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Fletcher J. posted on 10/5/22

I am very greatly and unhappily surprised to learn of Edith Ann's passing. She was one of the very best! Condolences to all...


Bill Ferguson posted on 10/5/22

I am sad to learn of your sister’s passing. My sympathy to you on your loss. Looking back to times with your parents and your family in Champaign fondly. My favorite story is Robert asking my father to change his grade to pass fail so he could get straight A one semester and have your dad buy him the car of his dreams. That and his computer he built. I hope this finds both of you in good health.


Stephen Flynn posted on 10/5/22

Susan, please accept my condolences on Edie’s passing, she was so much like your mom charming, likable and funny. Please know you and your family are in my prayers.


Terence posted on 10/4/22

Some people have the ability to build bridges for others to get across. Karen did more than build bridges, she parted the sea for people like me, by helping me believe in myself. God blessed us with her. RIP


Xinyuan Dai posted on 10/3/22

The last time I saw Ms. Antje Kolodziej was on November 17, 2021. Over Zoom. At a panel discussion, organized by the European Union Center here at University of Illinois. I moderated the panel, where Professor Ed Kolodziej discussed the geopolitical implications of the US nuclear submarine deal with Australia. Antje zoomed in to participate in the panel as well. I was not well that day, running a fever and battling the chills. But I moderated the discussions with great interest. The discussions energized me. The sight of Antje on my screen lifted me up even more. I was impressed that she chose to attend our panel, among any number of things that she could spend her time on. I was even more impressed at how attentive and engaged she was with our discussions. Whenever I saw Antje, she was typically by Ed’s side. I remember thinking Ed so fortunate to have such constant support from his wife. I also remember finding Antje so endearing, always genuine and curious. Such a privilege to know Antje! Her memory will live on.


Bob Pratten posted on 9/28/22

Mark - On behalf of the entire Pratten family, we are sorry about the loss of both your Mom and Dad. The stories I read and heard about them were marvelous. What a great couple! And, they must have been very good parents raising you as you are still the legend of Sangamon Grade School. I hope each day your sadness is slowly replaced with all of the joyful memories you have of your Mom and Dad. Bob


Larry Boston posted on 9/26/22

I was lucky to be assigned to Lee Cabutti as my supervising teacher when I obtained my teaching credential from the U. of I. in 1967. His many lessons, both on the court and in the classroom, stayed with me throughout my 36-year career in education. He was a master teacher and coach who made a difference in my life. His family is in my thoughts. I will always be grateful for the time I spent learning from Coach Cabutti.


Sami G. Hajjar posted on 9/26/22

Terry and I were colleagues at the University of Wyoming in the early 1970s. He was a dynamic instructor, much loved by his students and greatly admired by all of his colleagues. He had a keen interest in world affairs and cared deeply about the U.S. role as leader of the free world. The University of Illinois was fortunate to have a man of Terry's caliber to teach and to run the World Affair Conferences that had tremendous positive impact among many communities in the mid-west and beyond. I will always be grateful to Terry for having been a witness at my citizenship swearing-in ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Cheyenne. I offer my deepest condolenses to Judy, Jennifer and Dereck and the rest of the family.


Janet Arida, Nicholas, Julianna & Antonio Pierri posted on 9/25/22

I had not seen Emily since she was a child, but can only imagine what a spunky, kind, and empathic nurse she would have been. She was always a bright light animated by passion and curiosity. The whole Spading-Chittick family are such exceptional people, and my family and I will be holding Michele, Jacob, and Cari close in spirit and sending love and prayers for comfort.


Denise King posted on 9/25/22

Miles was a thoughtful, intelligent, and kind man, and you have my sympathy. It was my pleasure to have met him through your mother, who was my dissertation advisor. May wonderful memories of your father and mother give you comfort.


Chris and Jane Scherer posted on 9/24/22

Laura and Jenny, Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Your parents and you young ladies were the best neighbors ever! Your Dad was a kind, thoughtful wonderful man. He was a talented artist and great educator. Chris and Jane


Mary Hackl posted on 9/24/22

I, and many more at the Windsor of Savoy, already miss Ken. He was a special person here; knew lots of thingl and painted beautiful pictures ...and shared it with us in his hallway. He shared may journeys with us with the photos he took in ither countries, with an explanation....always warning us ahead if it was a two-pillorw or a three-pillow program, We shared a great sense of humor, and he could think of many things that would me me laugh! I miss him already, but I know he is now with Alice....and after-life is s weet!


Mary Hackl posted on 9/24/22

Ken's death was a great loss for the Windsor of Savoy, He and I had very similar senses of humor. Ken could make me laugh at the most ridiculous idead he thought of. He was aa wonderful artist and we were lucky he displayed is beautiful work so we could see it. He thought fo things we could do l to make it a better places -- like mouse races and Moose poems; he could get others to complete his ideas. I will miss. him ver much, as will many others. God bless you, Ken. I'm glad you get to see Alice again.



Robert & Stacey Goetz posted on 9/24/22

Uncle Terry was such a loving, caring, and supportive wonderful man. I have so many fond memories growing up spending time with him during my childhood. Our hearts are broken for his passing. Our love and support goes out to Aunt Judith, Jennifer, and Derek.


Rita Blockman posted on 9/23/22

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Lansing. I met him at the Windsor of Savoy where I interviewed him for a newspaper article. We immediately connected upon meeting one another. He talked about his wife in a memorable way and his lovely daughters. We both shared a love of art, and I loved seeing his paintings as well as his sculpture. I enjoyed hearing his views on teaching art to educators. I also loved his sense of humor. Kenneth Lansing made a deep impression on me, and I will always be thankful for having known him.


ARTICE JAMES posted on 9/23/22

My sympathy to Mark and all of the Cabutti family on the loss of Coach Cabutti and his Wife Joanne. Both of their lives have left our community a better place. Mark, your Father was a great man, He shared his wisdom with me that help me become the man that I am. Your Mother and Father was great public servant and God will Bless them for the work they did on this earth. May God Bless you and your Family.


Lynda Creutzburg posted on 9/23/22

I worked with Joanne at Provena for several years and I can truthfully say that I have never known anyone nicer. She was always upbeat, and had a great sense of humor. Everyone loved her.


Michael posted on 9/22/22

Like many, I was lucky to have Noel as an econ professor. He was exceptionally strange, heartfelt, kind, and intelligent (and funny, yes, I wouldn't skip over that, Noel). We met swimming during public hours at Eastern's pool and he convinced me to take his class, where I learned about supply/demand curves using otters and whiskey as learning tools. We would swim three times a week and chat about anything and everything, and he bestowed upon me the nickname 'Aqualung'. He showed me his old Jaguar, the 'Mousemobile', and we became friends such that when I graduated, he hosted a get together at his home to celebrate, and we shared an old Scotch. Noel was a delight, pure and simple. He made people smile wherever he went, and I hope we can learn from him: don't take things too seriously and try to make the world better in your own way. I'll miss you Noel, you left us too soon.


Andrew and Christina Perryman posted on 9/21/22

Thank you for making the effort to be at our wedding and family celebrations over the years! While I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you well, your support for your extended relatives and their loved ones spoke volumes. I hope your surviving family are finding peace knowing you are untied with your husband and son and celebrating with your Heavenly Father!


Jane Plankenhorn posted on 9/21/22

Dave was a wonderful man, so loving, kind and faithful. What a blessing it was to know him. Jane & Bob Plankenhorn


Bill and Ellen Fondren, Inverness Florida posted on 9/21/22

When we moved to Savoy we became friends of your mother and dad. They were great people and gave so much to the community of Savoy. Then I worked with your mother at the U of I hospital and really got to know and respect her. She was a beautiful person. The last time I saw her was 2 years ago when we were home. We had a beautiful visit and laughed about the good time we shared. I know you will miss your mother so very much. I will miss seeing her when we come home also. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this time of sorrow but remember the good and wonderful memories and things will be brighter.


Leroy and Gwen Powell posted on 9/21/22

So sorry to receive word that my long time friend has passed. Our love , and prayers, to the family.


Diane Fall posted on 9/20/22

Oh Michele! We were out of town, and upon returning saw the obituary for Emily in the newspaper. We are all in shock! Emily was Jennifer's first friend when we moved to Mahomet 27 years ago. Those times a the t-ball field and coming alongside you and Larry during his illness are very dear in our hearts. May God hold you tight as you travel this new road without your sweet Emily. If you ever feel like having coffee sometime, I would love that. Sending lots of love and hugs, Diane, Chet and Jennifer


Diane Fall posted on 9/20/22

Oh Michelle! We were out of town and upon returning saw the obituary for Emily in the paper. We are all in shock! Emily was Jennifer's first friend when we moved to Mahomet 27 years ago. Those days at the t-ball field and then coming alongside you and Larry during his illness are very dear in our hearts. If you ever feel like having coffee sometime, I' d love that. Sending lots of love and hugs. Diane, Chet and Jennifer


Steve and Janie Schomberg posted on 9/20/22

Terry was as trusted and dependable colleague as one could imagine. I enjoyed our work together and celebrate his successes. His personal knowledge of world opinion leaders was a great gift to the reputation of Illinois as one after another impressive expert keynoted the World Affairs Conferences. Our condolence and sympathies.


Bill Andresen posted on 9/20/22

I was a couple of years younger than Sid at SHS> He was quarterback on a state championship football team, point guard on the basketball team and sprinter on the track team. He went to Kansas on a football scholarship along with another Nebraskan named Gayle Sayers. He was a kind and caring person and will be missed.


Mack R. Turner posted on 9/20/22

Thinking of you and your family as you celebrate the life of your beloved mother and father. May your happy memories give you peace and comfort during this difficult time. My deepest condolences.


Cindy Nelson Somers posted on 9/20/22

Mark & Gay - what a blessing that your mother joined your father so soon after his passing. I know it is never easy, but I do know from experience that this is truly a blessing for them to be reunited. They were great neighbors to us growing up! Love and sympathy to you -


Cindy Somers posted on 9/20/22

Homer was our favorite Ref at the Y when our kids were in basketball there! He had a great attitude, always smiling and having fun with all of us! So sad to see of his passing. Sympathy to his family.


Doug VanVooren posted on 9/19/22

I started at the U of I in the fall of 1977. Dean Wessels was a mentor and the most influential person during my college years. He made me feel welcome and made me believe I could succeed at this big University. We connected a few times after graduation but not enough. This man was special and he provided guidance and leadership to many. At times important people enter my mind and I google them to see where they are. I just discovered Dean Wessels passed away in 2018. It's now 2022. I wish his family peace and comfort from the memories of this great man!


mike kurlakowsky posted on 9/19/22

So sorry to hear of the passing of Lee and JoAnne, he was my football coach in 1962 what a great person he was. Loved to hear his stories when he was in southern Illinois. P.E. class was always a fun time with Lee. May god bless the Cabutti family in this time sorrow. They will be missed. R.I.P.


Jim Onderdonk posted on 9/19/22

I first met Terry when we both worked at continuing ed. He was relentlessly cheerful and brightened up our offices with his presence. Years later I remember how tickled he was when we discussed Jen's wrestling alter ego, Jane Austen. I also remember how he loved his visits to Wyoming and being with family there. Please accept our deepest condolences. Jim Onderdonk and Mary Timmins


Kevin Booker posted on 9/19/22

On behalf of the UIC Police Department, we send our sincerest condolences to Cindy and the entire Klein family. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all during this time of sorrow.


Sherry Cordes Fisher posted on 9/18/22

I worked with Joann for many years at provena. She was in all one of the kindest souls I have ever met. A beautiful giving heart and not a negative word towards anyone. Truly one of god’s saint’s on earth


Lisa Romack posted on 9/18/22

I sure love stan and pat. I am so sorry to hear about pat. She was my buddy when I was at Bickford Senior Living. Stan you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Debbie McCartney posted on 9/18/22

We send our deepest sympathy to the Cabutti Fsmily! Your parents were amazing people and they will be truly missed! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Bob & Debbie McCartney



John Coronado posted on 9/18/22

Sending prayers for Dr. Klein and his family. Cindy, so sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you during this sorrowful time.


Dennis and Johnette Sparks posted on 9/18/22

We would like to extend our sympathy to Mark and all of the Cabutti family on the loss of Lee and Joanne. Both of their lives have left our community a better place. In the 1960’s all of central Illinois knew what “Cabutti ball” meant! May the Lord hold your family in His hands and give you peace. Hugs! Dennis & Johnette


Francis A. Boyle posted on 9/18/22

I am very sorry to read about the death of George. We bonded together and became friends at College of Law events because we had both survived Harvard Law School. George was an outstanding and principled Judge with a great sense of humor. I mourn his passing. Francis A. Boyle Professor of Law University of Illinois College of Law


Kelsey M Goetz posted on 9/17/22

He was truly an amazing genuine man that lived a full life he'll be missed by us all. May he rest in peace.


Larry & Sandy McPheron Phipps posted on 9/17/22

Found memories of Lee (Leo) and the rest of the Cabutti family. Lee was a great man just like his father. What a life of great accomplishments my ole Stiriz neighbor through the years. We know he will be greatly missed in the sports world and especially by his family. Our heartfelt prayers go out to one and all.


Joseph Dewees HTHS ‘55 posted on 9/17/22

RIP Coach Cabutti. Was my coach at Herrin High School. I also attended Interlochen Music Camp with Coach for 2 summers in high school where we worked in the kitchen and worked on our basketball skills. He was a positive influence during my high school years.


Donna & Jim Carter posted on 9/17/22

Sending our love, thoughts and prayers to Michele, Jake and Cari. I can remember the day Emily was born, her childhood years and the beautiful young lady she became. Miss Emily will always be a shining light in our hearts.


Donna & Jim Carter posted on 9/16/22

Jim and I are sending our love, thoughts and prayers to Michele, Jake and Cari. I can remember the day Emily was born, her childhood years and the young lady she became. Miss Emily will always be a bright shining light in our hearts.


Roger Bennett posted on 9/16/22

Worland class of 57 was a great class and Terry was great at keeping us up to date on all class members. Unfortunately not great on letting us know about him and he will be missed. May he be in God’s hands now.


Oliver Bradley posted on 9/16/22

Terry gifted me with my first ever truly meaningful working experiences. The priceless skills that Terry, Pola Triandis and Elaine taught me 35 years ago, at the Office of Continuing Education in International Affairs, where we also put together the Central Illinois World Affairs Conferences, impact me positively to this very day. Terry and Pola never ceased to honor me and my work - proactively recommending me for bigger and better job opportunities years after I had already left Champaign-Urbana. I feel blessed not only to have had Terry and his team in my life but also for having been showered with their wisdom - sustainably and for the future to come. Thank you Terry for for being a role model with unbounded kindness, filled with courage that we can learn from. May your family's mourning give way to joyful memories and may those memories be a blessing. Fondly, Oliver Bradley



Adam Staniszeski posted on 9/16/22

May you find endless canals to dance across.


Bruce Henrikson posted on 9/16/22

I am very sorry for the loss of Dick for his family. I only met him a few times, but I believe we can sometimes have knowledge of a person's life based on his children. The lives of Terry and Susan confirm he had a wonderful life.


Jim Reid posted on 9/16/22

Dear family, We were shocked and saddened to learn Dick had passed. We have been friends a long time. I first met Dick at SIU where we had several classes together. We taught and coached in Marion. He started as an assistant in basketball and track. In 1963 he became head coach. We started playing golf together about that time and continued until late in life. Our families continued in summer and winter in IL and FL. We spent a month next door to each other one winter in Naples. It was always good to get together and talk sports, families and golf. Patti preceded Dick in death and they will be truly missed. Jim and Pat Reid


Sandra Richter posted on 9/16/22

I enjoyed getting to see your parents again at our Rend Lake family reunions. I didn't know them well but they were always friendly and loving. Your dad was usually out playing golf. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. May your faith and the love of family give you strength for the days ahead.


Denoris Dillard RN posted on 9/15/22

It was a privilege working with Emily,she was an exceptional nurse, I will dearly miss her.To the family I pray the peace and comfort of Jesus Christ be with you all.


Ron Eaker posted on 9/15/22

I was blessed to know Terry as a fellow member of First UMC Church of Champaign, but got to know him best through the Swiller's Coffee group (an informal gathering every Thursday morning to drink coffee and "solve the world's problems!" Terry's knowledge and keen awareness of life with a dose of genuine caring made him an important part of my retirement life.


Ron Eaker posted on 9/15/22

I was privileged to know Terry through the Coffee Swiller's group which met on Thursday mornings to drink coffee and "solve the worlds' problems"! His wisdom and sincerely genuine friendship became an important element of my retirement life.


Corinne posted on 9/15/22

Bright, smiling, adventurous is how I will remember Emily


Andrea B Bohn posted on 9/15/22

Terry, you have been oh so bright shining light. I've been struggling with my faith in recent years, but it is people like you who are a testimony that make me doubt my doubts. You are a salt of the earth. Wishing warmth and comfort to all of love an miss you, especially your family. Your posting on facebook over the past few month have been so precious. Even as you felt death approaching you have been a role model.


Sarah Pence-Holcomb posted on 9/15/22

As Sharon’s daughters know, I felt like she was a mom to me. I loved Sharon as she were my own. Thanks for sharing her, Ann and Jenny.


Betty Lacy posted on 9/15/22

:I worked at Allerton and loved when Terry came out. He was a sweet person and will be missed. Prayers for the family.


Mona Benschneider-DeGrofft posted on 9/14/22

Homer is an amazing man and father! I got to know him when my daughter, Kanay and Tyler went to school together! He was always friendly, best smile, always happy great attitude and loved life. I looked forward to seeing him and the family at school functions. He worked hard to provide for his family and community! Always a ray of sunshine! My thoughts and continued prayers for everyone! God has a special place for Homer! FLY High Young Man!


Ray Ronk posted on 9/14/22

Served a few years with Terry on the board of the Central Illinois Exporters Association. What a wonderful man! Condolences to the family .


Dave roesch posted on 9/14/22

Homer worked for me as a stagehand at the State Farm center. He was a very hard worker and super nice guy. Always had a big smile. RIP my friend


Ruth Anderson posted on 9/14/22

Pam, So sorry to read of Homer's death. May you and your family find comfort and strength.


Patricia Baldwin posted on 9/14/22

I worked with Emily and to me she was one the best nurses I’ve encountered always willing to help her coworkers gone to soon but she will never be forgotten rip


Robin Roberts posted on 9/13/22

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about Emily. It has been a long time since Girl Scouts, but I remember she was one of the sparks of the troop. You and your family are in my thoughts.


Susan Stout posted on 9/13/22

Tim, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. An interesting tidbit that she was born in the car when her parents were travelling! Peace be with you all. Susan Stout


Susan Stout posted on 9/13/22

Michele and Jake: I have no idea what you are feeling right now. Just know that we are thinking of you both. Please except our sincere condolences from the Stout family. Susan Stout


Bob Cylkowski posted on 9/13/22

I am very sorry for your loss. I am not sure if I ever met Emily, but her father Larry was my office mate for a time during a lot of his health ordeals. I always enjoyed his sense of humor and miss working with him.


Sarah Tester Kirby posted on 9/13/22

You always had a smile on your face, time to catch up and good things to say. You’ll be missed old friend.


Eileen Lichtblau posted on 9/13/22

I remember Emily as a little girl at Lincoln Trail in Mahomet. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.



