a wonderful older sister to me. Lovely, poised, smart, and popular, she was also gracious and generous, giving much time to charities. No matter how far into her illness she was, she maintained that sweetness that will always stand out in my memory. She loved her family and friends and will be missed.


David Meyer posted on 4/17/21

Our condolences to Phyllis, Eric, Kim and the Robeson family. Kyle was a special person. I always admired his vitality and his zest for life. Kyle was somewhat of a father figure to me. He will be missed.


Jeeem Emerson posted on 4/16/21

Dear Keeem: I've been incommunicado during my own recovery, but I wanted to express my sorrow and condolences on your dad's passing. I know how difficult it can be to lose a parent. I felt totally unmoored after the death of my mom. As someone said recently, it may not feel like it now but at some point (whenever you're ready) the memory of your dad will evoke a fond smile rather than a tear. All my best to you and your family.


Andra Takacs posted on 4/16/21

My condolences on the death of your father, Kim. I'm sure this is a challenging time for you, despite the very full life your father lead. All my love, Andra


J. R. Zimmer posted on 4/16/21

My condolences to Phyllis, Eric, Kim and the entire Robeson family. Kyle will be missed, but his legacy of generosity will live forever. He was truly a great man!


Alan Nudo posted on 4/15/21

I will always cherish the many years I spent being with Kyle. No one can take his place.


Rod & Donna Van Buskirk Naples, FL posted on 4/15/21

Deepest sympathies to Phyllis and the Robeson Family. Our families go way back. It was always a pleasure whenever Kyle was around and involved. We have a lot of fond memories. Champaign is a better place with the Robesons in it.


Lou and Mary Liay posted on 4/14/21

Our deepest sympathy to the Robeson family..kyle was a great man..with a vision..he was interested in every facet of life..a privilege to be a friend for over 59 years..we will miss him so much


Richard Knieriem posted on 4/14/21

My sincere condolences to Phyllis Eric and Kim. Kyle was one of my special voluntary heroes. As the director of the YMCA I always knew that I could count on Kyle to assist with major projects. All I needed to do was ask and he became “a man on a mission.” As a community servant, he will be missed. Even even greater loss, is his friendship.


Mari & kurt j martin posted on 4/14/21

Bill and Candy so sorry for your loss.


Greg Russell posted on 4/14/21

Doug Difficult Unfortunate Loss Condolences and prayers Several years knowing and attending Champaign Schools with you Greg Russell Nashville TN


Mary Jane Stark Day posted on 4/14/21

Just learned of Lois's passing. Our thoughts and prayers with the family. Lois and I shared lots of good times in earlier years.


Deborah Day Schwaab posted on 4/14/21

Thank you Kyle Robeson for all you gave to the C-U Community! Very fond memories of being on the Robeson Fashion Advisory Board in the late 80’s and working at the store. The last time I saw you was when I was working at Bergner’s in Cosmetics. You came into the department and spoke with me and a couple of other former Robeson’s employees Margaret Sheridan and Jackie Gamble about how the Bergner’s buyers were doing it all wrong, we all got a good laugh together because we knew you were right.



Susan Hanners Helms posted on 4/13/21

I worked with Kyle and the Robeson team for 18 years. What great memories and what an amazing store. Phyllis, Eric and are in my thoughts and prayers.


Marcia Block posted on 4/13/21

It is very sad to learn of Kyle's passing. What a wonderful man!! He was an incredible caring friend to everyone who made Robeson's either their work environment or trusted place to shop. My mother loved her time as an employee for many years and truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn and prosper in her career. I am so sorry for your loss. Marcia (Schaefer) Block.


Yvette Cox Lyle, Yvonne Cox Kiersky, Lora Cox Carmichael posted on 4/13/21

On behalf of the Clarence Cox family, we send our deepest condolences to Phyllis and family. Our father and Kyle were next door neighbors growing up. Both were only children. Both stood up in each other's wedding. Both had long and happy marriages. Both had loving children. Their lives were different as they grew up but they always stayed apart of each other's lives. In a sense they were childhood brothers. Again our deepest sympathies. Both we re only children Both stood up in each other's wedding.


Jan Johnston Glick (Seely's daughter) posted on 4/13/21

Phyllis, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I remember when he first started working in the store and knew everyone's name.



Bernice Benn posted on 4/13/21

June will be missed. She and Bob and Omer and I spent many wonderful hours together, and I have so many memories. Rest in Peace June.


JoeMcNamara, Palm Springs, California posted on 4/13/21

My Condolences!


Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope posted on 4/13/21

It is with a heavy heart that we read that Kyle has passed away. He leaves such a legacy and will be truly missed. We weep for his loss. He was always, astute, engaged, and kind to us. May the family find solace in what you shared.


Susan ( Hanners) Helms posted on 4/13/21

As a part of the Robeson Dept. store family for 18 years I have the fondest memories of Kyle. A wonderful place to work, surrounded by an amazing group of people. Sending Phyllis, Eric and Kim hugs and prayers.


David Sherwood posted on 4/13/21

To the Robeson family: My thoughts have been with you and many memories of my childhood growing up at your home. So many wonderful and rich moments were spent with you and so many funny stories and memories are from Kyle and his antics. What comes to mind? Pulling weeds, the Illini, freezing at football games, eating lunch in your kitchen (I think ~50% calories came from your home over the summer), the downstairs, throwing that football through the screen downstairs (Kyle made sure I remembered that!), Colorado mountains, Missouri canoe trips, Canada, an amazing breadth of colorful language (really PhD level stuff), did I mention weeds?, a song dedicated to me, clean windshields, a wonderful laugh, a generous heart, and a deep love of family.....that somehow extended to a kid that ran on his roof, put a hole in his movie screen, set fire to his sons shoes (only once), ate constantly at his home, but loved him and his family and is so very, very grateful for all of the moments and memories--those will stay with me forever. Thank you Kyle, thank you Robeson's for giving me the best childhood a kid could ever ask for.....


Emily Laugesen posted on 4/13/21

My deepest condolences to the Robeson family. Kyle's generous spirit and leadership has made a difference for so many in our community. Sending love.



Scott Myers posted on 4/13/21

On behalf of the entire Myers family, I want to send our love and condolences to Phyllis and the Robeson Family. I am the youngest son of Neil Myers, and grew up in your wonderful store, as my Dad was the Display Director and later Vice President for Robesons. My father had nothing but kind words when speaking about this fine gentleman of Champaign history. He served his community well and was someone I looked up to both figuratively and literally.



Betha Miller posted on 4/12/21

It was an honour to have known Kyle. He was an incredible gentleman and pillar of the community. All who knew him were very blessed.


Patricia A Brown posted on 4/12/21

To Phyllis, Eric, Kim & Family, my deepest and heartfelt condolences at loss of Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend. God is a comforter and will sustain you in your time of need and loneliness when you think about Kyle. He’ll always be that light in your hearts and make you smile. I am glad to have been a part of his life for these last two and half years. He was always concerned about others. Kyle, your light will forever shine bright. I ❤️ you all. PattiB



Patricia A Brown posted on 4/12/21

Kyle, you’re witty and always had a wonderful sense of humor. You said, “people shouldn’t be so serious and should always leave room for laughter”. Boy, did we ever laugh. Kyle, your light will forever shine in my heart and every time I think of you there will always be joy and a light burning in my heart. It was a privilege to be your private care provider. God chose a beautiful flower to place in his garden. R.I.P. Love PattiB


stan Ikenberry posted on 4/12/21

My memory is filled with countless encounters with Kyle over the years, each a joy, each with warmth and graciousness that


Tim Smith posted on 4/12/21

My condolences to the Robeson Family, I first met Kyle at the age of 16, I worked weekends at the RoBo/Mobil carwash on North Neil, I had always admired his Chrysler 300 Convertible. He actually took the time out of his busy day to show the Dual carbureted cross ram engine, made my day! I always admired the car walking to Westview grade school, you gave me the car bug! Thanks for taking time with this 16 year old and for all you and your family did for our community.


Prof. Rod Burton posted on 4/12/21

One of my favorite memories of Kyle involved airplane entrepreneur Burt Rutan, who in 2013 had just built and flown the first airplane to go into space. Kyle suggested to me that Rutan should get an honorary degree from the University of Illinois. I submitted the nomination, and Rutan appeared for the May graduation ceremonies to receive his degree, wearing his leather flying jacket. Rutan was then guest of honor, along with Kyle, at a reception held by Aerospace Engineering.


Laurie & Marty Goldberg posted on 4/12/21

Please accept our most sincere condolences. Our thoughts & prayers go out to the entire Robeson Family. We will never forget the great party held in honor of our son Brian & Maggie Nudo. We all had such a great night filled with love & laughter.. G-D Bless U all & the world lost a Great Man!


Joost M.E. Pennings posted on 4/12/21

What a terrible loss for the family, friends, loved ones and the community. Kyle was a wonderful man who had a great vision and out of the box ideas, and by sharing them helped many people. I am very grateful how Kyle and Phyllis allowed us to meet the family and friends after an memorable visit at ADM in which Kyle showed his insights in real world business. As a result a special friendship developed between both families; a special group of fiends with Eric and Kim and their families emerged that we cherish. Kyle and the family made CU our home in the US. Wising Phyllis, Kim and Eric, their families and their loved ones a lot of strength in these times knowing that Kyle was always so proud of the family. Family Pennings, April 14, 2021, Belgium/The Netherlands


Nat & family posted on 4/12/21

Dear Kim and family, Please accept our deepest sympathies, and most heartfelt condolences, on the passing of your beloved father Kyle. May his soul rest in peace. You are all in our daily thoughts, prayers, and meditations.


Bruce zHannon posted on 4/11/21

Goodbye Kyle. I always admired and liked you, looked up to you. Thank you for the memories.


Achim, Alicia, Max, Elie and Cate von Bodman posted on 4/11/21

From sleepovers, family trips and birthday parties to every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Ester spent together, we loved our time with Kyle and the family. He was a second father to us. Our hearts our broken. May Phyllis, Kim, Eric and their families— as well as all who loved Kyle—find comfort in this time of sorrow.



Achim, Alicia, Max, Elie and Cate von Bodman posted on 4/11/21

We loved himself will miss him dearly. Sending all our love to Phyllis, Kim, Eric and their families.



Kenston Chism posted on 4/11/21

I know he will be missed, loved and remembered always. God bless you Kyle



Serina Nelson posted on 4/11/21

Sending love and prayers


Joe Gumbel posted on 4/11/21

I appreciated the 33 years of business with Kyle and his family. He was a great asset to our area. Prayers to the Robeson family. I would say Rest In Peace, but if you knew Kyle, he is shaking heaven up right now!


Alex Larson posted on 4/11/21

I offer my condolences to Professor Shupp’s family. He was an excellent professor of macroeconomics, and I will never forget a lunch he and I had at the Illini student union. I always enjoyed an opportunity to speak with him or seek his counsel.



Christie Summers posted on 4/10/21

I keep wanting to pick up the phone to call to check in to see how you are doing...I hope you knew how much I cared


The Pacocha’s posted on 4/9/21

Teresa and Jim, we are so sorry to hear about Jacob. Although we only knew you a short time when our boys played together at Chicago Fury, I know the boys had a great time together. Jacob was such a nice kid. We will keep those memories in our hearts. Please accept our deepest condolences. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.


Nina Butler posted on 4/9/21

Teresa, Jim and the entire Schlienz family! You have our deepest sympathy! Our prayers are with you and your family today!


David R Moore posted on 4/9/21

Gail, I am so sorry to hear about John. Sara and I always cherished getting to see and talk with you guys at National Conventions. I will always remember our days on the Board together. My best to you and all of the family now and in the future.


Greg Sullivan, Springfield posted on 4/8/21

Teresa, Jim and the whole family. You have my deepest condolences and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Tracey McDougal posted on 4/8/21

I am truly sorry for your loss. I would like to offer you and your family my deepest and most sincere condolences and may the soul of your Mother rest in peace.


The Scharfenberg's posted on 4/8/21

Hockey brought Jacob into our lives. He was the competition when he played for CHM and then became a my daughter's teammate and "D" partner in BLM. He was such a great kid and grew into an exceptional young man. So glad we got see him and Jim and Teresa a few years ago @ Culver. An amazing kid with great parents. Jim and Teresa you are in our thoughts and prayers. ❤️


Kelli Cairo posted on 4/8/21

Jacob was my student when he lived with the Grundy family in Wisconsin. He was such a bright, kind and funny young man - a true joy to have in class. Staff and students (who became good friends in that short year) truly loved him! I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know him. I will hold memories of him smiling and laughing in my heart. I am so very sorry for your loss.


Keith Johnson posted on 4/8/21

Teresa and Jim. We are so saddened for your loss. Diane, Kyle and myself want to express our deepest condolences. You continue to be in our thoughts and your whole family is in our prayers.


Michael Nelson posted on 4/7/21

We shared some great times together. You always looked after me growing up. A big brother you were. There is not enough space to write the moments we shared, but in my heart they are there. The world will not be the same without you here. But you are healed and sit in a better place. Love you Tim


Stan & Susan Lynch (Graham's Trophies) posted on 4/7/21

So sorry for the loss of your son, Teresa and Jim. Our hearts go out to you. We are thinking of you!



Heather Nelson posted on 4/7/21

Dad, I will never forget all of the long phone conversations we had just talking about random things and the endless shenanigans growing up. You never failed to have a good laugh even when things got tough. I hope that I can carry on the same strength you showed every day. Until we meet again. I love you.



Cheri Gillespie posted on 4/7/21

My deepest condolences to all of The Nelson Family. As I called him (Timmy) *which he disliked * was my buddy and I had the honor of spending time with him lots last summer. I will miss his phone calls telling me where he found my candy bars , or else bringing me some. He was out at Tom’s last summer and I got the chance to have his famous pork chops, also the coldest glass of ice water tossed on me *unaware* . We had lots of talks just him and I. He loved you all very much. He was more worried about his twin then he was for himself. He was a ornery one but, one of the hardest workers, even on a bad day, I ever came across. He was a good man a good person, and how I will miss him, May his memories that he filled each of you with, get you through this difficult time. My prayers to you all. ( Love you for ever in a day Mr. Tim)



Tammy Stear posted on 4/7/21

We met Jacob and family through hockey.. Jordan and Madison played against Jacob quite often when he played for Champaign.. He was a great kids very talented and kind... prayers for the family in this most difficult time as we honor Jacob and celebrate his life


Robin and Barbara Hall posted on 4/6/21

John was a wonderful guy who cared about other people. His smile, laugh and sense of humor and his kindness and thoughtfulness stayed with you. Thanks john.


Sharon Todd posted on 4/6/21

So very sorry for your loss. I have many fond memories of Jacob from the County Nursing Home daycare. Praying for your family at this very difficult time.


Joe and Linda Stoner posted on 4/6/21

Thinking of the entire Schleinz family on this heartbreaking loss. Joe and Linda Stoner Pekin, Illinois


The Olion Family posted on 4/6/21

Our condolences to Jim, Teresa and the entire family. You continue to be in our thoughts, so sorry for the loss of Jake.


Michael Stannard posted on 4/6/21

Teresa and Jim, I am so sorry for your loss. I remember Jacob playing hockey in Springfield. I will pray for the repose of his soul and that God’s Love and Mercy will support you and all of your family. Your whole family will be in my prayers. God Bless, Michael Stannard


Jenny Rubalcada posted on 4/6/21

I'm so sorry for your heartache and loss. Praying for God's comfort to surround you during this painful time.


Nanette W Hausman posted on 4/5/21

My sincerest condolences to Teresa and Jim, Jacob’s brothers and all family and friends lucky enough to have Jacob in their lives. It sounds like Jacob was a true spark of warmth and fun. My family lives with a similar sudden loss and have started a college safety and student healthy care initiative called (web address). Please reach out at anytime, we would like to help. Sending prayers for comfort your way.



Jerry & Kim Anderson posted on 4/5/21

We are so very sorry. Jacob was such an amazing young man. We are heartbroken for all of you, and our sincerest thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Leesa Drazner posted on 4/5/21

Todd, Leesa and Robby want to express our deepest condolences. Jacob was such a kind person with an infectious smile and great personality. Getting to know Jacob in the years of being on the same hockey team was great. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You will always be in our hearts.


Sandy Mason posted on 4/4/21

I always will remember John's laugh. At Master Naturalist class or at Allerton Allies with a certain orneriness he would share something that had tickled him. I remember laughing with him so many times. Life doesn't get any better than that. My heart goes out to Gayle and family. May the beauty of nature springing to life give you solace.


Monica Munds posted on 4/4/21

Gail. I’m so sorry to hear this news of John. He was always such a happy man. You you must have great memories of an amazing life you shared.


Cindy Milazzo posted on 4/4/21

So sorry to hear of the great loss of your mother. I remember her as a very kind person. I hope you all find comfort in beautiful memories.


Cindy Milazzo posted on 4/4/21

I am saddened to hear of the loss of your dear mother. I remember happier days and how gracious she was. A lovely lady.



Mike Brooks posted on 4/4/21

Thanks Prof Verdeyen



Mike Brooks posted on 4/4/21

Thanks Joe


Bob Doty posted on 4/4/21

You have my condolences at this time of loss.


Sandra Klitzing posted on 4/3/21

I am so sorry to hear of Joe's passing. Joe was one of my professors at UofI, and later my boss in the Department of Leisure Studies. When I was teaching at ISU, I would get an email or call from Joe about one idea or another. I always enjoyed my contacts with him. Deepest sympathies to his family.


Dave and Rosemary posted on 4/2/21

Paul and Billie were our neighbors on Barberry for many years. We couldn't have more thoughtful or caring neighbors


Gary D Rosenbeck posted on 4/1/21

Judge Delamar heard my case to give me custody of my sons probably 30 years ago. When my youngest graduated from I S U and went on to be a construction engineer I sent him a thank you card. Both my sons are successful because he listened and cared. He took his robe off and took them into his chambers. He wrote me back thanking me for the card. A very great man in my eyes and I wanted him to know . My sons and my sympathy to your family.


Sheri Kaiser Eichelberger posted on 4/1/21

So sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with the entire family.


Sandra Hannum posted on 4/1/21

Jack did so much good in our community. It was an honor to know him and work with him at CASA. He was both fierce fighter for justice and delightfully funny. What a great guy. My deepest condolences to the whole family on your very large loss.


Kari May posted on 3/29/21

Jack is the reason I have my amazing 11 year old daughter. He has touched so many lives in our community and we were so blessed to get to know him during the adoption process and see the incredible work he did for abused children.


Bob Steigmann posted on 3/29/21

Jack was the unusual combination of a great judge and a great guy. It was an honor for me to work with him because he was such a legal scholar and a hard worker. And his leaving the bench to work for years at $1 per year to try to improve the lives of neglected and abused kids showed what a big heart he had. He was truly one of kind, and we will all miss him.


Jane and Scott Flewelling posted on 3/29/21

Judge DeLaMar helped us in adopting our oldest son, Kristofer when he was almost 4 years old. He was kind, patient, loving, supportive, and such an advocate for foster care children. Our son is now 31! We went on to adopt two more children. Our hearts go out to his wife and family. May God bless you and comfort you.


Gary Hardin posted on 3/29/21

I worked with Jack as a policeman at Rantoul when he was a judge. Jack latter help me adopt my 3 grandchildren while he was working with CASA. He was wonderful and very caring for children. Thanks for setting the example to follow.


Larry W Dallas posted on 3/28/21

Very sorry that your father passed. He lived a long, good life and left a big family. It does not seem possible your mother has been gone 26 years


Kent Fletcher posted on 3/28/21

So many fond memories, in the courtroom, on the basketball court, on the softball field, at the lake. There will never be another like him. Rest in peace, Jack.


Beth Haken posted on 3/28/21

Shannon, Ernest, Alex, and Josh - so sorry for your loss! We will pray for your family and for the repose of your dad's/grandpa's soul. Beth, Lippold, James, and Paul


Colleen R Falletti posted on 3/28/21

Melody I'm so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and the family.


Donna Patton posted on 3/28/21

Melody, I am so sorry for your loss. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this time.


Kris Fitzpatrick posted on 3/28/21

Prayers for Melody and family. Tim and I treasured Jack's friendship, counsel and St. Patrick's Day parties. I am certain he and another Irishman are now trading stories and laughter. Rest In Peace Judge


Maureen and Tony Juodis posted on 3/28/21

Melody, Our condolences to you, your daughters and everyone one who loved Jack. It was an honor to have known him.


Wanda Moore posted on 3/28/21

I have known Jack since I was 14 and met him in court. He was always a big supporter of mine and I am truly sorry for your loss. What a great man he was. I will always have fond memories of him. Shannon I met you when I worked at walgreens and we talked about your dad.


Katie Good posted on 3/28/21

Melody, my heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry for your loss of Jack. You and the girls are in my heart and prayers.


Don r Tucker posted on 3/27/21

Sorry to here about your dad Clark. I know that your emotions can run a wide range. my prayers be with you.


Mary Vita Rosmarino posted on 3/26/21

Billie and Paul welcomed me as their neighbor. I learned much from the both of them over the years. I was blessed by knowing them.


Charles Heiser posted on 3/26/21

Corky, so sorry for your loss of your father he was an amazing man. Chuck and Kay


Dick Krueger posted on 3/25/21

I too flew many trips with Dick. A real pleasure to work with him. He was a true professional, knew the aircraft inside and out. Even fun to be with on layovers. Blessings to the family.


Uncle Jim & Aunt Barb Schuldt posted on 3/24/21

Our condolences go out the the Wise family on Ed’s passing. He was an amazing man. There are many fond family memories of times spent on the farm with Ed, Julia and all the kids. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of you during this difficult time.



Jim Schuldt Jr posted on 3/24/21

Many fond memories of Uncle Ed on the farm. Prayers and thoughts go out to all my cousins and the Wise family. May Uncle Ed Rest In Peace


Pat McCord posted on 3/24/21

So sorry to hear this tragic news. Jeff was such a warm and friendly man. Throughout our k-12 years together, he was well liked by all in our class. I don't think I ever saw him without a smile. Gone too soon: A very sad loss for the class of WCHS '71.


Gayle Wildman posted on 3/24/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. What an amazing legacy Mr. Wise has left behind. May memories of your time together help comfort you now. Praying for peace and strength.


Glenn Pence posted on 3/24/21

It was a very nice memorial service and I felt honored to be there. I will always remember Dick and Connie as truly nice people. They were regular customers at Snak's Fifth Avenue restaurant in the '80's and the staff would argue about who got to wait on them -- they were that nice to deal with as customers! I have known Dick indirectly since I was a kid because he sold us our Simplicity tractor back in the 60's and serviced it occasionally. Also, his nephew, Wes, is my oldest friend.


Alice Hartman Henderson posted on 3/24/21

My most sincere sympathy to my beloved nieces and nephews who have lost their dad.


William D. Youngerman posted on 3/23/21

I remember when I returned to Champaign in 1973 to begin my practice with my father..I was nervous. My father was a strong man. I was not certain how this would turn out. Judy and Victor invited me over to dinner. I don't recall the dinner or much about their home but I do recall how warn and gracious they both were. Both Judy and Victor liked my father and he liked them.They told me many stories about him which of course I didn't know. They told me about his care for his patients and how he told some "I don't do this surgery but my son does and he will be joining me". It was a great evening. Judy and Victor helped me feel comfortable in joining my father and Christie Clinic. I know it's always a loss but I remember the happier times. Bill


Herb Oechsel posted on 3/23/21

It seems as though our ranks are diminishing on an almost daily basis, but the memories that we have of those that shared the cockpit with and made our jobs that much easier will remain with us forever. Dick was the ultimate professional who made all of us who flew with him know that his knowledge of the aircraft and its many systems was thorough, complete and accurate. I was always delighted to see that when the monthly bid awards were made that Dick and I would be paired the upcoming month. Indeed, a perfect gentleman and a perfect professional.


Robert Buttgen (new) posted on 3/23/21

Dick Curtis was a very good man and a fine gentleman. Work with him many times and he always displayed true professionalism and great knowledge. He will be missed.


Bob Quinlan posted on 3/22/21

Dear Rotramel Family Condolences for the loss of your father grandfather and loved one. Bill was an officer when I started in 1978. What I enjoyed most where his smile and good disposition. After retiring he walked miles and stopped by CFD Main Station regularly. I enjoyed his stopping in. The obituary was enjoyable to catch up on his life well lived. At retirement parties I could see your parents knew how to have fun. Sincerely Bob Quinlan


Roger Cruse posted on 3/22/21

Very sorry for your loss. I did not have the privilege to work with Bill at Champaign Fire, but when he retired that created the vacancy that allowed me to get hired at CFD. I always enjoyed talking with Bill and his friendship all these years. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time.


John Slack posted on 3/22/21

In the mid fifties , Dick and Connie were neighbors of ours in Park Forest. We would drive together to Midway when we were on the same trip. A true gentleman and good friend.


Christal (Curtis) LaCosta posted on 3/22/21

I am saddened to learn of Richard's passing, but consoled by the fact that he and Connie are together again. I have so many wonderful memories and photos of him enjoying his grandchildren. Please know that the family is in my thoughts and prayers.



Deb Stone posted on 3/22/21

Wes (and Emma) were wonderful people whom I enjoyed immensely. I adored them both and it brings comfort and joy to my heart that they are together again. May our prayers of sympathy bring you comfort and peace during this time of loss.


Larry Olds posted on 3/22/21

Dick taught me everything I knew about the CV-990, He was the epitome of what a gentleman should be, and he made me a better person.


Capt Jack Wollam posted on 3/22/21

Flew with Dick a lot on 707. He was always agreeable and easy to work with. I always thought he and I could go down line with three "No Go Items" and do it safely! ,


Captain Galen Cawley posted on 3/21/21

Dick was always a fine gentleman, and an utmost flight engineer. Always a pleasure to work with.


Larry Olds posted on 3/21/21

Dick taught me all I knew about the CV-990. He was such a gentleman and a great influence on me. He made me a better aviator and person. I admired him greatly.


Tom Vinson posted on 3/21/21

I recall in Nov 1970 I was in the Curtis' kitchen. Dick asked how I had voted since it was the first time I voted. I responded "secretly." I can still see Connie's smile as she knew I "got" him. (After a few chuckles, I told him) Dick and Connie were a quite the dashing couple when they went out to dance! So sorry to hear of his passing from Alz. My father also had Alz so I understand what the family has had to work through. My prayers for the family are for comfort at such a time of great loss. Always hard to lose a parent.


Tom Vinson posted on 3/21/21

I remember in Nov 1970 I was in the Curtis' kitchen. I was 18 and had voted for the first time. Dick asked me how I voted. I responded with "secretly." Connie cracked a smile as she knew I had just "got" him. (After a few chuckles, I told him) Also, Dick and Connie were quite the dashing couple when they went out to dance. So sad to hear this news. My father also had Alz, so I know something of what you have worked through. My sympathies to the entire family. I will be praying for you.


Ed Newby posted on 3/21/21

Spent many, many enjoyable hours in the cockpit of AA jets with Dick. He was a true professional, a gentleman, and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the mechanical systems of the aircraft was spot on when needed. Blue skies on your flight west, Dick. RIP.


Herb Engh posted on 3/21/21

I remember Dick as a very knowledgeable flight engineer on every type airplane I flew with him when I was copilot or captain. He was a good guy!


Barbara and Ivan Reilly posted on 3/20/21

Two young graduate students from New Zealand arrived in Champaign-Urbana in August 1966. They met Richard and Connie Curtis through the University of Illinois ‘host family’ program. With their three children, Christie, Ritchie and Steve, they became our local ‘American family’. During our four years at UIUC we frequently enjoyed their hospitality, advice and help. For us it was a reassuring and invaluable relationship. It grew into a lifelong friendship and we have visited them in Champaign-Urbana a number of times over the years. After Richard’s retirement, we enjoyed hosting him in Auckland New Zealand. Thank you Richard, RIP. Dr Barbara Miller-Reilly Professor Emeritus Ivan Reilly University of Auckland


Mike and Barb Rumer posted on 3/20/21

Very sorry for your loss, prayers for comfort and peace


Christopher Cross and Melissa Cross Hildreth posted on 3/20/21

Chris and I knew Mr .Rotramel our whole lives. He worked with our dad at the Champaign Fire Department, and always greeted us with a smile and a hug when we saw him. Our dad valued his friendship with Bill, and we are proud to have known him, too! Our condolences on his passing-wishing you all peace for the days ahead.


Nancy posted on 3/20/21

Dave, I am so very sorry for your loss. He must have really been something!! Travis enjoyed him so much and I will always believe he filled a missing 'grandpa' spot in his life. Didn't you have 4 sons???? Chad, Drew, Joel............and Travis? Much love to your beautiful family. May your father/grandfather be at peace. Nancy


Herbert Dabelow posted on 3/20/21

Dick flew as my Flight Engineer many times. It was a pleasure to be able to ask him a question about the airplane and get an professional answer every time! Miss him.


Paula Bruck posted on 3/19/21

Dave and Family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father, and grandfather. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but can see the reflection of a life well spent in the legacy that he leaves behind. My thoughts are with you.