Jennifer posted on 9/13/22

Rest peacefully in Heaven


Roz Drake posted on 9/13/22

To Stan and the family; Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow. I worked with Pat at John Hancock from 1974 until she retired. Pat was caring, patient and loving.


Teri Payne posted on 9/13/22

I'm so sorry Michelle of hearing of the death of Emily. I remember meeting her when you were our school nurse at Unity West Elementary. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.


Lisa Mettler posted on 9/13/22

So very sorry for your loss.



Kathryn & Dale posted on 9/13/22

Prayers for comfort and strength.



Shon Jasper posted on 9/12/22

Homer was a great guy! We grew up in our early teens together in the neighborhood. He was always helpful to all who knew him. He was soft spoken and humble. He had an infectious smile, and was always showing himself as a friend. He will be missed. His Mother and my Grandmother became good friends through us. When Neighbors were Neighbors.️ Bless The Family. AMEN.


Jimbob arnold posted on 9/12/22




Christie Summers posted on 9/12/22

I loved your dad, one of my favorite teachers



Christie Summers posted on 9/12/22

Beth I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of your Mother. I was out of state. Thinking of you.



Junetta Schiaretti posted on 9/12/22

Truly one of the kindest souls I have ever met. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.



Betsy Anderson posted on 9/12/22

Dick Jones was a man of character, integrity, honesty, and regard for others. He was devoted to his family and was very protective of his girls. He will be remembered by his family, and especially by the teams he coached.


Nancy Serafini posted on 9/11/22

Lots of good “cousin memories” made with Dick, Pat and family thru the years! He was a huge part of Hussmann family gatherings! Much love and sympathy to the Jones family - your Dad will be missed by many.


Sister Rose posted on 9/10/22

Dorothy was a wonderful big sister too me and when mom died she became my mom and my sister. I loved her so much, she will always be in my ❤


Rich McDonald posted on 9/10/22

Dear Family of Sharon Davis, First a hug of sympathy and understanding. I wonder if there are any words to help you as you begin to adjust to Sharon’s death. Some days I doubt it, but here are some that have comforted me:   Take joy in realizing the influence he had on you, especially the love Sharon shared with you.   Savor the preciousness of Life.   Be kind to yourself in the coming days as you continue to grow around her absence in your life. When I remember Sharon, I recall her warm hugs. Sharon took pleasure in calling me her “Library Twin”, reminding me that we were hired on the same day in 1977. I put off writing this note as a way of avoiding the finality of her leaving. I will miss her.


Julie Schutzius posted on 9/8/22

Mr. George was a fine man and I am blessed to have known him and Diane. Please accept my sincere condolences to the entire family. <3 He will be greatly missed.


Kenneth E. Baughman JD posted on 9/7/22

A good friend & a good judge.


Karen R. Silver posted on 9/7/22

My condolences to the family & friends of George Miller. Such a good, honorable man. He will be missed by the many of us who knew him and will always think of him fondly.


Bruce and Kathy Rhoads posted on 9/7/22

Dear Colin Saw the obituary for Carole in the paper. So sorry for your loss. We can’t imagine what you, Stephen and Jeffrey are going through right now, but Kathy and I wanted to let you know that you are all in our thoughts at this difficult time.


Al DuPree posted on 9/6/22

It was just by chance that I became aware of Bob’s passing just now from an internet search. I wanted to send my deepest sympathies to his family. I was a TA for Bob at CMU back in the 80’s. In fact, we had thanksgiving dinner together in 1985. Bob’s impact on my thinking and my career were indeed profound. Thirty five years on, I still very much feel the influence of his classes and the things he tried to impart. We’ve lost an exceptional mind, a brilliant educator, and just a fundamentally great guy.


Charles & Karen Delheimer posted on 9/6/22

Our deepest sympathy to Lanette's entire family. I am glad that Martika persevered and was able to reunite the entire family prior to her passing. I am sure that she was very grateful that you were able to do that for her and Nicholas. With closure came peace of mind, a priceless gift.


Judy Quinn and Patrick Murphy posted on 9/6/22

Our sincerest condolences to the Geis family. Wishing each of you peace, comfort and courage during this difficult time of sorry and change.


Julie Weishar posted on 9/5/22

I am so sorry I missed seeing the obituary in time to attend. Eileen was my prayer partner at perpetual adoration at St. Matt’s for years. She was a lovely person with a beautiful soul. I will miss her smile and loving personality! She was always so sweet to our whole family.


Teresa Cuttell posted on 9/5/22

So sorry to hear about the passing of this wonderful lady. She was the definition of “lightning up a room”. She truly made everyone feel special, and like she was their grandma. After reading her obituary, I am inspired to try to live like her. Truly one of a kind, in the best possible way - The Cuttell Family


Kenny posted on 9/4/22



david vineyard posted on 9/2/22

Barbara never seemed to meet a stranger. She treated everyone like her family. A loving woman who will be missed!


Debby Reynolds posted on 9/2/22

Barbara was immensely kind, caring, and thoughtful. She was a loving spouse, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her legacy will live on in her family aross the US. Family was everything to Barb. I'm blessed to have known her and grateful my children had such an amazing grandma! We should all aspire to be more like her. I know Barb is rejoicing in heaven to be reunited with the love of her life. I like to imagine them sitting outside around a campfire with Gussie at their feet sipping on a cocktail just reminiscing.


Wade Delzell posted on 9/2/22

I'm so sorry for the loss Aunt Eileen was amazing. She is loved and will be missed


Carol Grabher posted on 9/2/22

Knew your Mom a lot of years atSt. Matthew--she was a very lovely lady! And always friendly.


Sophia Skordas posted on 9/1/22

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. May John R. Geis be at peace with God.


Terry Trimble posted on 9/1/22

Mary, Beth, Amy and John I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mom was a wonderful person.


Betty Dunn posted on 9/1/22

I’m so glad I stopped to see her and visit on my trip to Illinois. Many happy memories of our times with her and Hugh.


Sherrita Moody posted on 9/1/22

I am so sorry for your loss. She was an amazing woman and so kind. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Linda Frierson posted on 9/1/22

Amy sorry for your loss. I pray God comfort you and your family.


Julie (Bryan) Pendzialek posted on 9/1/22

Dear Eileen was a great friend to my parents Alice & Benny Bryan, as well as to our whole family. She made sure her friends & family knew the love she had for us all. Sending thoughts of comfort to Eileen's family.


Emily (Bain) Thompson posted on 8/31/22

So sorry for your loss. Aunt Eileen will be greatly missed. She was an amazing, loving woman


Becky Mullins posted on 8/31/22

Sandy, Beth and Geis Family, So sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and father. He was a good one! John visited Beth’s office from time to time when I worked for her. His visits were always fun and memorable. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time of loss.


Nina pipes posted on 8/31/22

I really didn't know her but she looked like a nice lady my prayers for the family



Lori Woodworth posted on 8/31/22

I spent many hours on the volleyball court with Lanette in high school, she was such a fun person. I’m sorry to say I didn’t keep in touch but any time I ran in to her, she was always smiling. My prayers to her family.


Susan Reinhardt posted on 8/31/22

I’m still having a difficult time believing she is gone. There was so much love in this woman and, luckily, I was one of the recipients. She loved to entertain and to be entertained! My prayers and thoughts to her sweet family. She will be greatly missed.



Terri Cunningham posted on 8/31/22

RIP: You will be missed


Donna Skaggs posted on 8/31/22

Dear Sandy and Family, It was wonderful getting to speak to you recently when, by chance we saw each other at Panera. I recall you mentioning that John had recently been in and out of the hospital and back and forth to Rehab facilities. My heart felt sympathies as you mourn his loss , praying his journey to Heaven to be with our Lord will be expeditious. I always enjoyed working under your guidance Sandy. Perhaps at some time in the future you, Linda Douglas and I might share a lunch together. Blessings to you and your entire family, Donna Skaggs PS: My husband Tom may have gone to school with one of your son's if he went to Central?


Dawn Matteson posted on 8/31/22

Eileen was like a second mother to me. She put up with us crazy girls but I know she loved us fully. I will miss this beautiful lady. My heartfelt condolences to my sweet friend Amy and the rest of the Lindgren family.


Michael Doerr posted on 8/30/22

Sandy and family: Please accept my condolences and heartfelt sympathies for you loss. I have had several interactions with John at Americana, Shelter Insurance and St. Philomena. I keep you in my thoughts.


Jim and Jackie Barkmeier posted on 8/30/22

To Sandy and family. We first became friends with Sandy through our common hour of eucharistic adoration. We have subsequently met and become friends with John as well, and feel blessed have known him. We will miss him down here.



connie brown posted on 8/30/22

Our deepest sympathy and love to the family. John Reed and Connie Brown


Dr. and Mrs. Dick Helfrich posted on 8/30/22

To Sandy and Family. So sorry for your loss. Many memories of John by way of working with Sandy over the years.


Eileen Langevin posted on 8/30/22

Geis, we are so heartbroken for your loss, your dad was such a wonderful part of your life and he helped shape you into the man you are today.(at least the good parts!) I wish we could be there with you during this difficult journey. Know that we are sending you all our love and prayers. May the many happy memories from a life well lived bring a smile to you and your family during this difficult walk. Peace, Love and Sympathy. The Langevin Crew



Carl Corriveau posted on 8/30/22

John(Sarge), We Light A Blue Candle today For Your Dad. We Have Your Back My Brother. God Bless.


Carl Corriveau posted on 8/30/22

John(Sarge), On Behalf Of The Berlin Police Union L264 and Myself, We Send Our Deepest Condolences on the recent Loss of Your Dad. I know First hand How Difficult it is to loose a Parent. Our Thoughts and Prayers are With You and Your Family Always, through these Difficult times. God Bless You Brother...


JR Brock posted on 8/30/22

So sorry for your loss!



Mary Pollio posted on 8/29/22

With deepest sympathy to the Geis Family at your time of loss.


Gayla and Dan Pellum posted on 8/29/22

Such a wonderful man! We will miss your stories. Heaven gained a good one. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family.


Michael and Christine Pritchard posted on 8/29/22

A special family and a special person. June will be in many memories and hearts of all my good friends in the area. I will never forget the Florida trip Doc and her made where i learned and sampled that great Italian beef! We send our prayers and condolences to the family.


Bob and Sherry Steigmann posted on 8/28/22

Anthea, Chrissy, and family Our sincerest condolences on your loss of such a special and beloved man.


NANCY YEAGLE posted on 8/28/22

Dear Schwalbe Family, I had the pleasure of knowing Tom back in the mid- nineties while working for Ann Osterling Therapy Associates as an OT. Ann rented an office from Tom where he brought his dear Chrissy to us to provide Speech and OT services. We loved Chrissy so much! Tom was unfailingly kind and such a caring loving father to both of his girls. My heart goes out to you all in losing him so early to such a dreadful disease. Love, Nancy Yeagle


Patti L Grider posted on 8/28/22

He was a Wonderful man! He was our Maintenance Man and I had a little dog named Boomer! Randy and Boomer were best buddies! No matter where Randy was, if Boomer heard his voice, he would drag me to Randy! Boomer loved Randy so very much and I thought very highly of Randy! I cared about him, about his health and well being! I called him a few times after he left the Edge of Mall and his Spirits were always high and we would always talk about his buddy Boomer! You will truly be missed my friend, and you were loved ! Please give Boomer a big hug and kiss for me if you will, because I know that you two are together again!



Bob Kraft posted on 8/26/22

Tom you will be missed. R.I.P. You are in the arms of Jesus now, making Jesus smile and at the same time offering your dental service for free. Thanks and will miss you.


Joyce Hofmann posted on 8/26/22

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Tom Schwalbe. He was a great dentist. After my first visit to Schwalbe Family Dentistry I knew I would never switch. I loved the motto "We Cater to Cowards." My reluctance to go to a dentist disappeared. Fortunately since Tom's retirement I have been Dr. Anthea Schwalbe's patient. It was also fun to chat with Tom. He had such a pleasant personality. We were the same age and he would tease me about retiring before he did. My deepest sympathy to his family for their loss.


Jack Troxell posted on 8/26/22

Very sorry for your loss. Gene was a good friend for many years. Enjoy the many wonderful memories he provided. Blessings to the family. Suzanne & Jack


Joyce Hofmann posted on 8/26/22

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Tom Schwalbe. He was a great dentist. After my first visit to Schwalbe Family Dentistry I knew I would never switch. I loved the motto "We Cater to Cowards." My whole outlook on going to a dentist changed. Fortunately since Tom's retirement I have been looked after by Dr. Anthea Schwalbe. It was also fun to chat with Tom. He had such a pleasant personality. We were the same age and he used to tease me about retiring before he did. My deepest sympathy to his family for their loss.


Joyce Hofmann posted on 8/26/22

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Tom Schwalbe. He was a wonderful dentist. After my first visit to Schwalbe Family Dentistry I knew that I would never switch. I loved the motto "We Cater to Cowards." My whole outlook on going to a dentist had changed. Fortunately since Tom's retirement I have been looked after by Dr. Anthea Schwalbe. It was also fun to chat with Tom. He had such a pleasant personality and treated everyone with kindness. We were the same age and he would tease me about retiring before he did. My deepest sympathy to his family for their loss.


Marty and Annette Verdick posted on 8/26/22

Nancy, Anthea and family. We were so sorry to hear of Toms passing. He was a wonderful man and a great dentist. We were so greatful to have known him since we moved to Champaign. He will truly be missed. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to all of you.


Roscoe Pershing posted on 8/26/22

Dr. Tom Schwalbe was my dentist for many years until his retirement and now Dr. Anthea continues the dental practice in a very strong and wonderful way for me and for many others. I recall Dr. Tom was always interested in his patients and found Ingenius ways to help and heal challenging tooth problems, sometime from accidental damage or other unusual situations. Dr. Anthea continues with this same interest in patients and finding viable solutions to each situation. My condolences and my appreciation are hereby expressed to all the family.


Joyce Salogga Williams posted on 8/25/22

Our parents were good friends and we all attended St John’s Decatur. Lots of fun memories. Condolences to the children and grandchildren as well as Larry, Brian and Marcia


Joyce Salogga Williams posted on 8/25/22

Our parents were good friends and we all attended St. John’s in Decatur. Many fun memories. Condolences to all of you.


Claudette Gonsiorowski posted on 8/25/22

Nancy and Anthea: Ted and I are so sorry for your loss. Tom was such a nice person and a great dentist. We are also sorry we will be out of town and will miss the services on Monday. May God rest his soul and give you peace.


Ellen Banks posted on 8/25/22

I will truly miss Dr. Schwalbe. He was a kind and compassionate dentist who made sitting in the dental chair much easier due to his understanding manner. Not every dentist has that skill. My thoughts and prayers are with the Schwalbe family at this time.


Randy posted on 8/25/22

Dr. Schwalbe was such a wonderful person, I remember he always call me Jeff George(because I looked like him). Made me laugh many times. Made me feel comfortable sitting in a dentist chair. He will be truly missed. Randy Brown


Inga Karliner posted on 8/25/22

Dear Dr Anthea, Jon Thaler and I send our sincere condolences.


Doug and Lisa Evenson posted on 8/25/22

We remember him as a devoted husband and loving father. He was always sitting on the left hand side up front at St. John’s, making this a priority for his family. Thanks be to God he is in the presence of his Lord.


Chad Dillavou posted on 8/25/22

Kim and Ken, we are so sorry for the loss that you and the entire Zarbuck extended family are experiencing right now. We are so thankful that you were able to spend time with June in the final days and have you all in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless. The Dillavous.


Georgiana Schuster posted on 8/25/22

I am sorry for the passing of Tom. You have my deepest condolences.


Judy Short posted on 8/25/22

Dear Anthea and Schwalbe family. I was so saddened to read of your father's passing. My deepest sympathy. Please know that I care and am sending many prayers, much love and lots of hugs.


Brad Smith posted on 8/25/22

My prayers and sorrow to Tom’s family. I was blessed to have known him.


Brad Smith posted on 8/25/22

Tom, in high school and I’m certain for the test of jos life, was a kind man, a principled man and a true professional. It is with absolute certainly he was a good husband, father and grandfather. We were so blessed to know him. My prayers and sorrow to his family.


Michele Nelson-Baket posted on 8/24/22

Zarbuck family, I was so blessed to be able to visit with June bug in June for over an hour and a half still living in our own home doing well! You are all so lucky to have been blessed with her for so many years and so healthy during those years!


Michele Nelson-Baket posted on 8/24/22

Zarbuck family was blessed to have Junebug for so many years!!!!!


Michele Nelson-Baket posted on 8/24/22

Zarbuck kids, The Nelson family loved your mom! I was so happy to have had a wonderful hour and 1/2 catching up with her in June while I was in Champaign in her living room where she still lived awesomely well into her 90’s! You are all blessed to have had so many great years and memories made with her!!!! Love, Michele


Stacey Cornell posted on 8/24/22

I know Gene from his years of playing tennis in the morning men's group he organized at the Champaign Park District Tennis Center. He was funny and a good tennis player.


Mary Alice Cochrane Hughes posted on 8/24/22

What a great lady! She gave me my first ever babysitting job starting with Gwain and Morgan; and then along came Denise, Drew and Kimberly. Periodically there were extra kids because of an Illini game, a little wild but fun and always paid very well. Thank you June for having faith in a 10 year old girl. My sincerest condolences in her passing and your Dad's.


Sandra Ford posted on 8/24/22

Betty and family. So sorry to hear of Gene's passing. I remember the good times we had working at First Federal and it was an honor knowing Gene. You are in my prayers.


Paul and Becky Luedtke posted on 8/21/22

I only found out about John's passing last month. I was saddened that we would not see him on our visit to Champaign. I have very fond memories of our time together on the Urbana High School Swim team and our friendship in the ensuing years. Our heartfelt condolences to his family. He was greatly loved. We'll miss him. But "what he always believe in this life, he now sees." Omnis, qui credit in ipsum, non pereat, sed habeat vitam aeternam


Tom Swanger posted on 8/20/22

Cheryl was my first love in high school. I still have a lamp she gave me for Christmas. I’ve never forgotten her



Kate Donahue posted on 8/18/22

We love and miss you aunt Rita


Brian B Kahn posted on 8/18/22

May his memory be a enduring blessing, Zichrono livracha. I remember Bob well, taught several of his children in Urbana, and often visited following High Holiday services. Thinking of all of you at this time.


Dorothe Trick posted on 8/17/22

It is with sadness but wonderful memories that I am thinking of my good friend, Jean. She was one of the first people I met when we both moved into Urbana in 1965. She, Barb Sovereign, and Mary Lou Day would pick up doughnuts and come to my house each week that first year in town where we put Billy in the high chair and settled down to brush up on our bridge skills, or non-skills! That began a wonderful friendship with the four of us until only Jean and I were left in town. We still made sure to have an annual luncheon visit for many years and it allowed me to catch up on all the family. I was fortunate to have Nancy as my doctor and Elizabeth and Kathleen in my preschool classes. Ginny was also an occasional babysitter while we lived nearby. The past few years Jean and I have not been able to get together and I'm sorry that I was unaware that Danny passed away last year. I'm sure that Jean is rejoicing by being with him and Ken in God's embracing love. My sympathy goes to all the family in whom she expressed her joy and pride. I will miss a true friend.