Bob Deiters posted on 3/19/21

Dave, Very sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I wish you and your family great peace and offer my thoughts and prayers... Bob


Brian Heard posted on 3/19/21

I loved my Uncle Frank. He was a special person, so smart, so nice, so generous. Lived life the right way and treated people the right way. Many great memories of him, but my favorite is when I was 4 years old and my father had just passed away at too young an age and my Uncle Dick and Aunt Ruth took my out to Westerville, Ohio, where they lived, to stay for a few weeks to help alleviate the pressure on my Mom (who had three sons, including myself). When it was time to go home, Uncle drove from Illinois to Ohio to take me on a plane flight to go back to Philadelphia. It was my first plane flight. During the short trip we were served a glass of soda and a bag of peanuts. I was pretty hungry and I asked the flight attendant if I could get another bag of peanuts. She said "no". Uncle Frank told her she was going to bring me another bag of peanuts, because I wanted them and I deserved them. She brought me another bag of peanuts. It was a little thing, but it meant so much.


Lyle R Morrison posted on 3/19/21

Jeff was like a brother, He was my best man.. We had a lot of fun over the years. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace my friend.


Douglas Forsman posted on 3/19/21

What a wonderful friend and fellow CFD member. I enjoyed every day working with Bill. Our deepest sympathy to the Rotramel family. Doug and Mary Su Forsman


William J Rothamel posted on 3/19/21

William Rothamel Yes. My name is William Rothamel and I lived in the CU area for around 15 years. I would sometimes get his mail by mistake. I worked for the big U there. One day I was attending a conference at Allerton park when a call came over the PA to report to the attendant--the call was actually for William Rotramel. It was so ironic that we would both be attending conferences at Allerton park on the same day. Well, I did finally get to meet him on that day. We are not related --the Name is often spelled Rothermel and is somewhat more common and is found among farmers in the MidWest. The ancestral farm is still operating there in Bavaria.


George Krumins posted on 3/18/21

When I belonged to the Grace Lutheran youth group way back in the 1970s, Frank was our mentor for a few years. I recall his sad story with his 1964-1/2 Mustang. After returning from the UK, one morning he gets in his car, drives down the left side of the road, had a head-on with another car, totaling his beloved Mustang!


Priscilla and Cliff Christians posted on 3/18/21

Carol and Family, We are so sorry to hear of Frank's passing! Our memories of the Palestine trip stand out as we first met you then, and experienced so many happy reunions of the group, and then meeting you at OLLI classes, or at the Krannert. Frank had an amazing career and will be missed by many folks. It was a privilege to know him. We send our heartfelt condolences. May the God of all comfort be near you.


Bill Phalen posted on 3/18/21

We loved Jeff as many of us did. Always smiling, fun and kind. He will always be in our hearts.


Judith Carl posted on 3/18/21

So sorry to hear that Prof. Shupp passed away! He was the Head of the Dept. of Economics and hired me as a secretary. I spent many years with the Econ department and Prof. Shupp was always very special! You have my Sympathy! Judy Carl


Chad Claussen posted on 3/17/21

Sandra, I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. It sounds like he was a talented man who led a full life. I will be thinking about you in the coming days. Take care, Chad


Steve baird posted on 3/17/21

Deepest regrets. Have many wonderful memories with Jeff and friends. He will truly be missed.


Katey Haun posted on 3/17/21

Kristy, Jacob, and Clayton, We are all simply devastated. Everyone loved your Dad. Great memories will have to provide the comfort now.



Amy Belcher posted on 3/17/21

I am so sorry for your loss. Love and prayers sent to your family.


Donald Burwell posted on 3/17/21

A very sad day to learn of Jeff's passing. My sincere sympathy goes out to the entire Meyer family. I love him almost as much as they do. Such a very good man and even better dad ! He walked the good path.


John Dudley posted on 3/16/21

My comdolences. As your neighbor across the street, I saw Adelia cleaning up the acorns from the oak trees many times. Always appreciated her efforts to maintain her lawn. Harvey, I enjoyed our conversations when I was out in the lawn and more recently as I walked by and you were working in the lawn.


Sally and jack widholm posted on 3/16/21

To Brenda and family Jack and sally widholm long time neighbors ( for 38 years) on Robert drive wish to offer our sympathy for Adellas passing. We enjoyed adella and Harvey’s company on the street and conversations about fords , My first car was a 57 Ford fairlane, and mom’s favorite beetle! As we were on the corner we could see you all coming home! I always thought your home looked so nicely manicured especially as adella sat there pulling weeds in front! Special people on a nice street we are happy to call friends!



Kamey Olinger posted on 3/16/21

We just heard of your passing. I can't believe it buddy. YOU were the best FED X delivery guy we had....even had your number to call in case of an emergency. The few times you waited until we could get our packages together so they would be delivered on time. WE HERE AT JL ALLEN SERVICES, INC WILL MISS YOU VERY MUCH. We loved seeing you everyday and all the quick chit chats we had. You made such an impression on us all. RIP Fed X Joe. Your family at JL Allen Services.


Nancy and Fred Coombs posted on 3/16/21

Dear Mindy and Tom, Please know our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. The deep sense of family that clearly shines through the notice of your Mother's passing will ever offer solace and support in the years ahead.


Cathy Emanuel posted on 3/15/21

Dick Green was my symbol of Carle for many years. He was a constant bright spot, seeing the humor and bringing some fun to almost any situation. He did so much for the community and Carle and was just a pleasure to work with and be around. So energetic and full of vitality it seemed tragic that he had to suffer as he did with his disease. He will be missed by many.


Shelley Demarco posted on 3/14/21

Rest in peace with the angels


Shelley DeMarco posted on 3/14/21

My heart is breaking. So sorry for your loss. Richie, I will always miss you. Fran I miss you too


Martha Beck posted on 3/14/21

Dear Carol Ann, I am so sorry to hear about Dick. He was a wonderful man and will be missed. Every time you walked through the Windsor doors, you both made me smile. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Marjorie S. McCurtain posted on 3/13/21

Sending my prayers and love to Carol Ann and the entire Green Family. Dick was a hero of a person. Such a loss to his community, friends and family.


Mary Diane Walczak posted on 3/13/21

So sorry to hear about Patty’s passing. My condolences to all her family. Patty and I go way back, hanging out when we went to St. Stephen’s. She was sweet, fun and adventurous. She used to take me on the tandem bike and we would pedal far! I will add her to my prayer list and may she Rest In Peace.


Don Greeley posted on 3/13/21

I was privileged to know Dick from the time I joined Carle Clinic in 1977. He always had a smile and good word of support for a wet-behind-the-ears doc. Through the years he exemplified poise and grace and competence. Carle (and I) would not be where it is today but for him. He will be missed, but we are so grateful for his having passed our way.


Sandy Kammermann posted on 3/12/21

My Sincere condolences to the Green Family! I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Green for about 6 years of his long tenure at Carle. As Manager of the Wellness Center I had the opportunity to interact and work with him fairly often. I always admired and respected him as an administrator and a person!


David Roe posted on 3/12/21

I echo June's comments. In addition to being a great teacher, role model and friend, Dr. Buetow taught me lessons about life as a faculty member and academician. These lessons made me a better teacher and colleague during my tour of duty as Associate Professor of Life and Behavioral Science at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and in my third career as a small faith-affiliated liberal arts college president. I am sure all of us who knew him join you in mourning his loss, while being grateful for his many contributions to the department which helped us become the scientists we did.


Renee Cozzolino posted on 3/12/21

Mindy, I'm so sorry you've lost your mom. Thinking of you and sending peace and love your way.


Gary and Peggy Wieneke posted on 3/11/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Green family. Dick was a wonderful guy, and a part of the Illini Track and Field family. We so appreciate the support he showed over the years.


jane posted on 3/11/21

Mindy and family, I remember so well the first time I went to your parents' house. Your Beautiful Mother was so gracious and so casual. I was made to feel welcomed and like an old friend all at once. I too have lost parents recently and there is such a hole in my heart but also a sense of peace. Knowing the deep love and bond shared by all of your family and all the treasured memories over the generations you can know that Mom and Dad are, undoubtedly, with you always. They will forever witness and share the love and the laughs and all the spirited life that surrounds you all. Wishing you all peace and ease, jane



Jennifer (Burdette) Williams posted on 3/11/21

Green Family - I light this candle in honor of you and Mr. Green. I moved in down the street at the age of 3. My sisters and I were a mischievous bunch often being seen with our wagon packed going on "trips" and "overnighting" in the neighbors yards. Some neighbors would get upset and run us off; never Dick and Carol. They always welcomed us with open arms. I remember one time we thought we lost our youngest sibling Emily, we searched everywhere. After knocking on doors and wandering around yelling her name we stopped at "The Greens" house; there she was playing in the house with Dick and Carol. She had wandered in and wanted to play and bless their hearts were happy to oblige. After that we were regular interrupters for "The Greens" stopping by to see what they were doing, what kind of snacks they had and asking lots of questions as children often do. They always welcomed us with open arms although their own children had already left home and had families of their own. Thank you for the wonderful memory of being your neighbor.


Doug Carroll posted on 3/10/21

The Carroll family has only the fondest memories of Dick Green, whose hiring of our father, Bruce, at Carle was a difference maker for us. Dick was other-centered in everything he did. Unfailingly kind, thoughtful and positive -- truly a joy to be around. Thank you, Carol Ann, for sharing him with all of us.


Don and Marilyn Sammons posted on 3/10/21

Carol Ann our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. We enjoyed the connection with you and Dick regarding the Drake Relays. Fun event to attend. May your memories bring you comfort in the days ahead.


Karen Masel posted on 3/9/21

My sympathy to all the Kovar family in the loss of their beloved Sara.


Steve and Kathy Gentry posted on 3/9/21

I am so sorry to hear about Patty. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this very hard time. I will always remember our camping adventures and the warm welcome I received when I moved to town. May the tears you shed today water the memories you keep forever.


Cara Day posted on 3/8/21

Mindy, I wish I could say something that would take away all the pain from your Mom's passing. She will be missed.


Katie Kritek posted on 3/8/21

I am deeply sorry to hear about Heidi's untimely death. My thoughts are with her family and friends.


Margaret Stewart posted on 3/8/21

Although I did not know Terry well, some of my family did, and enjoyed her graciousness and hospitality. I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying for her and her family.


Arnold & Carolyn Smith posted on 3/8/21

Tom and Laurie, we are sorry for your loss. Carolyn was a student of your dad's around 1960. We're sure your mother was a wonderful lady and mother.;


Craig Radecker posted on 3/8/21

My deepest condolences to the entire Laurent family as well as Patty’s sisters and their families. I was a friend of Patty’s she was an amazing person and I will always be thankful for the short time that I knew her! Rest In Peace


Randall Nelson posted on 3/7/21

My condolences to you on the death of a loving family member. I worked with Joyce when she worked for USDA-ARS in Urbana and I was saddened to read of her death. I greatly enjoyed my association with Joyce. She was always pleasant and helpful. I was interested to read her obituary and learn some things about her that I did not know. I can see had a full life and cared much for her family. I am sorry that I never saw her after she left ARS. I wish I would have known that she still lived in Urbana.


Mark and Vickie Poruba posted on 3/7/21

So sorry for your loss. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Joni Casteel posted on 3/7/21

Worked with Joyce at the Soybean Research Lab in Urbana. Being from Jasper County Illinois she and I became friends. Joyce was very helpful and lots of fun. She will be missed. Deepest Sympathy Joni Casteel


John Gridley posted on 3/6/21

Heidi taught me how to drive. I still use all of her strategies today. I almost had 1 accident years ago, and can thank her for being alive today because I constantly use what she taught me 35 years ago. When I was 15 and thought I knew everything Heidi had a way of getting a message across about safe driving without being overbearing. She would give me a hard time in a fun way when I tried showing off by driving and turning a corner with my knee. Surprisingly I got pretty good at that to impress her, but have long since stopped it. I think of her when I check all of my blind spots multiple times. How on earth did she impart such good driving habits to an adolescent boy? She really had a knack for being non judgmental and caring in a fun way. Years later I worked at the same school she worked at. I would see her and my mind would race back to how she imparted such good driving habits and how she did this. My own teaching is better because of her. I will miss her. She was kind and had an uncanny ability to connect with people. Her spirit will need to say,”Hey, Gridley get your hands back on the wheel and stop being a show boat!”


Alex Howe posted on 3/6/21

I really cherished my conversations with Heidi. She taught me what was going on with U of I sports, which I appreciated as a fellow alum! She also remembered random stuff about my life like my birthday, what kind of car I drove, my kids' ages, my wife's name, the town I live, etc. She clearly cared about me. I will look forward to seeing her again!


Claudia Lockhart posted on 3/5/21

I am so deeply sorry for the untimely passing of my friend and colleague, Heidi. As a Special Education Instructional Assistant, I "took" her Drivers Ed class THREE TIMES (passing each time!) along with my students. She was an excellent, dedicated, caring, sometimes funny, more often no-nonsense teacher, serious about her mission to make safe drivers of her young teens.She loved her family deeply and looked forward to family visits. She attended her nieces' athletic events with great anticipation and pride. It was wonderful to learn so much about Heidi 's academic and athletic achievements, her sweet bird, her life beyond New Trier.This news of her death shocked, dismayed and saddened me tremendously. Please accept my most sincere condolences.


Eileen Nash posted on 3/5/21

Heidi was a wonderfully kind soul. Fortunate I had the pleasure of working with her at New Trier. She will be missed. Sending prayers to her family.


Eileen Nash posted on 3/5/21

Heidi was wonderfully kind, always interested in how you were doing and cared about the good of all. Feel fortunate that I got to know her at New Trier. Sending prayers to her family. She will be missed.



joan mowrey posted on 3/5/21

Darlene and I played golf together at Crestwicke G.C. many times, had many good memories of my times with her and still exchanged christmas and birthday cards and was looking forward to seeing her this summer after she got better. She sent me a very nice note saying that she was looking forward to a get together. I will miss her greatly.


Kate Goodman posted on 3/5/21

Heidi worked with me at New Trier High School. Although our departments were not the same, we both have the same intentions for our students. Heidi was always there for her students. Heidi was never a rushed person and always took the time to talk with you. She will be missed.


Bob Spagnoli posted on 3/5/21

Heidi and I taught together for many years. She was always willing to listen and lend a hand when I needed it. Heidi was a loyal friend and colleague who I developed a closer relationship with over the years we taught together. The last few years she taught at NT our desks were directly across from each other and we shared many stories about our families, sore knees and life. I want to wish her family my sincerest thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. She will be missed by this friend and my family...


Lindsey Ruston posted on 3/5/21

I would often see Heidi in the hallways when I would be at New Trier's Winnetka campus. We'd stop to chat and it always made my day when I'd see her. My condolences to her family.


Bonnie Beach posted on 3/5/21

What a shock to learn of Heidi's death. She was a dedicated colleague and we were happy when she left Deefield to teach at New Trier. In both her teaching and her coaching she was concerned about students and always worked with them diligently for their best outcome and accomplishment. Condolences to Heidi's family. May your loss be filled with loving memories.


Bill Stewart posted on 3/5/21

Heidi and I coached girls track at New Trier. She cared deeply about her athletes and their development as young women and as athletes. She coached two difficult events while we were colleagues, shot put and discus. Both require strength, quickness, balance discipline and dedication. Those 4 qualities of personality and of athletic development were part of Heidi’s character. She was a good friend and wonderful coach.


Michael Cliff posted on 3/5/21

I'm so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Donna Jones posted on 3/4/21

Doug & family (& Buddy) Sorry for your loss. Patty was kind hearted and always ready with a laugh. She will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with you all.


Darla Althaus posted on 3/4/21

Sending love and prayers to Doug and your entire family. Patty was a wonderful person and a very dear friend. She will be missed by all who knew her.


Joyce Sjogren posted on 3/3/21

My sympathy goes out to all the family in your loss. I remember Phyllis well and know that she was a lovely, talented woman. Over the years Doug and I got together with Terry and Phyllis in Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Arizona and California. Phyllis was a joy to be around and a great hostess. I will miss the emails we have shared. I know that she and Terry were proud of all of you! Love & Peace, Joyce


Rodger and Priscilla Kelber posted on 3/2/21

We are so sorry to hear of Lee’s passing. We have lost touch with you the past few years, but have many fun memories of Lee while double dating back in the 60’s! Our thoughts are with you and all your family with his loss, but know you have many great memories.


Rhonda Dillman McClellan posted on 3/2/21

So very sorry for the family's loss. Darlene was such a sweet lady and was my mom's best friend. Darlene, I hope you and Zorie along with Paul and Jack are celebrating all the good times and laughing together once again. Here's to the love and friendship you all shared and thank you for being a part of our lives here on Earth. Your sweet memory lives on.


Bill Briggs posted on 3/2/21

Carol, So sorry to read about your mother's passing. My connection to the O'Neal family goes way back to early Westview school days and I recall your mom as a kind lady. My condolences to you, Wayne and the rest of the O'Neal clan.


Vicki Dunaway posted on 3/2/21

So sorry for your loss , Pat was a great lady I was so Blessed to be able to work for her.


Pat Coombs posted on 3/2/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. My father passed away on12/15 and I know it's hard to get over. Our parents played bridge for many years in a couple's bridge group for many years with the Dankert's and the Dowell's. May your mother rest in peace.


Mike and Jan Perrino posted on 3/1/21

When we think of Phyllis, so many images come to life: Her lettuce-free salads will forever be our favorite vegetable side dish. When she and Marge dressed as suffragettes for one of our annual pageants on the lake, her feminism stood out. Her beautiful weavings were colorful and creative. Her velvety jazz voice was captivating. And then there was just her - honest, kind and always curious. She will truly be missed by our family. Our hearts go out to all of the Denny's.


Howie Schein posted on 2/28/21

I first met Phyllis when she ran the U of I ceramics studio, and we became friends for a long time. Throughout my relationship with Phyllis, she was always supportive along many avenues both in the arts and personally. We all will miss her quiet strength and evenness. I have a few of her ceramic pieces that I'll gladly give to any of her progeny who'd like a remembrance of her. Let me know.


Arnetta Rodgers posted on 2/28/21

Phyllis was a dear and precious friend for whose friendship l am grateful. I will miss her.


Arnetta Rodgers posted on 2/28/21

Arnetta Rodgers



Jill Blake posted on 2/28/21

I will miss our daily phone conversations ,your love and support ,your smile Rest in peace my dear mother , I love you


Mary Kaczkowski Idstein posted on 2/27/21

I had not seen Bart in years, but when I happened to be in Champaign 5 years ago he rushed over to meet me just to say "hi." I am so grateful he did. He will be missed by all who knew him.


Brad, Sara, Ava, Piper, & Finn posted on 2/26/21

Our deepest condolences to Bart's family. Bart was full of life and energy, unendingly optimistic. We will always remember him entering any situation with a smile and enthusiasm; he will be missed, but will remain in everyone's hearts and thoughts forever.


Anne Mapother Snyder posted on 2/26/21

Becky, Brian’s Rachel.......I am so very sorry for your loss!!! May you all find comfort and healing from the many happy memories that you shared as a family. You all will remain my thoughts and prayers!!! Annie


JPW posted on 2/25/21

A lifelong friend with whom I shared so many experiences. I miss you buddy. You will forever live in my heart.


Linda Winschel posted on 2/25/21

Bart, You have moved on to your next life's journey. Rest in peace. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family.


Sharon Menges posted on 2/25/21

I am deeply saddened by the news of Jeryl's death and feeling sorrow for not keeping in touch after working with her at Ploeger & Associates. She was a great boss and friend. Remembering the lunches at a restaurant across the street and how she introduced me to Peach Tea and Nutella come to mind from my personal relationship with Jeryl, she was a delightful person. May the loving hand of God grant you peace during this difficult time.


Vicki Monaghan posted on 2/25/21

Pat, I am so very sorry to hear that your precious Sara passed away. My heart aches for you, your sons, and for everyone that loved her. She was a beautiful person inside and out. This world will not be the same without her. My prayer for you is that the love of family and friends will help comfort you during this very difficult time. Love and hugs to you friend. 



Uzoma Egekeze .GA posted on 2/25/21

Bart, may your soul rest in peace. My condolences to your family and friends.


Barb Barry Owens posted on 2/24/21

My heart and prayers go out to Rachel, Becky, and Brian. Bart will always hold a special place in my heart. He was such a kind and thoughtful man. He was still the down to earth person that I knew so well during our high school years, we had such fun together in those years. I am grateful that we never lost our friendship. I imagine that good old #52 is up there enjoying The Beach Boys music and smiling down upon us. God Bless you all, I will always cherish the memories.


Steve and Maria Palmer posted on 2/24/21

Bart was such an incredible person and dear friend. We got to spend a lot of time together and e we will treasure our memories. He had the biggest heart. When my sister was dying he sent her flowers on Valentine’s Day I never forgot the kindness he showed my sister or how happy those flowers made her. He was special to us and we will always remember his smile and his heart. Thoughts and Prayers to the family especially Rachel who he treasured so much


Ronald Graham posted on 2/24/21

So sorry to hear this news. Bart was always such a good athlete. I remember many great summer softball games. Bart loved sliding head first into home. You will be missed Bart.



Chris Parker Wulff posted on 2/24/21

My condolences Eileens family. I just learned of Eileen's passing. She was such a good friend to my mother Irene. We loved her and will miss her. So many good memories that will always make me smile. She was truly a blessing to many.


Bill Valentine-Cooper posted on 2/24/21

I went looking for old friends from Compuserve and found that Mike had passed. I'm so sorry.


Marsha Goldenstein posted on 2/24/21

So sorry to hear about Bart. I have know him thru all the softball years. Sending prayers to all his family.


Mark Swanson posted on 2/24/21

On behalf of the entire Swanson family, we express our deepest condolences to all of Bart's Family and Friends. He will be greatly missed.


Sally Arnett posted on 2/24/21

My sincere sympathies to Bart's family. I was privileged to work with Bart in Benefits at Dimond Bros. Insurance in our Princeton office for over 11 years. Bart was sincere, kind, and a great person. His love for his daughter Rachel and family was most evident, as he spoke of all of you so fondly and beamed with pride. May your fond memories of Bart bring you peace at this time.


Kathy Rohn posted on 2/24/21

My sympathies to the family. I had the pleasure of wallpapering for Jeryl in 2 beautiful homes. She was so much fun and had such good taste. The Urbana home she would hold my infant son and sing to him while I papered. The second house near Bondville was memorable too. We laughed about wallpapering all the closets. She was something!


Jim Moore posted on 2/24/21

My condolences to the family. I worked with Bart at Dimond Bros. for a time and have known him as a fellow insurance agent. He was always a friendly smile and welcome handshake when I saw him.So sorry to hear of his passing.


Krista Garbacz posted on 2/24/21

Thinking of you and your entire family during this time. May you take some comfort in the memories that you hold in your heart that can never be taken away.


Krista Garbacz posted on 2/24/21

Rachel-Thinking of you and your entire family during this time. May you take some comfort in the memories that you hold in your heart that can never be taken away.


Kerry Kelley posted on 2/24/21

Even though I haven't seen Bart in a long time, I will always have memories of our time together playing softball with Gary& Al's. Rest in peace my friend.


Dennis & Deb Kimme posted on 2/24/21

Simply put, Bart was a wonderful friend and a wonderful man. We loved him like a brother. We express out deepest condolences to Rachel, Becky, Brian and the entire Wills family. Bart is irreplaceable in our lives and will be missed every day.


Marc Changnon posted on 2/24/21

Bart’s smile would light up the room, his energy would motivate others and his sense of caring motivated others to be better people. RIP Bart.


Rick Orr posted on 2/24/21

wonderful man


Ralph and Bonnie Scrimager posted on 2/24/21

Jim, Ralph and I send our condolences. So sorry to hear about Jeryl. Yes, Jeryl was a very talented singer. She will be missed.



Rebecca Wills-Powell posted on 2/23/21

Bart, To the best, and only big brother I’ll ever have. There’s a softball field in heaven and you’re next at bat! I know make a home run. Always a place in my heart and prayers. Love,your little sister Becky❤️


Peggy Loveless posted on 2/23/21

My heartfelt sympathy is sent to Bart's family at this time. Bart was a wonderful friend, and he and his family were an important part of my life, when I lived in Champaign in the 1980's. My favorite memories include dinners with Bart and his family at his grandmother Mary's home. I will forever miss him.


David Lienard posted on 2/23/21

We will miss the fun times tailgating laughter and high Hope's. Remember the funbulance days. You will be missed and thought of especially during football and Cardinal baseball. Heaven just received another ball player.


David Lienard posted on 2/23/21

Illini football


Frank Young posted on 2/23/21

Sincere condolences to all of Bart’s family. We are all going to miss him. Great friend and a great person!


Susie Shulman posted on 2/23/21

One of God's best. Rest in Peace.


Rebecca Wills-Powell posted on 2/23/21

There’s a very special place in my heart for my only big brother. There’s a softball field in heaven and your up! Love, Becky


Tim Smith posted on 2/23/21

I was honored to know your father as our benefits consultant at Princeton Elementary Schools Rachel. He spoke of you often, and his love for you was very evident. We will miss him greatly, but we will do him honor by living for others, much like he did.


Donna Collins posted on 2/23/21

So sorry for your loss! I have great memories from our time with you.


Cathy Cullen posted on 2/22/21

I was so sorry to hear about Goldie's passing last August. I didn't know about it until today. I had sent her a birthday card in November and it was just returned. I called Windsor of Savoy and they gave me the news. My husband and I met Goldie when we would stop at Arby's on S. Neil after church. She was almost always there. Was such a pleasant lady. My deepest sympathy to her family.


Charlie Lange posted on 2/22/21

sorry for your loss, I have fond memories of Danny when I worked with him at Champaign Auto Auction when I was home from college in the summer of 1981 and 82. I would go and pick up cars with him and he drove the transport. always had a good story and some great laughs. I am sorry I lost contact with him through the years but always remember being a young college kid and and working with him and everyday was a different adventure RIP Danny



monke man posted on 2/19/21

monke forever


Kathy Frye posted on 2/17/21

Ken and Brenda--Sorry for your loss. I remember Brenda telling me how much your mother enjoyed having you play bingo for the group. May your memories bring you comfort.


Loretta White posted on 2/16/21

Mr. Karr R.I.P. Forever and always grateful for your service and sacrifices for all of us. Your generation paved the way for the rest of us to follow in your footsteps. To all the children and families I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember your dad as a kind, gentle man. Make it a point to remember the good memories. God bless you all.


Debbie Butts posted on 2/16/21

Stella, was always my favorite, she was always smiling no matter what. And was so easy going and would do what ever you ask of her. Stella RIP. Love you bunches



Paige Tippit posted on 2/16/21

Stella was a beautiful soul who loved to get her hair done and do exercise with us at Carriage Crossing. She was so happy all the time and loved to take naps in her favorite recliner with her big fluffy blanket all the way up to her neck.



Gail Baker posted on 2/15/21

Stellas Smile would always light up the room,I’m gonna miss her kind heart fly high Beautiful Stella I’ll think of you everyday❤️


Rusty Courson posted on 2/15/21

So sorry to hear a Great lady


Sharon (Lautner) Schaefer posted on 2/15/21

Doris & family I am so sorry for your loss. .Lewis must have been a remarkably intelligent man, He left much for mhe betterment of society. Thanks to Lewis.


Cami Rolinger Smalley posted on 2/13/21

Mr. Mickey was a champion of happiness and encouragement during my jr. high years at Peet. His eyes always sparkled...even when needing to be stern. May your memories always be a blessing. Thinking of him made me smile. Peace to you all as you suffer this difficult loss at this particularly challenging time.


Jo Campbell Rohn posted on 2/12/21

My sympathies to all the Karr kids and families. Have fond memories of coming out to the farm when we were in MYF. Mr Karr was very kind to everybody. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the visitation.


Bob Doty posted on 2/12/21

I do not recall meeting Mr. Karr, but I did meet and see Chris often during my time with the Sheriff's Office. Chris, you and other members of your family have my sympathy. God bless you.


Eric and Judy Herbst posted on 2/12/21

Dear Doris.. Eric and I were saddened to learn of Lew’s death. We remember Lew so fondly, for his buoyant personality, his wide scientific knowledge as well as his enormous knowledge of practical matters. His visits to us always resulted in some broken or “misbehaving” appliance in our home being fixed. Not only did he improve our home; but he enjoyed doing it. On one occasion Lew was “shocked” to learn that our son lacked tools with which to repair items in our home. He quickly remedied the situation by sending him a tool case filled with all the necessary items. Seth is now married, and has taken “Lew’s” tool case with him to his own home. We are proud to say, that he even uses it to repair things in his home, and we are sure, he thinks of Lew as he does. It is said, that a person dies three times. Once when his body ceases to work, once at his funeral, and finally, when no one remembers him. Lew will certainly live for a long long time in our family, since not only do we remember the very pleasant times we spent with him, but we all think of him when we think of, or use, the generous gift that he sent Seth. Eric and I offer you and your entire family our very sincere condolences on the loss of such a wonderful man. With sympathy, Eric and Judy Herbst


Paulo Cortes posted on 2/12/21

During my PhD at Illinois I interact a number of times with Professor Snyder. He was responsible for getting my data as he pushed me to go and take it myself at BIMA. He was a pioneer in the creation of a and important field in Astronomy, Astrochemistry. His contribution to the advancement of the human knowledge are in print, we will remember.