Jean Gothard posted on 8/17/22

I have very fond memories of Mrs. Henderson. I remember sweeping up the hair on the floor at the beauty shop on 5th street. Watching T.V. at the house on Main Street, and Paul would throw his socks at us. One time we saw a scary movie and were in the car ready to come home. Little did we know that Paul was standing in front of the car with his arms out to scare us when we turned the lights on, yes, we screamed. My favorite memory was I was sitting at McDonald's on Philo Road eating, and I heard a familiar voice. I was pleased to look across the room and there was Clara and Paul. I was thrilled. Such fun memories. She was a gem! Always smiling and fun loving. My prayers and condolences for Larry and the family. May God Bless.



Susan M posted on 8/16/22

Clara, you will be missed by family, neighbors, friends, and my pup & me on our walks - always checking your home and seeing that friendly front door open knowing you were inside. I have much respect for how you took good care of yourself and your home, projecting strength and courage even with the losses you remembered with love. You will be remembered especially for one very special visit we had and with love.


Cathy Eastman posted on 8/15/22

Bev was such a positive person. She radiated warmth and appealed to the best in everyone. She made problems lighter and the days brighter. May the blessings she left behind in each of us be always remembered.


John Lehman posted on 8/15/22

Jim was a good friend for the last 20 yrs. I am glad to have known him. He had many great stories to share and insights from past experiences. He was kind and pleasant to be around. I will certainly miss him. May God comfort and bring peace to the family in this season.


Ron Henkelman posted on 8/15/22

Sharon and family, I send you all a big hug as I hear of Jim's passing. He was a good friend to me back in the day. We played fast pitch softball on the Carlock team, played a few rounds of golf at old Hazy Hills, played poker in Freddy Staples' basement, played basketball in the Carlock Grade School gym, traveled to Europe where he connected with his Scholer family from Switzerland, walked some bean fields in rural Danvers, and watched Chris play basketball at U-High. Oh the memories we shared. A full life he did enjoy and I appreciate his friendship over the years. God Bless Ol' Friend!


Kay Moran Peterson posted on 8/14/22

My condolences to Bev’s family and to those who loved her. Bev and I shared an office at the Natural History Survey and attended the same church at First Christian for s while. There were lots of laughs (as Bev wouldnt have it any other way) and we solved ‘world’ problems. She was a colorful lady, one whom I will miss knowing she is no longer on earth. I havent seen nor spoken to Bev for a long time, though she’s a sister forever. Peace be with you, Mark, she loved you so. It is comforting to know she with our heavenly father now - and her Harv. God bless.


Chuck Ragona posted on 8/14/22

Dawn and I are so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.


Luann Wiedenmann posted on 8/13/22

Bev was such a bright light and taught us a great deal about living. I’m so sorry for your loss.


Laura Allen posted on 8/13/22

Bev will be deeply missed. I’m thankful & blessed to have had her friendship. She was a kind, gentle person and her faith was so strong. Thankful she is no longer suffering. My deepest condolences to all her family.May God give you all comfort and strength. You are all in my prayers.


Anne L Parker posted on 8/13/22

Bev was a shining example of a witness for Christ. She was loving and generous with her time, wisdom and spirit. I will miss her always.


Dolly Lascari posted on 8/12/22

Dear Bev, You will always remain an inspiration to me and to so many. Thank you for that, and thank you for being my friend.


Belden Fields posted on 8/12/22

My condolences to Lucy and the Rich family on Bob's way too early passing.


Elaine Washington Harmon posted on 8/12/22

I send prayers of comfort for your loss. I knew Mr. Rich as an involved parent for his children in grade school. Anything that was needed or he could do he and his wife always made themselves available. They were great to work with. I am praying that God gives you comfort at this time.



Barbara Siegele posted on 8/12/22

Our heartfelt condolences. Family Schmid & Siegele, Austria


Deane Root and Doris Dyen posted on 8/12/22

Dear Lucy, Rebecca, Rachel, and Max, we are so sorry for your loss. We have such living and loving memories of our times together in Pittsburgh and our visit in Urbana, when our families’ futures seemed filled with limitless bright possibilities. It looks like Bob was able to achieve a whole constellation of good works with the loving support of his family. He is a dear part of us all now as we remember him.


Diane Gottheil posted on 8/12/22

I am saddened to learn of Bob’s death. Way too soon, in a life of accomplishment he had even more to give. My condolences to Lucy and family.



Shelly Glenn posted on 8/12/22

Lucy, Rebecca, Rachel, & Max, I am so very sorry for your loss. Love and hugs.


Mary Gossen posted on 8/11/22

Kari, I am so sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. Love Mary



Kiona Kittl- Webber posted on 8/11/22

Tim was always filling the room with laughter from his jokes. I'm honored to have learned so much from him these past few years in OUA.


Mary Slagle Morgan posted on 8/11/22

With love to you and yours, Kari. No doubt, your mother will always be remembered fondly with love, and I wish you and your family peace and sympathy at this time of loss and sadness.


University of Illinois, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, Academic Services posted on 8/10/22

Flanagin Family- We are incredibly sorry for the loss of Tim. He advised so many of our Fighting Illini student-athletes over the years and truly got to know them as individuals. He was always willing to meet with recruits and potential student-athletes and passionately showcase all the amazing things at the University of Illinois. His passion, excitement, and love for Illini athletics will never be forgotten. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with all of his friends and family.


Larry Waters posted on 8/8/22

Our condolences and thoughts are with all of you. Larry and Eileen Waters


Carol Deane Stevenson posted on 8/8/22

Gretchen, Karl, Christine: I was sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. Our parents were church friends in Sioux City and Gretchen and I were childhood friends. Your parents were always fun to be around. My sincere sympathy for your loss.


Susan McGrath posted on 8/8/22

Charles and I served together on the Champaign County Board for a period of time, and of course I remember his service on the Zoning Board of Appeals as well. He was a pleasure to work with in both of those capacities. Charles was easy to talk to, had a great sense of humor, and also had a very strong sense of the practical. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, and wanted to offer my condolences to his family. He was a good man and a good servant to our community.


Suzanne Maringer posted on 8/7/22

He was a true gentleman. Kind, gentle, and so filled with joy! He and Mimi invited me into their home several years ago and we had such fun! Memories held deep in my heart forever. One day we shall see you in Paradise.


Nancy Lopeman posted on 8/7/22

I will never forget Phil and your family. Phil was my mentor with SCORE and when I decided to move the project to North Carolina SCORE in C-U continued to help me. I grew up with Angela and WISH that I would have been closer. I asked my brother represent me at the visitation and give you all hugs from me. He went to the funeral home instead of the church. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers and have been for many years. Thank you for your hospice work and volunteering with SCORE. Everyone was blessed to have Phil and your family in our lives. God bless you all, Nancy Lopeman



Gary and Gertrude D Matthews posted on 8/7/22

Chuck was one of the first people to welcome us to the community and to offer us assistance when my wife Trudy & I moved here in 1988, and he was a steadfast friend and supporter over the years since, as long as he was physically able. He was especially helpful in supporting the Mahomet Area Boys & Girls Club (now Mahomet Area Youth Club) by opening his farm to us for cookouts and other fund-raising events, and providing hayrides for the Club members, which was a unique experience for disadvantaged kids.



Susan Nelson posted on 8/7/22

Forever a Maverick! Charlie was a beloved member of the class of 1967 who will be remembered for his genuine friendliness and gentle nature.


Cheryl Osborn posted on 8/7/22

How sad I was to hear of Jim’ s passing. I enjoyed going with my dad, Bob Lee, to the Eisner weekly breakfast at Taffies then Sammy’s. Jim always had a smile on his face and a kind word to share. You and your family are in my thoughts these days


John Elder posted on 8/7/22

Phil was a great guy and always interested in other people and in serving the Lord. He always had a smile on his face. He will be missed. May all of you in his family be blessed. LOIS and JOHN ELDER


Michael Tokarz posted on 8/6/22

Nancy and I send our condolences to Kathy and the entire Micek family. I have wonderful memories of working with Sid on the Illinois Foundation Board. He loved the University and was a master of building new relationships and engaging new and old friends. He had a brilliant smile that was contagious and his kindness was felt by all who knew him. Sid will always remain in our hearts.


J posted on 8/6/22

Mike was an inspiration. We knew each other in our twenties. We met when he was a musician, doing manual labor for work, and tearing about computers and putting them back together…for fun! Back then, was just starting to go to school for computer programming. I’m glad he achieved his dream of working in gaming field. I can only imagine the man he became, but am confident he touched many people with his humor, random acts of kindness, and quest for knowledge. Condolences to his family and friends.


Denny & Barb posted on 8/6/22

Dear Kess & Family, You were blessed with a principled, kind and caring husband/father/grandfather - May he RIP. Tight lines Chuck!!


Jennifer Prewitt posted on 8/5/22

I am so sorry for family loss. I remember Mrs. Carlyle when she and her first husband lived in our neighborhood. They were both real nice people.


Maureen Bartlett posted on 8/5/22

So sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing; I know you will miss her dearly. My heartfelt condolences and comforting thoughts during this time of mourning. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be in touch soon. Love you with unending hugs! Maureen and Bob



Frank and Bonnie Bailen posted on 8/5/22

Thanking Sid for his devoted love to Kathy and her family. He was truly a gift.


NANCY HICKLE posted on 8/5/22

Dear Sue and Family, Sorry to hear of Buck's passing Tuesday. He's now is his loving Father's hands. My sympathies to you and the family. Love, Nan


NANCY HICKLE posted on 8/5/22

Dear Sue and Family, Sorry to read of Buck's passing Tuesday. He's now at peace in his loving Father's hands. My sympathies to you and the family. Love, Nan


Mike Nass posted on 8/5/22

While I had known Sid for a short while through our association with the CDGA as the current president I interacted with him often in that short time. He was a huge asset to our foundation and we will certainly miss his expertise. My sincere condolences to Kathy and the Micek family.


Bob and Carol Phillippe posted on 8/5/22

We will miss you Charlie. Your memory is a blessing.


Galen Schwaner posted on 8/5/22

So many memories of SID. HE was in our wedding in 1963. We played together in all the sports at SHS. Great athlete and one of my best friends.


George Ringler posted on 8/4/22

Goodbye Old Friend


Beth and Lippold Haken posted on 8/4/22

So sorry for your loss! Tim had a heart for service and made our community a better place.


Patricia Fiederer Brown posted on 8/4/22

It is so sad to lose another member of the Donahoe family. I know you are holding hands with my mother Phyllis and her sisters and brothers. You will be missed.


Dobriana and Zbigniew posted on 8/4/22

We are very sad to lose a good, kind and well-respected neighbor. Our condolences to the family.


Brian Hull posted on 8/4/22

I will always fondly remember E. Phillip Hoggatt. I was a 24 year old in 1979 looking to buy my first house. I went to other lenders in the area with $15,000 of my own money saved up, but they black balled me from getting a loan. I was getting discouraged after 3 weeks of disappointments until I ran into Phil at Urbana Savings and Loan. He gave me the loan in 24 hours! Phil and I would always warmly greet each other, whenever I seen Him in public, God bless Phil Hoggatt. A great friend he will ALWAYS be to me!!!!! Sorry for your family's, and Urbana's loss!!!! Brian Hull


Dan Setters posted on 8/4/22

To Phil's family, We have lost a very warm and loving friend and leader. Having worked with Phil over the past 30+ years he exemplified the life that Christ said we should live. He was a great example for us all and was willing to share his story with all who asked. I will miss his living example and walk with the Lord that he can now witness in person. Thanks for sharing Phil with all who took his time away from family and personal relationships. May he rest in peace along with Poly and in His Grace.


David and Kathy Neef posted on 8/4/22

Mark, Please know you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Thoughtfully, David and Kathy Neef


Ronald F. Movrich posted on 8/4/22

Hi, I knew Bill at Berkeley where he shared a beautiful house in the hills with another friend Jim Short. He liked tea (no milk please) and was a real gentleman. We were both grad students in History at Berkeley. Bill shared generously to me his knowledge of Washington, D.C., before I went on a research trip there. He was a nice man and an excellent historian.


Phyllis W Williams posted on 8/3/22

Phil was a wonderful, joyous man and we are so sorry he has passed from all of you. May you feel God’s comfort all around you. The family of Elmer (d 2003) and Patricia Brazelton


Barry & Jean Baker posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Adam. Jean and we’re saddened by the news of Phil’s passing. I was always looking for to hearing from him in the days prior to the Indy 500 wanting me to reserve a spot in the yard him. He will be missed by the all of the race fans here in our yard.


Barry Baker posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Adam Jean and I are saddened to hear of Phil’s passing. I always looked forward to his phone calls in the days prior to the Indy 500 and seeing him on race day.


Kelly A Chillarege posted on 8/3/22

Kari, my thoughts and prayers are with yoy any your family during thos difficult time


Bill and Ellen Fondren, Inverness Florida posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Tammy we are so sorry to read of your loss. Your dad was a friend of ours for many years and the last time we visited with him was in Florida for Tammy's dad. We enjoyed renewing our friendship. May you find peace in the memories that you shared. He was a wonderful person and had many friends. God bless you all.


aaron ammons posted on 8/3/22

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Hoggatt. I met him several months ago when he stopped into the County Clerk's Office where his dad, Elmer P. Hoggatt, was once the County Clerk. I had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Hoggatt, learn about his work with hospice patients, and take a picture I will cherish. Soon thereafter Mr. Hoggatt to speak to the Exchange Club in Urbana. It was clear to me that he was a genuine, caring person and loved by those around him. He will be missed.



Laura Sutherland posted on 8/3/22

A lifetime of memories with the Hoggatt family. Two weeks ago I had the honor of having a heartfelt and sacred conversation with Phil about end-of-life. I will treasure that time always. His handprint is forever on my heart.


Mark Hammond posted on 8/3/22

Robb, To you and your entire family please receive our sincere condolences and know your Dad and the family will be included in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Sincerely, Mark & Gabby Hammond Annapolis MD


Sally Stewart posted on 8/3/22

Phil was such a great person. I have known him a long time. So sorry for your loss. I will miss seeing him at quarterback club.


Jill (Snow) Gray posted on 8/3/22

He will always be Mr. Hoggatt to me! Dad of my childhood friend Angela, whose friendship I cherish! Always had a smile and a hug, such a sweet and loving man. Praying for the entire family during this difficult time and sending love and hugs for healing. Godspeed.


Denny and Sheila Lincicome posted on 8/3/22

Phil gave us our first loan when we got married 57 years ago. He was so helpful and kind. He also called me after my Aunt became ill and offered advice with her care. He was a nice man and will be missed! Condolences to all


Ward and Diana McDonald posted on 8/2/22

We’ll always remember our trip to Italy with Sid and Kathy 12 years ago and our close friendship that has endured since. Many fun times and memorable discussions have been enjoyed. We miss Sid very, very much.


Carla Vail posted on 8/2/22

Susan and Family We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. Tim was a good man who always had kind words and a smile. Hugs to all of you.


Cheryl Staske posted on 8/1/22

Sid's had such a warm and friendly smile - such a gentleman.


David Newcomer IV posted on 8/1/22

Did I enjoyed getting to know you at the Phi Delt house at KU. What a wonderful and productive life you lived. It is an inspiration for all of us. YITB David


Lola Carolyn Sorensen posted on 7/30/22

To Kathy and the whole family, my condolences. Sid was a friend from high school, and I loved seeing him at our reunions. If I had one word to describe Sid, I would say “kind.” He cared, and it showed. Rest In Peace, my friend. You lived a magnificent life.


Michael Biehl posted on 7/30/22

When I first came back to Illinois in University Administration, in my conversations with Sid, he proved to be a highly valued, trusted friend, confidant, and mentor who always shared his insights, intellect, experience, empathy and humor to some of the frustrations I was facing in the "industry to academic administration transition". Our paths have less frequently crossed in retirement, but I will always be grateful for his friendship and mentoring. RIP my Friend!!


Michael Biehl posted on 7/30/22

When I first came back to UofIL in University Administration, in my conversations with Sid, he proved to be a highly valued, trusted friend, confidant, and mentor who always shared his insights, intellect, experience, empathy and humor to some of the frustrations I was facing in the "industry to academic administration transition". Our paths have less frequently crossed in retirement, but I will always be grateful for his friendship and mentoring. RIP my Friend!!


B. Joseph White posted on 7/29/22

Mary and I have wonderful memories of working and spending time with Sid and Denise, then Sid and Kathy. Sid was a fine leader and, more important, a caring and compassionate man. I am deeply saddened at the passing of Bill Sturtevant last year and Sid now.


Lee (sprite) Golding posted on 7/29/22

Love and peace you taught me how to laugh at myself and with othered ….


TOM OCHS posted on 7/29/22

Susan, Mitchell & Maggie, My thoughts and prayers go out to you for the your loss. I've know Tim since 1978 when I joined Delta Chi. It's was truly a pleasure to watch him as in leadership roles during the college years and the alumni years. He was a Very Special man who always had a smile and kind words. He will be greatly missed by all who cross paths with him during their lives. Thinking of you, along with the complete extended Flanagin family during time time of loss. God Bless each of you.


Katie and Becket Klemme posted on 7/29/22

Becket had the joy of meeting his great great grandfather, and got to witness his kindness and love! Love and condolences to great grandma Jill and the entire family for your loss. Love to all, Katie and Becket


Charles "Chuck" Zelinsky posted on 7/29/22

Harry was a big part of my life and a good friend as we worked together all those years at the Illinois State Geological Survey Samples Library. There are just so many memories..Rest in Peace


Ray & Patricia Lenoir posted on 7/28/22

To all of the family we are so sorry for your loss. I am sure that Harris is having a wonderful time in heaven. I know he will be missed very much. Continued prayers for all of you during this hard time. GOD be with all of you.


Steve Pease posted on 7/28/22

Prayers to Margie and the McKinney family. Harris and Margie were a blessing to me years ago attending a bible study I had started. I am sure Harris wouldn’t want all the fuss. A true friend and a blessing to everyone he met!


Loren Taylor posted on 7/28/22

Sid was a great friend and a wonderful colleague. We enjoyed working together, socializing and playing a round or two of golf. Sue and I send our deepest sympathies to Kathy, his children and his entire family.


Blanche M Finn posted on 7/28/22

We will never forget Sid and all our loving memories of him....may He be with our Lord and Rest in Peace, Blanche Pam and Steve



Ray & Patricia Lenoir posted on 7/27/22

Rest in peace Harris!



Annie Whittemore posted on 7/26/22

I love you "Uncle" Sid. You are now with my Lee and God and I'm glad you will be our angel.



Mike Vespi posted on 7/26/22

Sid is the best! He will be missed by everyone. He is in heaven now having fun. My favorite memory was talking SU sports while having a gin and tonic with him!


Frank longfellow posted on 7/25/22

Rena, bless your soul sweet and caring lady. 25 years and seven more since I retired at MTD. the most efficient and professional executive secretary Mr. volt and Tom Costello could have ever hoped for it didn’t stop there she gave each of us at MTD the love and caring of a mother hen. It pains me that I can’t be there for your memorial service. I broke my leg on June 29 on July 9 I received a get well card from Rena while in the hospital. Just like Rena, always thoughtful and caring. Over the years wherever I ran into Rena wI would reach out a greeting handshake and she would push it away and give me a hug Franklin Delano Longfellow


Crook Earnestine B posted on 7/24/22

I would like to say Rena was the Best woman that I had the pleasure of working for I started working at MTD 2007 , we were one Big Happy Family, she was our Mother at work she kept us grounded. She was a classy Dresser from her Hair to her makeup to her outfits & shoes .she drove the Best cars . She was there for me when I needed her alway approachable . I Love Rena ❤️❤️❤️❤️May you rest with the Angels ❤️


Sonia posted on 7/24/22

Gary, my dear friend. I will miss your kind heart, your sincere friendship. You've earned a special place in my heart. Until I see you again.