Bill Dreyling posted on 2/11/21

Doris so sorry for your loss. Always enjoyed talking with you all at our class reunions.


Sandy Erickson posted on 2/9/21

Sorry to hear of your loss, Reba.


Ernest W. Osterbur posted on 2/9/21

I got to know Prof. Lew Snyder in 1988 as a classmate in a Parkland College sponsored class in conversational German. My condolences to the family.


Les Schulte posted on 2/9/21

Pat, we were shocked to hear about Sara. We are so sorry for your loss. Our condolences to you and your sons.


Ernest W. Osterbur posted on 2/9/21

1988 German Class


Brent Aukes posted on 2/9/21

As a recent college graduate in the early 90's, a long way from home and just getting my feet under me in the real world, I had the opportunity to get to know both JC and Louise. They were very good to me, always making me feel welcome and allowing me to make the house I was renting from them at the time, my own. I will always remember the dinners and conversations we had. Thank you for helping me feel at home and for your friendship. The entire family is in our prayers. Rest well J.C.


Amy Felty posted on 2/8/21

We remember Anne with great fondness and affection. She was a family friend to the generation older than ours, and we stopped in to visit with the at the flower shop when we were on campus. I remember the cat, Trouble, who lived at the shop and supervised the sleeping spots he used. Anne was a dedicated community partner in the campustown area. We will miss her!


Sterling White posted on 2/8/21

Sara will be truly missed by so many, our family included. We would like to extend our condolences to Pat and their sons. She will always be in our hearts and thoughts with our memories of her amazing personality, infectious smile and charamatic laugh.


Preethi Pratap posted on 2/8/21

Doris, Herm, Cathy - deepest condolences for your loss. I have very fond memories of Lew. I attribute much of my success in my career to his guidance during my time at U of Illinois. Just as he lives on through your family, rest assured he also lives on through all his students.


Nan and Randy Castle posted on 2/8/21

Doris, Our sympathy goes out to you and all of the Snyder family. We will certainly miss Lew, but it is of great comfort knowing he is resting in heavenly peace.


Sheryl Palmer posted on 2/8/21

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers Pat.


Mark and Susan Schenewerk posted on 2/8/21

Doris, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family, and hope they give you some small moment of comfort.


Harvey Liszt posted on 2/7/21

Lew was a pioneer in my field and far beyond.


Traci Taylor posted on 2/7/21

Pat, I am so , so sorry to hear of Sara’s passing! Will truly miss seeing her and her outgoing personality at The Esqulre! She was always so good natured about the teasing! Will be thinking of you and your family!


Maryann Mercer posted on 2/7/21

I knew Sarah from her many trips to barnes & Noble’s Music Department where I worked. We had lots of chats about music, movies, life and family. Smiles and laughter and serious talks. We’d also see each other at Fiesta Cafe, one of her favorite places. I’m sad to hear of her passing. Prayers and comfort to you all. I will miss her.


Karma Skinner posted on 2/7/21

Pat, my deepest sympathies on the loss of Sara. I’m so sorry for your heartbreak. Thinking of you at this difficult time. -Karma Skinner


Mrs. George (Sharon) Lewis posted on 2/7/21

Pat, please accept my condolences for you loss. Sorry I can't tell you in person but I'm in Gulf Shores for the winter. Convey my sympathy to your sons.


Joseph Gusera posted on 2/6/21

My deepest condolences to the families and kids. We will all come together as family.


Kathryn Manfull posted on 2/5/21

Linda, so sorry to know of your loss of Lee. I worked @ Sartori from 1982-2000 & remember you telling about Lee wanting to run a B & B in Vermont. Great to know that you both followed that plan. It became a reality for you both to enjoy! You left Cedar Falls as I left Sartori to begin & end my nursing career @ Cedar Valley Hospice home in Waterloo. I retired in 2014 after 50 years of nursing. I was so grateful to have ended my career with CVH, so rewarding to care for patients & their families @ "end-of-life-journey." Know of my fond remembrance of you from our days @ Sartori. Accept my thoughts, prayers & sincere sympathy in your loss of Lee. Find comfort knowing Lee now rests in the peace & presence of our Loving & Merciful Lord Jesus in his "Eternal Home." It would be great to connect with you in the Spring to join in Lee's Celebration of Life. Kathie Manfull


Tony Lane posted on 2/4/21

I’m going to miss you popping into Piper City and squealing your tires in front of my house, yelling obscenities at me and laughing like a little kid. I wish we could go to one more “ road party” together. I miss you already


Rob Bohl posted on 2/4/21

I am saddened to learn of Joe’s passing. I met Joe and his late brother Chuck my senior year in Mr Lee’s automotive classes at Mahomet-Seymour H.S. I had recently moved from the northwest suburbs of Chicago to Mahomet. Joe and Chuck (as well as many other great friends I made there) welcomed me and we always had a great time! We were always doing something to his Olds Cutlass or his brother’s Camaro. I’ll never forget the first time during our lunch break I saw Joe take a chef’s salad and smashed a small bag of Doritos then sprinkled them on top of it. I asked him what are you doing? He said try it you’ll like it. From that moment on I was hooked! You will be missed my friend.


jeremy Rexroad posted on 2/4/21

I want to express my deepest condolences to the Grimsey family. I came to know from school at Mahomet-Seymour. Joe and I had couple classes together but I remember that auto shop is the one class that stands out. Joe was truly in his element when he was around and in touch with anything that had an engine. I also remember that Joe was really a big bear. He always looking after the friends in our group. I and another friend of ours often called him Poo Bear because of his kind and gentle nature. Joe Grimsey will always be missed and never forgotten. I pray for God’s love to comfort Joe’s family now and forever more.


John & Margie Alexander posted on 2/4/21

Rich, we just learned of your father's passing and offer sympathies. Growing up in Potomac provided multiple "parents" whom we could look to as mentors and people of good influence. Your parents were in that category, and I am thankful for their lives. God bless as you celebrate your dad's legacy.


James E Bowman posted on 2/3/21

Our condolences, from the Bowman family.


Tom Ennen posted on 2/3/21

I new Joe and his brothers when they were growing up. Great friends with Tom and Pat as they were younger. My late wife Brenda and I watched all of the boys grow up. A wonderful family and lots of memories. So sorry for the loss. Prayers to the entire family


Jim Duff posted on 2/3/21

The fourth time I applied for a teaching job with the Cedar Falls School District, I landed an interview with Lee at Holmes Jr. High where he was the principal. He called the next day to say that I got the job. I was very happy and went into his office the first day of the new year to thank him. I asked him why he decided to hire me and he said that he knew the moment that we shook hands that he was going to take a chance on me. I am now on my third decade of teaching in Cedar Falls. I have had the privilege of teaching many fine students at Holmes including three of Lee's grandkids: Lewis, Olivia, and most recently Eli. I will always remember the twinkle in his eye and the gentle way he had with students, especially those that might have been in a bit of trouble. I send my deepest sympathies to your family in mourning the life of a man who influenced so many.


Dorothe Trick posted on 2/3/21

It is with much sadness, that I have lost a dear and long time friend, Cathy. We met in1966 when we lived on the same block and John and Don were friends and classmates of our Tom and Bill. Soon after, Cathy, a competent player, and I were in the same bridge group for about fifty years. As our friendship has continued through the years, I will sorely miss our visits. Tim and I send our condolences to the family whom she loved dearly. On a patio visit last fall, Cathy shared some precious photos of the family of whom she was so proud. My dear friend will be forever in my memories.



Joel K Epstein posted on 2/3/21

May the memories of your Mother be a blessing to you and your family.


Bryan & Charidy Butcher posted on 2/3/21

Joe was a great guy that went above and beyond for others. We would see Joe everyday as our FedEx delivery driver for our shop (Atwood Armory) and you couldn't ask for a better friend who was a part of our daily routine seeing him. It was with heavy heart we learned of his passing. He will truly be missed. Prayers and thoughts go out to his family, whom he truly loved...


Joe Spanglo posted on 2/2/21

So sorry. You are all in my thoughts and prayers


Mike Tongate. Milo posted on 2/2/21

Really going to miss you grimey. I appreciate you for helping me with the demo cars! Helping me to get into the Champaign county sportsman club, and helping me in the time of need. Most of all I really appreciate for seeing outside on your way to the Kurtenbach Christmas dinner at John Kurtenbach house and after you found out I was going to be alone and just going to have a TV dinner you said I've always been family and drug me down. I appreciate your family Ray Kurtenbach and family, John and family, Pat Grimsey, Tom Grimsey and family, Jeanie gerdes and family, rosemary and family and I can't name you all. Lol but I love you all. Your help with Vanessa Newsome-tongate and her fight through cancer. Unfortunately it happen to take you. I can only ask why cancer took one of the best? Only thing I would wish you could have been at our wedding reception to see Ray do the chicken dance but I understand that you was on vacation. Only thing is I'm sure granny is giving you and Chuck heck for all the trouble you are getting into but I'm jelious of you having her great cinnamon rolls. Till we meet again


Marie Drilling posted on 2/1/21

Linda and family, I didn’t know Lee but worked with Linda in OB it Sartori. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.


Jim posted on 2/1/21

I was Lee's 8th grade math teacher and we were later fellow school principals. He was a great student, principal and human being. My sincere sympathies to all your family.


MICHELE(Shelly Dixon)CLARK posted on 2/1/21

Mr. Mickey was a wonderful person and he cared about everyone that he came in contact with.



MICHELE(Shelly Dixon)CLARK posted on 2/1/21

Mr. Mickey was a very awesome person, he helped me through a tough situation in school I was ready to drop out and he sat me down and talked with me,he told me "it dosen't matter what people do to you its how you do unto others and yourself, be your own person and show what your qualities are, your smart and a wonderful person and always remember I support you and I don't want you to drop out and not live up to your abilities, that was when I was in 8th grade and I graduated and got my degree in Hotel and restaurant Management. He will be missed alot. I'm so sorry for your loss may god show you all of his strength.


Doris and Bob Hewlitt posted on 2/1/21

Linda and family, so sorry. We had instances to meet and talk with Lee when he was principal at Holmes junior high as our 4 children were there. Lee was so great handling any problems tactfully. We respected him for all that. Linda and I were nurses and worked together at our hospital. You were fun to work with and we became friends. Please accept our sympathy. May Lee Rest In Peace.


Linda Kurtz posted on 2/1/21

Linda, Sincere sympathy to you and your family at this difficult time.


Gary and Rita Reifsteck posted on 2/1/21

We are so sorry to hear our neighbor Marlene has passed. She was a sweet and friendly person. We will miss her.


Joy Schacht posted on 2/1/21

Please accept our deep sympathy, Linda. We are so very sorry to hear this news. May the good Lord and all of your friends and family comfort you in this sad time.


Lutricia Chilcote posted on 1/31/21

Mrs. Mickey, I remember you patronizing my family 's restaurant, D+K Hickory House, Inc. in Waterloo, IA. I'm very sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Trish Chilcote


jim mcgrew posted on 1/31/21

I was Lee's 7th grade math teacher and later we were fellow J.H. principals. He was a great student, principal and human being. My sincere sympathy to you.


Jim and Lanny IZ immer posted on 1/31/21

we are so sorry for your loss.Lee was a great guy.We coached together at Holmes jr. High.


Linda Kurtz posted on 1/31/21

Linda, My condolences to you and your family at this difficult time.


Bonnie Penno posted on 1/31/21

Lee was a special neighbor and truly loved life and his family.


Sanna Frazier posted on 1/29/21

Please accept my condolence on the passing of Marlene. What a wonderful Christian lady.


Mark Sherrard posted on 1/29/21

Earl, Rick, Cathy, Stan and families. Our condolences on your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you


Anne Murray posted on 1/28/21

Mary was a wonderful friend to my mom, Betty Murray, when they were both at Carriage Crossing. They looked out for each other when they were both in a new place. They both always had a smile and a good word for others. May Mary be at peace and comfort now.


Karen Stallman posted on 1/26/21

Mike’s daughters, Diane and Karen thank you all for your memories and condolences. Our hearts are warmed and comforted by your kind words. We are so glad you knew our wonderful Mom. Thank you


Andrea Betzler posted on 1/24/21

I'm sorry to hear about u Your Mom, Tom. I only met her once, but she sure seemed sweet! We will say a prayer for peace for all of you.


Latty Weatherford posted on 1/22/21

The obit for Judy was in the Southern Illinoisan today. My heart goes out to you and the boys.



John Lee Messinger posted on 1/22/21

I remember her shop on green stree


Charlie and Sherri Treat posted on 1/22/21

Jack, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your.


Lezlie "Lee" Fillman posted on 1/22/21

Judy was one of the best people to count on in service to community projects. She was a treasure for me as a director of the Jr. Women's Club Tom Thumb Theater over 3 productions. Such a positive presence and willing to do what it took to stage plays for the children. She is someone I will always remember.


Charlie and Sherri Treat posted on 1/22/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Barb Barker posted on 1/22/21

Judy was such a lovely lady with a very kind and loving heart. I can still remember getting to know Judy when our daughters began kindergarten at Bottenfield School together. Our deepest sympathies to your family. barb and Dick Barker


Nancy and Snook Pataky posted on 1/22/21

We have been Jan's neighbors for 21 years and miss her bright smile, quick wit, and friendly conversation. She was an early riser and the very early morning light in her kitchen was always comforting to see. We enjoyed cheering and complaining about the Cardinals with her and hearing proud stories about her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. We loved Jan's spirit and zest for life. We miss you Jan.


Jennifer Heinhorst posted on 1/21/21

Janet was an amazingly kind and generous soul. She was a dear friend to my dad Tom Heinhorst. She also was my son's church buddy. I am sending prayers as you all grieve the loss of such an extraordinary Christian woman.


David Ayento posted on 1/21/21

Mr. Costello was my instructor during my final semester at UIUC in Fall 2008. At the time, I was graduating by the skin of my teeth and really felt unsure of how I would do in life post-college. Mr. Costello was the first instructor that made me realize I was good enough. I doubt he would remember me but I would forever remember him. I wanted to thank you but never had the chance to.



Lori Bowles posted on 1/21/21

Mr. Deatley, My prayers are with you and your family at this time. God comforts those who mourn. (Matthew 5:4) And may you find comfort knowing that Judy is in the arms of her Lord and Savior. A care-giver


Joyce Goode posted on 1/21/21

Please accept my sincere condolences, Bob and Nancy. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


Marybeth Eads posted on 1/21/21

Judy is healed and happy in heaven! Rejoice in that even as you grieve this beautiful lady’s earthly absence.


John Johnson posted on 1/20/21

Kathy my thoughts and prayers for comfort and peace go out to you and your family at this time of loss and sorrow. God Bless You!


Kim ( Ryan ) Akers posted on 1/20/21

Kelly and David, Your mom was one of a kind. I worked with her for many years at Carle in Radiology. She was always the bright spot in my day with her warm morning welcomes and vibrant smile. I had the honor several times to house sit for them during their vacation get a ways. It was such an honor to have them both as friends.


Gerald & Joanne Talbott posted on 1/18/21

We all feel a loss at with the passing of your mother, Janet. She was a good Christian who has left us with a lot of good memories.


CYNTHIA SCHLEEF posted on 1/17/21

David and Kelly you have our deepest and most sincere sympathy at the loss of your Mother. Gil and I were your neighbors a long time ago on Hollycrest Dr. You all were such good neighbors and we thought the world of your parents. Valerie was a classy lady and always had a smile. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around you and your family and comfort you at this difficult time.


Connie Mueller posted on 1/17/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Jan was a special thoughtful person and also quite a character! May she Rest In Peace. Bill and Constance



Jim and Gail Foster posted on 1/17/21

We will always remember your smile and sense of humor.


The Lariviere Families posted on 1/17/21

Val and Carl Shaw were the "anchors" in our neighborhood for so many years. They were good friends, excellent neighbors and wonderful people.


KathyHendricks posted on 1/17/21

Ken, Linda, and family, We are so very sorry for your loss. I will remember your Mom as being a fun, feisty lady. We hope all the cherished memories will help get you through this tough time. Sending love, hugs, and prayers to you all. ❤❤ Dave and Kathy Hendricks


Edward Gargano posted on 1/17/21

I only knew John for a short time, but he was great guy and always there to help when needed. So sad to hear of his passing.


Randy Hatton posted on 1/14/21

I had the privilege of working & learning from John. Every day I worked with John was a joy - a life well lived! Thk you John.



Dardi and Darrell Miller posted on 1/14/21

Uncle John was the sweetest and will be missed. Hugs and prayers for strength for you all. xoxo


Cindy Davidson Johnson posted on 1/12/21

John, Jim and Joe, so sad to hear of Uncle John's passing. I will be forever grateful for his attempts to get me through calculus and teach me how to play chess. With his help I made it through calculus but never mastered chess! Prayers go out to you and your families and I hope to see you in the future when we're all out and about again!


Lou, Sonia, Lucian and Leo posted on 1/11/21

Michelle, Miles, Nellie and Tess Keith was truly one of a kind. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. He was always generous with his advice and help. We are so glad we were able to reconnect again in the last few years. He loved you all and was very proud of his kids. We hope your memories of the good times you spent together will give you comfort. He is in a better place now, his body is healed. We will miss him.


Kathy and Gene Barton posted on 1/11/21

Gene and I were so saddened to learn of Mike's passing. Our sincere condolences go out to Bill and the family.


Lisa posted on 1/11/21

Dear Haug family - I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Dr. Haug. I had the opportunity to practice with him over several years. He was a joy to work with! He was a wonderful physician who was always kind and respectful to his patients and those he worked with. Warm thoughts and prayers to your family.


Maury K Topolosky posted on 1/10/21

Dear Haug Family It saddened me very much to hear about the passing of Keith. He was a very nice man, and a very good Physician. He was always jovial, friendly, and loved his patients fiercely. I know this because he would come to me personally (I was the Critical Care Physician) when ever one of his patients took a bad turn. I assure you this did not happen frequently. He would check in with me continuously making sure his patient was doing ok. He was one of the few who would check in every am and every pm personally to see his patient, talk to them, talk to the family, and despite my assurances that all was well, lay eyes on them himself. He loved his patients. We had lots of talks while waiting for lab and test results. He wanted to know all about the case, why things were happening and real curious about things that OBGYNs are not usually taught about. I know you all will miss him fiercely And now a thought from another Jewish Doctor (Keith seems to collect us), May his memory serve as a Blessing.


Rosemary Laughlin posted on 1/10/21

I know Mike as a resident of Windsor of Savoy. She glowed with warmth, kindness, and sweetness. Everyone loved her. We already miss her.


CYNTHIA SCHLEEF posted on 1/10/21

We were saddened to learn of Mike's passing. We send our most sincere sympathy to all the Stallman family at this difficult time. May the Lord comfort you all.


Kathy and Al Witte posted on 1/10/21

Our beautiful and loving friend will be missed. Played many a bridge game together ❤️❤️


Willie and Chris Hansen posted on 1/10/21

So sorry to hear of the death of Mike. We went on a trip to Italy with them back in 2007 and later had dinner with them at Timpone's. They were a lovely couple and so much fun to spend time with. Will miss her.


Debbie Gentry posted on 1/10/21

So sorry for your family loss. Prayers and hugs.


Dan Levinthal posted on 1/9/21

Keith and I went to medical school together and in spite of time, distance and life, I count him amongst my best friends. Keith was a man of passion. Passion for life, career, food, drink, the Cubs, fun and most importantly family. It was like yesterday, that fateful night after our first day of medical school when I was rounding the bar corner at Hawkeyes and there was Keith and Mike, the old guys in the class, sitting in the corner of the bar away from the crowd. Keith, in his always jovial, welcoming way invited me to sit with them and have a beer (the first of many at Hawkeyes). I obliged and when I realized they were drinking Old Style, an instant friendship was born. Just a random non-complete flight of idea list of things I associate and loved about Keith, in no particular order: Michelle (of course), love of his children, his ever present all body yet belly focused laugh that just made me happy, the phrase au contraire, that ripping hot all meat chili that he made and almost killed me with once in their apartment, Dagwood's, Keith introducing me to vodka gimlets which remain my drink of choice to this day and I think of him every time I take a first sip, golf trips, pig roasts, John Lewis, Cubs games with Keith and John smoking cigars, meeting Keith and Mike at the breakfast buffet by school and watching our classmates walk by...and then deciding to blow neuroanatomy lab off and go play golf, the honor he and Michelle bestowed upon me to be Nellie's godfather: for which I lied about what religion I was, and then failed miserably in the role (sorry Keith, Michelle and Nellie), the quiet moments when we spoke about nothing in particular but I always benefited more from his wisdom than he did from mine, Keith's unwavering moral compass which still helps me navigate, the astonishing degree to which he would get behind in his chart dictations because he was more interested in taking care of his patients and living life, the times he would take me to traffic court to get me out of a speeding ticket where I would see his prior career as a lawyer in action and marvel at how good he was at that as well, and finally, his unapologetic love of life and the joy he had in the moment, which I always admired and wished I could emulate even just a little. I am sad that Keith and I didn't keep in touch better than we did, but the last time we spoke using our voices (vs. texting), and I expressed our need to do better, he provided me with one last bit of wisdom...he reassured me that my Jewish guilt aside, none of it diminished the quality or value of our true friendship. He was a far better man than I could ever hope to be and I loved him dearly. My condolences to Michelle, Miles, Nellie and Tess. God speed Keith, rest in peace. Love, Dan


Alissa (Carson) Stredney posted on 1/9/21

Dear Michelle and Kids, I am so very sad to hear of Keith’s passing. I was the Administrative Coordinator in OB at Christie when Keith joined and I loved working with him! And I loved the way you decorated his exam rooms! We shared the love of the Cubs and I also lived in McHenry. This world has lost a wonderful man and God has gained an angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Melissa Hoerner posted on 1/9/21

Michelle, Miles, Nellie, and Tess, Conversations around the table and swimming pool were always lively with Keith! Your home welcomed everyone - sharing the best food and drink! He listened and contributed to thoughtful discussions with his biting wit and caring demeanor. He treated everyone with respect - even bending down to talk to a little redhead girl who didn’t speak as clearly as others. His heart was bigger than his personality, and he will be sorely missed. It was our privilege to know him, and our love and prayers go out to each of you. Paige, Colleen, Will, Melissa and Todd Hoerner


Lois and Ed Rath posted on 1/8/21

To the Family of Shirley Walker, Our most heartfelt sympathy for your loss of dear Shirley. We knew Shirley through Al and Pat Madsen. We always enjoyed her company and her kind nature. We see in the obituary that she loved life! What a positive blessing she must have been to all of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. With love, Lois and Ed Rath


Noreen posted on 1/8/21

I’ve known Keith for most of my life and the things I will remember are his quick wit, readiness to laugh, being there when needed and love of the Cubs. He was the life of the party and may the party continue! He will be greatly missed.


Terese Glatz (Schachtlie) posted on 1/8/21

I am so sorry to hear about Tom, He was a great friend to my parents and I have many memories of him with our family. He was a very giving man and always had a joke to make you smile! He will be greatly missed and will be praying for your family.


Terese Glatz (Schachtlie) posted on 1/8/21

So very sorry to hear about Tom he was such a great friend to my parents and I have several memories of him with my family. He was a very giving man and always had a joke to make you smile he will be missed, Your family is in our prayers


Craig Shirley posted on 1/7/21

She was a Great person, and I was so fortunate to call her Grandma for almost 52 years. So I only was to reflect on the positivity on that, because I know how fortunate I was for her and my Grandfather . RIP wonderful soul


Sherry Fisher posted on 1/7/21

Dear Michelle and Family, I want to offer my condolences regarding Keith's passing. He was my physician from the time Larry Lane retired until his retirement. He shared the journey of Uterine cancer with me. His quick attention and follow up to my symptoms helped to diagnose and treat me quickly without any further treatment after my hysterectomy. He said "it pays to practice with your suspenders on, I joked and said it also keeps me from seeing your butt. He always had a smile on his face, a twinkle in his blue eyes and a spring in his step. The only thing he enjoyed more than his work was his family. He would always share stories of the kids with me and I could tell how much joy you all brought him and how very much he loved you. Much love, big hugs and prayers, Sherry Fisher



Diane Catt Gossom posted on 1/7/21

Forever in my heart. He was one of the best.


Drain Catt Gossom posted on 1/7/21

So very sorry for your loss. Chris along with the entire Tromley family were some of the most loving and genuine people I have ever known. He and Linda will always hold a special in my heart.


Judy Stille posted on 1/7/21

My deepest sympathy. I had the pleasure working with Dr. Haug all the years he worked at CC OB/GYN. Always kind and supportive. Wishing you memories full of love, laughter and all the good things you shared.


Kay Ridgley posted on 1/7/21

Dear Joseph and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family. Kay


Jim Merz posted on 1/7/21

Sorry to hear about deacon Jerry. Spent many hours at Stone Creek working together. He was a good friend. I miss our times at the church.


Judy Sebens posted on 1/7/21

What a sweet man Tom was! He touched my life 28 years ago when he helped my son with his first time serving as an altar boy in the chapel. I will never forget how kind, patient, and helpful he was. He will be missed. May He Rest in Peace in God's loving arms.



Crystal Beck posted on 1/6/21

Dorothy was one of the most kind hearted person I've ever met,I loved all the Sunday breakfast buffets we had and enjoyed listening to her talk about her soap opera's! You will be missed, rest in peace friend


Tammy Tapley posted on 1/6/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. She helped raise an amazing family. Hugs and prayers for you all!


Cheryl Buckner posted on 1/6/21

Will always remember that bright smile and twinkle in your eye. I so enjoyed the time we shared at the hospital getting babies off to a good start, your dedication, and respect not only to your patients and their families, but to the nursing staff. I am privileged to have known and worked with you, and had you as my physician. Rest in God’s loving embrace.


Darlene Wieland posted on 1/6/21

To say my thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time, doesn't feel enough, however, I am truly thinking of you all and sending my love from Chicago. Wishing you all strength in the days ahead.


Rick Ingram posted on 1/6/21

My deepest sympathies extended to the Haug Family upon learning of Keith's passing. I enjoyed working with him at Christie; our times together at the Indy 500 snd the Formula One races in Indy; his friendship in general. Keith was a well respected and fun-loving man. May he rest in peace.


Emily posted on 1/6/21

Prayers to the Haug Family. Dr. Haug was my physician when I was diagnosed with cancer 15+ years ago and he was by my side the entire way. He is a wonderful man and will be greatly missed by all.



Joe and Julie Weishar posted on 1/6/21

Tom was the nicest, most joy filled person. We loved his smile and his jokes. He was the best head usher. We will miss him!


Tracy Bailen posted on 1/6/21

So sorry for your loss. He was my doctor through both of my pregnancies. I will never forget his kindness and humor. He delivered my first child which he was super happy about because he had been in a meeting at the hospital that night and was excited to have an excuse to leave it. The delivery took a long time. He and the nurses were singing karaoke during the process. I hope he got to accomplish his goal of singing karaoke in all 50 states. I remember him telling me that while trying to keep me going during the exhausting delivery. He was disappointed that he was not on call when we had our second child and I was too. He was a great doctor and I am sure he will be missed by many!


Kawona Williams posted on 1/6/21

My Daughter & Dr. Haug Share The Same Birthday


Kawona Williams posted on 1/6/21

My Prayers To His Wife & Children For Strength, Comfort & Peace. My Heart Is Heavy Dr. Haug Delivered My Daughter June 15, 2007. I Had A Difficult Pregnancy, On That Thursday I Went To My Appt With The Specialist. He Told Dr. Haug That I Would Have To Deliver Soon. Dr. Haug Stated That He Would Postpone His Trip & Deliver My Daughter On His Birthday. I Am Still Thankful For That. Every Year I Would Send Balloons Or Cake Until He Left Christie Clinic. He Was A Believer And His Faith Helped Me To Trust GOD More. I Am Forever Grateful. He Will Never Be Forgotten.


Traci Clements posted on 1/6/21

Dear Susan and the Tromley family, I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to all of you during this painful time. Sending my love and comfort. Xoxoxo


Janeen and Barry Johnson posted on 1/6/21

Our deepest sympathies to you, Michelle! Our love and prayers are with you, Miles, Nellie, and Tess. We know that Keith will be dearly missed by all, especially his smile, laugh, and friendship. I know he will be watching over all of you from above, and on game day, you will find him out in centerfield cheering on his beloved Cubs. RIP my dear Dr. but more importantly, our dear friend. You will be missed but never forgotten. Our prayers are with you, and we will raise an Old Style in your honor. I may even sport a "W" for their first win of the season (as long as it isn't against the Pirates) in your honor. Prayers and love to all. The Johnson Clan


Dave and Cindy Combes posted on 1/6/21

Our deepest sympathies to all the Rhoades family. Jim was always a Gentleman and Lila the finest Lady .


Janeen and Barry Johnson posted on 1/6/21

Our deepest sympathies to you, Michelle (Miles, Nellie, and Tess)! We know that Keith will be looking over all of you from heaven above every day but Cubs home games, then he will be out in centerfield cheering on his beloved Cubs. He will be missed, but he is in a much better place. We will miss that smile and laugh, but we will meet again. RIP, my dear Dr but more importantly, our dear friend. Love, the Johnson clan!


Kathy Early Mullins posted on 1/6/21

So very sorry to read of Dorothy’s passing. Wonderful lady and she will be missed. I have fond memories of visiting with her and Howard as a little girl with Ruth Shirley(she was my babysitter). Prayers and hugs to you all.


Roger Ellis posted on 1/6/21

I'm sorry to hear about Chris's passing. I worked at Housing Foods ( bakery). Chris was a good friend, and we had some fun times at work.


Sara Lea Callaway Redmon posted on 1/5/21

Remembering Whizzie and our days at Hood College together, I remember her laughter and always being in a good mood. She was a joy to be around during the lows of exam week to the highs of Strawberry Breakfast! A real pleasure to have shared those college days with her.


Eileen posted on 1/5/21

Pig roasts, State Fairs, huge fan of the CUBS, undying energy, humor and enjoying the thrills of travel and adventure. I am proud to call you, my brother-in -law.


Michael Harrington posted on 1/5/21

To a great brother in law who will always be a huge Cubs. Did a wonderful job with your family and being heir Doctor for many. Love always and forever


Jim and Jackie Barkmeier posted on 1/5/21

The world lost one more of the greatest generation. God blessed us with his presence. Truly a kind, loving, and generous soul.


Leisa K Weatherford posted on 1/4/21

Todd ~ so sorry to hear this news about your mom. I pray for God's blessings and comfort for you and your family.


Monica Wiley posted on 1/3/21

Mom, it’s been a little over three months since you’ve been gone, and I miss you SO much! You were one of the kindest, smartest, and most interesting people I’ve ever known. I was honored to have you as my mama. Things sure aren’t the same without you. I know I’ll miss you always. Thank you for being such a good role model and friend. Love always, your daughter Monica❤️


Don Carter posted on 1/3/21

Tom and his wife LoAnna were two of my favorite people. Always fun and up beat and two of the nicest people I have ever met.


Sr June Cassidy posted on 1/2/21

Blessings to you and all the family


Linda Simmons posted on 1/2/21

Over 35 years ago, I knew Claude as our MAB district manager. What a great guy! I remember so well many of the happenings at our store. His Pancake breakfast's were not to be forgotten! Loved when Lou would accompany him to town, such a wonderful couple and how great to have spent 71 years together. To their daughter; know that many cherished them both and they are once again reunited. Sincere sympathy in your loss.


Linda & Hans Blaschek posted on 1/1/21

So sorry for your loss...


Linda & Hans Blaschek posted on 1/1/21

So sorry for your loss! Friends of Kelsey...


C posted on 1/1/21

Mr. Casales was always such a welcoming sight every weekend at St. Matt’s. We missed his smile when weren’t able to attend Mass this past year. I hope he is dancing in heaven with his lovely wife. He will be missed.


Mary Knight posted on 1/1/21

Tom was such a Good man His faith and his family always came first to him%! I will miss him!


Suzanne M. Beare-Knight posted on 12/31/20

Dear Katie and Miles, I was so heartbroken to have been told ( by a client I still stay in touch with) that Ron had passed. Utterly shocked and so sad. He was always such a fantastic boss, and just a wonderful person, in general. My love and prayers to you, both.


LOU REID posted on 12/31/20

Greg may she rest in peace


John Caswell posted on 12/30/20

Todd, We are so sorry for your families loss !!! Praire Marsh will make a donation to St.Judes


Gretchen Green Ricker posted on 12/30/20

I have fond memories of both John and Lila from our high school years. I was shocked to hear about Lila and now John. Oh dear. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. God Bless


Gretchen Green Ricker posted on 12/30/20

I have fond memories of both John and Lila from our high school years and was shocked to hear about Lila and now John. Oh dear, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless


Susan Salzman posted on 12/29/20

Sherry, I am so sad to hear about Joe. He was a lovely man and a kind friend. I know you two had very special relationship and marriage and am so saddened by what you are going through. My prayers are with you.


Brenda (Boss) Hansel posted on 12/28/20

I played flute in the orchestra for Jack Ranney at Washington High School, 1975-1977. People don't even believe me when I tell them how many string players we had in the orchestra!! It was huge!! I just thought that was normal - ha, ha. Between Jack Ranney, Chuck Ashford, and Dick Brickley, we had an amazing music department at Washington!! I feel so fortunate to have gotten the music education that I did there and went on to study music in college at The University of Oklahoma.


June Aprille posted on 12/24/20

I am forever indebted to Professor Dennis Buetow for his patience and guidance in supervising my quest for MS (‘69) and PhD (‘70) degrees in the old Physiology and Biophysics department at U Ill. He was a wonderful human being, scientist, and devoted family man. Sincere condolences to you, Kitty, and your family.


Nancy Moenk posted on 12/23/20

Good night, dear cousin. May you Rest In Peace beside your loved ones. I will never forget the fun times we shared at the farm. We were the oldest of the bunch and enjoyed a special friendship. You will be missed, but never forgotten.


Tina (Arnett) Darnall posted on 12/23/20 sorry to hear that your Joe has passed away. Please know that you, Matt, Brad and their families will be in my prayers. A loss like this is so devastating ❤️ Tina (Arnett) Darnall


Greg Grady & Kim Murphy posted on 12/22/20

To the Rhoades family, deepest sympathy. We will miss our neighbor Jim, Jim and Lila were the best neighbors we could have ever ask for. Thank your for your friendship We will miss you both. May you Rest In Peace. Greg Grady Kim Murphy Monticello IL


Jeffrey R. Hartman posted on 12/22/20

I'm saddened by Claude's passing. I (JSM) spent many years purchasing paint from MAB and working with Claude and his wife Lou. During that period we became friends as is often the case in business. They were genuinely affectionate, warm, caring people. I remember that they both were very consoling when I lost my brother Steve. I hope they enjoyed their retirement years, they deserved it.


Dick & Nancy Branch posted on 12/22/20

A good friend and neighbor. Enjoyed our chats.


Jo. & Dan Brown posted on 12/22/20

So very sad to hear of Joe's passing. He was always a joy to visit with. Sherri, sending you healing hugs. Your family is in our thoughts & prayers. Dan & Jo B.


Robert W Ripstra posted on 12/22/20

To the Jill Pitts Knappenberger Family: I was sad to hear that Jill Passed away. Jill was an amazing woman. I am Jill’s next door Hess Lake Neighbor. Thank you Jill for all the wonderful Hess Lake and World War 2 stories over the last 20 years. During Jill’s summer stay at Hess Lake she always had a project going on ( puzzles on the back porch ) and people to visit, along with church activities. Friday Night in the summer was always a night at the bar in Newaygo with a group of ladies called the “Golden Girls “ for good times and many stories. I always looked forward to Jill’s annual Christmas Card, which showed her sense of humor. I asked Jill a few years ago what the secret was to a long life, answer, Hess Lake Water and daily Joy Juice, maybe a Manhattan drink. Interesting that Jill was born during the 1918 Pandemic and died during the 2020 Pandemic. Amazing life, 102 years. Rest In Peace Jill, you will be missed. Note: See pictures that were added to this website. Bob Ripstra, your Hess Lake Neighbor


Michelle and Todd posted on 12/22/20

Jill lived life to the fullest and touched so many people. A live well lived for sure. She had so many adventures. She was a talented artist as well. We feel blessed to have known her and spent many good times with her over the years. We loved her. Cheers to Jill! Michelle and Todd


Greg Russell posted on 12/20/20

Matt Hope to see you and your family are doing well Greg Russell west side champaign


Melissa A Hildreth posted on 12/20/20

Chris and I are so sorry to hear of Joe's death. We knew Joe our whole lives. His big smile, and great laugh are wonderful memories for us. We always loved seeing him at Huber's, and he was always glad to spend time with us, and catch up. Rest in peace, Joe. Chris Cross and Melissa Cross Hildreth


Douglas Forsman posted on 12/20/20

Sherry, I was so sad to hear thatJoe had passed. I really enjoyed working with Joe and visiting with him on line over the past few years. Please know that Mary Su and I have you and your family in our thoughts.


Tam (Tamie Opsahl) Barnes posted on 12/19/20

I recently moved home, to the Cedar Rapids area, and am so sorry to read of the passing of Mr. Ranney, as I know him. I graduated from Washington in 1976, making the tour for the National Cathedral dedication. I was at Franklin in 1972, but was permitted to travel with the high school to Canada. And, I was at Arthur Elementary in 1969, when Jack G. Ranney entered my life as the most influential educator I would have. I babysat with Mr. Ranney's daughters and with David Knudson. I was raised across the street from the Knudsons, where my parents still live. I don't think any of us could comprehend how we would mourn later, watching our Presidents' lives honored, as they lay at rest in that beautiful cathedral. I would never have dreamed the new Air and Space Museum we visited was a block from where I would spend much of my career, at my "2nd home" in DC. Mr. Ranney created a love of music for each of us. He fostered confidence we would later use in our careers. He introduced us to the adventure of travel to great and historic places. He mentored us. He stretched us. And, he had faith in us. God rest your sweet soul, Mr. Jack G. Ranney. You've touched more peoples' lives, more deeply, than you could possibly ever have known.


Greg Grady Monticello IL posted on 12/19/20

With deepest sympathy to Joe's family. I used to enjoy visiting with Joe at Hubers. He will be missed by all who knew him. May he Rest In Peace.


Janet Fitzgerald posted on 12/18/20

I played viola under Jack for 4 years at Washington High School. He was such an inspiration to me and so many others. What a kind and positive person. I went on to be an orchestra teacher and kept his gentle nature in my mind. Condolences to the entire family.


Nancy Haverkamp Moore posted on 12/17/20

I played flute under the direction of Jack at Washington high school in 1970-1972. He was an outstanding conductor, expecting excellence and we certainly wanted to perform for him. Because we all loved him. I marvel at the music we produced. My condolences to the family. He had an impact on so many, and certainly me.


Marybeth (Beach) Eads posted on 12/16/20

Donna, I’m so sorry to see this. 41 years is fast and not enough. Hope you and all the family can enjoy all the happy memories! 6 aces! Unreal!


Marilyn J. Terrill posted on 12/16/20

My mother was a considerate, loving woman who enjoyed Christmas music, the holidays, and celebrating with others. I waited to look at this page for 5 months because I just wasn't ready. Now, in mid-December, I'm thankful for those who thought of her.


Abby Crull posted on 12/14/20

Jack was one-of-a-kind, and made parties all the more memorable and fun! He made each of us feel special, and he was not only interesting, but interested in people and I admired him for that! No one made him laugh or smile more than Karen, and her, him! My heart is with all of you who loved Jack. May his memory be a blessing!


Kenneth Peters posted on 12/14/20

I send my sincere sympathy to all the Ranney family and to state my honor of knowing that dear, dear man. I met Jack his first summer at the U of I where he was coordinator of strings and orchestras with Illinois Summer Youth Music camp and I was on staff The camp first day was always long and sort of grueling and at the end of the day, we went to a late dinner. We sat down and Jack ordered two beers. I looked at him to say thank you, but he said "No No, those are for ME!! I'm sure there are lots of stories out there. I was lucky to be a "luncher" with Jack and then Karen after she retired. We always had a great time, and he will be really missed. A "golden margarita" to you my friend!


Martha Keyes Gieryng posted on 12/14/20

I took violin lessons with Mr. Ranney at Grant Wood Elementary School in Cedar Rapids. Although I did not continue with strings, I did continue with instrumental and vocal music throughout high school. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Caleb Lane posted on 12/14/20

My heart and prayers are with you and your family Kevin.


Kim and Bob McQueen posted on 12/13/20

What an amazing woman you were Jill. We will cherish the many visits and walks down memory lane with you. God blessed us with your friendship and we look forward to seeing you again! Godspeed sweet lady!


Chase Livingston posted on 12/13/20

I feel very fortunate to have been a friend of Jill Pitts Knappenberger. She lived a long, rich, adventurous and very interesting life. I attended her 100th birthday which was crowded, even the Mayor was there. The Mayor designated the day as "Jill Knappenberger Day". Jill was a local celebrity and also reached others not so local. I learned earlier this week that Jill had taken a fall & a few days later, that she had died. Born September 11, 1918, she died on December 8, 2020. As her friend Nancy said, she lived 102 years, 2 months, and 27 days. My condolences go out to all her family & ALL her other friends. She left us with many stories to remember and a very warm heart to be treasured. I hope there's some version of joy juice where she's gone. [This is an inside joke] R.I.P. Jill - till we meet again


Mary (Price) Karten posted on 12/13/20

I will never forget Jack's kindness to my husband Tim Price. Tim was also an accomplished musician and composer who was struggling with cancer when Jack stepped in to transcribe an orchestral work of Tim's from handwritten to computer manuscript. He not only completed the entire work, but prepared it for performance. Although Tim died before the performance in the Great Hall at Krannert by the Illini Symphony, his greatest gift was the hope generated by his labor of love.


Edward Rath posted on 12/13/20

I was terribly sorry to learn of Jack Ranney's death. We first met before I joined the UI music faculty. It was a privilege to be his colleague in CEPS in Music for three years and then as a colleague in the School of Music itself. In addition to his excellent musicianship and dedication to everything he undertook, Jack brought a spark to meetings and gatherings with his warm smile, sense of humor, and a twinkle in his eye. Jack shared his views willingly and made people on all sides of an issue feel a part of the solution we sought. I valued his opinion, just as I valued him as a friend. He will be missed by all who knew him. My wife Lois joins me in expressing condolences to Karen and Kevin and to his daughters.


Jim and Patty Powers posted on 12/13/20

We are happy we had as many chances as we did to be around Jack. He was very kind, personable, and fun to be around. We will miss seeing him. We are sad for all his family members at this time of grieving. There will be so many many memories to enjoy as time goes on. Prayers to all.


Bonnie Dodge posted on 12/13/20

I played flute in the Washington H.S. orchestra 1970-72 under Jack. My fondest high school memories are my involvement with the orchestra, band, and choir because of the high standards expected by our directors and the quality of music we performed. My condolences to all of Jack's family members.


Elliott and Susan Witkin posted on 12/13/20

Our condolences to the Ranney family. We feel fortunate to have known Jack - such a kind, talented, and dedicated person. It seemed that wherever he was, there were good times and good cheer.


Linda M Wicklund posted on 12/13/20

Janet I worked with you on campus. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.


Michele Hahn posted on 12/13/20

So sorry to see the passing of Mr Ranney. He was my orchestra instructor at Franklin Jr High in CR where I always looked forward to his class and remember his departure. I still have my violin from those days, which now hangs on my wall.but I often entertain restringing it and bringing it out if retirement. He definitely instilled the appreciation of symphonic music in me. My deepest sympathies to the family.


Becky Moore-Jones posted on 12/13/20

To Jack Pitts: Bobby and I were very sorry to hear about your Aunt. She sounds like a wonderful lady that I would have liked to have known. We send our deepest condolences, Jack.


Herb and Annette Frizol posted on 12/13/20

Karen and Family, Our sincerest sympathy on Jack's passing. We just learned about it from the obit in the paper this morning. Although we only knew him for a short time during the sadness of your mom's passing, we saw his devotion to his family and his many talents. We know how much he will be missed. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Adam Holleman posted on 12/13/20

Karen, So sorry for your loss. Jack was such a kind person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Robert Stiehl posted on 12/12/20

I send my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Ranney family in memory of my dear friend and colleague. I was honored to work with Jack for many years at the University of Illinois School of Music, and he was a talented and dedicated musician, orchestra conductor and inspiring leader in string education who will be greatly missed.



Robert Barrett posted on 12/12/20

I worked with him at Flo-Con/Vesuvius for several years. He was a good friend.


Robert Barrett posted on 12/12/20

I worked with Ron at Flo-Con/Vesuvius for many years. He always had interesting stories to tell. He was a regular in my office buying Famous Amos cookies off of me. When he retired I gave him a whole case of them. Sorry I missed the visitation. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Wendy M. Hundley posted on 12/11/20

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I am sending tons of love and prayers to your way.”


Dwayne posted on 12/10/20

My prayers to all the family , Truly a great loss. Ron was a mentor , coworker and friend and will be missed


Wally and Lisa Lotz posted on 12/10/20

Dear Donna, Sean, and Family, Lisa and I were both so saddened at the news of Craig's passing. During our times at the Ramada and Chancellor Craig was such a big part of our lives and always a pleasure to work with. He was a true gentleman and even though there were times when his department and mine butted heads we was always open-minded and fair. He was just such a positive person! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!!


Brenda posted on 12/10/20

So very sorry Janet! Please know I am thinking of you, now and always! When this horrible pandemic is over, we will get back to our "lunch" visits! I am here for whatever you need, please don't hesitate to call!


Jo Knudsen posted on 12/9/20

My sympathy Janet to you and your family on the passing of Ron. Hope all the good memories will help you through the days to come.



MeLinda Lee posted on 12/9/20

He was a great guy and always a joy to visit with when I ran into him ❤️ He will be missed.


Perry McClellan posted on 12/9/20

I truly wish I could be their, but do to the increase in the covid virus and the increase in the numbers I do not feel it is safe for me to travel. I will miss you terribly brother. All of our motorcycle trips,deer hunting, golf and softball.I hope they have golf clubs in heaven. If not let me know and I will being yours when I come.


Pat Sexton posted on 12/9/20

Donna and family, It saddens me to hear of Craig's passing but brought back good memories of the person I spent five years of my life working under. His compassion and interest in the wellbeing of myself and others around him was a quality that made him stand out. He was the best boss that i had in my time as a worker. And still part of my memories were our early morning coffee chats were he also spoke with the love and the pride of his wife and family. He was very inspiring Thank You Craig Fackler Gods Speed


Dale Jones posted on 12/9/20

Craig and I were Tumble Inn team mates, His passing brought back many pleasant memories of the good times we had. He was a true gentleman. My best to his family.


Larry & Eileen Waters posted on 12/8/20

We would like to extend our sympathies to Donna and all of the family. Our thoughts are with you at this time.


Carolyn F Long posted on 12/8/20

To the family of Craig, I was raised in rural Tolono in the farm home owned by the Fackler Bros. Craig use to come to our house with his dad sometimes and he was always so cute and shy. I had a childhood crush on him. His father was such a sweet man as well. When the Fackler's sold the farm, they put in the contract that my father could live in the house until he wished to leave or passed. He never left that house and actually passed away in the house he called home for over 50 years. I am so very sorry for your loss. God's Blessings for you. Carolyn Warfel Long


Michael & Patty (Doty) Reid posted on 12/8/20

We are thinking of you & will pray for you.


Mike Kurlakowsky posted on 12/8/20

Donna, so sorry to hear about Craig's passing it has been a long time since we saw each other but I will always remember the great smile every time we meet. We both know that he is up in heaven teeing off on the first tee and knowing that every ball he hits is going in the hole. And I'm sure that one of his best spectators is My wife Judy. I still remember the fun we had taking those dance at the Methodist church learning the Texas Two Step. God Bless You and know that he is in a better place.


Cheri Carlson posted on 12/8/20

Donna, 0ur hearts are saddened to hear about Craig's passing. May happy memories of your life together comfort you at this time.


Eileen Jonas Kaplan posted on 12/6/20

So sorry to read about Richie. Wishing you and your family brighter days ahead. Would love to hear from you(Fran)


Stephen Brown posted on 12/4/20

I worked with Jerry from the beginning at Bumper to Bumper. Good times, fun customers, Jumers Bar with Jerry and crew. Nashville Indiana with Jerry and Shelly. Bonfires in the fall. Lots of laughs, I can’t remember ever seeing Jerry without a smile for everyone. Lost track over the years. I regret that. God Speed, Jerry! Love, Steve and Shan


Donald F. Oltz, Jr. posted on 12/4/20

We are shocked to find Don with the Lord, but happy. Nancy, we've missed both of you and the rest of "our gang" at church. He had a strong presence and was fun to be with. Don represented strong friendship and we'll never forget him. Blessings. Don & Zoe Oltz


Jerry Young posted on 12/2/20

Sorry to see Mark's passing. I played softball with him. He was a very good player. He also did some plumbing work for us a few years later. Our condolences to his family.


michael rafferty posted on 12/2/20

So sad to hear of Mark's passing. Got to know Mark via Baseball-what a catcher/player. It was a joy to share time on and off the diamond with Mark. After baseball just went separate ways. My heart goes out to his family.



Audrie Roberts posted on 12/1/20

My condolences to the family . Carol was always a delight to see. I was her hair stylist for the last few years. I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say at her hair appointments. She Always had good stories. She was definitely one of my favorites and she will be missed dearly. So sorry for your loss. May you rest in peace Carol. Warmest regards ~ Audrie Roberts


Jim Agans posted on 12/1/20

Mark and I delivered ice for his father( Ward) on Saturdays when Ward had the ice business at Culligan. Ward made it fun and easy to carry wet cold heavy bags of ice in and out of a building into a trailer - then to dispensing machines for hours on end. Mark was a good worker. Had a lot of fun w/Mark in Savoy back in the 70's. The sunny days working at the UI golf course w/ the crew of Savoy kids was a great way to grow up. .For some years Mark would come over to my parents house to watch 'Christmas Carol' on XMAS eve. Too many to mention .... My best to Mark's family. Jim Agans Wisconsin


Debbie (Lamb) Owens posted on 11/30/20

Sue & Terry I am very sorry for your loss.



joseph griffey posted on 11/30/20

So sorry for your lose Karen.


Robert Arbaszewski posted on 11/30/20

Karen, so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with your mom and your family.


Vicki Zimmerman posted on 11/29/20

This gentle smile of Glen’s is something I will recall and remember always. Sending heartfelt condolences, Beth, Jay and Kathryn, and I am forever grateful that your wonderful parents, Glen and Mary Jean, touched my life in ways that will stay with me forever. They set the standard for living with kindness, compassion, humor, respect for all, peace and love and I will hold a special place in my heart for them always. Glen was a one-of-a-kind gentleman and remembering both of your parents at this time of your father’s passing seems appropriate. XO


Charles "Chuck" Anders posted on 11/29/20

My sincere condolences on you loss, to both the Heimburger and Thompson Families.



Brenda L Hehmann Greenway posted on 11/29/20

Sorry for ur loss mom! Keep faith of heart as knowing neighbors. Amen!


Carrie Adkisson posted on 11/29/20

Terrie and Family, So sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Marcia Grothe posted on 11/29/20

God Bless you Aunt Carol! I always enjoyed your sense of humor and appreciated your spunk and cute way you and Uncle Don interacted. Uncle Don will be lost without you. My prayers are with Uncle Don and my cousins Julie, Don Jr., Karen and Teri/Ken.


Chris Sparks posted on 11/28/20

Jerry was as good technician as there is and an even better guy. He was truly one of my favorite people and I will miss him immensely. My condolences to your family.


LK Braunig posted on 11/27/20

A good friend, always the better golfer Gonna miss ya


Rich Evans posted on 11/26/20

I was fortunate enough to grow up next door to your wonderful family. I have years worth of memories about Mr Buetow, and unless I was in trouble, he was smiling. The World has become a darker and sadder place without him.


Stephen Jordan posted on 11/25/20

Mike, Steve, Lisa, Billy, Bobby, I just found out about Jeff’s passing and I wanted to pass along my condolences. They say the good die young. Believe that. I have great memories from our wrestling trip to Minot, ND to serving drinks at Hideaway and everywhere in between. He was a great man. I trust that you are all doing well. Miss you all.


Denise Flora posted on 11/25/20

All my memories of Whizzie are good ones. To me she was always welcoming, encouraging, full of smiles and love. Whether at the island, in the kitchen (syrupy breakfasts or Lebanon bologna with cream cheese stand out), or listening to live guitar music, I remember the warmth above all else. Her home (and her daughters) were a refuge to me. Love to you Whizzie, and love to everyone who felt that warmth and miss you now.


Maribeth posted on 11/25/20

Nancy, Jane, Jill, and your families, you are all in my thoughts. Reed was such a wonderful man. So many great memories of family reunions and other family gatherings. Sending love and hugs. Maribeth


Neena Tripathy posted on 11/25/20

Dr. Buetow, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Tricia posted on 11/25/20

William and Ann It was to my sadness to read Andy died. I’m sorry I didn’t know. We go way back decades. We will all hold on to our memories.


Scott Evans posted on 11/25/20

Dear Nancy, Jane and Jill. We were saddened to hear of Reed's passing. Our deepest condolences to you in this time. He will be missed. Scott and Ellyn


Dave and Susan Phillips posted on 11/25/20

Susan and I were saddened to learn of Whizzies passing. She was a gentle,caring person. We have many memories of the “Loony Bin” and the good times we had there. Our condolences go out to the Evans family.


Bev Hofbauer-Knapp RN posted on 11/25/20

Dr Buetow, I am so sorry for your lose . What a wonderful accomplished life your hubbie had . I remember you so fondly from Carle especially all our conversations during flu clincs.. You are a wondeful doctor and woman.


Rosko Birdsong posted on 11/24/20

Even though I am just a basset hound, and only knew Whizzie since mid-September of this year, she became one of my best friends. She always listened to and liked all of my stories about my adventures with my dad (one of those lacrosse player for whom she and her husband Dick were such a huge and important influence in his college career). I will always miss you Whizzie, and am so happy I got to know you. I will think of you every time I get a tummy rub. Love and drool forever, Rosko ❤️❤️


Terry & Linda Youngblood posted on 11/24/20

Beth, Jay & Kathryn....we’re so very sorry to learn of Glen’s passing! What a gentle soul! Praying for God’s peace and comfort during this difficult time!


Tom Verry posted on 11/24/20

So sorry for the loss of your Father Scott. Your family will be in our prayers.


Ann Spence posted on 11/24/20

My condolences to Dorothy, Sally, Margaret, and Richard at the loss of your mom. Whizzie always had a positive attitude—one that I wish more of us possessed.


Lois and Ed Rath posted on 11/24/20

We are so sorry for your loss, and ours. Though we did not know Whizzie real well, we always enjoyed conversation with her. Her sweet smile and gentle nature were lovely. May God bless all of you in this sad time.


Sheila & John Bateman with Aiden & Owen posted on 11/24/20

So many memories at Looney Bin in Sharprock! Whizzie was such a great host. Will miss her compassion, her love of a party & her recipes....onion soup bread is a family favorite. Hugs to the Evans from Canada.❤


Christopher Hunt posted on 11/24/20

My deepest condolences for your family. Paul was a good man, and I was glad to know him.


Bob Doty posted on 11/23/20

Dr. Buetow and family, I offer my condolences to you at this time.


Sheree Foley posted on 11/23/20

Dr. Buetow I am so for your loss, May God wrap his arms around you and your family and offer comfort.



Linda Strate posted on 11/23/20

Whizzie is a beautiful bright light in my life. I am blessed to have known her.



Linda Strate posted on 11/23/20

Whizzie is a bright light in my life. She spread kindness and joy. I am blessed to know her.


Dawn Austin posted on 11/23/20

my deepest sympathies, love and prayer are with you all as you share memories and celebrate Paul's life.


Dawn Austin posted on 11/23/20

Know that I am there is spirit and prayer with you, Sharon and family


Dawn Austin posted on 11/23/20

Sharon and family, I am with you there in spirit and prayer.


Jeff Evans posted on 11/23/20

Condolences to Nancy, Jane, Jill and their families. Reed was a good and wonderful man, and will be dearly missed.


Cori Schmidt posted on 11/23/20

Much much love to the precious family of Whizzie. Her legacy of celebration and encouragement lives on through Rich and his family in Texas. We love you


Bob and Claudia Kirby posted on 11/23/20

Kitty and family. Claudia and I are sorry for your loss. Our sincere condolences. May the peace of Christ be with you.


Sharon Bosch posted on 11/22/20

My deepest sympathies to you and your family.


Donns Skaggs posted on 11/21/20

My condolences to you Dr Buetow. May You and your family be comforted at this time of loss. Peace in Christ, Donna Skaggs, RN ( a float to Pediatrics in yrs past)


Ahnnah Laufhutte posted on 11/21/20

Love styles. I drink Pepsi in tube for you. Miss you. Love Ahnnah


Judi Laufhutte posted on 11/21/20

Janan, we will miss you so much. You did so much for Ahnnah over the years, and many times were the only one who could move her when she shut down. A picture of you and Ahnnah has been on our refrigerator for many years, and others fill albums. We will miss your sense of homer, your kindness and your insight. Wonderful memories of times with Ahnnah and with us at family celebrations will be a legacy that helps us through the pain of loosing you. To your family, I hope your memories and the good she did comfort you. She will live on in those acts.