Sonia posted on 7/24/22

Gary, until I see you again. Thank you for your sincere friendship, I will cherish forever.


Sonia posted on 7/24/22

Gary, you were my neighbor and "walking partner" for the past 5 years - we became good friends and shared so many wonderful memories! A once in a lifetime true friend. Gary, I will miss you always, you've earned a very special place in my heart. Until I see you again.


Bev posted on 7/24/22

Rena was one of the most thoughtful people. She was always there with a cheery card & call when someone needed it. I spoke with her on Monday & am still in shock & this hurts my heart. I've know her for over 40 years & will truly miss her. Carol, I've only seen you a handful of times, but I know how much your friendship meant to her. I'm so sorry.


Mary Moore Plane posted on 7/24/22

Sorry -- Marjorie Teft


Mary Moore Plane posted on 7/24/22

Sorry to hear that my dear childhood friend has passed away. She and her close friend Marjorie Teff were among my close friends at the Eastern Illinois Lab School from first grade through high school. Ruth was outstanding and very well liked by all her class mates. I knew her father and mother and her aunt who ran a beauty parlor in Charleston. My dad was Tom Moore of Moore's Grocery on the northeast corner of the square, across from the Will Rogers Theater. Frequently, "us girls" walked to school together and joined in the fun at the Little Campus (jukebox joint) by the college and Wolf's Drug Store on the square. Ruth had a wonderful and amazing life and made many contributions and will be fondly remembered by all who knew her. Best wishes to her family.


Nancy Johnson posted on 7/23/22

To those who were "family" to Rena, especially Carol and Faye, my sincere condolences. Rena was a thoughtful and friendly person.


Rick Bednar posted on 7/23/22

I was very sorry to hear of Rena's passing. I did the radio and TV commercials for the MTD for years and working with Tom Costello I also had the pleasure of working with Rena. A lovely person, she was always "on top of things" knowing what was going on at the MTD and always so helpful to everyone. I fondly remember the beautiful collection of "snow globes" in her office representing her "collecting" of them from around the world,


Carolyn Schlueter posted on 7/22/22

With deepest sympathy to all ... Precious memories over all the years of my dear cousin Clarence ... his legacy of positiveness, sincerity, faith in God and country and an inspiration to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. JoAnn ... YOU were the light of his life and he loved you and his family dearly. Rest iin peace dear cousin The Baton Has Been Passed On ...


Fred L. Divan posted on 7/22/22

Rena was the first person that I talked to when I applied for a Bus Driving job at MTD way back in 1977. She was so nice to me. We became friends later in the years. Rena, I and others met a few times at the "Original Pancake House" to have breakfast & coffee and some great conversation. She could be serious as well as funny. I will miss her and the wonderful email conversations we have had as well as her cheery Christmas cards. Rena will always be in my memory as well as in my heart. GOD Bless her soul!


Ashley Lotspeich posted on 7/21/22

Many hugs and love to you during this time…the flooding of memories, moments of sadness & joy and times of peace…may you find grace, love and comfort. Big Hugs to Keri B xo


Art Schlueter Jr and Betsy Schlueter Hamilton posted on 7/21/22

With Deepest Sympathy.


Natalie Macpherson posted on 7/20/22

I loved your mom very much, and she always had a story ready to tell every.time.I.came.over, which was a lot! She treated me as an adult, and she trusted us all to do the right thing, which we usually did. May her soul rest easily in your hearts—she does in mine.


Gay King Crede posted on 7/19/22

Jerry was such a calm, reassuring person who gave me hope at a difficult moment early on in my ministry. His smile and genuine interest in the welfare of others set a standard for me. Julie, I still cherish how you cared for my mom in her last years of life. You have that same quality of genuine care and love for others. May God surprise you with special signs of reassurance and peace.


Donna Helenthal posted on 7/18/22

To Fuzz and the family, my condolences and prayers are with you. I lost my husband John and December so I understand your grief.



Walt and Janet Wolfe posted on 7/17/22

Prayers to Dean’s family. He was our accountant and friend for years. Such a great man.


Shane Erickson posted on 7/17/22

Very saddened to hear of your father's passing. He had such a huge personality and will be missed very much.


Susan and Dan Smith posted on 7/16/22

To Fuzz, Sandy and all the family. We are so sorry to hear that Gary passed away. We will be praying that God will give you His peace and comfort at this time.


Patty Moore Hays-Weber posted on 7/16/22

So sorry for your loss. Gary was always so nice to me in high school, he was a special guy. Take care Marla and Fuzz.


Mary Stockus Roach posted on 7/16/22

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May the wonderful memories you hold in your heart always comfort you.



Leora Kline posted on 7/16/22

Scott, Seth, Maya, Paul and Margie ( my neighbors on Carlyle Cir) I extend deep sympathy to each of you Jim and Mark and families also. I met Susan and enjoyed her light and now too soon it is out, yet it lives in each of you. May you be comforted in your grief


Troy & Leah Erickson posted on 7/15/22

So sorry for your loss to you and your family. Thoughts and prayers


Brian Schuler posted on 7/15/22

Rabel modeled humility, kindness and love. He always seemed to be in good spirits. Never grumbling about personal ailments or circumstances and always putting his concern for others before that of himself. I always left my conversations and interactions with him feeling better than before and I believe that was his intent and representative of his character. He cared deeply about others and demonstrating that was a priority in his life. He provided a great example of how to live and will be missed.


Jody And Rena Tempel posted on 7/15/22

Prayers and thoughts for the family.


Jordan Waggoner posted on 7/15/22

Kellie, sorry to hear about the loss of your father.


Barbara Bunting-Ghee posted on 7/15/22

Sally so sorry to hear about Dean. He was very active and supported so many causes. My Sam died in August of 2020 from covid. It has been an adjustment and I still miss him everyday. Prayers for you. Love Barb


Patrick Smith posted on 7/15/22

Dear Lerner and Holcomb families; i wish to convey my prayers and thoughts to your families during this tough time. Susan was always a fellow red head growing up in Oakwood. Her father was a fellow pharmacist who I always regret not working for. She was a bright light in a dark world. All my prayers


Vara Burton posted on 7/15/22

I’m so very sorry for your loss. Susan was a delightful and funny woman, and a challenging Scrabble partner. We had multiple games going simultaneously for over 15 years. I will miss our games and chats very much.


Melissa Cross Hildreth (Jim and Linda Cross) posted on 7/15/22

Kelly, I am so sorry to hear about your dad's death. My dad was a huge fan of Mr. Lafferty, and we appreciate all of the help that he gave our mom, after dad died. I remember him very fondly.


Dave Edwards posted on 7/15/22

Deepest condolences to Kellie and Family, may your father rest in peace.


Shelby Outlaw posted on 7/14/22

From grade school to high school we spent many years together. You were my mentor whom helped me through my school years I’ll deeply miss you.


Sharon Bell posted on 7/13/22

So sorry to learn of Joanne’s passing. She was a beautiful and I always looked up to her as a young girl. My sincere sympathy to Vicki, Eileen and Joanne’s children grandchildren & great-grandchildren. May she rest in eternal peace.


Tammy Warf posted on 7/13/22

I was sorry sorry to hear about Molly's passing. She was such a sweet girl. My heart goes out to all of you. Prayers for peace and love for you all during this time.


Jim & Carole Grissom posted on 7/13/22

Mabel was a special person. I remember meeting her and Dale with their family in August, 1965. That moment started a long term relationship that has continued to this day with the Niblings. Mabel and Dale valued strong family bonds, their deep faith, a non stop work ethic, and a trusted honesty. Mabel always greeted me and my family with warmth. She made us feel welcome when we visited her home. She had an inner strength and faith that could easily be felt. Mabel was a special person


Kerry Miller posted on 7/13/22

I was totally taken aback when Aggie informed me of Molly's untimely passing. Her courageous fight was an inspiration and I know you are all missing her terribly. My deepest condolences and I will include you all in my prayers. May God grant her eternal peace now that her suffering is at an end. I grew up on Brentwood in Alton across the street from the original Vic and Molly with Aggie and Richard.


Susan Martinis posted on 7/12/22

Words can not even begin to express how we all feel about the loss of your precious Molly. She is a treasure that will be remembered and inspiring forever. My heart goes out to you and the many that Molly touched. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


William Shoemaker posted on 7/12/22

I want to share my condolences with Mabel's family. I'm sorry for your loss. She will be well received in heaven.


Dana Rabin posted on 7/12/22

Dearest Amy - - I was so sorry to hear that Molly has passed. Please know I'm thinking of you and sending gentle hugs. With warmest wishes, Dana


Connie Ogden posted on 7/11/22

My family first met Jerry in February 1977 when he helped apprehend the two guys who murdered my youngest brother in Champaign. He helped our family by writing many letters to the Parole Board on our behalf. Jerry was a wonderful man and will always remain in our hearts. May he rest in peace. God bless your family.


Adam Martinsek posted on 7/10/22

Dear Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Adam


Penny Davis posted on 7/9/22

I am so sorry to hear about his passing. Cindy & Julie - I have such great memories of him from FUMC in Champaign and loved the retreats too. Praying for comfort for you both.


Heather Livengood posted on 7/9/22

Molly was always such a bright spot at Kenwood. From the first day I met her in Kindergarten I knew this little girl was something special. She was so witty, caring, and full of life. A girl that knew how to love with all of her heart and find joy when others were down. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us at Kenwood. Your entire family will remain in my prayers. May her memories bring you peace and comfort in the days ahead.


Tracy Wright posted on 7/9/22

I had the privilege of getting to know Molly at Kenwood. I remember she was so sweet and kind, always a good role model for others. She will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


L. Elena Delgado posted on 7/9/22

Dear Amy: Words cannot convey how very sorry i am to hear the news about your daughter. I remember seeing pictures of her in your office,and she conveyed such warmth and joy. I know her spirit will live on in the many lives she touched. May you and your family find some comfort in the knowledge that she was loved, and she brought such happiness to everybody who knew her. You and your family are in my thoughts.


Anna Maria Escobar posted on 7/8/22

Dear Elli, My deepest condolescences to you and your family. That remembering Molly be a blessing.


Daugherty family posted on 7/8/22

We are wholeheartedly saddened to hear the passing of such a beautiful person, inside and out. We feel so blessed to have known such a bright light in the world and are thankful for all the fun times shared together. Please know our family is thinking of you and praying for you all.


The Denzler Family posted on 7/8/22

We are so very sorry for your loss. Wishing you peace and comfort.


Jerry Packard posted on 7/8/22

Dear Amy, I am so incredibly sad to hear of the passing of your daughter. There is no doubt that the most horrific event in life is the passing of one’s child. We haven’t seen each other for a while, but I remember all the kind things you did for me when I was an LAS. Please have faith that your daughter’s life stands as a positive contribution to the world, and that her passing will not lessen that positive impact. Love, Jerry


Topper Steinman posted on 7/8/22

I have known Jerry, Kim and family for half a century. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Kim, Jerry, Rory, Tami and families. Jerry has been an amazing advocate for all things Champaign - as a Police Officer, City Council member and Mayor; along with his wonderful and loving roles as a husband, father, grandfather, relative and friend. He leaves a legacy of memories and impacts in and beyond our community. Thank you, Jerry - and all Schweighart's! God Bless you everyone.


Silvina Montrul posted on 7/7/22

Dear Amy, This must be so difficult for you and your family. My deepest condolences. May her spirit live forever in the memories of those who knew her and loved her. I love the cat's name.


Ann Abbott posted on 7/7/22

Amy, your daughter sounds a lot like you: smart, dependable, caring and friendly. I am deeply, deeply sorry about Molly's long illness and the outcome. Thank goodness she was part of your large, loving family. I wish I could reach out to hug you--and to pet Lincoln. I will make a donation so that more people and pets can benefit from each other's love and devotion. Sending love to you, Ann Abbott


Philipp G Blume posted on 7/7/22

My deepest condolences to the entire Elli family. You are in our thoughts.


Tom Beckley posted on 7/7/22

Rabel was a giant in our field of natural resource sociology. He was a leader and an innovator. He started so many great things in our profession, any one of which would have been enough to claim a successful career. Most importantly, however, was Rabel's kindness and nurturing spirit to grad students and younger scholars like myself. He always had a kind word of encouragement. He always wanted to hear what new work you were up to. He also always wanted to sell you a ISSRM T-Shirt or other swag, and you gladly bought them to prolong your interaction with him and honor his service to our profession. He will certainly be missed but his legacy will live on in his students, colleagues and ideas for many decades to come.


Char Christensen posted on 7/7/22

Joyce and family, We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Rabel. Jim and I valued your friendship at University of Illinois as Jim worked with Rabel on many projects. Living in Columbus, Ohio for 40 years now is how we learned of his death today. We remember being at your home with Rabel’s 3 daughters of fun and joy to everyone. We will always remember his unique spirit, curiosity and love of education and family. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you at this very difficult time. Always keep his great memories alive as we will too. Sincerely, Char and Jim Christensen


Carla Buchanan posted on 7/7/22

Molly was an amazing little girl. I love reading her story. You created such great memories with her that you will never forget. I didn't know Molly personally but always loved hearing stories from Donna of her antics. Sending you and your family hugs and prayers for strength and peace. ❤️


Heather Denzer posted on 7/7/22

Molly was such a bright light at Kenwood, and she will be dearly missed. I have always loved her enthusiasm and energy. My favorite memory of her was at one of our orientations when she was sitting in the front row with one of her friends. She was so excited and would scream after teachers and staff were introduced. She was our cheerleader and she really made us smile and feel so special. My prayers will be with your family.


Cara Day posted on 7/7/22

Amy, Brendan, and Victor, there is never enough time with the ones we love. The most anyone can ask for is a life of joy. You filled Molly's life with joy.


Dana McCool posted on 7/7/22

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart and thoughts go out to you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


Kimberly A Jones posted on 7/7/22

T.J. and Family, So very sorry for your loss. Your dad was such a great person.( and softball coach.) His personality and kindness will always be remembered. May he rest in peace.


Laura Martin posted on 7/7/22

Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are for you and your family. May her memories provide you and your family comfort in your journey through this loss.


FRANK AND JUDY WOJCIK posted on 7/6/22

Molly was the official photographer at the recent 50th Anniversary celebration for her grandparents, Gary and Aggie Lawrence. Everyone enjoyed watching Molly at work with her pink Poloroid camera!



Aggie and Gary Lawrence posted on 7/6/22

We are missing our precious granddaughter, Molly. When our family got together, we always had fun--baking, painting a picture, playing a game with her brother, Victor and her cousin, Sophia. We spent a "memory" vacation in WDW recently. Every Christmas for years, each family member would sign the Christmas tablecloth--many memories. Molly, we love you forever and always.


Karen Peloquin posted on 7/6/22

Dear Jill and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and hope this time of remembrance of your beloved dad will be one of the most beautiful memories. My deepest condolences. Karen


Jody Antrim posted on 7/6/22

I loved Pastor Jerry Nichols. He was a quiet, kind, and comforting pastor. One of my favorite memories of him happened at the end of solemn communion at FUMC Springfield. The organ was playing quietly and they were stacking the brass trays of of communion cups at the altar when something wasn't right and all the trays spilled over and the little cups went flying. You can imagine the scene and the noise of brass trays and little cups hitting the tile. And he turned to the congregation and did a little "ta-da" with a stomp of his foot and his arms out. I will always remember his being "real". I appreciate that he was progressive.


Chris and Nicole Dickerson posted on 7/5/22

Rory and family….so very sorry for your loss! Your dad inspired so many and contributed much to our community! May he Rest In Peace and prayers to all of his loved ones!


Yvette posted on 7/5/22

Rabel was such a kind, generous, and fun uncle. I have wonderful memories of skiing with him and of our unforgettable Chilkoot Trail adventure. I will miss him very much. Praying for all those grieving his passing, especially for his family.


Kenneth E Baughman posted on 7/3/22

WILL BE MISSED.Worked with him as an assistant states attorney 1968-71.


Rich Garcia posted on 7/3/22

I met Jerry the first time when I was coaching little league. He was always so kind and helpful. He was such a great person. He will be missed. Condolences to the family.



Kim Melchi Conder posted on 7/3/22

Jerry was an amazing man who I've known for many years. He will be deeply missed. Condolences to the family


Robert C Eastin posted on 7/3/22

Knew Jerry from a young man and he was always such a good hardworking guy... He brought Kim to meet us and she was "the one"...never a doubt and he felt he had married up and hit the jackpot...We were so happy for them....Good memories.. ...Paula Mays Eastin


Annilee Shaul posted on 7/1/22

Boots became a dear friend when she and Bob moved to Champaign and she joined our sorority alum group. The anemone and tiger head lillies she gave me from her and BOb's garden still thrive in my garden today..always a memory of her kindness, cute laugh and ability to help me make decisions when decorating the interior of my house! She was skilled at Rummy Q also!! I will always remember her! You have my heartfelt sympathy ..Annilee Shaul


Cathy Duff Elam (Duffer) posted on 6/29/22

Marietta and family, I was so deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dave. Hold tight to the memories. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Doug Miller posted on 6/28/22

On behalf of everyone at Illinois Crop Improvement, our deepest sympathies go out to Paul's family and friends - especially our friend and co-worker Paula. We share in your grief and will miss Paul; his stories, his great sense of humor and the brotherly-like advice that did so much to improve Illinois Crop Improvement.


Jana Mahannah posted on 6/28/22

Etta and Elizabeth, Our hearts are breaking for you both. Sending prayers for comfort and peace. He sure was a great man.


Jim Federhart posted on 6/28/22

I have fond memories of Aunt Boots at family gatherings on holidays and other special occasions especially at our picnics in parks sitting around the campfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. She was an interesting and lovely lady who is missed by all.


Dave Rambow posted on 6/28/22

Dear Paula, My condolences to you and your family. Paul was a great mentor during our brief time together at ICIA. Guiding me through how to properly read a corn growout is something I will never forget.


Marlene M Romano posted on 6/28/22

RIP dearest friend, you will be missed! Your friendship was impactful in my life; so many memories I will hold dear in my heart. You will forever be my friend until we meet again.


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 6/28/22

Paul was my Assistant Manager while at IL Crop Improvement Association. With his support, we transformed IL Crop Improvement to a very diversified service testing agency. The research farm in Puerto Rico was our crowning achievement. Paul's many life experiences made him the best person to lead that project. I will miss Paul's friendship.


William J Campion posted on 6/27/22

Professor Muehling getting away from us is brings back many memories of my time as one of his students and as member of Nabor House Fraternity. He was one of the truly essential people in the history of the Nabor House and we are all fortunate to have known him. Please accept my sincere condolences, Bill Campion, Nabor House, '75.5


Sandy Gordon posted on 6/26/22

I was so saddened to learn about the passing of Boots. She was such a wonderful lady. I worked with her at Carle Hospice and enjoyed talking to her while we were completing our tasks. I trust her family will find peace in knowing she is safe in the arms of her God. Bless you all. ❤️


Shannon Vann posted on 6/26/22

Boots and my Mom, Dorothy McGinnis, were very good friends. I remember Mom telling me that she and Boots went somewhere via the Champaign Urbana bus system so they were prepared to be able to get places when they could no longer drive. I believe that was a one time experiment. My condolences to Gretchen, Karl, and Christine as they navigate the grief that goes with the death of a beloved parent.