Paula Whitaker posted on 11/21/20

Prayers to your family. What a great man. So sorry for your loss ❤️


Jeff Lewis posted on 11/19/20

I knew Rick Hansen in his younger years. We were not close but traveled in the same larger gang of fun seekers who emerged out of Centennial High School in 1971-73. I remember well the first time that Rick and I interacted in the spring of 1972. Before he joined the rock circus, Rick was always present around the theater crowd and Keith Page's circle. Mr. Page was a unique character. A drama teacher by day, he was also one of the local weather forecasters for WICD Channel 15 in the evening. At that time there were only 3 television channels available in Champaign. Rick's work in the Centennial theater on lights and sound set him apart as someone who understood electricity and who always seemed to be near lights and speakers. I believe that Mr. Page likely recognized Rick's interest in electronica and encouraged him to follow up on the technical side of the house. Under what conditions did Rick and I associate? That is a bit of a story. In Spring 1971, I was one of the founders of a quasi-political faction that advocated for student rights but was basically a cover for trouble making. We had a lot of fun and energy at that time, particularly when the warmer weather set in during April and May. Having won a major battle with the local school board in April 1971 we decided to put on a rock show in May 1972 in order to promote pan-high school unity in Champaign-Urbana. When we (Bill Smith, W. David Wheeler and myself) started to organize this event as the aptly named "Student Coalition," we simply identified talented people, approached them, asked them to help and to join our efforts and then let them get on with it. Rick and his ever present friend Kerry Riley came on our radar as we needed someone with knowledge of amplification in order to oversee not only our own political efforts but also those of "RUSH" a high school band led by our friends, Bill Humphrey, Ken Smith and Rick Peters. In order to make the "mini-Woodstock" that we were planning a reality, Bill Smith and I out of the blue approached both Rick and Kerry one afternoon in the Centennial courtyard and explained to them what we were planning. We asked them for their help and support and both agreed on the spot. That was really all it took. From that moment on through all of the planning and the actual concert on May 5, 1972, both Rick and Kerry organized not only a major light show, but also set up recording devices in order to document the event for posterity. They did a great job, with little to no guidance and spectacularly stepped in and made a critical part of the visual show happen. When it was over, we thanked them of course, but both Rick and Kerry were just happy to have been included. After high school, I lost track of Rick but had periodic updates from Ken Smith and Bill Humphrey. Rick, Ken and Bill remained close as these two musicians often turned to Rick for advice on amplifiers and guitars. As I read Rick's obituary in the Champaign News Gazette, I reflected on those times and recalled Rick's wry sense of humor. I thought the article captured him well and I extend my sincere condolences to the family. Thanks Rick for your help and the presence of your generous spirit. In another age I could imagine you working 1920's vaudeville shows but thanks to the Beatles, HELP and a Hard Days Night, you instead became a key player in Champaign-Urbana's rock and roll scene. Rest in Peace, Rick Hansen, technician extraordinaire, draft member of the Student Coalition (*SC*), Centennial High School, May 5, 1972.


Lori Jones posted on 11/19/20

Beth, Jay and Kathryn, Jeff and I (and all our family) were very sad to learn about Uncle Glenn's passing. He was a wonderful guy and I have fond memories of him and your mom, throughout my life. It is always difficult when we lose someone we love, but in time, you will find comfort in your memories. Thinking of you and your family. Virtual hugs to all of you.


Lisa Davis posted on 11/18/20

The first winter in my house after I moved to southwest Champaign we had two feet of snow one night and the next day I was out shoveling my driveway and who came to help with shovel in hand? My neighbor Paul. Not sure if Cindy sent him over or not but I was glad he showed up. Cindy so sorry to hear about Paul. He always had a smile for me and a kind word.


MELONEE J LAWSON posted on 11/18/20

So sad to hear about Glen. I had the honor and pleasure of working with Glen at the UofI Civil Engineering dept. He was such an awesome part of my Electronic Career. My condolences and prayers Beth, to you and your family


Carol Moore posted on 11/17/20

I will miss him.



Jan Sprinkle posted on 11/17/20

I loved Don's stories! Especially the ones of him going to see Virginia! In His hands you are know with Virginia again!


Caitlin Maxwell posted on 11/17/20

My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.



Kathy Hepler posted on 11/16/20

I am so sorry to read about the passing of your father and grandpa. I worked with Glenn in the Dept. of Civil and Environmental for many years. I so enjoyed visiting with him. We talked about many things but it seemed to always come back to family! He was so proud of his daughter, and her nursing career. He just beamed talking about his granddaughter! I always enjoyed visiting with your Mom and Dad at various CEE functions. They were a really fun couple! So very sorry Glenn was stricken with this terrible disease. I hope it’s comforting to know, he’s with your Mom, in heaven. My sincere sympathies to you all.❤️


Mike Retzer posted on 11/16/20

I got to befriend Glen when my father-in-law was at Autumn Fields. We played cards together and Glen was quite the card shark. He was a great guy!


Graham Houser posted on 11/16/20

Glen will truly be missed. It was my fortune to meet him many years ago thanks to our fraternity. The world has known fewer people as kind and nice as him. A wonderful friend.


Deborah Little posted on 11/16/20

Cathy -- I just learned of Paul's death today (11/16/20) in UI newsletter. Charlie and I want to express our deepest condolences to you and your family. "What the heart has once known, it shall never forget."


Bernie and Judy Huelsbusch posted on 11/16/20

Becky and Jeff: Please accept our sincere sympathy and prayers. It’s so hard to lose a loved one; but hold on to the good memories. Blessings to you both.


Jack S Earley posted on 11/16/20

Becky, appreciated many visits with you and Rick at Isotech. So sorry for this, you and your family will be in our prayers. Jack Earley


Melissa Zahnd posted on 11/16/20

Sending my sincerest sympathy to the family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!


John Popovics posted on 11/16/20

I worked with Glen for several years at the Civil Engineering department of U of I. And as a Philo resident, I would see him here in the village everyone once in a while. He was a good man, and I enjoyed spending time with him. My family expresses sadness and deep sympathy. He will be missed.


tim sehy posted on 11/15/20

Beth:When I saw the name Lafenhagen in the paper, I suspected a relative. Sorry to read it was your father who died.I'm sure he was proud of you and your accomplishments and of his son-in-law Jay.May we all live as long. Tim and Judy Sehy


Susan Bonnell posted on 11/15/20

Beth, Greg and I are so sorry. Glen was such a wonderful man. Always enjoyed talking talking to him, always so nice. Sending you, Jay and Kat love and hugs!


Maudie Karickhoff posted on 11/15/20

Jane, I am so sorry for your loss of your Father. He must have been a wonderful man. You have my deepest sympathy.


Jack and Wilma Pierce posted on 11/15/20

To the family of Glen Lafenhagen, our sincerest sympathy. Glen was a very good friend, and he'll be sorely missed.


Eileen R Miller posted on 11/15/20

Oh Becky I am so sorry for your loss. May you wonderful memories help you through.


Nancy Johnson posted on 11/15/20

Cindy and family, you are in my thoughts. What an academic career he had!


Audrie posted on 11/15/20

My condolences to the family. I only was able to have had the honor of meeting Robert within the last year. He came in to my place of work wanting a new hair stylist. I was thankful to be available at that time. I always enjoyed his stories and seeing his face light up when he talked about his highschool sweetheart, his beautiful wife. It was the sweetest. And I loved to hear about his ballroom dancing. He loved his family dearly. What a wonderful man. Rest in peace Robert. My deepest sympathy Audrie Roberts



Kim Ruble posted on 11/15/20

I'm saddened to hear Uncle Don passed away. He did stop by and visit us when he did come down years ago. I still have some of his jokes and stories he sent me in the mail. I will always treasure them. One of my fondest memories was as a kid I couldn't figure out why Uncle Don was bald yet Grandpa and Dad weren't. He said, or Grandpa did, he was so smart his brain ate his hair. Uncle Don truly was a smart man. He always had a smile and a corny joke. Your going to be missed by us. Love you Always Uncle Don


Joshua Damm posted on 11/15/20

Oh mama Stiles you were taken to soon. I loved having you in my life the 10 years. You are a second mother to me. Thank you for all the good work you done down here. I'm glad I got to tell you I loved you before you gained your wings and flew home. I pray you were greeted with open, loving arms of your family and friends, but especially Candy waiting to be loved by you again. Rest easy as your fight and purpose here on earth has been completed. I'll miss you every day, but will have a piece of you by my heart at all times. Until we meet again mama, I love you!


Roger Digges posted on 11/15/20

Paul was a remarkable man who was wise enough to wait to speak his piece. I feel honored to have been his pastor. Cynthia, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Mark J. Rood posted on 11/15/20

I have known Glen for over three decades as we both worked in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UIUC. Glen is and was a superb person. He was very supportive resolving/improving electrical issues within my research group at UIUC. He also worked at my home to improve electrical issues as my family was very comfortable with him completing high-quality and honest work in my home when we were not at home.


Mary Kersey posted on 11/15/20

So sorry to hear about Rick. He was one of "my boys" during his HS days. Always so kind and pleasant. Our thoughts and are prayers are with you. Mary Kersey


Myrle Blackburn posted on 11/15/20

Beth and family. So sad to learn of Glen’s passing. It was my pleasure to have known him and meet your family of which he was so proud. My thoughts are with you. Sincerely Myrle Blackburn



Esther Christina Frieburg posted on 11/15/20

I loved attending school with Janan at Saybrook_Arrowsmith. Her heart and soul and spirit is good and it endures forever. I always admired her easy going tolerance and she was a friend to all. Her presence on earth was a blessing as much as it is in Heaven.


Jenny Scales posted on 11/15/20

I still can't believe you are gone. You were an amazing Uncle to have for all of my life. I know that you are watching over all your loved ones. Give Grandma and Grandpa a hug for me.. Love you so much!



Linda Tortorelli posted on 11/14/20

Janan’s work as a support aide was truly appreciated. She connected with Pat over their mutual love of Jeff Dunham. Thanks Janan for making a difference



Joueles Howard posted on 11/14/20

I am going to miss you. You always went with me to choir and helped me learn my songs. We had good times; you always laughed at my jokes. Thank-you for all you did for me. Rest in peace.


Robin (Rj) King posted on 11/13/20

Beth, your dad was such a good man and I learned much from him. I have missed our visits so much! God Bless Rj


Barbara Kemp (Breibach) posted on 11/12/20

Russ, it's Barbara Breibach - I just wanted to send condolences on the passing your Mom. I so enjoyed the dinner get-togethers our parents would do when we were young. I know Mike always enjoyed them as well. Your mom was always such a sweetheart - I have many fond memories of her. Sending hugs.


Victoria Taylor posted on 11/12/20

I knew Steve briefly, but he was a very important part of my brother’s life, and my brother, Randy Taylor had great respect for Steve.I am sorry for your loss and I am praying for all the family and friends.


JEANNE LEWIS posted on 11/12/20

Rest in Peace dear friend.


Sue Daly posted on 11/11/20

Dear Beth, I am thinking of you during this very difficult time. Your dad definitely didn’t know a stranger and knew everyone. A very well liked man. His obituary was beautifully written and is a great tribute to him. I know today, Veterans Day, was very special To him. I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you a big hug. Sue


Teri Fearer posted on 11/11/20

Dear Beth, Jay, and Kathryn, I am so sad and sorry to learn of Uncle Glen's passing. He was such a good person. I always enjoyed our visits whether in AZ or IL and will miss him dearly. With God's love and mine, Teri


Leroy and Gwen Powell posted on 11/11/20

Dear Beth and family, so sorry to receive word of your dad’s passing. Both he , and your mom, were such dear friends for many years. Our love and prayer to each of you.


Diane Eveland posted on 11/10/20

I will miss getting to talk with Glen as we go way back to good ole Sidney days. I was also raised in Sidney. Glen was one of the nices men. He was in the Marine League with my husband Keith Eveland who is the next oldest member. God Bless his family during this hard time.


Scott Shannon posted on 11/10/20

Ruth use to live down the street from me at Heather Hills St Joseph il. She and Bill Sponcer me in Cursillo. I had her husband Bill as a driver ed teacher. Bill tought me good behind the wheel. Good friends in the family!!!


Sherry posted on 11/10/20

So sorry to hear of Ruth's passing. I worked with her at the UI in Life Sciences and she was a wonderful person. Prayers to her family.


Kim McQueen posted on 11/10/20

Although I'm so sad that Ruth is no longer with us here, I celebrate her being able to walk upright now with our Lord. I smile as I remember Ruth's laugh and sense of humor. She lit up a room, even dealing with her ALS. Godspeed Ruth, I look forward to seeing you again! Love and prayers to the family!


jim and jackie barkmeier posted on 11/8/20

steve was fun to be around. we only knew him casually but always enjoyed our time with him and tammy.


Denise Shepardson posted on 11/6/20

I’m so sad to hear about Steve’s passing. We had many laughs over the years together. My heart goes out to your children and grandchildren. Champaign will miss your friendly smile. God Bless you Steve.


Mark Garrett posted on 11/5/20

I just learned of Noel's passing and my thoughts and heart go out to you Ann and the girls. You were the best neighbors I had on Jackson St. I wished I had remained in Champaign as I am sure that I would have enjoyed a dive or two with him. I will sincerely miss him.


Leon & Jean Hinton posted on 11/5/20

We are so sad for you Ryan, Brittany and Dustin and families, and for Tammy. So sad. Hard to imagine Champaign without Steve. One of our all-time favorite people and a smart, kind, good person. So grateful to have known him. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you, his loved ones.


RICHARD A CRAIG posted on 11/5/20

I was so shocked to read of Steve's passing. Steve and I were childhood friends on Columbia Ave in Champaign, late 50's to mid 60's. As children we ran that neighborhood ragged. I was fortunate to reconect with Steve professionaly years latter. Steve had the rare ability to smile with his eyes, I will miss him. I pray his family and friends have Peace.


Jenna Gustafson posted on 11/5/20

Steve was another father figure in my life and also for my daughter Gwyneth. The first few times getting together it was clear the love and care he had for his family and the dedication he showed for his kids. Steve always asked if you were hungry or if you wanted to stay over to hang out with the family. I love thinking back on holidays and all the laughs shared. Steve had a way to always stay calm even if I was making a phone call in the middle of the night to tell him I fell off a counter trying to hang lights onto Britts toe and we needed to go to the ER. He walked me through the whole thing with such patience and calmness. One of my favorite memories is when we went to see Dustin coach football and he won the Bell championship. Steve lit up watching and supporting his kids and made every effort to make memories with all of them along the way. Britt and I drank beer from the bell that night and laughed until our face hurt. Steve also was a genuine support with my own daughter Gwyneth and she felt that. Steve is going to be beyond missed and we can’t comprehend this right now but we will be there for your guys, love and support, and also let his legacy live on. We love you al beyond.


Jim & Carol Manley posted on 11/5/20

Dear Dustin, Brittany, Ryan, & your Families, Each of you and others close to Steve are in our thoughts and prayers now. How hard to have to say a sudden farewell to such a neat man. When thinking back to your involvement as youth in our church, we are grateful for the way your parents and family supported your faith journeys. May all the promises of Baptism flood you with the support of the Holy Spirit as you grieve. Love, Good Shepherd friends, The Manley's


Bonnie Blair Cruikshank posted on 11/4/20

Eldon, Leigh Ann and all the family, Please know I keep you all in my thoughts, I have great memories of Benny Bryan (never really called him Mr. or coach), he taught me to drive and will treasure the years I knew him at Centennial!! RIP


Cindy Cain posted on 11/4/20

I was so very sorry to read of Steve’s passing. My sincere condolences to Steve’s family and Tammy. Steve always greeted you with a warm,kind smile. He had such a great sense of humor .Always a loyal friend to many people. May his LOVE AND GOOD MEMORIES HELP HEAL YOUR ❤️ at this sad time. Rest in PEACE MY OLD FRIEND . Cindy Cain


Jeff Lewis posted on 11/4/20

Hi everyone. I guess, almost by default, that I am one of Steve's oldest friends. I was shocked to hear the news of his passing and to realize the finality of the situation. I guess there is a lesson there, all of us should value the time we have with our closest friends as no one knows what might lie around the corner. When did I first meet Steve? I don't know exactly, he was always a part of the wider "gang" that emerged-congregated out of Jefferson Junior High School in the late 1960's. Oh yeah, what a time that was. Back then there were so many of us all in the same age range who attended Jefferson and later on Centennial High School. It seemed like we were all living out of one another's houses especially during the summer time. Centennial Park and Centennial Pool (not at all like the present day aquatic center) were common territory where friends would meet during the day, walk around the pool perimeter (even in 90 plus degree heat), head home on our bicycle's, eat and then regroup and head back to the park. Summer seemed to last forever, but eventually in August, the shadow's would lengthen at sunset and sure enough it was no time before all of us were back in the JJHS prison for another year. Steve and I were friends at an age and time when you needed friends, particularly during the early adolescent years. Things are confusing enough when you are 15 and of course, at that time you need a good bud to bounce things off of especially after a teenage break up. Those were tumultuous times both socially and politically. Race relations were not in that great of a state and the north side of Champaign and the University area seemed to be in constant conflict. The campus was alight from 1968-72, mostly with resistance to the war in Vietnam. Our generation was the first to experience high school age racial integration on a large scale. Well, it didn't always work well, but, over time it seemed like all of us both black and white got to know each other and worked it out at our common school level. Steve's being an athlete brought him into contact with many of his African-American team mates and in turn his sports ability made him many friends in the Black Community. Guys like JuneBug, Floyd, Ronnie, U.S., spent many hours with Steve, who shared his knowledge of their backgrounds with the rest of us. These open lines of communication worked well, especially when Centennial H.S. was shut down by a riot in April of 1971. During that time Steve helped to defuse tensions because he approached everyone as an individual. His deep links into the Black community also meant that he was able to defuse tensions between individuals often with just a few words. He would probably be embarrassed to hear that now, but it is true. He did a lot to cool out opposing factions from all backgrounds who were dead set on making things worse rather than better. Good job brother. Well, as many depictions of youth life that I've seen in films and TV regarding the late 1960's and early 1970's almost always never approach the true reality of those times. Growing up in a University city like Champaign meant that those of us in high school at that time were close enough to the counter culture to have been directly impacted by all of its temptations (both good and bad) in a major way. Those were the days when there was very little common ground, you were either on one side or the other. Although Steve was primarily focused on sports, he was also greatly aware of events happening in society and on the campus. After the murders at Kent State in May of 1970, Champaign was a war zone and there was really no middle ground. I know that Steve was deeply impacted by all of that as well. Once all of us (the greater gang) graduated from high school we all still remained close. Champaign is a good town for shifting seamlessly from high school, to junior college and then to University. There was a significant contingent of us who migrated from Centennial to Parkland in late 1972, so in many respects it was a seamless transition to our 20's and a good excuse to continue the party. Steve and I stayed in contact during that time and later on in life. During his brief stay at SIU Edwardsville in 1976, I visited him on a couple of occasions and then later on we lost touch for a bit particularly after I started to travel abroad. Since my parents still lived in Champaign I was back frequently and sure as summer, I would pick up the phone and Steve and I would reconnect. With Steve in town I was then instantly connected to a wide range of friends and we all would inevitably raise a glass or two or three and talk about old times. Steve was always a good friend to everyone in his orbit and especially enjoyed spending time with those of us who hailed from those early days in 1967 Centennial Park. He was a good friend not only to me but also to Greg (Gre-gge), Rob, Jack, Paul, Bill, Luther, Ken, Angela, Jenny, Jaci, Roger, Deb, Ralph, Sue, Teri, Bonnie and a host of others. His loves were all significant but relatively few as the ladies in his life (rightly or wrongly) often found themselves in competition with his extended family, sports and musical interests. That's not to say that they weren't important, but Steve had an uncanny ability to compartmentalize his priorities and to spend his precious time on earth with those he cared about. A large part of his giving nature was to make sure that he was able to share quality time with both family and friends as they were both very important to him. Those early connections retained an especially high priority with Steve for all of his life, right until the very end. He knew looking back on his life that some of his best times were with his closest friends and he was loyal all the way through. I think part of the shock of Steve's passing is the thought that someone with so much energy could be stilled. It is hurtful to think that we all were leading our lives unknowing of the imminence of his destiny as his clock was winding down. So my friends and family, there really isn't much more to add. I sit here quite a distance away on the eve of his funeral and reflect on times past. So, if I could speak with him this evening I would say to Steve my friend and brother that I am genuinely happy to have made your acquaintance and friendship for nearly the whole of my life, that I am deeply thankful for the kindness you extended to me after the death of my father in 1992 and the warm welcome(s) that you extended to me after my times away from Champaign. I believe in life you only get a few really close friends and Steve, I am indeed honored and thankful that we were close buds. Take care compadre. It was a remarkably quick ride, wouldn't you agree? I know that you had a good time and you will be missed by all of us who were lucky and honored to be in your presence and inner circle during both good and bad times. All the best my friend. Take care. JL Jeff Lewis Crozet, Virginia USA 4 November 2020


Megan Herrig posted on 11/4/20

I can’t pick just 1 memory about this wonderful man, a 2nd Dad to me. The first time I ever saw the mountains I was with your family in North Carolina. We were at a McDonalds taking a break from the long drive, and your Dad told us to come to the other side of the van (the big white one of course). We walked around the side and he pointed the mountains out to us. Brittany ooohed and ahhed and I kept asking, “Where? Where are they? I don’t see them?” He finally said, “Ohhhh, are you looking for snow?” I said, “Yes! I thought all mountains had snow!” He said, “Well there’s your problem.” And then proceeded to laugh and laugh at me for looking for snow capped mountains in in North Carolina. Gosh what a fun and genuine man. My heart is broken for you all and our world will never be quite the same ❤️


Marc Tennill posted on 11/4/20

We send you our kind thoughts and prayers. Steve was a kind-hearted man and friend to so many.


Eric Hinds posted on 11/4/20

So sad to hear of Steve's passing as we played baseball together many moons ago and he was always a guy that we could count on in many ways but mostly as a friend. Condolences to the rest of the Fam on his loss.


JOANNA HALL posted on 11/4/20

I enjoyed seeing him on his trips to Minnesota and watching his face light up around his grandchildren.


JOANNA HALL posted on 11/4/20

We will remember your visits to Minnesota and seeing your face light up when you were around your grandchildren.


Les Vann posted on 11/4/20

RIP Steve, Thanks for all the laughs, all the Fabulous Fridays during football season, and your help when we tried to stop Bill from phoning home!!!


Michael Rafferty posted on 11/4/20

Had the pleasure of knowing Steve. As Great of a ball player no one can argue, he was even a greater person. Playing against Steve brought the best out many of us on the diamond. Prayers to family.


Rhoda Bush-Walker posted on 11/4/20

I attended Centennial High School with Steve. What an outstanding athlete! Even more importantly, what an an amazing human being! You will be missed! May God watch over your children and may they be comforted with wonderful memories.



Lisa Sigler posted on 11/4/20

I worked with Steve for almost 30 years at Herff Jones (Cap and Gown) He was a wonderful person!


Outlaw family posted on 11/4/20

We were so shocked and so sad to hear of Steve's death -- let's all raise a 'virtual' glass to a great man who lived a great life.


Bob Doty posted on 11/4/20

My condolences to Steve's family. We played football together at Centennial.


Greg Grady posted on 11/3/20

Condolences to the Ward family may Steve rest in peace. Greg Grady Class of 1972 Centennial HS


Joyce Goode posted on 11/3/20

Smart, friendly, hardworking, great guy to work with. My sincere condolences to the family.


Marybeth Eads posted on 11/3/20

Steve was one of the all time good guys who would do anything for anyone. His leaving creates a big hole in so many hearts. I’m so sorry.


Joyce Goode posted on 11/3/20

I am so sorry to hear this. I worked with Steve for many years at Cap & Gown/Herff Jones and considered him a good friend as well as a coworker. My sincere condolences to the family.


Marybeth Eads posted on 11/3/20

Steve was one of my all time favorites. He’d do anything for anybody. His leaving creates a big hole in so many hearts.


French Fraker Jr. posted on 11/2/20

Nancy, I was saddened to hear of Don's passing. I have many memories of DF&T and Don back in the day. His energy and contributions to the community will be missed.


Wayne, Audrey, Stan, Bonnie and family posted on 11/2/20

Our sympathy and prayers to the Trotter family and Dennis. We truly considered and loved her as part of our family too. She will be tremendously missed by all of us in the Apperson family.


Phyllis Denny posted on 11/1/20

Sheila was a very dear friend of mine. We talked very easily about our lives, kids, ailments, anything and everything. She was a sweet gentle soul who lived by the loving principles of Buddhism. I miss her very much but am happy she is now at peace and out of pain.


Andrea H Beller posted on 10/31/20

Our sincere condolences on the passing of your husband, father and grandfather. Andrea and Ken Stolarsky


Michael Vitoux posted on 10/30/20

I am writing primarily to Vince. I am sorry for your loss. It must be very hard. I met your Mother at Unity Church a number of times. She seemed like such a lovely, gracious woman. My condolences to you and your family, Michael Vitoux


Roscoe Pershing posted on 10/29/20

Mary, our hearts go out to you. We were fortunate enough to have ILLINI Basketball seats by you and Jim and we enjoyed getting to know you. Our condolences to you and the family. In sympathy and love, Roscoe and Ann Pershing


Bill and Peggy Mayer posted on 10/26/20

Mary, We are sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. We have fond memories of our neighbors “to the east.” Jim was a good man. You have our thoughts and prayers in this time of sorrow.


Debbie Babb posted on 10/26/20

Dear Martin, Chrissy, and all of my family, Mom and I are sending our deepest condolences and prayers. We loved Uncle Phil dearly and have many wonderful memories of our times together ✝️


SUSAN K CRAWFORD posted on 10/26/20

Jennifer and Jeff, Andy and I were saddened to read of your mother's passing. We so enjoyed being neighbors when we lived on Carlisle Dr. Your parents were such good people. When your dad was still suffering from dementia, we would leave mums or spring flowers on your mother's doorstep. Andy and I always enjoyed leaving a little brightness to Sandra's day. I know that you both have fond memories. Much love to you both. Sue and Andy Crawford


Nancy Jane Mccowen posted on 10/26/20

Mary and family. I was saddened to hear of Jim's passing. My deepest sympathies to you. I remember fondly all his and your help with my lawns. May God's presence in this time of sorrow comfort you all the days ahead.


Olivia Petersen & Carolyn Maille-Petersen posted on 10/23/20

Dear Jon, Dan & the Schuh family -- We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that the good memories you have with your dad will sustain you in the days ahead. Hugs, Carolyn, Todd & Olivia Petersen



CLS posted on 10/22/20

RIP Dr. Schuh you truly touched the lives of so many. I know you will continue to watch over us as you always have! You will be forever missed and remembered for your contagious humor and kindness. I’m on a search to replace a copy of “Gathering Pearls” a treasured book written by you...the best Doctor I’ve ever worked beside throughout my career! It is by far my all time favorite book that I couldn’t put down until the last page. May “Gathering Pearls” be reprinted for many years to come in your memory for everyone to read and share.


John Taylor posted on 10/22/20

So sorry to hear of your loss. May your happy memories bring you peace in this difficult tim.


Mark and Mary (Madigan) Richars posted on 10/22/20

We were saddened to hear about the passing of your father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we want to offer our sincere condolences.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 10/22/20

There were many great stories shared in the parking lot at Centennial HS when we both taught Champaign’s newest young drivers. Benny was a great person and we were all fortunate to cross his path in life.


Richard C. Rayburn posted on 10/21/20

Phil was a Gentleman, a farmer, a stockman and an accomplished businessman. I am proud to call him my friend. Our parents were friends also thus I knew him as long as I can remember. He left no unfinished business on this earth. Richard Rayburn


Kathy Rhoads posted on 10/21/20

We were so sorry to hear about Carl. We enjoyed getting to know him at Circle of Friends ADC. Our thoughts are with you all.


Bob Globe posted on 10/21/20

Your humor made my day many times over.A great faculty member.God bless.


Chad Hansen posted on 10/21/20

Coach Bryan was my favorite coach when I played football at Centennial High School. I enjoyed playing for him and appreciated his patience to teach the game versus expressing anger and frustration when mistakes were made. His style taught me so much about how to approach coaching youth football and getting the most out of my players while staying calm and level headed. I was fortunate to bump into Coach Bryan when I visited home a few years ago and it really made my day. A great man, a great coach who will be missed.



Sue Underwood posted on 10/21/20

Benny was such a good friend and positive influence to so many people and will be sorely missed.


Kathy Rhoads posted on 10/21/20

We were so sorry to hear about Carl. We enjoyed getting to know him at Circle of Friends Adult Day Center. Our thoughts are with you all.



Carol Pearson posted on 10/21/20

She seemed to have a zest for life. I understand where you got your funness from. I wish I could have gotten to know her better.


Dorothe Trick posted on 10/21/20

Our sympathy goes out to the whole Schuh family. I fondly remember Dr. Schuh as my caring doctor, Jonathon and Daniel as my preschool students, Kim as a caring and helpful parent, and Sarah and the whole family as swimmers at Indian Acres. Our continuing prayers for healing and God's strength and comfort during this difficult time.


Dorothe Trick posted on 10/21/20

Our sympathy and prayers go out to all of Dr. Schuh's family. I knew Dr. Schuh as a doctor, Jonathon and Daniel as my preschool students, Kim as a helpful parent, and the whole family, including Sarah as swimmers at Indian Acres. I am very saddened at the loss not only to the family but to our community. Our continued prayers for healing and God's strength and comfort.


Karen Kaiser posted on 10/21/20

Dear Kim and FamIly of Dr. Bill Schuh, You have my sympathy in the passing of your Dear husband and Dad. I met him once at Carle, when I was volunteering. We had a nice conversation. May God bless you and your family. Karen Kaiser


Renee Bloemker posted on 10/21/20

I helped Sheila after a couple of her surgeries, I also learned a lot from her. She was an incredible woman with an amazing history. I enjoyed visiting with her, and hearing he stories of her life. I am very sorry for your loss. I am blessed that our paths crossed and enriched by our brief times together. She was a special person.


Della J Goodman and Gary Brtignardello posted on 10/20/20

I never met Phil but I know his wonderful daughter who is kind, loving and accomplished. I know she loved her Father dearly and cared for him all the time. Rest in Peace Phil you raised a gorgeous daughter I wish I had the opportunity to know you.


Deborah Trotter Kasak, teacher Franklin Middle School posted on 10/20/20

I was sorry to read of your dad's passing, Martin. May your heart be filled with good memories.


Brian Funk posted on 10/19/20

Phil was a wonderful man and a true gentleman. I was privileged to work with him and call him a friend.


Natasha Rubel posted on 10/19/20

Dr. Schuh was very kind to my family about fifteen years ago when my mother was very ill and in the hospital. I will always remember how authentic and attentive he was and such a positive presence. He made a difficult time better. I am so sad for what happened. He was a lovely man and truly a force for good in so many people's lives.


Mike Sutter posted on 10/18/20

I had the lpleasure of working with Bill for over 10 yrs. He was always so giving of his time and medical expertise. He treated on several occasions as his EMR office was just down the hall. I will miss him and will keep him and the family in my prayers. My deepest sympathy to the family


DR Robert Scully posted on 10/18/20

I worked with Bill before my retirement from Carle and Health Alliance and held him in the highest regard. I remember reading "Gathering Pearls" and wondered, with all he did, how he had time to be an author too! I was very sad to hear of his tragic death, though for a Christian no death is ultimately tragic.


Beth Colla posted on 10/18/20

Kim, Jon, Dan and Sarah, words cannot express our grief for your family. Please know that Mike and I are holding you up in our thoughts and prayers. I will remember Bill's smile and sense of humor best. His pride in his family and devotion to all of you was one of his most defining characteristic. Bill was a good and Godly man and a respected and admired physician. His life positively touched a lot of people, and that is the best testament to a person. There are no words that will fill the void, our prayer is that God will wrap his arms around you all and hold you close and that you may take comfort in the support of your family, friends and community.


Bob and Claudia Kirby posted on 10/18/20

Dear Kim and Family, Claudia and I send our sincere condolences in your loss. We new Bill as one of our finest medical students and internal medicine residents and admired his steady hand as an administrative leader at Carle. May the peace of Christ be with you and all your family.



Dennis, Rita, Taylor and Jake Thomas posted on 10/16/20

Kim, Jonathan, Daniel and Sara, We were so very sorry to hear about Bill. We are so sorry for your loss. We will always remember your family and never forget how wonderful Bill was as a Doctor and friend. He was so kind and happy. We are sending you all our love and prayers.


Donna Schaal posted on 10/16/20

Carl has joined God's eternal choir of angels! God's blessings to Carl's family.


Rita & Arnold Blockman posted on 10/14/20

We were so sorry to read about the loss of your husband, Katie. It made us very sad. We hope that memories will help sustain you during this time. Our family, including Rachel whose career was inspired by you, are thinking of you at this time. The Blockmans


John Rutledge posted on 10/14/20

Many days ago Ron welcomed me into the DSC family and his culture of caring, became a mentor and friend. I have fond memories of my time there, the work we did and fun we had. Friday nights at the Blind Pig and Sunday night softball leagues. All of my positive thoughts to Katie, and to all of those who are feeling his loss. Rest easy Ron. Rest easy.


John Rutledge posted on 10/14/20


Dan and Neese Reed posted on 10/13/20

He will be greatly missed in our tractor pulling club. He was a lot of fun. Such a sweet and kind gentleman. We are saddened by his passing but rejoicing that he is finally home in heaven.



Ernie posted on 10/13/20

Caseworker for me for 28 years at DSC



Maureen Peterson Povalish posted on 10/13/20

So very sorry for your loss Katie and family. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Agnes Watson posted on 10/13/20

Carl is one of my cousins. We both went to the Lutheran Church in Broadlands. Later I would see him at the farm bureau. He was a good man and I always enjoyed our conversations.


Ellen Fearday posted on 10/12/20

Rainbow; I remember that shortly after Nicole came into your life you said your mom was thrilled to have a granddaughter and happy to spend time with her. I'm glad that you and Nicole have wonderful memories of your time together. I read in the paper that Kathy was "like one of her kids". I'm sorry you mother is gone but it's wonderful that you provided her with these great experiences before she passed.


Jolie Trautman posted on 10/12/20

I will always remember your dear Mother whenever "I'll Fly Away" is heard. With sincere condolences, Jolie Trautman


Rick Ewing posted on 10/12/20

Jon, Jeff and family. I'm sad to hear about Eileen's passing. She was as much a part of my childhood as my own mom. I admired her strength and sense of humor and she was a good friend to my mom until the end. My condolences and prayers for all of you.


Audrey Bianco posted on 10/12/20

Rest in the arms of Jesus, Carl. I'm sure you are in God's choir, singing with the angels.



Julie Ann Lefler posted on 10/12/20

Jan was a wonderful.person as roomates we shared alot of good times together may she rest in peace love julie


Tim Wyse posted on 10/11/20

My condolences to the Sanford Family. I always liked "MOM" very much. She will be missed.


Dana Daugherty posted on 10/11/20

So very sorry for your loss.



John and Anne Hogan Keegan posted on 10/11/20

Ron, Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father. You set a great example for Miles to follow. Heaven has certainly welcomed a fine horn into its gates. We know you are missing the sunsets and the sounds of the night from the farm. Rest up as we look forward to hearing your sounds in a new surrounding. Lovingly, John and Anne Hogan Keegan


Linda Sue HARNEY posted on 10/11/20


ariana makuch posted on 10/10/20

my deepest condolences to aunt katie, miles, and petey. uncle ron will be in my heart forever.



ariana makuch posted on 10/10/20

I remember sitting on the porch of uncle ron and aunt katie's house, talking and laughing deep into the night with my mom. one of my most cherished memories.



Patric and Mindy McDaniel posted on 10/10/20

Wonderful man, I was blessed to know him and his family for over 30 yrs.


Kathy Barton posted on 10/10/20

Gene and I have known Maria (Hortense) for over thirty years. We have many wonderful memories of meals she created, meals out in the community, and many Thanksgiving meals she attended in our home, where she always brought some wonderful creation she had made. Over the years, as her health diminished, we didn't see her as often as we would have liked, but we would call and talk to her. She and Gene had a running joke that she was older than he is because her birthday was December 10th and his was December 22, but they were born the same year. Maria was such a lovely person. We feel blessed to have known her. Our condolences go out to all her friends and family who will miss her as much as we do.


Sallie Gilbert Wilkins posted on 10/10/20

Jeff and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Sallie


Boots Federhart posted on 10/10/20

I have such fond memories of your Mother. She worked for many years at John Hancock as did my husband. She also was a Hospice volunteer and so am I. She was a kind and loving lady. May God bless you today and the days to come.


Karen Burris posted on 10/9/20

I’m so sorry to hear this. Ruth was such a sweet lady.. She will be missed by many.


Laura Beatty posted on 10/9/20

I worked with Ruth at Christie Clinic, she could always make me smile, such an incredible woman. My deepest condolences to her family.



Sarah Morris posted on 10/9/20

I will never forget meeting Ruth the first time at Christie Clinic. She immediately became one of my favorites. Her infectious laugh, her love of causing mischief, and just her love of friends and family. I will miss running into Ruth here and there and always getting a hug and how ya doing? My condolences to the family, and especially to those grandkids who were lucky to have such a wonderful grandma in their life.


Larry and Eileen Waters posted on 10/8/20

We wanted to extend to you our deepest sympathies. We remember our Lions Club get-togethers and I enjoyed my card games with Mike and the rest of the Thursday night players as well. May all of your fond memories of your time together help get you through this trying period.



Cheryl Rodman Catanella posted on 10/5/20

So saddened to hear of Diedre's passing. Have so many great memories of her as a Tri Sigma Sister as well. She was a special person and one of a kind. So witty and always keeping us smiling with humor. Know we all feel fortunate to have know her. My condolences to her family members and friends. Who were fortunate to have been a part of her life.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 10/5/20

Brant, sorry to hear of your loss. My mother, Helen Carter Niccum, was also a rural Dieterich girl and knew several of the Woody family members.


Donna Battershell posted on 10/5/20

I am sorry to hear of Diedre's passing. I enjoyed working with her at Spritz Jewelry and always enjoyed chatting her up! She had a great laugh too!! My condolences to the family


Judy A Harriss posted on 10/5/20

I worked at the Illini Union for the Director for several years, and I can tell you that Maria was highly respected and known for the quality of her work, and the training of her employees. She was also a delightful peson. She will be missed by many.


Tim & Mindy McGuire posted on 10/5/20

Mindy & I are heartbroken to hear about Mike’s passing. He was a very talented Man who we were truly blessed to know. I will always treasure going to Indy with Mike for 500 Qualifying in ‘93 with all access passes for Gasoline Alley & a return trip to IMS for the Inaugural Brickyard 400 for the NASCAR Cup Series in ‘94. His intelligence & intellect was a quality that we’ll never forget. May God give Carol, Amy, Jeff & their entire Family comfort during this time of loss.


Gregory Peters posted on 10/4/20

I worked with Ms Ramos for over 20 years, until the time of her retirement. I consider her to be my best employer and mentor, and one of my best friends. She is largely responsible for my long career and success at the University of Illinois. We were all richer for having known her and the world seems a little smaller now that I know she is no longer with us.



Linda Reynolds and Family posted on 10/4/20

My memory is the level of faith and patience, confidence and love Ms. Ramos had in many, many employees that were under her continual umbrella... Her beautiful smile was infectious to all whoever encountered it... Me and my family sends love to Hortensia and Mitzy...



Linda Reynolds and Family posted on 10/4/20

You and mitzy will be forever a piece of our family... May gods peace and grace be sufficient for the Ramos family!


Robert and June Ayers posted on 10/4/20

Sorry for the delay in this condolence. At 93 & 96, we don't get things done like we would like to. It was a big blow to here of Omers passing and it left us shocked at the time. We will miss his fun, sarcastic, loving, caring, optimistic character. It has been a great joy to have shared many fun times together With Omer and Audrey. It's been a gift from God to be their close friends for a number of years. He will be, and is missed greatly!



Steve Ayers posted on 10/4/20

What a wonderful guy, long time close friend to my parents and good customer to my company. He will be missed greatly, until we are all raised to dwell forever with our king and savior.



Carolyn F Long posted on 10/4/20

Maria Ramos was much more than just a boss to my daughter, Gidget . Maria was a great friend to the entire family. She loved, Sierra, Gidget's daughter and came to graduation parties and family get togethers. Prayers for Maria's family! Our family has many great memories. God Bless!


Linda Black posted on 10/4/20

Mrs. Ramos was a joy to know and a wonderful boss! She was fair in her dealings and would visit all of our halls often 'Just to see how we were doing and how things were going! She was terribly missed after she retired and will now be missed forever. Thank you, Mrs. Ramos for giving me such a good mentor!


Anne L Parker posted on 10/4/20

Maria was a dear friend and amazing colleague in Housing. As a young professional, she was an incredible role model for me. She was wise, creative, highly effective, full of energy and thoroughly dedicated to students and employees, their health and well-being. She was an outstanding person and very, very special.


Kathi Morrison Cook posted on 10/3/20

We were Tri Sigma Sisters and Diedre was always a bright spot in our group. We enjoyed her wit and personality! Condolences to the family


Chris Hill posted on 10/3/20

To Sandy, Brant and your family's we were saddened to learn of passing of Jeanette. We enjoyed knowing both Jeanette and Jake through the antiques business. We had many a good times traveling to antique shows and auctions as well. Jeanette always had a bright smile and a wonderful personality. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time in life. Chris and Melanie Hill


Pam Parker posted on 10/2/20

Accept my condolence for the loss of your husband, father, and loved one. I know this can be a difficult in your life. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time and as you go forward from here. Blessings Pam


K Cavanaugh posted on 10/2/20

Carol and Family: So sorry to read about the loss of Mike. No time is a good time loose a person near and dear to the ones that have been and pleasure to know Mike And especially during theses days and weeks. Cherish the memories and Mike is pain not suffering and pain free now what he was dealing with and his your guardian angel and reunited with all his joined. My thoughts and prayers are with all during these difficult days and weeks to follow.(I will not be attending,but your in my thoughts)


Connie Klinc posted on 10/1/20

I am so sorry for your loss. Jeanette was always kind to my parents (Betty & Sheldon). My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Janet Perry posted on 10/1/20

Don't know if the other one went. I don't have a memory. I just wanted Debbie to know I was thinking about her.


Janette Mefford posted on 10/1/20

Our hearts are with you even if we can not be there. Always loved our visits and meals. Prayers to all our family there.


Joy Thornton posted on 10/1/20

All of my friends and I have been dearly fond of Maria. We met her as she directed food services, but we ended up inviting her to be a guest at our parties.


Karla Lodge posted on 10/1/20

Jan, I met you in all your exuberance on RLCII, and credit you for all the fun we've had ever since! So grateful for all you've been and done for me, my friend full of fabulousness! Missing you so much!


Phyllis W Williams posted on 9/30/20

What a wonderful lady! She was beautiful, fun and able to organize anything! Her cooking was superb! Noodles! Fried chicken! All made by a loving heart in an immaculate kitchen. Barb is not far away as Sue has her smile. We are certain Heaven is a livelier place with Barb, whole and well with God, reunited with Delmer and o many friends and relatives. There is no more pain. May each and every one of you feel comfort and love around you. The family of Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia Brazelton


Vicki Lynn (Fox) Costa posted on 9/29/20

I'm so thankful we were neighbors back in 1957. Jeanette was a good friend to my Mother, Marvelle. I was thankful Jake and Jeanette were able to visit with my Mother and I went they lived in Savoy, and had the Antique store. She will be missed by all who she touched with her kindness.


David Hawn posted on 9/29/20

I am sorry to hear about this God bless she was always very nice to me a great person she will be missed by all



Randa Hileman posted on 9/29/20

Barb you will be missed. You were like a mom to me. Sending love and kisses. Prayers to your family



Connie Brown posted on 9/29/20

Love and sympathy.


Denny and Jacki Hendrick posted on 9/29/20

Heaven gained another Angel. Will miss you. Sending condolences to the family. You are in our hearts and prayers.



Pamela Pichon posted on 9/28/20

Heaven gained another Angel.



Lori Choate Walker posted on 9/28/20

Rest in peace Aunt Barb you will be missed!


Marilyn Kreiter posted on 9/28/20

So sorry to hear. Love to all.


Kathy Lee posted on 9/23/20

Carol and family .. I would like to extend my sympathy to you and the family. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have many fond memories of your family from doing hair to cakes. Your Old hairdresser Kathy Lee


Myrna K Johnson posted on 9/22/20

Dick was always one of the most positive people I knew. His wit, intelligence, humor, and verbal support was so helpful to me during the many years I knew him and Carol. Their friendship has been sooo appreciated through thick and thin.


Greg Bowers posted on 9/22/20

Wonderful times of Uncle Tom I remember at the family Christmas reunions. I have not seen him in many years and life has separated us from the times when I was a kid, but I have these great memories.


Amanda Smith posted on 9/22/20

Gordie was a kind gentle soul and I always enjoyed hearing his stories. He will be missed but I find comfort that he is now with his wife laughing and rooting for the Cardinals!


Clark Brooks posted on 9/21/20

I just learned today about Freda. I cannot express my sincere sympathy enough to you and your family for your life. Her beautiful soul, full of love and faith, has is closer to God. I will miss her as I'm sure those who shared her warm smiles with will, too.


Barbara McConnell posted on 9/17/20

Dr. Broadbent was the most compassionate and fun dentist I have ever had or ever known. I am sorry to read of his passing. RIP, Dr. B. My teeth and I remember your stellar care! My condolences to your family.


Nikki Broadrick posted on 9/15/20

Pam was such a sweet person even in high school. She had that ready smile and soft voice and sparkling eyes. I remember the hug that I got from her the last time I saw her. Rest in peace Pam. You made a positive impact on the world around you. You will be missed.



MIchelle Crouse posted on 9/14/20

Pam talked me into working in patient advisory at Carle. I still remember the conversation today, and I am still there. Pam was always so supportive and she will be missed. So sorry to hear of her passing.


Sarah Lee posted on 9/14/20

I met Pam 40 years ago when I worked with Jeremy at Dr. Howard School. Pam was always so nice and kind. I will miss her and her happy smile.


Marvin Paulsen posted on 9/13/20

Floyd "Gordy" was a great friend whom I got to know through Champaign Lions Club. He served many many years tirelessly as Lion Tamer for our club. He always had a smile, and usually a story or a joke to tell. He always left us smiling and laughing. We will miss him greatly. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. He was a wonderful man!


Linda and Dick Skaggs posted on 9/12/20

Deepest sympathy to Gordy’s entire family! Our memories are fond of great stories and many activities. It was a privilege to know this gentle man.


Chad Hoffman posted on 9/12/20

I was so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. It was so great to get to know him through Rotary. He always had such positive energy. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.



John & Lois Davison posted on 9/11/20

Whenever the Coast Guard Auxiliary met in their home area Pam would extend the hand of fellowship and food. She was a very special member of the USCG Auxiliary and will be greatly missed.


Amy Summers posted on 9/11/20

Jim was the student teacher for my high school choir my freshman year. To this day I remember his talent and love for music. I was so sorry to hear of his passing, but I celebrate his homegoing. May God give you and your family comfort and peace.


Gary Kelley posted on 9/11/20

Rosemary, I am so sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. I know it has been many years since JCU but I remember Tom (and you) clearly! Tom was one of the most authentic people I ever met! The world was a better place because he was in it! I am so very sorry for your loss.


Valerie (Jones) Zigler posted on 9/10/20

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Gordie was my 2nd Dad and wonderful family friend. Full of energy Gordie led a long and fulfilling life, now he joins Phyllis at her side in peace. A contribution to Fisher House has been made in his memory.


Sanna Frazier posted on 9/9/20

Aww Patti, I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. You two were always so nice to me when ever I ran into you. I didn't realize you and Jim met at UIUC. I've only ever known you both together...thought you just grew up that way. I am thinking of you and your sons at this time. Although I've never met them, I have no doubt they are wonderful young men, just like their dad. Take care Patti.


Matthew Minniear posted on 9/7/20

Loving, caring woman. Known her and Larry 20 years. Two of the sweetest people you would ever meet.


Maureen Tweedy posted on 9/7/20

I knew Jim from Fittek. He was so kind and friendly to everyone who worked out there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Jim Kirkpatrick posted on 9/7/20

My deepest condolences to the entire family. Yvonne was such a beautiful person inside and out. A few things that make you special, your wonderful smile, your one of a kind laugh, and your love towards everyone you knew. You will be missed but will always leave a smile on my face when i speak of you.


Ed Thomas posted on 9/6/20

Dear Patti Janet and I are deeply saddened at the news of Jim's passing. We have been praying for you and your family. Ed Thomas


Linda tester (InmanPlace) posted on 9/6/20

Larry so sorry for your loss



Glenda Corley posted on 9/6/20

My Sympathy, thoughts & Prayers are with Patti and this very Special Loving Christian Family.


Tom and Linda Shipley posted on 9/6/20

Larry and family, we are very sorry to hear of your loss. Our heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Linda and Tom Shipley


Brian Eichelberger posted on 9/5/20

Went to Dr. Howard Grade School with Larry. One of the nicest people I've ever met. He was a very fast runner, and an all around great guy. My prayers for all the family and friends.


DAVID MIDDLETON posted on 9/5/20

Freda was more than a friend, more family than most. She and Larry entered our life, when my wife and I were GI Bill college kids. For more than 45 years, we welcome in each other's home. While we no longer have her presence here, but we see her in God's Heaven day for a sweet reunion.


Michelle Salfelder posted on 9/5/20

To my Chicago Marathon 2017 ACS friend...may you run swiftly with God now.



Sue Palms posted on 9/5/20

A lovely generous Mom to 3 fabulous women who all have her spark for life. She lives through you.



John and Charylene Taylor posted on 9/5/20

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Freda. She was a great friend having grown up next door to her in DeLand. I will miss her dearly. Prayers for the family.


Glenn Harriger posted on 9/5/20

Patty, my condolences to you and family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


J. Rife posted on 9/4/20

One of the best guys to ever know. He loved his family, racing and football. Simple man, always knew where he stood. He will forever be missed. Juanita, he loved you very much. You will always be a Daddy's girl. He lived for his grandchildren, truly adored them. He was a proud Grandpa. He always had stories about them. Larry was one of a kind, I was proud to know him. I sure miss the racing days. My prayers go out the family. He can finally be at peace.


Heather Keith posted on 9/4/20

Karon was a good friend in college to my Mom, Diann Pemberton Keith, at SIU. My Mom moved up to Rantoul to teach after graduating, continuing her friendship with Karon. Karon was the maid-of-honor at my Mom and Dad's wedding, on August 10, 1968 (see picture posted on the Life Event timeline). Mom often told me stories of Karon's energy, courage, and love for life, which she admired. Karon came to Benton to visit when I was young, and we played pool volleyball together. Our family just lost Diann about five weeks ago, and going through photos we had been thinking about her friendship with Karon. We're so sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Robert Keith, Heather Keith, and Daniel Keith



Sheila Garrett posted on 9/4/20

She was the most caring and loving teacher loved her students devoted.god bless the family.


Sheila Garrett posted on 9/4/20

Devoted father and son.heavan welcome's him.god bless Nita,sue,Denny,Chuckie.


Bill Delaney posted on 9/3/20

I want to thank Dr. Ed Bruner for helping me get my Ph.D. in cultural anthropology. Besides being smart, stylish, and fun, Ed was kind and compassionate with students. Struggling during my first year of grad school, Ed came to my aid. The 60s and 70s were tumultuous for the country and Ed was always there as a balanced, level-headed guy. He and Cookie were a dashing couple. Their house was modeled after an Indonesian prototype which at the time was outrageous. Ed stayed in good shape and lived a long, full life. I echo many students who thank him for his important contributions and his warm connections to us all. He was special.


Elbert Hankins posted on 9/3/20

I met her so years age on the cruise We were strangers when we met We talked along time an I believe we became friends She will be missed by everyone


Ed Calhoun posted on 9/3/20

i've seen you through the years on RLC but never meet you until this year i had the pleasure of meeting and partying with you on the pre cruise Rock on RiP


Dorothy Garrison posted on 9/3/20

Such an amazing caring woman & was blessed to meet & hang with her on the RLC cruises. My thoughts & prayers are with all.



Christie Nelson Summers posted on 9/3/20

Sorry for your loss, Jan had such a beautiful spirit.❤️



Felicia Greenwood posted on 9/3/20

So many fun memories at the Maier houses growing up. Yvonne was always open to having us all (Luanne’s friends) over to catch up, play cards and laugh. Loved her genuineness, sense of humor and love of life.



Jane Copher posted on 9/3/20

Jan knew no strangers; once you met her, you were her friend. She was such a bright light and a very rare and precious gem. I'm so grateful to have known her. She will be missed by all.


Vickie Forehand posted on 9/3/20

Jan was a wonderful person. She added a little glow into every life she touched. I am so sorry for your loss.



Ellen posted on 9/2/20

You will be forever in our hearts


Abby posted on 9/2/20

Wonderful friendships made on RLC... Always remember and wonderful memories


Abby posted on 9/2/20

I was so lucky to have met Jan and friends on RLC trips... Her love and passion for life and music and friendships was astounding... Much love to family and circle of friends❤️



Lynne Bexley posted on 9/2/20

I enjoyed hanging out, eating dinner and listening to live music with Jan on the rock legend cruises. She was always so much fun! Will miss my sweet friend!



Patricia king lipton posted on 9/2/20

You fought a great fight. So blessed to have some time with you and your family.


Joe Schall posted on 9/2/20

Prayers to the family. I worked with Larry for quite a few years at Sears. For a guy like me who was a little out of his element, I always appreciated his willingness to help out. Although I haven't seen him in many years, I will always remember what a great guy he was.


Donna Skaggs posted on 9/1/20

Jerretta, I’ll always remember how fervently you worked to attain the best care possible for Wayne. My condolences for your and your family’s loss, and prayers that Wayne is in a better place. Christ’s Peace, Donna ( prior Resident Services Rep. at WOS)



Connie jo Ruggles posted on 9/1/20

I would like to say i am so very sorry for your loss. Larry was a good guy! Rest in heaven with your parents Larry. God bless you Juanita, Dennis, Sue, and Chuck.


Joyce Wolverton posted on 9/1/20

I was saddened to learn of Wayne's passing. He was a true and honest person. He will be missed. My condolences to Jeri and the entire family. Sending love and prayers.


Dave Reynolds posted on 9/1/20

Mark, very sorry for the loss of your Dad. My condolences to you and your family.


Connie Gettel posted on 9/1/20

You will always be a part of my life. No one can change that. I am sorry you had to suffer. Rest in peace


Ed Friedl posted on 9/1/20

My sincere condolences but she is now free and with Gerry. But for her family there will be a tremendous hole in their lives, she was very special. She certainly brightened the day where ever she went. I feel blessed to have known her and Gerry


Margaret Stewart posted on 8/31/20

I was so sorry to hear of Wayne 's passing. He was such a genial conversationalist, and a pleasant dinner partner. He will be greatly missed.


Greg Zike posted on 8/30/20

Jeretta, Laura, Bruce and families, I am very sorry to hear about Wayne's passing. I always enjoyed visiting with him and talking about Illinois Basketball. Wayne always found a way to make me laugh. Remembering his wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. You are all in my thoughts. Sincerely, Greg


Jill Kaltenthaler posted on 8/30/20

I was part of the volleyball teams from 1975-1977 and fortunate to play at the IHSAA state finals in Bloomington Normal in 1977. I appreciate Ras and her willingness to learn how to coach. We had never really played volleyball until 10th grade and she had coaching experience but the game was changing. Ras knew she had some talent and eagerly soaked up coaching and training tips. She went to sports camps and encouraged us to attend. She called on local men and women with more knowledge to help her become a better coach. Jill Foley (class of '78)


Dan and Elizabeth Nelson posted on 8/30/20

Our sympathy and prayers to the entire Hecht Family on Wayne’s passing... God’s Blessings


Max Rexroad posted on 8/30/20

Jerry and Lois were a great help to me when I attended the UICU. May she be with her Makers in heavily peace.


Max Rexroad posted on 8/30/20

Jerry and Lois were always a great help to me and my family. May she be with her Maker in heavily peace.


John Wilkins posted on 8/29/20

Hey there Jerry , this is John Wilkins from when we worked at Bush Bros . I’m sorry to hear that Wayne passed , it is a loss that will be hard to forget. I have thought about you and your family often over the years,


Sally O’Reilly Kieny posted on 8/29/20

So very sorry to hear about the passing of Coach Ras. She was a wonderful teacher and coach and had a great impact on the lives of so many. Ras coached me and my three sisters during our years at CHS and we have many great memories of these years playing volleyball under her leadership and learned so many life lessons on the court and off the court to carry with us in our lives. She had a fiery spirit that motivated us to “dig deep” and always give our best and a softer side to support us when that was needed. She did a lot for girls in sports at a time when girls didn’t always have these opportunities. Thank you for all that you did for us, Ras! My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


Carolyn Angel Beck posted on 8/28/20

My sincere condolences to the family of Ms Rasmussen. She was my gym teacher at Central High School in the 1970s. I remember her smile and kindness. May God comfort you and your family


Dennis & Johnette Sparks posted on 8/28/20

We are so sorry for your loss. We worked with Karon at Central High School. She was always warm and friendly and had a great sense of humor. Karon cared for and respected ALL of her students. May you find peace in your special memories of this very nice lady.


Beth Collins posted on 8/28/20

I was a coworker with Karon at Central. We shared our love for cats. She gave me a set of cat cups one year. I loved them and had them on display in my home. Years later I was getting rid of all of my cat collectibles and mostly everything I owned so I could live in an rv with my husband and tour the country. Karon just happened to stop at our garage sale and I was able to give that set of cups back to her. She loved it and so did i.