Sarah Wagner-Dallas posted on 6/26/22

My condolences. He was a wonderful man. His kindness has been a blessing over the years. I have fond memories from high school when he would help with Becky and my adventures. Also, later on with visits to my grandmother and sharing memories of Cissna Park with her; his visits always brightened her day. With much love, Sarah Dallas


Shiela Jones posted on 6/25/22

I first met Art in the late 90's after he tracked down my father, Bill Kobelt, a cousin, during his genealogy search. We kept in touch when he and Mary came to Jacksonville to visit Myra, Mary's sister, and her husband, Tom. We looked forward to their yearly visits and enjoyed hearing all about their fascinating travels. Also we had a lovely visit in Champaign and were able to meet some more family. We will miss you, Art. And send our prayers to Mary and your family. Shiela and Jesse Jones.


Shiela Jones posted on 6/25/22

Sometime in the late 90's I met Art after he tracked down my father, a cousin, and invited us to a family reunion. We kept in touch and got together often when he and Mary visited Jacksonville. We looked forward to those visits and were always entertained with stories of fascinating travel adventures. We also enjoyed a lovely visit with Art and Mary in Champaign, where we met some more family. We miss those times and will miss you, Art, as a friend, and as a distant cousin. And send our prayers to Mary and all the family. Shiela and Jesse Jones.


Sheila Sola posted on 6/25/22

We had the pleasure of being his neighbor while out children were growing up. Art was one of the best neighbors someone could ask for. Sorry for your loss and the family is my thoughts and prayers.



Mary McCollough posted on 6/24/22

Sorry for your loss. I remember Art (and Mary) and how he loved to talk about their travels. I know he will be greatly missed. ♥️


Jim Rachell posted on 6/23/22

When prodded, could pound out a mean boogie-woogie on the ivories. What a lady she was...I am so sorry Jerry...


Dawn Poling posted on 6/23/22

I feel so lucky to have known Helen during my years at the Champaign Country Club. She always had a smile for everyone and was so kind. My deepest sympathies to Jerry and the family.


Carol Lee Schaefer posted on 6/22/22

Jerry, Dan and I are so sorry to learn of Helen's 'graduation' to Heaven. We have fond memories of the few times we got together way back in the '70s. May you and your family be comforted and have peace from our Lord.


Mary (Smith) Thompson posted on 6/22/22

I have such wonderful memories of Helen. She was so kind and cute.



Winnie s kumwenda posted on 6/22/22

Ms Helen what can i say i will miss you fly high angle of God .



Winnie s kumwenda posted on 6/22/22

Ms Helen was a light on my life the first day i saw her i knew I belonged in her life the few moments i sent with her where amazing i will miss her dearly the lord has gained another angle .fly high till we meet again love Your loud mouth daughter Winnie and caregiver


Mike Jahn posted on 6/22/22

Thank you for your thoughtful messages! For anyone who can not attend the service in person, you may watch online at:


Penny & Stan Boyer posted on 6/22/22

We will always remember the great times we had together for nearly 60 years: football, tennis, Hawaii, Hilton Hear Island. And, will always love you.


Tom Gorman posted on 6/20/22

My condolences to the Jahn Family. Mrs. Jahn was a wonderful person, who always treated the kids growing up in Devonshire with the utmost kindness. A truly wonderful person who impacted the lives of many. Tom Gorman


Kathryn Carlson posted on 6/20/22

My deepest sympathy to all of Linda's family. I knew her when she and Dave lived across the street from me on William Street. In her memory, I will make a donation to the Champaign County Humane Society. Kathy


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 6/19/22

Jerry; very sorry to learn of the passing of Helen.


Cindy Somers posted on 6/17/22

Helen and my paths crossed even after her son and I were HS friends. Later in life I had the pleasure of working with her. She was just simply a joy. She is at peace now and I know that the wonderful memories she shared with her family will carry them through.


Dale & Ginger Boyer posted on 6/17/22

Jerry so sorry to hear of Helen’s passing. Please accept Ginger and my deepest condolences. Prayers for you and your family. We were unaware of her illness until just recently. She is in God’s hands now.


Cindy Somers posted on 6/16/22

I am shocked and saddened to see this! I met Bob through my father and had the pleasure of seeing him frequently at CLV while visiting my mother when she lived there and even recently at a United Way function. Bob was charming, kind and just easy to speak to! He will be missed by many... posted on 6/15/22

Sending our sincere sympathy to Susan and the family for their loss. She lived a long life and had so much love and support thru her daughter and son in law and grandchildren. And the faithful church community she embraced. I am a friend of Susan’s and thru her know that so many friends, and a special helper, were with her to the end. Rest In Peace Doris. Claudine and Jeff Foge, Lincoln CA


Julia Goldberg posted on 6/15/22

Dear Sonya, David, and Barry, I was so saddened when my brother, Barry, shared with me news of Myron's passing. All three of us kids fondly remember growing up next door, spending time with all of you, including at the shoe store. Jay, in particular, fondly remembers speaking with Myron and listening to Sonya play the harp. If Sheila (our mother, z'l) were still alive, she would readily share with you her fond memories of the years we spent as neighbors. Mum passed away at 96, almost 2 years ago. She moved out to Pennsylvania to be with me after our father's passing. Sonya, you and Myron raised two wonderful boys! David and Barry, I have continued to think of you often and fondly throughout all our years and am so delighted that the 2 Bsrrys are now reconnected. Growing up next door ranks among our favourite memories. Please accept our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Joanne & Steve Forbes posted on 6/14/22

To Christine, Denny and the Hundley family. We offer our sincere condolences for the passing of your loved one, Charles. I am sure you will have many memories to cherish. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Wishing you well. Joanne & Steve Forbes


David Embry posted on 6/14/22

Saddened by the news of Charles’ passing. Condolences from all your cousins.


Kris(ti) Ensrud posted on 6/14/22

Delores was a dear friend of our mother Nat Ensrud and I recall them talking and laughing during their frequent visits and phone calls. Her brownie recipe is one of our family favorites! Our prayers and thoughts are with Roger and the family.


Darrell B. Embry posted on 6/14/22

I am so sorry to hear the news Barbara. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Kim Sheahan Sanford posted on 6/14/22

To all of the Hundley family - Know that Charles will always be in the hearts of the staff of the Spurlock Museum. His dedication was constant and true, and his smile and laugh brightened the cloudiest day. Barbara, my thoughts and warm wishes are with you always. I look forward to seeing you again when we can share the joy of your lives together. Your strength has been unwavering. Know that you are loved.


Carl Lohmeyer posted on 6/13/22

I was in school at Westview with Susan. I believe I saw her at a 20th Highschool Class Reunion.


Richard McGuire posted on 6/13/22

Barbara, I am so sorry at your loss of Charles. Lou has kept me well informed at Charles' condition. I have no doubt that Charles was comforted and strengthened by your care and concern. Dick


Richard McGuire posted on 6/13/22

Barbara, I'm so sorry for your loss. Lou kept me well informed about Charles situation. Without a doubt, Charles felt strengthened and comforted by your care and concern.


Steven and Judy Shelton posted on 6/13/22

As we journey through life, it’s ups and downs and curve balls, we are blessed to have those soldiers God places in our path who teach us to overcome obstacles with joy, determination and a heart dispositioned to simply do what is right, good and of benefit to the world. This was Charles’s legacy. In our last conversation he was home bound, supported by the stalwart courage of Barbara, always recognized for her frank optimism, unfailing devotion and overall enthusiasm for life regardless of the hurdles present in it. The message lived between the two of them was to live life fully in sickness, in health, for better, for worse with the joy of the Lord fully present in the blessings of each day and remembrances. That day, as in every other, Charles was focused on overcoming. We each recalled all too well the many times each of us had escaped the life’s final call, quite aware that someday would, indeed, be the last and we would leave grateful for the journey; blessed to have overcome earlier trials and yet knowingly happy to be in the presence of the Lord. For now, we are grateful for the many ways Charles taught us what it means to overcome, regardless of life’s circumstances and curve balls and, most of all, to be filled with the joy of savoring every moment. Charles will be missed but his optimistic overcoming will forever remain until we join him in life’s greatest reward.


Ronald R Hermann posted on 6/13/22

Barb, I always enjoyed visits with you and Charles on many occasions at UI Alumni and Foundation events. We pray that you will negotiate the challenges of not having Charles in your life. Ron


Gregg (Zig) Sponsky posted on 6/13/22

My condolences to you and your family, Barb. "Hot Rod" was a lot of fun and will be greatly missed.


Minako & Kozo Yabe posted on 6/12/22

Dear Barbara, Minako and I felt very sorry to hear the loss of Charles. We would like to bring our sincere condelences to you and your family. We pray for his good rest in peace from Tokyo.


Diane - From Georgia posted on 6/12/22

Mr. Charles - I will always have fond memories of you over 30 + years. I appreciated so how you wanted me fully to enjoy my retirement. I remember your gracious help as I mapped a plan. We will watch over Barbara or Barbie in your absence. Rest in Peace.


Diane - From Georgia posted on 6/12/22

Mr. Charles


Joan Mahon posted on 6/12/22

Dear Barbara, we hold you in our hearts and prayers as we remember your beloved Charles. Fondly, we recall so many memorable times together in NY and IL - especially the U of I Wind Symphony at Carnegie Hall, our stay at the New York Athletic Club and a visit to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site to see our favorite President's home - Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay. It was very special to receive a tour of the Spurlock Museum by you and Charles in 2013. We love you very much and are so sorry for your loss.


Doug Carroll posted on 6/11/22

"Dodie" was a friend to all who knew her. She had a delightful sense of humor and she loved life. She had the gift of putting people at ease immediately, and the families in the Yarbroughs' "camping group" enjoyed so many good times with her at Allerton Park and elsewhere. Much love to the entire Yarbrough family, and thank you for sharing Dodie with us for so many years. She lived life to the fullest and was a model of faith and friendship to us all.


Peter and Constance (Lessaris) Fellios posted on 6/11/22

Charles suffered too much the last few years, but he certainly made a difference in many lives during his professional life, and even moreso, as a volunteer for many worthy causes. Charles and Barbara have led a beautiful life together, positively affecting so many of us with your genuine love and friendship. We thank God for you in our lives, Barbara (and Charles). May God continue to give you strength. May Charles's memory be eternal. (We attended church this morning, and lit a large candle for Charles that Peter placed on the altar.) All our love always!



Maria Morris posted on 6/11/22

So many fond memories from Champaign and Chicago, often shared over a bottle of wine. Thank you Charles- An amazing friend and mentor, you will always be remembered, and live on in the work and people you influenced and loved.


Anna posted on 6/11/22

Pat was friends with my mom, they knew each other from the Y. I started helping Pat with her garden very occasionally in 2020 - she was a character! I always enjoyed her vim and vigor, despite her frustrations with her limitations of age. I hope she is at peace and out of pain now, along with Mary.


Don Gillies posted on 6/10/22

I was a student of Ron in 1977-8, in his advanced algebra class. He had a great deal of faith in me, and I heard about that through a mentor of mine, a graduate student at UIUC. I went on to get a PhD at the University of Illinois in Theoretical Computer Science and taught as a professor (UBC EE) for a time. I really enjoyed Ron's teaching and his confidence in me helped to inspire my career! I will send my donation to his the memorial fund this month. The letter sat on a pile of papers at my house for almost 2+ years, I am very sorry !!


Stacey Beatty posted on 6/7/22

Karen, Stephanie and Bob -- I'm so very sorry about the loss of your dad. Kind, funny, and thoughtful, it was always nice to see him when visiting at CLV. His friendship meant a lot to my mother, and I know he will be sorely missed by many many people there. May happy memories be of some comfort to you now.


Roxana Hernandez posted on 6/7/22

The time I knew her she was a sweet and caring soul. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.


Kittie posted on 6/7/22

You are still in our hearts and our thoughts.


Chuck Kelly, Jr. posted on 6/7/22

Once in a great while, if you're lucky, someone comes into your life, who makes everything better. Mr. Bender was that in our family, bringing smiles and hearty laughter. A founding member of the "Loons", a casual friends group that shared their love of the University of Illinois, both athletics and higher education, through several decades they travelled extensively and supported each other though losses. We are comforted by the thought that several of the Loon men are now buried together, and laughing together in heaven. RIP, Mr. Bender you were one of a kind.


Sharon Hamilton posted on 6/7/22

I first met Lydia when she joined my club, Curves Champaign/Savoy about 12 years ago. We enjoyed many conversations about health, our families and gardening. She and her family came to one of our, then annual, fireworks shows. Lydia was a kind, gracious and fun person. Our sincere condolences to all of her family. She will always be in your hearts with sweet memories.


Kathie Stacey posted on 6/7/22

All my thoughts and prayers are with each of you! Wanda was a wonderful gentle soul!! And made the best biscuits and syrup ever!❤️


Dale R. Vollmer posted on 6/6/22

As a young boy, I had the privilege of delivering the newspaper to Mrs. Moon. She was unfailingly kind and that left a lasting impression. May the family find comfort in your many cherished memories.


Carla and Gary Hegenbart posted on 6/6/22

Jim, have so many memories of both of you from Stratford Park. What a beautiful lady. Her heart and her love of the Lord showed in everything she did. I am sure her going home has left a huge hole in many hearts. God bless you and your family.


Neil & Karyn Porter and Family posted on 6/5/22

Our prayers are with Jim, Davonne, and the family during this time of sorrow and reflection as well as her heaven celebration.



Neil & Karyn Porter and Family posted on 6/5/22

Wishing peace for the family.. They will miss you dearly.


Thomas Shilgalis posted on 6/3/22

Dick was a friend and colleague at Illinois State University. I liked him and Stevie very much. My sympathies go to Stevie and the family.


Ron Eldridge posted on 6/1/22

to bob, stephanie, and karen. my deepest sympathy. sorry I could not make the services as we were in atlanta and could not change our plans. What a great guy your dad was. Always so positive, he uplifted everyone around him. I will forever treasure my memories of the times we had together on the gold course and other activities. He was also a wonderful mentor to my daughter leslie and son ron jr. I give him a lot of credit for helping my son get his college legs under him. I know he is holding hands with your mom right now.


Sue McCaslin Kainz posted on 6/1/22

Bob (I guess it isn't Bobby anymore as I remember you), Karen and Stephanie, my deepest condolences to you and your families for the loss of Bob. One of my favorite memories was staying with your folks in 1982 as we made our way to CA by car and camper. He took us to see the university and we barbequed. It was always a special treat to see any of you. Bob really gave me a hard time when Penn State joined the Big 10. But it was always in good fun. I didn't have a lot of interaction with your family because of distance and me being younger. You were all out of the house by that visit. But the few interactions we had were always the best and fondest for me. And I think of your folks every time I use the crockpot they got us 27 years ago for our wedding. I just can't bring myself to part with it for a more advanced model because I always think of them. Sending all my love and hugs. Sorry we couldn't be there.


Joan Percival posted on 5/29/22

My deepest sympathy to Stephanie, Bob and Karen as well as their family members. My daughter Jeannise was so fond of Bob and always enjoyed their conversations. I know he will be missed by all of you. He is in heaven now with Jeannise as she welcomes him.


William Smith posted on 5/28/22

I was a new BS chemist when I came to the Carborundum R&D division in 1966. I worked in the Chemistry Department which Jim headed, but for another PhD. When that PhD left after a short time Jim gave me great latitude and responsibility even though I was assigned to another PhD. I will always be grateful to Jim for showing such confidence in me and being such a mentor and colleague. He was extremely approachable and everything you wanted in a boss. I just learned of his passing and wanted to tell people how lucky I was to have known him and worked in his group. I still recall that one of his idiosyncrasies was that he always used a beaker for a coffee cup, never a mug. God rest you Jim, you were a man to be admired and respected.


Chris, Cindy, Skylar, Kylie, Kendall and Danika Shepherd posted on 5/28/22

Sending you all loving thoughts and prayers through this very difficult time. May the memories you hold close to your hearts help you find some peace.


Elaine Washington Harmon posted on 5/28/22

I had the pleasure of knowing Bob through his wife Ann. Ann and I taught together in Urbana. We had an inside joke that I would come and stand in his yard and call him Dad (and I did once). He was a great person, always helping Ann at school. We had great talks together. He was always proud of his children, he talked about them often. I am just glad I had the distinct pleasure of knowing him. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


ClarkLindsey Waitstaff posted on 5/28/22

I was only a server at Clark Lindsey but I will remember Mr. Bender as a young, sweet, kind man with a fun heart. Your family at clv sends our condolences.


Kamila Wybraniec posted on 5/27/22

I was one of many people whose life was intertwined with the paths of Mike. One sunny day on LBK during a walk I was introduced to a couple. A toll man with a warm smile extended his hand and introduced himself:Mike Sholem and mu wife Sonya Sholem ..please call me Mike. The next day I started my extraordinary adventure of getting to know culture, music, politics and art closer from the point of view of an experienced man. Every day I got an article from the WSJ and we talked…it was great conversations that taught me a lot. I think the way Mike and Sonya allowed me to get to know the US contributed to my desire to become an American citizen. During my swearing in ceremony remember the inspiration that his words and kindness provided. We shared great moments that will remain in my heart and memories. Thank you for all life lessons, friendship and emotional support. My condolences to all member of Sholem’s family.


Beth (Dahl) Rodriguez posted on 5/27/22

Bob, Stephanie, and Karen, your Dad was the best! Your parents were a staple in David’s and my childhoods. Deepest sympathies to you all.


Steve & Diane Senteney posted on 5/27/22

Our condolences to the Bender family. He and Ann were a terrific couple. We were/are very close friends and neighbors of Paul and Mary Rogers. So of course we became friends with Bob and Ann. We talked with Bob last summer at Paul Rogers burial and sat with him at the after burial gathering at Homer Lake. We always enjoyed the time we spent with him and Ann. Bob's wide range of interests and his well founded knowledge made for pleasant conversation. He had a keen sense of humor which everyone enjoyed. He will be missed by many.


Dick Knieriem posted on 5/27/22

When Bob refused to move his golf ball when it was behind a tree while his other foursome (including myself) used whatever means to improve our shot, I knew I was in the presence of high integrity. Bob was a wonderful friend and a life model for all. My condolences to his family.


Dick Buzicky posted on 5/27/22

I met Bob through our Wednesday care givers meetings. His wisdom and compassion made him a key member and a friend to all. He will be missed greatly.


Rick Bender posted on 5/27/22

Uncle Bob used to wrestle with us on the floor and want to check if our bellybutton was tight, because if it wasn’t he said our bottoms would fall off. Lol


Steve Schomberg posted on 5/27/22

Bob was a mentor and friend who guided me through my early years at Illinois. His knowledge of higher education in Illinois was unequaled and I credit my success in forming relationships across the state to him. We send our condolences to family and friends.


Mark Memler posted on 5/26/22

My sincerest condolences to the entire family. Bob was always kind and had great wisdom in all parts of his life. I will remember him fondly.