Robert A. Miller posted on 8/28/20

So sorry to hear of Karon's passing. We spent many enjoyable years together as teachers at Central High School.


Jeanette, Brant and Kay Lewis posted on 8/27/20

Deepest sympathy for your loss. Lost of fond memories of our families getting together. Goldie was a woman with spirit and beauty.


Randall Hatton posted on 8/27/20

I worked for Jack at U of I, best supervisor I ever had & a great work friend, always appreciated his advise. Will always re member when Linda's coat would brake off the turn signal lever in their car, Jack would just laugh! Hope Jack & Linda get to golf together in heaven. A man well remembered - rest in peace.


Rich Hensler posted on 8/27/20

I worked around Jack off and on my entire career at Local 601. He was a fine gentleman and a good friend of the Hensler family. I’m very sad to hear of his passing.


Deidra May Weidinger posted on 8/23/20

Verna, Linda, Carol & Patty so sorry to hear about Bob. He was a wonderful man. I have such fond childhood memories of growing up next door to all of you. I can see his smiling face still!


John Mason posted on 8/22/20

Uncle Bill was a generous, intelligent man who did a lot for his nephews like me. I loved spending time with him and his family in Champaign on football weekends and at his parent's home in Atlanta. He was a world authority on agricultural development. Perhaps his greatest gift to me was inviting me to join his family on a trip to several European countries when I was seventeen. This was pretty heady stuff for a young man from a small town called Morton. When I last saw Uncle Bill with some other family members at a restaurant in Atlanta I thanked him again for that special gift. Bill kept the family tax records for some of the family farm well into his 90s and was sharp as a tack to talk to. He collaborated with his own father, who lived to be 102, on a book of memories called The First One Hundred Years. Bill almost made it to that age himself and I will miss him. again and learned a little bit about his service in France in WWII.


Brian and Karen Thompson Family posted on 8/22/20

Our condolences to all of the William N Thompson Family. We have fond memories of family gatherings over the years and Uncle Bill’s gentle sense of humor. He was always proud of his family. Peace be with you.


Karen Sweikar posted on 8/22/20

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dody and your kids. I worked for John many years ago and will remember that time fondly! Whenever I would see him out and about, he would always have a big hug and huge smile to go with it! He will be missed and Heaven gained an awesome Angel who will look over you all


Nancy and Snook Pataky posted on 8/22/20

John made us feel good every time we met. He had that mischievous smile that pulled you in to his confidence. I will always remember his great pride in family as he grabbed his phone to show the latest grandchildren pictures and tell of his adventures with them. John was a people person and adored by many.


Martha Postlewait posted on 8/21/20

I remember your dad so well in Bement high school… Always friendly but quiet and just an all-around nice person. Your mother was a calm and collected lady and they were in our little potluck group many years ago when you lived in Bement. Suellen you were a baby then and I don’t think I ever heard you cry. I was so glad I located your parents at Clark Lindsey and was able to visit them a couple times before COVID-19 arrived. He seems so pleased to see someone from home and I certainly would have gone again. I am sorry for you that you lost both you lost both your parents so recently but I am happy that they are together again. You have my most sincere sympathy, Martha Postlewait


Kathy Caston posted on 8/21/20

Andy was our Sandstone buddy. He had a special relationship with many of us on the block. You could find my husband and I visiting with Andy together or separate. Andy was our neighborhood watch, and he would help any neighbor in need. He is going to be missed tremendously. I enjoyed my first year of retirerment sitting in the special chairs by his garage. My husband Burlie was waiting his turn next year to sit, talk and have a drink with Andy upon his retirerment. Andy was an avid reader and loved his magazines and would share his wisdom about a lot of topics. Then he would say," What do I know?" Andy knew a lot. We will cherish the memories we had with him. Andy, we will carry on our tradition of our Sandstone Block Party. We will have it on the 2nd Saturday of September. We will honor it in memory of you, our beloved neighbor. We miss you already Andy, we shed some tears because you were dear to us. You were always kind to our grandchildren, I remember Bill's old scooter, you let them ride the first year they came here from Atlanta. You were always willing to lend a hand. So long friend, rest well now. We love you Andy!


Donna Hutchcraft Fackler posted on 8/21/20

Verna and Bob's Family, Bob was such a wonderful person, always had a smile on his face, and something nice to say. I know you will miss him deeply, I am so sorry for your loss.


Kathleen Moreno posted on 8/21/20

Such a kind and generous man. We saw him often upstairs at Harvest Market. He always took time to visit. So sorry for your lost.


Jeff Funk posted on 8/21/20

My mom and I were so sorry to hear of Kenny's passing. He (Keybird, as my dad called him) was without a doubt my dad's best friend. They spent many fishing trips together in Canada and always had a great time. He will be greatly missed.



Dick Knieriem posted on 8/20/20

Know that I share in your grief. John was a truly great friend representing an even greater family. My heart felt Condolence to all.


Joyce Blessman posted on 8/20/20

I got to know Goldie through my husband Don Blessman. We would meet at least once a week at Arby's on Neil St. in Champaign for lunch. She would always invite us to share her table. I thought of her as my friend as well as Don did. She always had a smile for you and fun to talk to. She will be greatly missed.


Steve smith posted on 8/20/20

I am Ora smiths son and had the privilege of knowing Goldie and playing with Donna and jerry from my earliest memories. She is the last of the Hawthorne gals. They were grand. Rest In Peace sweetie


Malinda Byrne posted on 8/20/20

Our sympathy and prayers are with June and her family, thinking of you and praying for peace for you all.


Jenna (Suttle) Schwenker posted on 8/20/20

Andy was a wonderful neighbor and friend to many. I always looked forward to his waves on my way in and out of the neighborhood. I am honored to have known Andy and to share my wedding anniversary him and his wife. He was always ready with a joke, a ride (courtesy of his giant truck), and a beer (or more) for anyone in need. He was such a great friend to my dad and I am forever grateful for his generosity and the sense of community he created on Sandstone. He is already greatly missed. Hugs to Bill and Ann and cheers to Andy!


Katy posted on 8/20/20

I only had the pleasure of knowing Andy for 6 years, after moving to Sandstone and becoming neighbors. I quickly found that as a neighborhood, he was the glue that stuck us all together. He turned neighbors into a family. Creating lifelong relationships. He was and will always be one of the greatest men I have ever known. He is greatly missed and will never be forgotten. Many great memories were made in his driveway that I will forever remember. The mayor of Sandstone and The Harner Way will always be remembered.


French Fraker posted on 8/20/20

Dody I was saddened to hear of John's passing. He was one of a kind. A man of many facets. In some was he was like a little kid inside with all that excited energy just to be alive. I can see him with that big smile as he is looking down and reading great article in the paper about his life. He was an asset to the community and gave back in many ways. My love to you and your kids. French


Wendi Branson posted on 8/19/20

We feel very blessed to have known Andy for the 15 years we have lived on Sandstone. Andy was more than a friend to us. Our kids referred to him as Uncle Andy from a very young age. Andy was and will remain a forever part of our family. So many wonderful memories shared with him from evenings just hanging out sharing stories, sharing with each other different dishes that were prepared, neighborhood block parties and hog roasts, exchanging in shenanigans like putting rubber snakes in grills or scooter rides that went wrong. The memories and all of the laughs that we shared with Andy will be memories we will forever hold close at heart. We will miss him dearly. My heartfelt condolences to Bill and Ann and all those that loved him. Here’s to you Andy Harner, Cheers! All our love always, Wendi, Randy, Preston & Myah


Bob Doty posted on 8/19/20

Goldie was a lifelong and loyal friend to our family. I have many fond memories of her and especially appreciate her friendship with my mother during my mother's decline in health. All the Hutchcrafts have a special place in my heart.


Marcus D. Johnson - Urbana, IL posted on 8/19/20

Peace with with John's family during this time of sorrow. He was a very good man and a great husband and father. Godspeed


Carlton Fisher posted on 8/19/20

John Phipps hired me in 1976 to work as a law clerk for him, Jim Evans and Al Tuxhorn. As I awaited the bar results and going on active duty as a Marine Corps officer and Judge Advocate in the fall of 1978, I worked alongside him as he taught me the finer points of the practice of law. His understanding and patience were limitless. That didn’t mean that he suffered fools well. He was a great teacher and encouraged me to participate with IICLE projects. His advice was straightforward and to the point. I wonder how many times he told his clerks - “Don’t shoot a cannon at a piss ant!” John, you will be missed. My condolences to John’s family. Carl Fisher, 1978 U of I law grad, Law Clerk 1976-1978


Ronald Gold posted on 8/19/20

I attended Law School with John and came to admire him as one of the brightest members of our class. My sincere condolences on his passing.


Ronald Gold posted on 8/19/20

Ronald Jay Gold



Rudy and Donna Melzer posted on 8/19/20

John will always have a special our hearts for how he fought for us pertaining to my husband's x wife. He was the best!! We joked he was our God. R.I.P John!



Sandy Moore posted on 8/19/20

I worked with John many times over the years with Busey guardianships, estates and trusts. He was always very helpful and a joy to work with. Also, he was a lot fun and I enjoyed his sense of humor. I was sad to hear of his passing. He was a wonderful person. My thoughts are with you - sending prayers.


Lois Wood posted on 8/19/20

I was so saddened to hear of John's death. He was one of the founders of Land of Lincoln Legal Aid in 1972, and he stayed with it for the rest of his life as a Board Member, and as President for many years. He was intensely dedicated and so proud of the program and of his role in our work. I met him soon after I started at Land of Lincoln in 1974, and during my my 43 years there, I enjoyed his friendship, his guidance, his keen mind, and his incredible enthusiasm for the practice of law. I will remember him and miss him as long as I live.


Sue Little posted on 8/19/20

So very sorry to read about Andy. Andy helped me so much with our/my family ancestral chart. He was a joy to visit with on the phone and through e-mail. My Deepest Sympathy Sue Soell Little


Laura Newcomer Cohen posted on 8/19/20

I was a law clerk for John in 2008 and 2009, and he was a wonderful teacher and mentor. I so admired his commitment to the legal profession and his family. My condolences to John's family for their loss.


Sherry Lovenguth posted on 8/19/20

So sorry to hear of Goldie's passing. Have worked for the Hutchcraft's for a number of years and have nothing but warm memories and smiles when I think of Goldie. What a classy lady that was always so nice. Prayers for comfort and hugs to all! Sherry


Erik Andersen posted on 8/18/20

Dody, Ann, John and Karen - so sorry to hear the news. He was truly a great man, a great lawyer, and a great friend to my parents, but I think of him as my coach and one of the most important, influential role models in my life.



Sean Fackler posted on 8/18/20

A true light in the world Goldie will be missed. She never met a stranger and always kind to everyone. I remember many a Christmas Eve at her home where she was so welcoming and made sure we all had a great time. Love you Grandma Goldie!


Melba lewis posted on 8/18/20

We were sad to hear the news of Andy’s passing. We always enjoyed talking with him. He was a very caring person. May he Rest In Peace after being re-united with Peggy and his parents. Bill - keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.


David Meyer posted on 8/18/20

John was a great friend. He had an unbelievable zest for life. John had tremendous love for his family and his grandchildren and reveled in their accomplishments. A tremendously positive person. My condolences to John's entire family for their loss.


Rev. William Somplatsky-Jarman posted on 8/18/20

On behalf of the Jarman family, our deepest sympathies to the family. We have many fond memories of all the Thompsons from our days while growing up at Uni Place Christian Church.


Ted Hermann posted on 8/18/20

To the Phipps family, my deepest sympathies for your loss. Mr. Phipps was a long time customer at Redwood & Ross, but he was much more than that. Often times he'd just pop in to chat, say hello and check on us to see how we were doing. You could never tell if he'd had a good day, bad day, other....he was always smiling. He would often times bring his daughters in the store with him. They seemed less enthused about shopping as their Dad but he was incredibly proud of them and spoke of them often. I never had need for Mr. Phipps legal services but I know he had a stellar reputation. As it is, I'm happy to have called him a friend. And he will be missed.



H Tim Hoffman posted on 8/18/20

I met John at U of I college of law. I knew that John was going to be a great lawyer. May his soul be bound in the bound of ever lasting life.


gary l. schlesinger posted on 8/18/20

i knew john thru the ill. state bar assn. a most wonderful person. always helpful friendly. never said an unkind word in all the years i have know him. great leader and mentor. his contribution to legal education and the practice of law will be sorely missed.


Irene Bahr posted on 8/18/20

John was truly a pillar of the Illinois Legal Community. He was kind, smart and always looking for ways to help other lawyers, especially small practitioners. He was an active member of the Illinois State Bar Association, full of ideas and energy. His is a loss to us all.


Dan Jackson posted on 8/18/20

John was a good man, a fine attorney, and a wonderful friend. I valued ay time that I spent talking to him, sharing stories, ideas, and insights into the law and life. John was always willing to share his knowledge and wide range of experiences from the framework of his warm and genuine personality. He was a Pillar of the Bar and of the community. I will miss him - we all will.



Mark Ritz posted on 8/18/20

I’m so sad to hear of this great man’s passing. He fought for me and I will never forget that. It was an honor to know him.


Lee and Jane O’Neill posted on 8/18/20

Our sympathy goes to all of John’s family. He was an outstanding attorney, but an even better person. I will miss our many cups of coffee together talking always about grandkids and then about local to world events. He was a great friend and will be missed by a lot of people.


Andrew Ference posted on 8/17/20

I have fond memories of working for John during law school. He was a great mentor and teacher and made me a better lawyer and person. He will be missed.



Steve Mottaz posted on 8/17/20

Sorry to hear about John. We studied together in Law School and had many cups of coffee at the pancake house together. Always a friend and a great lawyer. Judi and I send our condolences to Dory and family


Kenneth E. Baughman, Class of 65 LLB, PO Box 166,Monticello, Illinois, 61856 posted on 8/17/20

So sorry to hear about John. I was in his Law Class at the University of Illinois and fellow lawyer in the Champaign County Bar Association. Such a great record of public service.


Maureen M. McCord posted on 8/17/20

I am so sorry for your loss. John was a very good friend to both Jack and me. John and I shared the same birthdate--but not the year. I will miss him.


Mary Andreoni posted on 8/17/20

Dear Family of John Phipps: On behalf of Jerry Larkin, Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC), and the ARDC Commissioners, we are deeply sorry about the loss of John. As you grieve, know that we are remembering and honoring him. John was dedicated to making the legal profession an honorable one and gave selflessly of his time and talent in helping others. Among his many accomplishments, he led the charge to convince the Illinois Supreme Court that selling a solo practice should be ethically permissible, he starred in an ARDC webcast, still playing on our website, and watched by thousands of lawyers and, most recently, he advocated for changes that would enable more lawyers to have a succession plan for their law practice. Practical and passionate about what he believed in, he served the Illinois legal profession well. His contributions will be long remembered.


Glenda J. Schluter posted on 8/17/20

I had the privilege of working with Rosie at Chicago Title for many years. She was a great friend to all who knew her. She will be missed by many. RIP Rosie



Mary Burke posted on 8/17/20

My condolences to Dody and family. I had the pleasure of working for John for four years. He was a great man and will be missed.


Gisele Atterberry posted on 8/16/20

Our family greatly admired John. He’ll be remembered for his remarkable energy and endless kindness.


Kathryn A Wilson, M.D. posted on 8/16/20

Sending my deepest sympathies in this difficult time. He was a remarkable man and an outstanding attorney.


SARA TERHUNE posted on 8/16/20

I worked part-time for John for several years. As I didn't know much about workiing in a law office he was very patient with me and taught me so much. Such a fine, honest and dedicated man. I know he will be missed by so many. My condolences to all of his family.


Revel Honnold posted on 8/16/20

Such a sweet kind glad I had the privilege to help take care of him......


Judy Huelsbusch posted on 8/16/20

So sorry for your loss. Your family was very good to the Garingers.


Judy Huelsbusch posted on 8/16/20

So very sorry for your loss. Your family was very good to the Garingers.


Ann Russell posted on 8/15/20

I was really sorry to hear of Rosie's death. She was a good friend at Faith Church. She and Bill were in Bible Study with us for a number of years; At the same time, her daughter, Tammy, was our babysitter. Condolences, Tammy.


Melody Proemmel posted on 8/15/20

I have such fond memories of Rosie from working with her at Chicago Title from 1985-1990. She was a favorite co-worker and a caring Christian friend to me! She was truly an inspiration for all that she'd been through and had survived and persevered through the years!


Doreen Halberstam-Huck posted on 8/14/20

To Elaine and all the family. I send you my sympathy and love in the loss of your beloved husband, father and grandfather. Ed will be sadly missed by all of us. His smile, his humor, his brilliance and warmth.


Maury K Topolosky posted on 8/13/20

Ed was such a nice .gentle, intelligent man, and he was such a joy at our weekly meetings. He would add so much to our conversations and give his personal outlook as well as his brilliant scholastic knowledge to us. He will be sorely missed. Carry on Professor..


Rabbi Norman and Andrea Klein posted on 8/13/20

Dear Elaine, Jane, Dan and family, We remember your husband and father with great fondness. We will never forget how you, Elaine, and Ed visited our mother Florence on her death bed and how her eyes lit up with joy at seeing you and your meaningful conversation with her. We all appreciated your membership at Sinai and involvement in your chavurah. Andrea remembers a wonderful conversation with Ed about forthcoming book or essay about the indignity of old age. Yet he approached it with his typical grace, warmth, and brilliance.He will be very missed and we offer you all our deepest condolences. B'shalom. Rabbi Norman and Andrea Klein


Marcia Van Orden posted on 8/13/20

I never met this lady. But George "Dev" her son -my friend- thought she was a very special Mom. He would travel to Texas for Birthdays, Mothers Day and several other times of the year and stay periods of time and visit with her. He would tell me about his Mom and Dad and smile with pride in them and what they had done in life. God bless. Your all in my prayers.


Diane Gotteheil posted on 8/12/20

What a wonderful guy Ed was and what a great life he had. I send my thoughts to Elaine and family. He was special.


Patricia A Ray posted on 8/12/20

You will be missed. Prayers of peace to Elaine and family.


Mike Curme posted on 8/11/20

Ann and the rest of Noel's family and loved ones, I'm very sorry to hear about Noel's passing. I am thankful to have known him in our time together in UofI's graduate program. He was clearly a gifted teacher and scholar who positively impacted many.


Minh Dao posted on 8/8/20

In our first year at Illinois I still remember Noel gave me a Sharp calculator as a Christmas present which I still had when I retired two years ago. We studied together for our theory prelims and had many fond memories. We ended up being colleagues at Eastern Illinois for twenty years and Noel retired a semester earlier than I. He will be sorely missed by his former students. I still remember him passing my office on his way home and saying Bonne nuit. Noel, my dear friend, you have lived a good life and may you now Rest In Peace.


Michael J. La Due posted on 8/8/20

Louise was one of very few truly elegant people I could hope to know. Her accomplishments are well documented. Her breadth of mind and great humanity, while often appreciated, are less well understood. How to account for such a marvelous person? Well, Louise grew up in Kansas City during the reign of Boss Pendergast. She told me that regularly as an early teenager, she'd pick up the paper and there would be news of a murder near home. It could be a dangerous place. She had an older sister, and an adventurous uncle , who would sneak young Louise out to the nightclub scene without her parents' knowledge. In the predominantly black part of town, musical history was being made. Count Basie played, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins:the Kansas City sound was in full flower, and Louise was right there. Our favorite was Mary Lou Williams. Many times she shared these memories with me. Mary Lou Williams was my favorite, too. Young Charlie Parker was there , as was young Louise She took pleasure in his music as her eyesight was failing. In the last twenty years that I've known Louise, though our paths first crossed in the '70's, people who encountered her on important committees and boards would see the suits, the spectator shoes(but only before Labor Day,) and the iconic great head of white hair and mistake her for a bit of a stick in the mud. Nothing could be further from the truth. She remained for life that adventurous, curious young lady who snuck out to hear the best jazz, and to heck with what anyone might have to say about it. She was not just worldly, her engagement with life embraced all the world. She embraced civil rights before it was a movement, and she was a genuine feminist before it was fashionable. She lived her highest values and elevated everyone who knew her. For her friendship and her very great support I will always be in her debt. The City of Champaign will, also. She and I worked to get the new library built, where it is, over opposition to keep it there. Louise was concerned about the broadest access to the library, for all citizens, hence the location we stood firm for. She was also instrumental in the construction of the beautiful Multi-Modal Transportation Building in downtown Champaign. These are just highlights in a very long list, locally and elsewhere. With many who may read this, I miss her very, very much.


Brooke and Marcelo posted on 8/8/20

Though we never met Noel directly we heard many stories about him through Alyssa. She is one of the most wonderful people we know and always speaks so highly and fondly of her dad. We wish we could have known him and we are grateful for his gift of Alyssa to us! Lots of love to Alyssa and all of the Brodsky family. We are thinking of you all.


Sr Denise Glazik posted on 8/8/20

What a wonderful man and healer to so, so many! I am grateful to Dr Gwain for his many years of dedication to his patients, especially to me and my family!!!!! Rest In Peace!! My deepest sympathy to the Zarbuck family,


Sr Denise Glazik posted on 8/8/20

What a wonderful man and servant as a healer for people! He and his family of chiropractors took care of me and my family for years!!! I thank God for his gift of life and, that he shared his God-given talent to make our world a better and healthy place. My prayer of sympathy for all Dr. Zarbuck’s immediate family.


Jim Bruehler posted on 8/8/20

Rest in peace, my friend. My heartfelt condolences go out to your family. You always walked to the beat of your own drummer! Well done, sir! You have left a fine legacy!


Ron Mompier posted on 8/8/20

I remember Jim from Doc Rank's physics class back in high school. Those two would have discussions that left the rest of the class glossy-eyed. In gym class we were closer to equals. We would bring up the back of the pack while running laps but have the most wonderful conversations while half running, mostly walking. His sense of humor was spontaneous, insightful, but most of all endearing. He was modest and always a genuine person despite his considerable mental talents. We didn't keep in contact after high school but he was that person you would remember for a lifetime and always get the warm feeling inside when you thought of him. May you have found your peace, Jim.


Cindy Nelson posted on 8/8/20

Sally was one of the nicest people I ever met. When I worked at Carle, Sally was my adopted grandmother because June Sostheim was my adopted mom and the felt by their ages it was much more appropriate structure to our little family. Many years later, my real parents would meet Sally when they started volunteering with the Auxiliary. I remember the Sunshine cart that Ormy built and the care that Sally took to make sure it was stocked and sent out to the residents. I hope the family hears from many people they never knew were influenced by Sally.


Lynn Genschaw Winn posted on 8/7/20

What a wonderful dedication to Noel. Ann, I am thinking of you and the girls...I am so terribly sorry fo your loss.


Lorayne J Venable posted on 8/7/20

To Gwain and Cindy So sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. He was the first experience I had with chiropractic medicine 45 years ago. I have always felt he saved me from a life of pain and provided me with the care I needed so that I could do the things I needed to stay fit. GwainII of course continued that care right up to his retirement in December. I appreciate all that the Zarbuck family did for me. Also, I don't want to forget Diann in the office who was always there to keep things straight.


Jennifer Bell posted on 8/6/20

On behalf of the Alexandra Bell family (Jennifer, George, Alex, and Chris), I am sending our condolences on the shocking and all-too-soon passing of Noel. While I only had the pleasure of meeting him once when picking Alex up from having visited Serena, I know that Alex thought highly of him – and especially appreciated his love of Menards! He sounds like an amazingly wonderful husband, father, friend, and community asset who will be forever missed by those who were fortunate enough to have been in his life. He will remain forever in your hearts. With Warmest Thoughts (and a special hug to Serena), Jennifer Bell


The Jerry Kaplan Family posted on 8/6/20

As a neighbor of the Brodsky Family when we lived on Foothill Drive in Champaign our kids spent lots of time together. Noel helped us so much as we learned how to manage the challenges of early dial up internet. Such fun memories as we watched our families grow up. Our deepest condolences from all the Kaplan Family Kim and Jerry, Joel, Todd and Rachael 7935 E North Lane Scottsdale Arizona and San Rafael, California.


Tom Pippen posted on 8/6/20

My condolences go out to the Henson family. A great coach and greater person. My wife Lewanna and I had season tickets to watch The Aggies make the Final Four. I had the pleasure of taking Coach Henson's basketball Class at NMSU and learned his philosophy of coaching. Also, had the pleasure of coaching Lou Henson Jr. at Lynn Jr. High here in Las cruces, NM. God Bless


Jeffrey K Stout, DC posted on 8/6/20

It is with great sadness that I learned of Dr. Gwain's passing.  He was one of the first chiropractors I met upon joining IPSCA and attending a District 4 meeting in Mahomet.  His passion for chiropractic, Palmer and his fellow principled chiropractors was obvious.  He and his brother, Merwyn usually "held court" during the social part of meetings to make sure many of us younger docs knew about chiropracTIC and understood the principles.  Gwain and his brother were chiropractic pioneers.  My condolences for GII, Cindy, Austin and the rest of the family.  Rest in Peace brother Gwain.


Randall Kangas posted on 8/6/20

Noel and I were grad students together and spent many long lunches poring hot peppers on pizza in Champaign, while finding solutions to the worlds big problems. I always enjoyed running into him in town, he was a good and interesting man, our condolences to his family.


Hannah posted on 8/6/20

What a wonderful obituary. I did not know him, nor his family, but after reading this I feel like I did. A lovely tribute to a man well-loved.


Tim Glazik Family posted on 8/6/20

Prayers to your family. RIP


Andrew Jeakins posted on 8/6/20

For 60 years your family has helped the Jeakins family live better lives. You are in our thoughts and prayers and may God bless your continued work.


Michael Hagley posted on 8/6/20

I will miss you dearly Noel. Getting to know you was great as we shared some of the same passions. You were a great guy. Your IBM model 2 will be in good hands for as long as I live



Kai Nemoto and Sean Massung posted on 8/5/20

Noel His legacy at our house is the computer desk. He said attaching a sliding keyboard section under a boring 4 leg desk will turn it into a very useful computer desk. It was the best invention ever :) Love, Kai and Sean with all cats


Kerry kenny loman posted on 8/5/20

I've never met Noel, but after reading his obit, I sure wish I had. What a great tribute to an obviously amazing guy. Sending condolences to the entire family.


Joe finnerty posted on 8/5/20

Noel was not only a student of mine, he also was a teacher an a good friend. RIP Joe F


Umeeta Sadarangani posted on 8/5/20

My heart goes out to all of you. I am so, so sorry. It is hard to believe someone so full of life is gone. The tribute captures his spirit so beautifully and with such love and humor that one can already see he will live on through you. Deepest sympathy to you all from Marilyn and me.



Sami Alabdulwahab posted on 8/5/20

You left us, but your moments stay with us for ever. God blesses your soul.


Sami Alabdulwahab posted on 8/5/20

Feel sorry for your loss. Noel was a great man I have ever met in my life. He was helpful colleague and supportive friend. God blesses his soul.


Jerry, Edna, & Laurie Cluver posted on 8/5/20

Gwain,Cindy, & family: Sorry to hear of the passing of your father & grandpa. Sounds like an amazing person, and had a good,full life with many blessings!You are all in our thoughts & prayers as you mourn the passing of your loved one!


Jimmy Collins posted on 8/5/20

Coach has been both a coach and a mentor. He came into my life as a coach and teacher and left as a friend. Indeed if I can touch half the lives and do half of the deeds then I hope I will have lived the lessons and expectations he had for me. More than a coach, more than a mentor more than can ever be expressed in a simple condolence. Our hearts are heavy as we grieve with and for the Henson family.


Jimmy Collins posted on 8/5/20

Coach has been my mentor and my friend. My life could have and likely would have been so different without him in it. He came as my coach and left as my friend. How grateful I am. If I can touch half the people Coach touched, if I can be the light he has been then certainly I will have lived up to his lessons and expectations. My family and I grieve deeply for the loss of a man who we saw as a giant. With love and respect


Steve Skaperdas posted on 8/5/20

Gwain, Cindy, and all the Zarbucks : I am very Sorry to hear of Gwain Sr passing. He was very nice to me when I did some painting work for him and June about 10 years ago. We talked about our music interest quite a bit, and when I was done with the job, he made me sit down at his piano and play. I asked him if he would rather have me play some Beatles or some ragtime, and he said ragtime. So I played Scott Joplins "the Easy Winners" : a four part march type syncopated rag on his piano. I think we both enjoyed each others company for the few days that I was there. God bless you and your families.


Travis K Bullock posted on 8/5/20

Such a kind and gracious man. What a wonderful time playing freshman bball with Coach and Coach Evans. I went on to coach for many years and won many games, due to the influence of these men! I was so honored, while taking his basketball class, Coach had to leave and said; Kip would take up and cont. I'll be right back!:) I got to teach for 20+ minutes!:) Lou and Lou Jr. will now be coaching together once again. Prayers for the entire "Aggie" family.