Cynthia (Cissie) Webb Piombino posted on 5/26/22

Our Dad started working for Mike and Stanford at Sholem's Shoe Store in downtown Champaign in the mid-1950's. Dad held Mike in high regard. Mike was a kind and generous man, who treated our Dad with respect and generosity. It's a comfort to know that our Dad was happy in his job for all those years. Dad was proud to be part of that respected family shoe store. Mike also helped our family emotionally through Dad's illness and death in 1973. We offer our condolences to the family, and a debt of gratitude for your kindnesses in the past.


Cynthia Webb Piombino posted on 5/26/22

Mike Sholem was so good to our father, Glenn, who worked for the Sholem's for several decades. Dad loved working at Sholem's Shoes, and loved the men who ran the company, Mike and his brother Stanford. It's a good feeling to look back on our dad's career, and know that he was happy in his job. The Sholem's were also very helpful when dad passed away at a young age. Our family to this day holds the Sholem family in high regard. Please accept our sincere condolences at the passing of a very kind man.


Kyla Ray posted on 5/26/22

Mrs. Safanie was such a smart, caring and special person. She always reminded me of my own mother - heading to Menard's in her flannel shirt and boots to get supplies for her next project.


Marc Miller posted on 5/24/22

Just a wonderful person. Our primary interaction was having coffee at Sam's Cafe on Walnut Street with the "coffee club" several times a week. Joining us were other local business folk like Lott Thomas, Morris Hecker, John Phipps, Bill Sproat, Bill Dallenbach, my dad Harold Miller, Bob Watts, and so many others. There were jokes, political musings, local gossip and philosophical meanderings. Just a wonderful sense of place and time. Mike's many kindnesses and his thoughtfulness will remain a significant part of his great legacy. He loved, enjoyed and was proud of his amazing family and cherished having them be a significant part of his life. An exemplary individual and a strong role model for us all. He is and will always be missed.


Steve and Karen Miller posted on 5/23/22

We have met very few truly nice people in life , but Mike was one of them. He was always willing to talk and I don't think he ever talked down about anyone. Karen assisted Mike with several real estate appraisals and they became good friends. He and Sonya even allowed us to use their condo in FL until we eventually bought one of our own. We are passing on that tradition by allowing others to use ours. Mike was a wonderful friend and mentor and he will be sorely missed.


Steve and Karen Miller posted on 5/23/22

We have met very few truly nice people in life , but Mike was one of them. He was always willing to talk and I don't think we ever heard him talk down about others. Karen worked with Mike on several real estate transactions and they became good friends. He and Sonya allowed us to use their condo in FL when our children were small until we eventually bought one ourselves. We have passed on that tradition by allowing others to use ours. He has been a wonderful friend and we will miss him as a friend and mentor..


Jean E Gothard posted on 5/22/22

I walked through the doors of Sholem's Good Shoes on March 35, 1971. Stanford had called for a follow-up interview with my sister, who was working in Chicago. My Mother responded by saying, "Jane's not here, but her sister is." Stanford replied, "Send her in." Hence the beginning of my career at the shoe store. I have very fond memories of my time spend in Downtown Champaign, met a lot of a variety of people and their children and lots of respect for Mike and Sonya as well as Stanford and Susan. I recall being told I was to greet everyone that came through the door. I was unsure that I could full fill that task. Also, on answering the phone. My father had told me, "Give them 2 years and then you can find something else if you are not happy. I did that 5 times. I am so grateful for the experience that was offered to me. It was like home away from home. The friendship between Mike, Stanford and their wives continued over the next 50 years. Cards, postal cards from Wisc. Birthday greeting thank you notes from Fla. I cherished each one. Today I was "surfing" on Google and found a picture of the Nunn-Bush display with the manager of that department and a young lady looking at a boot. I took a second look and realized that it was me. I was surprised, but remembered the dress i had on. The year was 1972. Rest in Peace Mike, love to Sonya, Stanford and Susan and all. Thank you again for everything.


Bill and Gloria Farrand posted on 5/22/22

Gloria and I were neighbors and friends of Harry and Linda Brokish during our time together in the Peace Corps in El Salvador. We are saddened to hear of Linda’s passing and offer our sincere condolences and prayers to Harry and the family at this time of loss. May God keep you in his care and continue to bless you all – Bill and Gloria Farrand


Jack Wilson posted on 5/22/22

I was sorry to read about Mike's passing. I worked at the Market Place store. Mike was always nice and encouraging. Both Mike and Stanford wanted our customers to be treated with respect and professionally. I enjoyed working for Mike and Stanford.


Helen Risom Belluschi posted on 5/21/22

As a fellow El Salvadoran Peace Corps Volunteer (1966-68) I offer condolences to the family of Linda Bookish. I am sorry that I did not get to know her, I would have liked her.


Marilyn Whittaker posted on 5/21/22

I always felt welcomed with a warm smile by him when Don (Moyer) and I would greet him at Champaign Country Club. While I did not know him, he could have become a good friend.


Jeff Scharf posted on 5/21/22

To Barry and the rest of the Sholem family…. Although I didn’t know your parents well, I know you Barry and have great memories of the time we spent together growing up at the temple. It’s ironic that a couple weeks ago, Bart Glaser, Steve Kurland and David Peshkin and I had a mini reunion or sorts and you and your family were remembered and admired so much, I’ve always considered the Sholem family to be Champaign royalty and your father deserves so much credit for raising an amazing family. From what I remember, he was a brilliant, caring person and will be very much missed. I hope you and David and the rest of your family are doing ok at this sad time and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Jeff Scharf


Greg Russell posted on 5/20/22

Thank You Wike and Stnford for giving my father James Russell the opportunity to provice for our family. (James Russell Manager Sholem's Good Shoes) In memory of my Father James Russell Greg Russell Nashvile TN


John C. Wilcox, Professor Emeritus of Spanish posted on 5/19/22

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy and profound condolence on your tragic loss. Dara will always have a lasting presence in my memory as a charming colleague, a spirited friend, and as an academic indefatigably committed to so many crucial issues in our profession. In deepest sympathy,


Fay E Rouseff-Baker posted on 5/18/22

Dick was a great man, teacher, and colleague. His smile was contagious. His stories were engaging. We were on the winning bowling team when I was pregnant with Arthur and he always credited that for our win. He made Parkland a wonderful place to work. He certainly loved his family. My deepest sympathies. Love. Fay


Brian R Creutzburg posted on 5/17/22

I would like to share some memories I have of an all-around great guy. Dick was friendly, pleasant, and always had a fun smile. Early on I remember him as Rex’s dad (I was in a Boy Scout troop with Rex). When old enough, I was able to join the Board on many of their fun outings to the tractor pull, Colts games, and Illinois basketball and football games. Dick and I had fun conversations about the Cubs, Illini Basketball, blackjack, and craps over pizza and pitchers of beer at the Village Inn. Dick was a generous host—I recall him having a well-stocked beer fridge in his basement, and it was a pleasure to watch sports at his home on a cold day with a fire burning. I remember him fondly and I’m happy I was able to know him.


Kent A Ono posted on 5/17/22

Dara was such a kind, warm, generous, and thoughtful person. She always made conversations and events fun and worked to create connections and collaborations. I will greatly miss her.


Philip Blazier posted on 5/17/22

It was my pleasure to have gotten to know Dick during my teaching at Parkland. He was always pleasant and upbeat. I believe knowing Dick help us all to be better people and teachers. May God grant you a well deserved rest and grant you,Stevie, peace.


Philip Blazier posted on 5/17/22

It was my privilege to have gotten to know Dick during my time at Parkland. He was always pleasant and upbeat. He helped make all of us teaching math better at what we did just by his example. May God grant you a well deserved rest.


Lisa Pellum posted on 5/16/22

I knew Susan from agility when she ran Ricky and Jenny. She delighted in competing with them in agility. I always enjoyed agility classes with Susan both as students together and as her instructor. She was always positive and enjoyed learning. I would run into Susan when she was out for a run, she would always stop and we would chat about dogs. Susan always had time for others.


Kathryn Anne Gardner posted on 5/16/22

Dear Redman cousins my mailing address is Kathryn A Gardner PO Box 603 Wheeling WV 26003 write me letters and send photos.



Kathryn Anne Gardner posted on 5/16/22

My cousin Tina Redman Etheridge was a devoted wife,mother, and friend. She gave me much love and we have so many wonderful memories of her. From the time she we walk me to school sometimes in Catholic school pinafore from Bellaire Ohio to Warwood her,her sisters Pam,Donna,Lesa Kay,Brothers Clifford, William T. Jr, Jeffrey James made me feel special. Large families love,thrive, and support and Dear Tina nobody baked cookies like you. Peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses! Yum. Helping me in my teen years with her first husband Rob... Tina Redman taught me that life can bring you live twice in a lifetime and I encourage my extended family to honor their Gardner relatives,most especially Uncle Al.


James Hall posted on 5/15/22

Dick was one of the first persons I met when I interviewed at Parkland. He was one of the people that made my years there special. A place where he worked hard and had LOTS of fun. Dick was a great card player and won almost ever bet the two of us made. Rest in peace Dick and keep the cards shuffled and ready for me.


Sue Weiler posted on 5/15/22

Bless you Stevie, you’ve been so caring and strong. We know how much you will miss Dick and our hearts break for you. You are in our prayers. Love Dave and Sue Weiler


Chris Mayer posted on 5/14/22

So sad to hear that Susan has passed. I knew her from dog agility and always enjoyed seeing her–she was a kind person. Susan loved her dogs and kept working to be a better handler. No matter the outcome, she seemed to enjoy every run.


Ponti Franco posted on 5/14/22

Ponti Franco e Mariangela ricordano con affetto Linda e pregano per lei e per la sua famiglia. Tanti anni fa Linda venne in Italia a Como e visse alcuni giorni a casa con noi. La sua gioia ed energia positiva ci fece amare questa piccola ragazza dal sorriso splendente. Ora brillerai dal cielo. Ci ritroveremo insieme nella Luce. Ponti Franco and Mariangela fondly remember Linda and pray for her and her family. Many years ago Linda came to Como in Italy and lived a few days at home with us. Her joy and positive energy made us love this little girl with a bright smile. Now you will shine from the sky. We will find ourselves together in the Light.


Deborah Owen posted on 5/13/22

Sudan was always so friendly as she worked the deli at both IGA stores in town, and as a crossing guard. Our daughter loved knowing that she was there at the corner of John and Russell as she came and went from Westview. After our daughter was no longer at Westview, Susan would still ask about how she was, and send a "hello" her way. Susan was a good friend to all the kids.


Rita Tranquilli posted on 5/12/22

Susan was a truly beautiful soul, filled with goodness and kindness. Her childlike faith and trust in the Lord was an inspiration for all who had the privilege of knowing her. There is no doubt that all of Heaven is rejoicing as Susan enters her eternal home.


Beth Haken posted on 5/12/22

Dave, I am so sorry for your loss. Nancy will be greatly missed at Savoy Rec and everywhere!


Sherry Pettegrew posted on 5/11/22

I was so sad this morning when I read about Susan’s passing. She was a hair cut customer of mine for several years and I so enjoyed talking to her while she was in my chair. She was a delight. Gone too soon. But I am sure she is in a much better place. Thank you Steven for bringing her to her appointments. I enjoyed talking to both of you and was impressed how you both were so close. I am sure you will all miss her as well as all her friends and the people that knew her over the years. She was a special person.


Patricia Cameron posted on 5/10/22

Sending thoughts and Prayers to Harry & Family Linda was a such a special friend her beautiful smile and Laugh I will always remember. Linda loved her family so very much and was so proud of Jeffrey & Peter and their accomplishments & later their beautiful families! Linda loved her students & volunteering at the book store and how excited she was one year at how much money was raised to be donated. Linda was beautiful inside and out and will be greatly missed! Dear God please look over Harry & Family.



German H Calderon posted on 5/10/22

My mother, sister and I were recipients of Linda's kindness when she was in El Salvador, she was God's instrument for us to be here, thank you Linda, I will never forget you, rest in peace!


Maleta Brokish posted on 5/9/22

Linda is my sister-inlaw and I always remember as such pleasant loving person. Harry is my deceased husband's brother. A coincidence that we have always remembered is that our you best daughter was also named Linda so for awhile there two relatives named Linda Brooks and coincidentally both had birthda ya on August 8th (15 years apart). Our family will always remember Linda from Champaign ad a pleasant , kindly person - much the same as our our daughter is. S



Sr.Martha Harrington posted on 5/9/22

Mary Margaret had a smile and gave so much encouragement to everyone when times were a challenge.


Patti & Chuck Carrington posted on 5/9/22

With the current restrictions, I had not seen Aunt Joanne in recent years but I had enjoyed our visits before that. My heart goes out to you, Scott and John, and to your families. The loss of a parent is always felt so deeply. Please keep us posted if a memorial service is planned.


Sr.Martha Harrington posted on 5/9/22

God Bless Mary Margaret. We both have blessed memories from Mercy School of Nursing. Mary Margaret always had a smile for everyone.



Sr.Martha Harrington posted on 5/9/22

I remember Mary Margaret and the fun we had during our times together at Mercy School of Nursing. God Bless her and her dear family. Classmate, Martha posted on 5/9/22

What a lovely picture of Linda with her trademark smile! I immediately recalled what was behind it: generosity, cheer, and sweetness. She gave much of her time and expertise to Uni High in the years I taught English there. Book Bar, of course, stands out. So many recipients of her help and goodwill bespeak how much she will be missed--but not forgotten. I give you my sympathy, Rosemary Laughlin posted on 5/9/22

Rosemary Laughlin


Bonnie Hillmer posted on 5/8/22

Markiewicz Family, Our hearts are breaking for you! Nancy was an amazing person and teacher! We were blessed to have all 4 of our children pass through her 2nd grade class at Banting. She was always so upbeat and energetic! We were actually just talking about her a few weeks ago, so this came as a great shock. We always check out your old home as we drive by it. 2 of our girls became teachers and 1 is a librarian, while our son is a very successful supervising manager and aviation buff and pilot. We will always cherish our memories of 2nd grade with Mrs Markiewicz at Banting, what a joy and a privilege it was for us! Please know that we are mourning with you....


Karen Pickard posted on 5/8/22

Mary Margaret was a St. Matthew mom when I first met her years ago. She was always full of energy and most interested in her little Christine, one of my students. I send prayers to her family and especially to Christine, all grown up and a mother herself. Your mother will be missed; may she rest in peace.


Karen Pickard posted on 5/8/22

Joanne was a Delta Gamma sister who was so much fun to be with. She always added such laughter whenever our Champaign-Urbana Alumnae group got together. She will be missed. Sending my prayers to her family.


Karen Pickard posted on 5/8/22

I will always remember Linda being a dear St. Matthew mom cheering on Peter in whatever he did. More recently, it was always a pleasure to see both Mr. and Mrs. Brokish in their usual place in church. I send my prayers to the family. May she rest in peace.


John Heiser posted on 5/8/22

I farm for Jim for several years and when I would settle up with him I would go to their house and she would make me feel so wonderful. We would spend the afternoon talking about stars and how they would line up in Lou of the farmers almanac. Both Jim and Joanne were wonderful people.


Judy Forte Brown posted on 5/8/22

My cousin, Joanne, was the one person that I looked up to for advice as I went through CHS and later the U of I and beyond. We used to talk on the phone, compare notes on the behavior of our children & what to expect as they grew up. She was a wonderful mentor to me through the years. I have been away from IL since 1958 but I always knew I was only a phone call away from advice from Joanne. God Bless her and may she rest in peace.


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 5/8/22

Harry and Family; I am so sorry to learn of the passing of Linda. Our prayers are with you.


Coni & Mike Stephenson posted on 5/7/22

Linda was an extra special friend with lots of love and laughter. We pray for God to hold Harry and the family close in the palms of His hands!❤️


Doris Lawyer posted on 5/7/22

I worked with Mary Margaret for several years in Patient Advisory! She was a joy to work with —warm hearted, helpful and full of energy. I have thought of her often. My sincerest condolences to all of her family and friends.


Susan Muglich posted on 5/6/22

What a lovely obituary! Lots of things I didn't know about her but other traits I remember well. She was a friendly and lovely person! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Cheryl R posted on 5/5/22

So sorry to hear of her passing. She was one of the few teachers I fondly remember from my years at Templeton Middle School. My deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones.


Kate Kohlbeck posted on 5/5/22

Markiewicz Family, I am very sad to hear of Nancy's passing. I was the librarian at Banting ( and Randall too) for most of her years there and always enjoyed Nancy. My sympathy and prayers, Kate Kohlbeck


Jeanne M Johns posted on 5/4/22

We were saddened to read of Nancy’s passing in the Waukesha Freeman. We both had the pleasure of teaching with Nancy at Templeton. We remember her just as she was described in the article….a passionate teacher with just a little bit of sass on the side. She was respected and well liked by both staff and students. Our sincere sympathy to her family during this difficult time. Jay and Jeanne Johns


Robert kurth posted on 5/4/22

My condolences to the best boss I ever had.we are so sorry to hear of your loss! Junior and Denise Kurth


Bob DeGoey posted on 5/4/22

Grinder, we are so sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing. I have nothing but fond memories of are times at the county and hope that you have the same. I wish you and the kids the best during these trying times and I’ll say a prayer for all of you. Take care Dave and god bless.


LOUIS M. GREEN posted on 5/3/22



LOUIS M. GREEN posted on 5/3/22

deepest sympathy to you----I worked on Reagan task force with Burrhead and Irene and also knew Irene through secretarial circles. We worked hard and had fun. I will miss them indeed. Louie Green


Attorney Ralph Thomas, Washington, D.C. posted on 5/2/22

I was in the Air Force and served in the same unit as Jim at Chanute AFB, Illinois during 1967-69. We were very good friends. He used to give me rides to and from work until I bought a car of my own. We worked in the same office. We shared a love of Motown music. I remember when Jim met his wife, Pat. Jim was deployed to Vietnam’s few months a few months before I was. We were assigned to different bases, but we stayed in touch by phone. I’ll never forget when he told me while in Vietnam that he was going to Hawaii to get married. I caught up with Jim again in 1987. We have exchanged Christmas cards every year since. occasionally catching up by phone. I am very saddened by his passing and I pray for Godly blessings for his lovely wife, Pat.



FoodHug posted on 5/2/22

I love you I will miss you Mrs. monke


Don and Barb Dinzebach posted on 5/1/22

Steve and family our sympathies, thoughts and prayers to you all.


Peggy OBrien posted on 5/1/22

Condolences to the family. I knew your mother at Blessing School of Nursing where we were friends as student Nurses. Our careers kept us in touch thru the years, plus reunions! She was a beautiful person and nurse, as well as parent & wife. I cherish her memory. Peggy ( Smith) O'Brien


Ed posted on 4/29/22

Steve, Kim, Kelly & Eric. We are very sorry for your loss. We are keeping your family in our prayers in this tough time.



Ray and Karen Simon posted on 4/29/22

Bob you will be missed by your Nebraska Lakewood Friends


Ray and Karen Simon posted on 4/29/22

We enjoyed Bob so much at Lakewood RV Park in Harlingen Texas, they just lived across from us and he would call and say we are going our to eat want to go along, he knew even if I had something started we would say sure and put it in the fridge and off we would go some place to eat, there would usually be 4 couples of us together and we all had a great time


jude f posted on 4/28/22

rip love you bye monke best leader


Lois Eileen Miller Koss posted on 4/26/22

I am not the best writer, but I want to share about my “Big brother” and his family. So Lindermann here it goes! We were a family of five children born to Orville Johnson and Zella Marie Miller. Lindermann was the oldest child, followed by William Eugene (I knew him as Billy Gene, who died at 16 days old). Next came Byron Lee, Lois Eileen and Orville Johnson Jr. who is also deceased. I was so fortunate to have brothers who loved me and whom I love dearly! I remember as a little girl in first or second grade walking home from our one room schoolhouse. It was very cold, snowing and ice filled the ditches at the side of the road. Someone pushed me into the ditch. I broke though the ice and was dripping wet, but soon ice was freezing on my hair and clothes. Linderman picked me up and taking turns with his friend, Gene Laws, carried me all the way home. He was my hero! I thought he was so big and strong, but in later years realized he was just in eighth grade. I remember him coming home from school and getting on the tractor and plowing and working in the field until after dark. I remember him going hunting on the farm to get food for supper when food was scarce. He bought our first radio which enabled us to listen to the “Saturday Night Barn Dance” I remember crying when he left for the Navy in the 50’s. He loved the adventure of traveling all over the world and was on a ship to Antarctica. He served four years in the Navy. We have spent many hours talking on the phone about our childhood and all kinds of topics. He loved to talk and we always ended our conversations with, “I love you”. Lindermann took responsibility when there was a need and took good care of our parents in their later years, taking turns with my brother Byron visiting them in the nursing home. Thank you, Lindermann, for being such a great brother! Until we meet again! I love you! Your “little” sister, Lois Eileen


Tammi Smith posted on 4/23/22

So sorry for the loss of a great man! I have so many fond memories of time spent with him when I was younger. He always made me smile and laugh. He was truly one of the kindest, sweetest men I’ve ever known. Rest In Peace dear Uncle Lin. Please give Aunt Linda a hug from me. Prayers for the family and all who knew and loved him.


Marybeth Eads posted on 4/21/22

So sorry to hear Jim is no longer with you. He was a great co-worker at Cap & Gown with a sense of humor necessary for working there.


Sally Adkisson Nathan posted on 4/20/22

Pat, Mi pésame más sincero en esta hora difícil. What a wonderfully long partnership!



Jonna (Cameron) Lynn posted on 4/19/22

I remember fishing in a little boat with Barry and Melvin Adams, I think it was an MYF outing. Barry and Mel did the fishing and I TRIED to be quiet! I will miss his daily Facebook postings with a prayer or a thought for the day!


Chris (Mammen) Bluhm posted on 4/19/22

I am so sorry to read of brothers death..I will keep your family in my prayers.


Linda Blaschek posted on 4/19/22

Our hearts and deepest sympathy go out to you, our dear friend, Pat, and Jim’s family. He was a sweet, kind and gentle person. You will be missed,Jim. Linda and Hans Blaschek


Rick Severns posted on 4/19/22

Jim was my best man when Candy and I got married. We had a lot of great times together in our early years getting together almost every weekend. He always wanted us to name our first born Rudy Kazudy. Didn't happen but a lot of fond memories. He will be missed.


Shelly (O’Connor) Hapke posted on 4/18/22

So sorry for your loss. My favorite memory of Mr. Slattery was during birthday sleepovers for Chris. He would have a circle of St. Matthew 3rd grade girls around him, telling us all scary stories. After one round and making one of the girls cry, he knew that I was the one that he could always scare and direct the punch line of the story towards. I would just scream really loud. RIP Mr. Slattery


Faith Troyer Wyse posted on 4/18/22

Greetings to your family from an old classmate. I didn't see your husband/father/uncle much after graduation, but I think of you in your loss.



Sarah A Webb posted on 4/14/22

In Loving Memory, From Sarah Trumpy and family


Aidan McClanahan posted on 4/13/22



Cindy and Pat Connolly posted on 4/12/22

Dearest Kay and Amy We we’re so very sorry to read of your SWEET DONOVAN’S PASSING. We remember when he was born and how proud you both were to be a Grandma and Aunt!! We know Donovan helped so much in mending your ♥️‘S with Brett’s loss. There’s not words to say how sorry we are for this loss of such a young man. Keeping you both in our prayers and May you both find strength together to heal this sad loss. Love Cindy and Pat Connolly♥️


Dennis and Deb Kimme posted on 4/11/22

Deb and I want to express our sincere condolences to Mike, Joseph and their family. Jean was always fun to be around and was a very special person. We mainly saw her at softball games when Mike and Dennis played together many years ago now and did not get to see Jean much in later years though we were aware of the challenges that she, as well as Mike, faced. We are deeply saddened to learn of her passing, unfortunately belatedly, and hope that Mike and Joseph can find comfort in their many great memories together with Jean.


Georgiana Schuster posted on 4/11/22

I am so sorry Elaine. My heart is with you.


James Tisan Trask posted on 4/11/22

Donavan was one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He was caring, loyal, and had a personality unlike any other. A stranger who’s never heard of him could instantly like the guy after having a ten second conversation with him. I know this because that’s how him and I became friends back in elementary. Donavan was also a born genius. He had skills I could only dream of possessing. We had a Science Fair and him and I were partnered together. I didn’t know a thing about science back then, but this guy went and carried me through the whole fair and made a freaking hover craft out of a motor, a fan and a styrofoam plate. Couldn’t make it up if I tried. He had the skills to pay the bills.



Julia Jenkins posted on 4/11/22

I remember Donovan thru my son Bobby. In grade school they hung out and attended each others birthday parties. I am so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our prayers.


J'Lyn Hope posted on 4/10/22

Donavon was a good person. He was kind at a time in my life when it was hard to find genuine kindness. Years after we graduated high school, we would run into each other. He knew who I was. That amazed me because in school, we didn't know each other very well. He was the kind of person who remembers. I just want to say thank you to this family, because your Donavon taught me how special it was to be remembered. I am saddened by the loss of such a kind soul, and my prayers are with you. May God bless and keep you. Signed, J'Lyn Hope



Maritza posted on 4/10/22

I remember Donovan. I was a couple years ahead of him in Highschool. I didn’t know him like the back of my hand but I knew he was kind and sometimes goofy. He was quiet but his smile made a huge difference in my day. He was a good guy. He was genuine.



Kevin boyd posted on 4/10/22

Rest in peace Uncle John. So many great memories !!



Bebes posted on 4/10/22

Baby, I love you. I love your laugh, your smile, your trifecta of kisses, how u lost everything within one second of having it, your freeness, and your love. Thank you for being the light in my life and allowing me to do the same. Always and forever yours, Bebes.


Jiayi Huang posted on 4/10/22

Dear Hymowitz family, I'm very sorry to hear about Dr. Hymowitz's passing and for your loss. I was one of his assistants at UIUC tending to his soybeans and forwarding his mail to him in Florida. I worked for him from 2019 - 2021. His passion for his field was palpable and admired, and he would always talk lovingly of his daughters and grandchildren. His kindness and humor left an impact on me, and he will be missed.



Tammy K Berry posted on 4/9/22

I will always remember your awesome smile and sense of humor. You are loved by so many. Fly high Donovan.


Susan Hutchinson Neff posted on 4/7/22

We are so sorry , From all I have read Andrew was a joy to all who knew him. He was so full of love for others.. Just seeing his pictures makes me smile. I wish I could fix things. I hurt so much for you and Michael. I am here if you need anything. Talk. Whatever Sending you love and hugs.


Nicole Dickerson posted on 4/7/22

So very sorry for the loss of Sean’s Dad! Many thoughts and prayers for you and the kids as you lay him to rest!


Rosemary Laughlin posted on 4/7/22

His vivid obituary conveys his complexity, especially his robust sense of humor. He clearly loved and was loved. Elaine, I give you and your family heartfelt sympathy for his loss. I felt I knew him a little through the concerns of Allean Hale.


Sue Pritchard Danielson posted on 4/6/22

Amy & Jeff, Sorry to read about your mother. I remember her as a devoted Savoy neighborhood mom. She was kind, caring, intelligent & good humored. May these pleasant memories be of some comfort to you at this sad time. God bless.


Lynne armstrong posted on 4/6/22

Sweet sweet Andrew. So sorry to hear of his passing. I will remember him always and think often about the times I worked with him. I wasn’t always sure whether I would be welcomed with opened arms and that beautiful smile or sent packing. Lol We had some wonderful times and I’m left with wonderful memories. Andrew was blessed with a loving and supportive family and Elaine, you were blessed with a loving, sweet child. You are in my prayers.


Ronnie Tompkins posted on 4/6/22

So sorry to hear this.


Lynne armstrong posted on 4/6/22

Dear sweet Andrew. So sad to hear of his passing. Even though I haven’t seen him for quite a while I think about him and often wondered how he was doing. He loved his family and friends as well loved life. On Halloween he would put spells on me and imity


Susn Bays Johnson posted on 4/6/22

I am so sad that Andrew is no longer with you. Although I never met him, I heard many stories about him from his beautiful mother. It is beyond belief to lose a child, but his family was perfect to provide for his special needs...the greatest of those was love. I have another friend who just lost her son of similar age with Andrew's challenges. My heart goes out to all of you.



Susan Bays Johnson posted on 4/6/22

I am lighting a candle for Andrew, whom I've never met I was privileged to hear many stories of joy and difficulty from his beautiful mother, so it felt as though I knew him. I also have another friend who just lost her son recently with Andrew's age/circumstances. Words cannot describe the loss of a child and my heart reaches out to all of your family with love.


Jeanette (Walker) McCollum posted on 4/6/22

My memories of Andrew are of a beautiful little boy. I've often thought about him and you, his family, and hoped he was doing well. I loved reading about his many life experiences. Thank you for sharing him.


Diana McClelland posted on 4/6/22

Jeff and Amy - I was so very sorry to read in the Quincy paper about Carol. My husband, Lou McClelland was a close friend of your Dad's and over the years we spent time with your Mom and Dad. Your Mother was such a special person and I am so so happy to have known her. Sending my deepest sympathies to you and your families.


Jane Marriott posted on 4/5/22

I did not have the privilege of ever knowing Andrew or his family, but from reading this splendid obituary I feel like he was an old friend. It is a glowing tribute to a life well lived with a lively and creative family filled with fun and love with a wide range of community support. If all families had this rich foundation the world would be a better place, for sure. Thanks so much for sharing highlights of Andrew's amazing life. I have a Ghostbusters night planned in his honor.


Rob Rushing posted on 4/5/22

Dear Michael and Elaine, for myself and on behalf of the entire program, our deepest condolences. The obituary in the News-Gazette was full of the vivid warmth, evident love, and profoundly human sense of humor that your family has always embodied. Wishing you the very best.


PAUL DUNCUM posted on 4/4/22

My deepest condolences Elaine. I was aware of how much effort and love was offered to Andrew by you. It was among the more remarkable things about you.


Susan F posted on 4/4/22

Elaine, I know what a loving and determined mother you are --my thoughts are with you and your family. Your poetry about your son touched my heart and also soothed it , knowing that mothers experience so many feelings. May your love for him and from him comfort you now


Camille Born posted on 4/4/22

Sean, Erin and family - so sorry for the loss of your father. May all the good memories you have help ease your grief over time. Bob and Camille Born


Peter T Tomaras posted on 4/4/22

Andrew has moved on after 44 years of immeasurable care and love from Elaine, Michael and Rachel. He lives on in poignant, beautiful, heartfelt poetry.


Darlene Kloeppel posted on 4/4/22

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family at this time of loss.


Belden Fields posted on 4/3/22

Dear Michael and Elaine, While I am not a parent myself, I can not imagine anything more tragic than losing a child. I am so sorry that you have lost your dear Andrew.


Georgiana Schuster posted on 4/3/22

I am sorry for your loss, Elaine and family, but happy for the good times he had.


Vania Hannah posted on 4/3/22

Michael, Elaine, Rachel and family, my deepest condolences on the passing of Andrew. I have a lot of fond memories of Andrew when he was in my classroom at Urbana High School. I was always amazed when I would see him out in the community years later and he always recognized me. It would bring joy to me heart! P.S. Andrew was one of my favorite students, over my 30+ years of teaching. He will be dearly missed.


Fran DeMaris posted on 4/3/22

I was attracted to Andrew's obituary by his youth and warm, smiling face. I was so touched to read the description of a young man so full of energy and fun, even though he had significant problems that all of you dealt with on an on-going basis over most of his life. Please know that your assistance to him must have allowed him great joy and a clear understanding of love. I wish you all well as you move forward, knowing what a wonderful life you helped to provide Andrew. Most Sincerely, Fran DeMaris Thanks you for sharing such a personal, warm, caring, fun-filled description of Andrew.


Subhraleena Deka posted on 4/3/22

While I did not know Andrew personally, I surely know that his innocence brought joy and fulfillment to everyone who loved him. "Taking the Train" will forever be etched in my heart.


LeAnna Croom posted on 4/3/22

With deepest sympathy, I am sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you and sending much love. Rest in peace, Michael. I am going to see about that new Ghostbusters movie and see how it may have improved upon the classic.


Vania Hannah posted on 4/3/22

Michael, Elaine, Rachel & family, my deepest condolence for your loss. I have many fond memories of Andrew when he was in my classroom at Urbana High School. I loved it when I would see him years later out in the community and he would still recognize me! That really touch my heart. P.S. Andrew was one of my favorite students!!


Gary Doherty posted on 4/2/22

Sending peace and love to wonderful parents and family of Andrew


Cris Vowels posted on 4/2/22

I'm so very saddened to know that Andrew has passed. Although I haven't seen Andrew for many years, I have thought of him often - especially at Halloween - and always, always looked for him at the movie theaters. His unique way of communicating and whole-hearted laugh were so genuine. I am so glad to have known him; he pushed me to a better teacher and person.


Julian and Arlene Rappaport posted on 4/2/22

We did not know Andrew directly, but we know a lot about him from listening to stories told by his Mom and Dad. We learned a great deal from them about how families love and enjoy one another. Thank you Elaine and Michael for sharing Andrew with us.


Patty and Bill Gropp posted on 4/2/22

Michael, Elaine, Rachel, and family, We are saddened at the loss of your beloved Andrew. Recuerdo las sonrisas grandes de Andrew y Michael cuando Andrew pasaba detras de Michael durante nuestras reuniones del Club de Espanol por Zoom.


Debra Karplus posted on 4/2/22

Elaine, Michael, Rachel & family So saddened by the passing of Andrew. I remember seeing him with Elaine enjoying a theater production at Assembly Hall in Champaign. Peace..Debbie Karplus


Frank C. Modica posted on 4/1/22

Andrew and I shared our love for hats. We would compare fedoras whenever our paths crossed. My heart goes out to Michael, Elaine, Rachel and all the members of Andrew’s extended family.


Dorothy Figueira posted on 4/1/22

Andrew was much loved. I remember his smile and capacity for joy.



David Mies posted on 4/1/22

I want to offer my condolences to the family of Ted Hymowitz. Ted was my supervisor during my MS program at the U of IL in 1970 when we were both young. His care for me as a young Farm Boy in my early career was sincere and appreciated. Our common love of plants and science brought us together. Ted continued to be my friend during my career and beyond. Thank you for a life well lived.


Phyllis W Williams posted on 3/31/22

We are so sorry for your loss and thankful for this long life. Mary’s goodness shines through her family. May you feel God’s comfort all around you. The family of Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia Brazelton Larry and Sue John Ray and Sally Joe and Phyllis Williams


Lila and Michael Vodkin posted on 3/30/22

Dear Hymowitz family, Mike and I are very sorry to hear of Ted’s passing. He was a good mentor as I navigated through the university as a newly hired faculty member in 1987 in the Agronomy Department (now Crop Sciences) to work also on soybeans. He was certainly dedicated to the genetics of soybean and its history in the United States and would talk with great knowledge and passion about these topics. He often talked with pride of his daughters and their accomplishments in their respective fields. With sympathy, Lila and Michael Vodkin


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 3/30/22

Dear Hymowitz daughters; I am Jim Shearl. I headed up IL Crop Improvement Association in the 1980s. at that time we funded a lot of your dad's research, so i knew him professionally. I recall him coming to Gibson City for girls Uni-high basketball to watch one of you play against my daughter. Very sorry for your loss and hope you are all having good lives.


Catherine j Cooper posted on 3/29/22

I am very sorry for your loss. Debbie after reading about your dad he sounded like an exceptional man. He will be missed by many. May you find peace and comfort in your memories. Praying for the whole family.


Anna Merritt posted on 3/29/22

Nancy, I was so very sorry to read about your mother’s death. I will always remember her as Meadowbrook’s top reader. My best to you — and to Jerry.


Jackie mobley posted on 3/29/22

Thoughts and prayers for your family, so sorry for your loss. Roszilla (Mae)Beasley and Jackie Mobley


Kip Pope posted on 3/28/22

I was good friends in high school with Pete's son Marshall Lipscomb. Two other friends and I would walk to Marshall's home on S. New Street on our way to Champaign High School and we'd all walk to school together after often spending a few pleasant minutes chatting with Marshall's parents. I'm so sorry to read of Pete's passing, as I always enjoyed talking with him. My condolences to Terri, whom I've known for many years through Marshall and through her brothers, and to Pete's other family members. Sincerely, Kip


NANCY YEAGLE posted on 3/27/22

Dear Annin Family, This message is for Sara, who I worked with at DSC many years ago. Sara, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely mother. I remember her fondly, especially how well she cared for Danny and Beth. I had the pleasure of providing home-based OT at her house for Beth when she was just a toddler. She was always asking for ways to help Beth develop her fine motor skills and carried out any recommendations faithfully. I'm glad you got to have her with you for so long. Take care! Love, Nancy


Janie Eichhorst-Smith posted on 3/27/22

Bill, so sorry to see this news. My sincere sympathies to you and your family


Doren Thali posted on 3/26/22

Tonja, I am very sorry to hear of Chad’s passing. Sending condolences to you and his family.



Joy Evans posted on 3/25/22

Ryan and I came up for Thanksgiving when he was about 10. The day we heading home Butch told us to follow him and Deb to a place he liked to have breakfast. It was one of those hidden jewels. Deb, Ryan and I talked and ate for an hour. I looked over and Butch was just enjoying taking it all in. I’ve never forgotten that day.


Dorothy Deem posted on 3/23/22

Amylee, we are so sorry to learn about Truman's passing. We had so much fun with him at the Pancake House. he always had a smile for everyone! Dave & Dorothy Deem


Virginia Stierwalt posted on 3/22/22

i loved Betty, our delightful secretary at Garden Hills 1961-1967 when i was a Third Grade teacher --she was so friendly and helpful.


Steven Cockburn posted on 3/22/22

I'm so sorry to hear about Manny passing, he will be missed by many. I remember Manny as accepting of everyone including my self and family. He always made you feel as he was your best friend!


Joseph day posted on 3/22/22

May the road rise up to meet you


Christine Jiau posted on 3/21/22

Dearest Mom, I can never forget your smile and sweet voice. Dad and you change my whole life forever. Without your love, my life will be different and very possible, I still be sinner. When I was in UI, every Sunday was my favorite time because I could have the most wonderful meal in Dad and Mom's house. Mom's salad is the most delicious salad in the whole world. We ate and chatted. It is the precious time in my life. I can never forget and will keep it in my heart till I see Dad and Mom again in heaven. Dad and Mom never leave because they are still alive in my memory. When I feel down, I can hear Dad's voice and tells me that I can do it. When I want to cry, I can hear Mom'a voice and tells me that I can rely on her. So, I will not cry because I know Dad and Mom are both smile now. Love and love....................