Lynette Williams Barham posted on 8/5/20

My Family has Fond Memories of your Father and his Mother. When the office was on Elm in Champaign. They were Very good to My Family. Dr Zarbuck Was an Awesome Dr and He introduced our Family to the Palmer method, telling us his story of How it saved him from his blindness. We will never forget that and his sense of Humor. Our family thought he we the Best and He was! Now his son is a carbon copy. What a Legacy he left a great Family and Business. He will be Missed. God bless His wife and Family.


Verl Sell big Ten Basketball official posted on 8/3/20

Mary Henson and the entire Lou Henson family, please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences for the loss of your loved one. Lou was an outstanding coach and always a true gentlemen on and off the basketball court. I have many fond memories from many games at the University of Illinois as a Big Ten Basketball Official. God Bless!


Ernest and Anna Wagley posted on 8/3/20

The entire Henson family was part of our entire families lives. Would go to the Lou Henson basketball camp every summer in Ruidoso and unlike today's coaches - Lou was up everyday working with the kids. Mary, Lisa and Lori would run the snack bar - so many fond memories. Lou brought the sheer love of basketball to an entire city in 1969 and it forever changed our lives. Basketball was the focal point of our family and what we did. Went to a lot of out of town games and tournaments. When the Henson's left to Illinois - it was not a happy time for us - but bound to happen - and all of the sudden we were Illini fans (helped that my dad Leon went to Illinois). Years after they left you would go to a sports bar in Cruces and if Illinois was playing it was on. Loved when the Henson's came back to Cruces and it was great to see them. Much love from my Mom Anna Wagley, who still lives in the same house and son Ernest - We love the Henson's and are sad about Lou's passing, but also rejoice in the fact we got to be a part of their lives. (Oh and by the way my favorite number is still 14 because of Charlie Criss)


Diane Yates posted on 8/2/20

Mary and family, It is with sympathy for your loss that I say it was our blessing to have been among those whose lives were impacted by Coach...wonderful memories of the admirable man and most talented coach that he was.


Judy Taylor posted on 8/2/20

Coit and Leigh Ann, My sympathy for your loss. Lou will be missed by so many. He had a great influence in his life for many. Judy Taylor ( Hyster )


Navora Richardson posted on 8/2/20

To the Greatest Aggie of all times, Vaya con Dios my friend. You and your family touched many of us. Condolences to Mary whom I was privileged to meet at various Aggie events and children who attended Lynn Jr High where I taught. They were terrific children and great athletes. My daughter played on the undefeated team led by Lisa at Lynn. Also to son-in-law who treated my friend and I with great kindness when she had an accident at a WAC Tournament. I was so touched that he was willing to leave the tournament to accompany us to the hospital and on top of that take us to the pharmacy before driving us to our hotel. And an example of Lou’s sincerity and kindness, my great-grandson met him when he was about three years old. Thereafter he was so touched that any time it was announced that Lou would be at an Aggie game, he would get excited and keep reminding me that Lou Henson was going to be there. To all of his family my heartfelt condolences. You all have impacted our Aggie Family.


JOHN SCHWEBKE posted on 8/2/20

you were always welcoming of a new person. Thanks for being a GREAT HUMAN and a good basketball person to share the game high in the 1st level of Pan Am Center


Dan Howard and Jenifer Lichtenfels posted on 8/2/20

Mary, Lori, Lisa, and Leigh Anne, Our deepest condolences to you for the loss of Lou, a great man, husband, father, and grandfather. You are in our hearts and thoughts. We will make a contribution to the Lou and Mary Henson Endowed Scholarship in memory of Lou.


Dan Howard and Jenifer Lichtenfels posted on 8/2/20

A visit from Lou was always the highlight of my day at the office. His smile was infectious and his sage advice welcome. A true gentlemen and the greatest of Aggies. He will be missed by all.


Anne Radcliffe-Wood posted on 8/2/20

Jackie & Family, So sorry to hear of Tim's passing. You have my deepest sympathy @ this difficult time.


Ruth Jeanne Lutz posted on 8/2/20

Mary, Bill and I send you our deepest condolences and heart-felt affection. We do not need to tell you what an extraordinary man Lou was. Your marriage was a personal inspiration to us, as well. I treasure our time together on the plane coming home from North Carolina many years ago, and the kindness of you and Lou following me part-way home on I-10. Very classy of you both, and so very typical. God bless and comfort you in your grief. Jeanne and Bill Lutz


Les and Jeanne St Peter posted on 8/2/20

You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May you find comfort in the cherished memories of your life with Tim. God bless you all.


Jo Ann Garay-Lackey posted on 8/1/20

Sending our deepest sympathy. Love and Prayers to Mrs. Henson, Lori, Lisa, Lee Ann and family! Love, Jo Ann and Jerry Lackey.


Doris Y Kim posted on 8/1/20

Dear Jim, It's very sad to hear that you have passed away. As a young researcher, I learned a lot from you on serious physics research. I still remember your initial caution on the D0 lifetime difference, when you found the number was not zero. As many people know now, that was a starting point to a serious physics subject. You were a good mentor and colleague. Those discussions during the lunch breaks at Urbana sandwich places, and during the road trips to Fermilab are still fond memories to me. Rest in Peace, and I hope you are happy where you are now.


Albert Gentille posted on 7/31/20

Tim and I were great boyhood friends. Great guy!


Kihyeon Cho posted on 7/31/20

It is so sad to hear the news. I would like to express my sincere condolences while remembering him.


Carol & Jim Manley posted on 7/31/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and the wonderful family she and Tim have together. May this come through even though we can't show our care personally. (Also may Bev, Susie & Cindy feel our hugs.) We thank God for the way The Schweighart Family lives out their faith by caring and serving.



Lenora Weaver posted on 7/31/20

Hugs and prayers for sandy's family and friends. I will miss your witty and snarky comments and your spunky personality. Enjoyed going to the U of I Volleyball games together and watching you in the plays. Until we meet again!


Gianluigi Boca posted on 7/31/20

dear Jim, I knew you from 1988 until 2005 during my work at the Fermilab charm experiments E687 and FOCUS. I admired you very much, you were my model of how a scientist should be. You knew how to lead a research group both from the bureaucratic point of view and, more important, from a scientific point of view. You never gave up doing physics 'hands on' even when your career was progressing. I remember your countless work presentations at the collaboration meetings and your keen intelligence during physics discussions. I am grateful since you taught a lot to me. I remember your decisive help - just an example - when I was stuck at a critical stage of my analysis on the Omega_c. I am sorry to learn that you passed away and I hope now you are happy somewhere in heaven.


Dario Menasce posted on 7/31/20

Jim was our role model, both as a human being, as a scientist and as an accomplished and faboulus teacher. We are a group of Italian scientists, colleagues and friends, who had the chance of collaborating with him in Particle Physics research for over twenty years at Fermilab. Every passing day, at the lab, we had the chance to learn something new from him. Even things we already knew he was able to present them to us under a different light. Working with him was not only a pleasure (his sense of humor was fantastic) but it was also a privilege, it made us appreciate that there is no limit in how deep things can be studied and understood. He was also a great companion to spend time with: I remember him once in Italy, on a long trip high in the mountains. After a few hours of walk he was exhausted, but his humor never let him down. We are deeply missing you, dear Jim. May the earth be light upon you.


daniele brambilla posted on 7/31/20

RIP Jim. You have been an inspiring professor even over the Ocean to a young Italian student who had the great opportunity to meet you in Fermilab. I own you the only little "contribution" I gave to physics as you sponsored my results on semi-leptonic decays. I will never forget you.


Sharon Gray Garbutt posted on 7/30/20

Jim has been a good and fascinating friend for over 50 years! The only thing I knew for sure when meeting up with him was that it was going to be fun...whether we got off on movies, politics, books, trips, art, physics(!)---whatever it was, Jim would always be there with his unique insights and enthusiasm. I will miss him, but thinking about him will always make me smile.


Ruta Rauber posted on 7/30/20

Very belated condolences on the loss of Frank. I knew him through the Holy Cross Adult Choir. I will remember him for his sense of humor and his fierce loyalty. He was truly a "one of a kind" person. God broke the mold after He created Frank, that is for sure. I don't see him as an "eternal rest" kind of soul. He's in heaven stirring things up. You don't want it too quiet up there.


Ruta Rauber posted on 7/30/20

Sending heartfelt condolences on the loss of Betty Jean. Betty Jean was a member of the Prairieland Stampers Club that was sponsored by Prairie Gardens. I was the coordinator at the time, so I knew her through our love of paper crafting and creating greeting cards. Betty Jean was a class act. She was kind, courteous, attentive, creative and a lovely woman. When she left our club due to other commitments, our club most certainly felt the loss. It was pleasure and privilege to have known her. Rest in peace Betty Jean.


Alice Brownfield posted on 7/30/20

I met Sandy through scrapbooking and stamping. She was truly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I was so sad to hear she was ill and then of her passing. She was taken way too young. My heart goes out to her family. She will be missed.



Peggy Pennell posted on 7/30/20

To honor the memory of a kind and appreciative professor.


Barb Powell posted on 7/30/20

So very sorry to hear about Tim's death. Our prayers are with all of the family during this difficult time.


Inga Karliner posted on 7/30/20

Thank you Jim for teaching me about Grappelli.


Rob Gardner posted on 7/30/20

It is difficult to overstate the impact Jim had on my formation as a particle physicist with a computational bent. Each day began in his office with analysis and interpretation of results from the overnight data processing or detector simulation runs on the computers we had in the department at that time. We were sitting on a very rich charm particle data set, and Jim’s goal was to squeeze every last ounce of it to reveal and measure the quantum properties of heavy quarks. He loved charm physics, statistics and model fitting. These morning discussions could sometimes last until lunch, at which point we’d continue them down at Murphy’s on Green Street, developing the strategy for the next steps. Long afternoons of quiet analysis or writing papers usually followed, the sounds of Charlie Parker’s music coming from Jim’s office across the hall. There was little email or other modern disruptions back then; the pace always seemed relaxed yet incredibly productive. When there were setbacks, a disappointment, or some other result that challenged our thinking, Jim’s response was always “let’s get coffee” and we’d sort it out. I always enjoyed trips to Fermilab with him, to work on experiments or give talks at collaboration meetings, which were a sort of competitive sport for Jim. I learned quite a lot about physics and analysis on the backroads between Urbana and Batavia. I fondly remember taking shifts with Jim in the wideband laboratory. There was the joy of laboratory work and even sometimes drama in the “counting house” where we recorded data with our FOCUS collaborators. After a week of long days and nights spent successfully commissioning a rebuilt detector, we returned to Urbana late in the evening. As he dropped me off he remarked “it’s been real.” It surely was. Of the many memories and phrases from Jim that I carry around in my head, that is one I’ll savor.


Mark MacLeod posted on 7/30/20

I want to share a memory from high school. I am a year younger than Tim, and we never shared classes or socialized. But I knew him as the older brother of my classmate, Alan. I must have seen Tim in Centennial’s halls or on its fields during the two years we “overlapped” during high school, but I have no memories of him except for this one, lasting memory. In my Junior year I was in the cafeteria during lunch. There was the usual hubbub of talk and laughter; the clatter of dishes. The cafeteria had two doors on opposite walls. As I sat facing the west door, in walked Senior, Tim Schweighart. I’d never seen Tim in the cafeteria during that hour. But, as it turned out, he wasn’t there for lunch. He was simply passing through. I remember a book was tucked in one hand, at his side. And I don’t know how else to say this, but that man walked into and through that cafeteria like a lion. There was such calm and posture, confidence and poise, with his head erect and his eyes looking straight ahead, that I stopped eating and watched. I remember it like yesterday. Such a small, fleeting thing! Yet, for myself, so powerful. That’s it. You might laugh that this story is so simple and so short. It’s okay. As a sixty-six year old man, now, even I chuckle at my seventeen-year-old self. Yet, there have been times in my life when it was important to show calm, to demonstrate confidence, and Tim’s example always came to mind. Thanks, Tim. Thanks for the example. We never met, but I believe we will. I’ve got a story I want you to hear.


Kim Thomas posted on 7/28/20

To all my Kelton cousins and Aunt Bev please accept my condolences on the passing of Cheryl. I will always remember Cheryl at our family get togethers with her beautiful smile, upbeat personality and kindness to all. She was so bright and courageous.


Zak Orelove posted on 7/28/20

Sandy was a close friend of my wife, Lisa Orelove. She came from Illinois to visit us in Texas many, many times, and she stayed at our house. It shows a lot about Sandy that she always brought a gift for both Lisa and myself. Even though she could have just brought one for Lisa, she always remembered me as well! We had a lot of good times hanging out and showing Sandy around Dallas, and she even came in the summer, when it was 100 degrees here! We will miss you.


Lisa Orelove posted on 7/28/20

Sandy had such a big part in my life. We shared many experiences together. She was always with me to share the good times and help me laugh a lot!! But, she was also there whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on or just needed someone to talk to. While our paths after high school were a little different, our friendship and closeness never disappeared. I will always remember her with positive feelings, and I will cherish the wonderful memories I had with my time with her.


Mary & Jack Lindberg posted on 7/28/20

Dave, Marilyn & Nancy Thinking of you with sympathy. Losing your Mom is like no other loss. Hope you find comfort in the memories close to your heart. Thoughts and sympathy to you and your families.


Kip Pope posted on 7/28/20

Sandie, I was so sorry to read of Rod's death. I have such good memories of your and his "Burton's Feed Depot" years ago. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Kip


Laura Hazen posted on 7/28/20

We've lost an angel on Earth. I love you and miss you, Sandy, and I thank you for being my friend. My heart goes out to the family; may they find peace and comfort in her sweet (and often silly) memories.


Janet [ Adamson ] Erickson posted on 7/27/20

I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Jo Ann, James Conway. I know that Uncle Jimmy and Paul are reunited with her now. May they RIP.


Susan and John Sheppelman posted on 7/27/20

Sandy was an active member of our church, Trinity Lutheran Church. She did the children’s message many times at church. Sandy always had a smile for us. I believe she belonged to many committees in our church. Our sympathies go out to her family. I am glad we knew Sandy.


Kim Thomas Trovillion posted on 7/27/20

To all the Kelton cousins and Aunt Bev, please accept my condolences on the passing of Cheryl. I will always remember her fondly at out family get togethers with her beautiful smile, upbeat personality and kindness. She was so bright and courageous. I thank God for blessing us with her life.


Claire Deal posted on 7/27/20

With deepest sympathy to Sandy's family, may she rest in peace and joy. She was funny and kind, and her company was always a pleasure. I feel lucky to have known her.


Risë Lange posted on 7/27/20

My prayers for comfort and peace are with Sandy's family. I knew Sandy through Trinity Lutheran Church. We were on several committees together and in our churches' women's book group. We were part of a group who delivered children's messages for Sunday worship services. I was always impressed that Sandy would ask the right question or make an insightful comment during meetings that often were long with complicated issues. In book group she was generally quiet but it still felt like she was an anchor of our group. I appreciated her wit and sense of humor. I believe she was a person with a servant heart willing to help carry out Jesus' ministry here on earth.


Janice Bush posted on 7/27/20

My sincerest condolences for your loss. My prayers are with you.


Matt Matthews posted on 7/27/20

Dear Family, Jean Smith made sure we visited Vivian with Communion when we visited quarterly. When we stopped by she was often sleeping. We celebrate this woman of faith and thank God for her life and witness. Blessings to the family. PEACE, Rev. Matt Matthews, First Pres Champaign


Bonnie Weinacht posted on 7/26/20

Margie was such a sweet, kind woman. I was fortunate to meet her through the EIU Ice Hockey Team. I so enjoyed her company and looked forward to seeing her each week at the games. Richie and my son are still friends today. She was a great hockey mom. She was also very talented and knitted me the most beautiful scarves. 14 yrs. later I still treasure them. Rich & Richie my deepest condolences. I know she will be deeply missed, Hugs to all & thanks for the memories Bonnie Weinacht & Rob


Margaret Rooney posted on 7/26/20

Sandy will be missed greatly. She was always positive and happy. Sandy always had a kind word to say and was always making us laugh with her witty humor. When I joined CU Junior Woman’s Club, she was a mentor and amazing friend. She always gave everything her all - when she was planning an event, cheering up a friend, Volunteering, acting on stage, etc. I loved watching her on stage, because her enthusiasm was contagious. Sandy definitely made a difference in this world. So proud to call her my friend. God bless you my friend. May you Rest In Peace.


Debbie Babb posted on 7/26/20

She was one of my favorite Grade School Teachers. I loved earning tokens for good behavior and getting to spend them at her " store" on Fridays.


Marilyn Reid posted on 7/26/20

Vivian and I were members of the Evening Etude-Mozart Club in Champaign. On a few occasions, we played flutes together with other members of our group. She was a very interesting lady. My condolences to her family.


Stephanie Silver posted on 7/25/20

Sending my love and condolences to Sandy's family. I'm confident I will never meet another as witty as Sandy. I always knew time with her would be spent laughing. She was full of kindness and giving, and I'm thankful she was in my life. I will miss going to Illini games with her, but I know she will still be watching and cheering. Heaven has gained and beautiful angel. Wishing her family peace.


Christophe Porthault posted on 7/25/20

Hello, I don t know her but discover her story recently and was touched by what the challenges she faced since she was 2, be confined 3 years due to some political stuff. She looks to be very brave and hope people will not forget it and will not do it again ... We are all human in the same world ...


Sheila And Scott Kurzweil posted on 7/25/20

Thinking of you and your family Dave at this difficult time. Mother’s are special and hard to lose. Peace for you all. ❤️


BRIDGET DAVIS posted on 7/24/20

What a wonderful life. May you find comfort in the love of family and friends, joy in your many memories, laughter in the family antics and peace in the knowledge that the good Lord has welcomed her home.


Neil Juhn posted on 7/24/20

My deepest condolences to you and your family, Dave. I am sure memory and thought of your mom will be with you always.


Rocky and Debbie Colletti and Family posted on 7/24/20

She will have a special place on your shoulder and your memories will make the healing a lot better



annie Nelson posted on 7/24/20

I am so saddened to have lost my friend, Margie.I have so many fond memories of time spent with her.We enjoyed many summers at Owassippe Boy Scout Camp... where once , on a dare , she climbed a skateboard and rode backwards on it!She was thrilled. We often prowled the 3rd Sunday flea market in Bloomington looking for something old and wonderful or shared a few movies at Ebertfest. Often we just met for coffee.She was fiercely opinionated and I recall many a lively discussions with her .I also remember how kind, generous and supportive she was Running late and in a panic I needed help with decorations for a reception. She came over early in the morning and helped me finish sewing princess hats and arranging centerpieces. A good friend ,indeed! I remember going with her to an antique show in Farmer City. It was raining hard and she spied a little white dog, lost , frightened and running all over, sure to get hit.She made me (inspired me!) to chase after it. Somehow we caught it and took it to the police station where we were assured they would return him to his owner. Patron of the arts , and artist herself , I admired her work in stained glass, painting and felting.She had an artist's eye and could find beauty in a lovely painting or in the humble imperfection of an old dented teakettle. I loved my friend and will miss her dearly. My heartfelt condolences to her family.


Dave Roark posted on 7/23/20

Thank you for always thinking of me despite how far we lived from each other. Rest In Peace Aunt Marge. Love always, your nephew Dave


Sherry Holzner posted on 7/23/20

To Sandy's family and friends, I just wanted to pass on my condolences to you at Sandy's passing. Even though we didn't keep in touch frequently these last few years I will always claim her as a friend. We met through Robin and my stamping and scrapbooking events. I will forever remember those days and all the fun times we had together at retreats. She will be missed by many people but she will always be in our hearts until we meet again in our eternal home.



Sheila Garrett posted on 7/23/20

Carol was a great mother and grandmother and also great grandmother she work hard on holding her family together with lots of love she will be missed alot.god be with her family.


Linda Evans posted on 7/23/20

When we became neighbors 13 years ago, Margie was quick to welcome us to the neighborhood. She was one of the most generous and thoughtful people I have ever met. She watched over my kids as they played at the park, never forgot their birthdays, remembered their likes/dislikes, read with my middle son for hours, and checked in on me daily as I went through a very tough time. She was like a neighborhood mother to me and grandmother to my kids. I will be forever grateful for how she touched my life and cared for my family.


Kadri Vural posted on 7/23/20

Nancy and daughters, I am so sorry for your loss, my deep condolences. As you may remember Tom and I met at grad school at Caltech. He was one of my best friends there. Basketball was one of our common interests, we went to movies together. We communicated constantly after we graduated and sent each other photos of our families. If you remember, you visited me at Thousand Oaks several years ago. He was as decent, honest, and good as a person can get. Very, very sorry for your loss. Kadri Vural


Keri Roark posted on 7/22/20

Aunt Marge sent me boxes of art supplies when I was a kid. She was an artist and she encouraged me to be an artist too. When Daddy and Marge would talk on the phone I’d butt in and we’d talk about how I should have my own beautiful art studio like Uncle Richie made her (lucky gal). She made me send her pictures of my paintings encouraging me to pursue it and she made it seem easy. Thanks for everything Aunt Marge ❤️



Kalie and Tyler posted on 7/22/20

Best great grandma ever she will be truly missed


David, Aileen, and Jacob posted on 7/22/20

I will always remember Margie as our biggest cheerleader at hockey games. She was always there cheering us on. Despite her excellent hockey mom voice, she was always so kind and would always ask how my grandma was doing. She will truly be missed. Sending all our love and thoughts.


Bill Davis posted on 7/22/20

Susan you will be greatly missed. Thank you for welcoming us into your home so many times. Love to all the family take care of each other



Jean Roark posted on 7/22/20

A Family Memory.....Our son had a school project to do when he was in elementary years. The character in the book was “Flat Stanley” and each child made their own Stanley and had to mail it to someone out of state to show his travels. David made his evening “Flat Stanley” out of construction paper and we mailed it to Aunt Marge. Aunt Marge went all out with the Stanley project for her nephew. She propped him up at various locations in Champaign and took photos with full captions. I remember him on a swing at a local park and also in front of the University. She mailed us a large envelope with the photos and explanations of all the the places Stanley visited, and of course returned Stanley safe and sound. It was amazing......A perfect example of her creativity. Rest In Peace Margie



Jean Roark posted on 7/22/20

A Family Memory


Alexandra Stelter posted on 7/21/20

Richie I’m thinking of you and your family with the loss of your mother, and I pray for peace and comfort that will, over time, ease the pain of your loss. Bless you and your family.


Barbara Gordon posted on 7/21/20

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Margie's passing. She was always kind and friendly. I remember her most at Owassippe. May she rest in peace. My sincere condolences to the family.



Dave Roark posted on 7/21/20

Marge i will miss you very much. I will miss our texting and talking on the phone. Rest in peace and God Bless You Always. YOUR LOVEING BROTHER.


Arlene Goble posted on 7/21/20

So sorry to hear of the loss of your mother!! Have many neighborhood memories!!


Stacey Pride posted on 7/21/20

I love you and hope you are at peace. I will miss sharing birthday's with you.


Susan and Roger Orban posted on 7/21/20

We’re so sorry to hear about Betty Jean. We send our sympathy to you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers.



Jamie, she called me Jay posted on 7/21/20

Be at peace with Grand Jim and Paul.


Carolyn & Larry Atherton posted on 7/21/20

So sorry to hear about Jo's passing.Enjoyed the visit of Jo & Jim to our home in Virginia.Our thoughts and prayers to the family


Marsha K Goldenstein posted on 7/21/20

So sorry to hear about your mother! Sending prayers to you and all your family!


Janet Shobe !! posted on 7/21/20

You will be missed. Be at peace.


Tunoia Jones(Tea) posted on 7/20/20

To the family of Don and Linda Garrett:Carol,Doug and Andrea.I only new your parents for a few months but it felt like a life time.I came to know them as their care giver,from day one I fell in love with them.Mrs Linda was so sweet and thankful for me being there to help (mostly there to help Don).She still wanted to help do for him as much as she could even though I would tell her that is why I was there so she could take a break.Your family are great Christians and I believe that's why we hit it off so well because I am a Christian too.So when Carol called and said Don had passed it hurt me too.God is smiling because he has called one of his own home.Doug as I have said to you many times you have a great seat in heaven for the way you took care of Don and Linda your in laws and Carol you and Andrea to for the love and caring that you both gave to your parents.Don is gone now but you all are still here to share your love with each and others thats what Don would want you to do.I love you all and thank you so much for allowing me to take care of your Dad Carol and Doug and your mom Andrea.Please keep me in your prayers as I will you guys.To God be the glory for allowing us to cross paths in this life.Your sister in Christ, Tea


Dave Barr posted on 7/20/20

I had Don at Jefferson and Centennial. He had a significant impact on my life - enough so I take the time to write this. I was going to receive a D on 8th grade algebra - not for lack of effort - as I was somewhat studious. My Mom was a professor - so education was valued in our household. My parents and I met with Don - he agreed to give me a C in the class - on one condition - I retake the class. Turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me in my academic career - and helped define me as a person. I couldn’t get it the first time through - but it sunk in the second time around - and I turned a D into As. This proves useful as I grew older - because life has the ability to knock you down - and Don taught me to kick the dust off and get back up. So I owe him a debt of gratitude. He left the world a better place than he found it.


Leon and Linda Follmer posted on 7/20/20

Leon and I are sorry to hear of Don's passing. He was a wonderful person, always kind, caring about others, and sharing his knowledge about all things. He was a Christian man who loved God and his faith was evident to those who knew him. Linda, you have our sympathy and prayers.


Keith Olson posted on 7/19/20

I was a student of Mr. Garrett at Centennial in 1979 and 1980. Wonderful teacher and I recall him being a very nice person. RIP


Becky Harsha posted on 7/19/20

I just met Jo last fall when we joined her condo association. I only interacted with her a few times but I truly enjoyed her and planned to get to know her better. Then the pandemic hit, followed by Jo getting sick, so my plans for getting to know her better were put on hold. After reading her obituary this morning, I'm saddened that I didn't get to follow through on those plans. Her life sounded like an interesting journey; I'm sure she had many wonderful stories to tell.


Jeff Lewis posted on 7/19/20

I was a student of Mr. Garrett's during his time at Jefferson Jr. High School and Centennial High School. My memories of him are somewhat marked by time, however, one impression is everlasting. As an educator Mr. Garrett was engaged and involved 100% in everything he did and he lived every moment to its fullest. He also had a very wry sense of humor that he would use to lighten the atmosphere when teaching mathematics became a bit too "dry." Most (but not all) of his colleagues were, for the most part, educated and very sharp although some obviously did not enjoy interacting with 12-15 year olds. Not Mr. Garrett. He had a way of speaking to you that was very adult like and by his presence he pushed you subtly to respond in the same way. He obviously loved his job and his life as an exemplar leader of youth. One more memory, Mr. Garrett could, however, be a tough sports coach and I recall witnessing one or two "dressing downs" that he delivered during half time football/basketball games when our team was not performing to standard. All in all an interesting man who made a difference. A man who understood the human condition. An approachable man who cared. Godspeed Mr. Garrett, you may be gone but will not be forgotten. You certainly earned your peace in the next life. A stop at your gravesite in Savoy is now on my to do list. All the best to you Sir and to your family. Thanks for being there to provide some guidance, education and encouragement during those cold days of winter when I would walk to and from JJHS.


Nancy Kobel posted on 7/19/20

Omer was a kind and generous person. He had a talent for looking for the best in every situation. I appreciated his great sense of humor. He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers to his loved ones. Nancy


Donna Licquia posted on 7/18/20

I will miss Don's warm smile and kind and gentle ways. Don and Linda were always so warm and inviting whenever I spent time with them in Illinois or Florida. I am sorry for your loss, Linda. I will be praying for you.


Nancy McCowen posted on 7/18/20

Sonja and family. So sorry to hear of our dad's passing. Wish I could have offered condolences in person. Many fond memories of both your mom and dad. Always had wonderful conversations with them. I saw your dad at Mettler several times and we always shared memories. My deepest sympathies. Nancy


Carol & Jim Manley posted on 7/18/20

We always appreciated Howard's friendliness as a valued, fellow member of Good Shepherd where we were blessed by his tenor voice and his love for oral expression. His exquisite obituary is a powerful witness to a life very well-lived as a man of God, husband, father, relative, friend, lifelong scholar and educator.


Steve & Carol Elam posted on 7/17/20

Jo was a kind and helpful neighbor to my parents, Joanne and Danny. We all will miss her and wish comfort to her family.


Peggy Weinberg posted on 7/16/20

Omer and my husband, Rick Weinberg, worked together for many years. Rick became the chief pilate after Omer retired. Omer wrote a letter that was instrumental in Rick being chosen for the IL Aviation Hall of Fame. I didn't know Omer as well as Rick did, but I remember him as being someone who spoke with a twinkle in his eye, especially when he was talking about his daughters. He was a great guy!


MARIANNE GILMORE posted on 7/16/20

Our heartfelt sympathy is being sent to the entire family of Omer and to Bernice. Scott and Marianne Gilmore Kyle and Emily Kofoid Matt and Ellyn Schoenholz