Bette Holmes posted on 3/21/22

Betty Walker was the secretary at Garden Hills when I was a teacher there. She was the ultimate professional. Betty was so friendly, kind, and helpful that it was a pleasure to work with her. I send my sincerest sympathies to her family. I know she will be missed.


Carol and Jack Griffet posted on 3/21/22

Jack was Truman’s roommate at Country Health last November. We always enjoyed talking with him. He told us about his wife and showed us pictures of her. “Isn’t she beautiful,” he would always say. His love for her was strong. We enjoyed his observations about farming. He worried that the cornfield he could see from his window was not being harvested and would rot in the field. He enjoyed seeing out little dog when I brought her to visit. When Jack was leaving to go home, Truman expressed regret to see him go. I regretted that we would not be seeing him again, and I gave him an affectionate kiss on his forehead. Made him smile. RIP, Truman. We’re happy to have known you.


Liho posted on 3/21/22

Dearest Mom, I was so fortunate to know you and Dad. You were the first American family that I met at UIUC when I came to the campus in 1991. You always gave me a lot of support and love when I felt uncertain and discouraged. The warm food and tasty desserts you prepared, your smiles and gentle words often warmed my heart. Those memories with you and dad have become an important part of my life. Thank you Mom. You were always a perfect spiritual mom to me. I love you mom, forever. Love Liho❤️


meng posted on 3/20/22

Dear Clarice, I am very grateful to know you in our short life in this world. Your family's warm help and concern, I still be grateful in my heart, and I also believe it is God's will that we can be a family while I was studying in UIUC. your laught I will always remember ,too You are such a kind, and sincere person to care people around you Now you already have left this disturbance of our secular life and lie down in the embrace of Jesus Christ There is no more precious thing than grip the eternal life, and I will still continue to work hard, pray that the day we see again.


Menhchun Liu posted on 3/20/22

Dear Clarice, I am very grateful to know you in our short life in this world. Your family's warm help and concern, I still be grateful in my heart, and I also believe it is God's will that we can a family while I was studying in UIUC your laught I will always remember ,too you are such a kind, and sincere person to care people around you Now you already have left this disturbance of our secular life and lie down in the embrace of Jesus Christ There is no more precious than grip the eternal life, and I will still continue to work hard, pray that the day we see again.


Jackson Warner posted on 3/20/22

I remember Mrs Walker from when I was an elementary school kid at Garden Hills, some time ago. Every day she would walk around to the doors of the classroom to take attendance. She was a very kind lady. About 10 years ago I ran into her and her husband at Panera Bread in Champaign and not only was she still the same kind "Mrs Walker" but she remembered me. "Earth's loss is Heaven's gain."


Linda Dean posted on 3/20/22

So very sorry to hear of Truman’s passing. He and my dad, Roscoe Randell, were friends forever and it was nice to see Truman at the service for my mom in 2017. I hope your memories will sustain you through this time. All the best. Linda Dean


Janie Calle posted on 3/19/22

Sending prayers to the Garcia Family. So sorry to hear this news.


Kelly Wang posted on 3/19/22

Dear Mom, You are such an elegant lady with tender heart and sweet smile. I miss those wonderful days with you and Dad in Champaign in 1997-1998. And those good moments and memories in 2002, 2006 and 2010 when I visited you all again and spent time together were still vivid. The unconditional and boundless love and caring which you and Dad gave have touched so many lives and souls. Thank you for giving us so much love and happiness. Miss and love you both a lot!! Kelly & Steve


Julie Lowry posted on 3/19/22

Earl was a good man and a great Master Mason. He was always welcoming to the members of Eastern Star and the Rainbow Girls of Champaign IORG. I looked forward to his hug and update on his wife and family when we crossed paths in the hall. He is a great example of why I enjoy the masonic organizations and he is missed greatly.


Maynard and Catherine Ochs mobile 402-366-9257 posted on 3/19/22

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Father. Cathy and I are praying for your Families and know that your sorrow will be lightened with fond memories of your Dad and Mom. I hear that Uncle Truman had a peaceful passing, sounds like Jesus was with him at the hour of his death. A great comfort! I have contacted Bart and Bradley to let him know and sent them a link to Uncle Truman's obituary. Maynard


Julie Lowry posted on 3/19/22

Rich was definitely a positive soul and he is greatly missed.


Stan Marsh posted on 3/18/22

So very sorry to hear of Truman's passing. Pat and my wife were such good office mates and friends. Truman and I participated in a great many NAAHP "events" with our wives and over time became friends. Lots of great times were had with them and their wonderful family. I do miss those times. My condolences to the family.



Ming posted on 3/18/22

Dearest Mom, It’s been almost 17 years since I last visited you, Dad and Laurie in Champaign for a very short period of time. Despite physical distance, I never felt disconnected from you, ever, but always enjoyed a deep spiritual connection instead. Everybody close to me knows the story of the Behrens family. Mom, Dad and Laurie loved me as your own daughter and sister. And this is how God’s love for us was revealed to me and among all your spiritual children. My love for you is beyond words. Believing that we will be together again and forever one day gives me peace, comfort and hope. Dear Gary, Laurie and Bill, thank you so much for sharing Mom and Dad’s love with us. They’ve touched so many lives and set a good example for us. Love you and miss you soooooo much, Ming


Rev. Fr. Michael and Nancy Condos posted on 3/18/22

We were so sorry to hear of Manny’s passing. We enjoyed our time with him and all of you when our children were students at Holy Cross and STM. May God’s Peace be with you all and may our Lord receive Manny’s soul into His Kingdom.



Teresa Twigg (formerly Teresa Burwell) posted on 3/18/22

Truman you truly lit up the hallways at Country Health...may you rest in piece dear man...


Teresa Twigg (formerly Teresa Burwell) posted on 3/18/22

Oh Tim, Amy, Richie and Randy, I was so very sorry to just read of your dad's passing. I enjoyed the times I would go up and speak to him at Country Health in Gifford when I was seeing mom. He was quite the teaser and always brought a smile. This news just breaks my heart, but now he and your sweet mother a reunited and whole again. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Much love and hugs...


Vonda Jenkins posted on 3/18/22

We are so sorry to hear of Truman’s passing. He was a wonderful roommate to our dad and we always enjoyed visiting with him. The Robert Pflugmacher family


Don Muse posted on 3/18/22

Was saddened to read of the passing of Truman. The family were great friends with Thelma and me. I know you are hurting. My sincere sympathy to the family.


Cindy Cain Connolly posted on 3/18/22

Richie I was sorry to read of your Dad’s passing. I know you came to CU to help take care of him♥️. May those times together help MEND YOUR HEART AT THIS TIME. He had a full life and is in HEAVEN WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER TOGETHER AGAIN♥️. Take Care Love Cindy


Cindy Cain Connolly posted on 3/18/22

Randy and Kathy I was so sorry to read of your Dad’s passing. May all your BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES OF YOUR FATHER HELP HEAL YOUR HEART ♥️ AT THIS SAD TIME. Randy you were so BLESSED TO HAVE YOUR DAD WITH YOU THAT MANY YEARS. Take Care Love Cindy and Pat



Bert & Judy Griffin posted on 3/18/22

A child of God with a gift of laughter....


Carolyn Hughes posted on 3/17/22

Manny was a great man. He was the biggest fan to my children when they needed encouragement the most. He planted seeds in them they will carry for a lifetime.


Guadalupe “Pita” Martinez posted on 3/17/22

Manny was an authentic and caring person full of happiness and Light. Our thoughts and prayers are with Adriana, their children, and family. You are remembered



David Zhong posted on 3/17/22

Mom, thank you so much for giving me my American name, David. I LOVE my name more and more throughout the years. The love you gave me was much more than what my birthmother gave me. Grace and I miss you very much and we are happy for you. David Zhong



Grace (Shanshan) posted on 3/17/22

Mom, I have too many precious memories of you to write down. Rather than getting overwhelmed and stuck, I will just write as if I am chatting with you from earth to heaven, just as we were chatting over the phone. Mom, did I tell you how glowing and beautify your smile was and how contagious was your joy? Gary sent us the picture of you holding the book “Heaven is Real.” Your bright smile in the picture touched David and me to tears. You feel that you are smiling at us from Heaven right now? Mom, your heart was so big, overflowing with the unconditional love of Jesus. You never stopped pouring out your love to all your children and spiritual children via both actions and words. Only God knows how many delicious meals you prepared for your children and spiritual children. As of today, your foods have been the BEST American foods we have ever had. Remember we asked you to apply for patent for Clarice’s Salad? You shared with us your patterned recipe. Sorry that I wrote down but misplaced it. Maybe your other children can share it with me. Talking about love, I recall you were always teaching someone how to drive when I was in graduate school – OMG, teaching Asians driving, you were so brave!! I wished you were teaching me when I got mad at David for being an impatient teacher. You always keep us keeping me updated on them when we talk. You listen to us, and praying for our needs. Mom, in your last birthday, we joked again on your age… We agreed that you became younger each year until you turned 12 years old. Now, you are eternally young and beautiful. You loved to take pictures to keep and share the wonderful moments we were together. You tried so hard to keep and organize them even when you needed to organize your house, moving with Dad to assistant living...... No worry about not being able to organize them all. Numerous precious memories are far beyond what pictures could have taken, and they will be imprinted in our minds and hearts. We miss you, but we are happy for you being in an amazingly wonderful place with Jesus, Dad, and your father, and others you missed. We know that you and Dad would still be smiling at us, and praying for us. Love you so much Grace (Shanshan)


Peter Y. Liu posted on 3/17/22

Mom, you finished your race and fought a good fight. I believe that there is a glorious crown prepared for you. I love you and miss you. Thank you for what you have done in my life. I'll do my best to share the gospel of Jesus Christ following your example until we meet in heaven. May God's peace, comfort, and eternal hope be with Behrens' family!


Chenchen Moore / Grace posted on 3/16/22

Dear Mom, Ever since you and dad picked me up at Urbanan-Champaign airport in the summer of 2001, I have become part of the Behren's family. I will always treasure your beautiful smile. You and dad had taught me what the Heavenly father's love look like. You loved me, accepted me, and watched out for me. I had so many sweet and loving moments at your house. You were the most loving, kind, and generous couple that I have ever met. I love you dearly. Some of us were planning to see you this spring. However the Lord had another plan. We will see you in heaven.


Huann-Sheng & Theresa posted on 3/16/22

Dearest mom, We love you and there is nothing you can do about it. You and Dad shared countless wisdom and prayers with us. So many fun and precious memories! I can totally see you and Dad dancing and rejoicing with Jesus and the Lord says:"Welcome home, well done, good and faithful servant!" Love you so much,


Huann-Sheng & Theresa posted on 3/16/22

Dearest Mom, We love you and there is nothing you can do about it. There are countless wisdoms you and Dad shared with us. You showed us how to praise God, how to trust God and how to love others unconditionally. So many fun and precious memories! I can totally see you and Dad dancing and rejoicing with Jesus and the Lord says:"Welcome home, well done, good and faithful servant!"


Fernando Hernandez posted on 3/16/22

My deepest condolences to you and all your family for this great loss. Prays for you all. I only new him for a very brief time at U of I but always remember his laugh and love for life. Manny Rest in Peace.


Sandra (Duarte) Hernandez posted on 3/16/22

I will never forget the fun times, when Lizette and I were little, you used to take us roller skating at Lynwood in Michael’s gray work van. The highlight of the night was, of course, getting us White Castle on the way home. Thanks for being a great person and fun to be around. Until we meet again!


Nicole Dickerson posted on 3/16/22

So very sorry to hear of Manny’s passing! He was a vibrant, fun guy to be around and his passion and love for his family was unmatched! We continue to pray for Manny and his beloved family and friends as they grieve! We are unable to pay our respects Thursday but know that we are so sorry for your loss! May God bless you and comfort you in your hour of need! RIP Manny


David and Grace (Shanshan) posted on 3/16/22

Dear Mom, We can never thank God enough for bringing you into our lives. Your beautiful life was, is, and will continue to be a glowing testimony of the perfect love of Jesus to us and so many people around the world. We miss you so much, but we rejoice for your reunion with Jesus and Dad in heaven. So long! Love and hugs David and Grace



Li Cao (Cally) posted on 3/13/22

Dear Mom, Your love and prayers will always be in my heart. I will miss you very much, miss prayer if with you, miss talking to you on the phone…


Linda Rozar posted on 3/13/22

Such a blessed tender heart, and gracious to all, truly a Proverb 31 woman was Ms Clarice. Her prayers brought countless refreshing to many a heartsick soul in times of stress..wise words and sweet peace of spirit..we miss you dear one. Shalom Rozars


Bobby Foster posted on 3/12/22

I regret I did not know Kay personally, as her book, Winning Styles For Winning Coaches has had a strong influence on my life. I've had Kay's book for 15 years and was revisiting it this morning. I tried to find her online, and found this obituary. I enjoyed reading more about Kay's life and her family this morning. I'll add that i work extensively with the DISC profile with coaches, athletes, and parents, and Kay is "with me" often through what I learned from her wonderful book. Thirty years after it's publication, it's every bit as relevant today and it was back in 1992 when it was published. God bless Kay's precious soul, and God bless her family and friends. Bobby Foster from Columbia,SC


Kathy Mathes posted on 3/11/22

Good bye old friend, you will be missed. My heart felt condolences to Paula and his family.


Laura Battle posted on 3/11/22

I pray for you as I know how much you and Kenny loved each other



Dhruv Tiwari posted on 3/11/22




Linda Wilson Reardon posted on 3/10/22

Prayers and comfort to Kenny’s family. May you find peace in His love.


Snider posted on 3/10/22

Paula, so sorry to hear about your husband. I’m sure you have many wonderful memories to sustain you during this time. My condolences to you and your family.


Roberta Koerner posted on 3/10/22

Lots of nice memories…


Maria Rechner McCormick posted on 3/9/22

Tim I am so sad to hear youve already gone home. We go way back to the teenage years. I was trying to look you & Tom up & came across your memorial page.. RIP my old friend.. until we meet again. If anyone can get a hold of Tom for me please let him Know I’ve been searching for them both. I’m so sorry about Tim’s loss. Sad



Monkey enthusiast posted on 3/9/22

R.I.P Mrs. Monke



Karla and Norm Fisher posted on 3/7/22

We simply adored Lois, and loved hearing her play her violin in church. She was a good friend to me and I will miss her greatly. May God bless you during this time of your deepest grief. Just know that you are loved and being prayed for. Try to find comfort in knowing that she has now touched the robe of Jesus. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Karla Fisher posted on 3/7/22

Norm and I are so very sorry for the loss of your Dad. He was a great guy and fun to talk to. We always enjoyed seeing him at church. God bless you all during this your deepest time of grief. Love, hugs and prayers, Karla and Norm


Susan Brown posted on 3/6/22

Amanda was a blessing to know. Her mother-in-law was my "other mother" as we were great friends. I met Amanda while she was dating Roger Houser. Amanda and Roger visited me in Maryland as I was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. We had a wonderful time together, seeing all the sites, enjoying great foods, and getting stuck in traffic. I will miss your phone calls and cards. You are a great friend and care-giver!!! Rest in peace.


Terry and Susan Holleman posted on 3/5/22

We met Jean when Mike occassionally played softball with English Brothers. She was such a delight, always with a smile on her face, and a kind word. We had no idea of all her accomplishments until reading her beautiful obituary. he must have touched lots of lives with her generosity of time, and her kindness. I bet her trips were a blast! It's obvious that she had a very fulfilling life. May she rest in peace.


Mark Voss posted on 3/3/22

I moved to Fisher my senior year 1977, I didn't know anyone. The first day of school I rode the bus to school where I met Jean she came right up to me sat down and said "who are you, I'm Jean..." I was then prompted for my life story. I'll never forget her friendliness and ready smile. It was a rare and welcome moment for a 17 year-old military brat new kid in school,, used to being stared at and waiting for the ice to break. Thanks Jean I will always remember and cherish that moment. My heart felt condolences to your family and loved ones.



Barbara Picco posted on 3/3/22

Sincere sympathy to Jean's family and sisters.


Debbie Beck McKillop posted on 3/3/22

Dick was our pastor in Jerome [Springfield] , IL. when Donna was a baby so we’ve known Kay and Dick since then. I would ru. Into them occasionally here in Urbana. She left behind a great legacy for her family. Our prayers are with you all as we mourn her absence along with you. God bless. Alice Beck and Debbie Beck McKillop.


Alice Pfeffer posted on 3/3/22

Kay will be missed by so many. Her beautiful smile, warm personality, and fun spirit are so essential these days. We all loved you, Kay. Alice


Rich and Marie Govert posted on 3/3/22

Kay's participation with young women at the First United Methodist Church in Urbana was vital in keeping the "Young Women's Fellowship" going. It gave young mothers a night out each month, and resulted in the "red cookbook". Our condolences to you and the family.


Susie Huser posted on 3/2/22

So sorry for your loss. Kay was a wonderful.lady to work with. She will be missed


Susie Huser posted on 3/2/22

I'm so sorry for your loss. Kay was a great person. I enjoyed working with her.


Candy and Cody Abbott posted on 3/1/22

Dick and Donna: We were so sorry to hear of Kay's passing. Her career speaks volumes as well as her dedication to the church. Prayers to you all.



Dick Carlson posted on 3/1/22

Dick, so sorry to hear of your loss of Kay. She was such a very special person. You and Kay were two of my favorite people I got to know from Minuteman Press. It was always fun to talk to you two when you came in (especially about Illini sports). God bless you and your family. Also, say hello to Donna and I'm so sorry.



Sara Newsome Burns posted on 2/28/22

My deepest sympathy to the family.


Jeanne Palzkill posted on 2/28/22

Kay was a member of our family for 40 years. She was endearing, kind, and, oh so smart! We began as neighbors and ended as family. The McGuires were part of many celebrations, mundane daily life happenings, and events of great and small importance. Kay hugged and loved our babies and our babies babies. Her light will be missed but she has gone on to a finer place.



Pam McGuire Parent posted on 2/28/22

Miss you lots, Love you More. Kay was my Cousin by marriage. Somewhat of a second Mom. I spent many a weekend with her and Dick as a 2-3 year old. She taught me a lot about manners, why you push your chair in(so the dog can’t get on the table to eat the butter!), about singing at church, how to act in church. I never heard her raise her voice to anyone. She was compassionate and caring. And she loved to laugh. I can’t believe she’s gone. She touched the lives of hundreds of people. I bet almost all of them could tell a memorable story about her. She was definitely memorable. Thank you for providing many fabulous life experiences.


NANCY L HICKLE posted on 2/26/22

I worked at M-SJHS 1974-76. Lunch for kids was at M-SHS cafeteria. Helen and I would lunch at the same time, and I got to know her kind personality. As the mother of my classmate, Cheryl Hartrick Cinefro, we had much in common. My sympathy goes out to the family.


Amy Reinhart posted on 2/26/22

In all the years working with Amanda at Illinois, I don’t remember a time that she was grumpy or visibly having a bad day — always a smile on her face. I hope that you’ve already hunted down Dick DeVor, Amanda, and have given him heck (and a big smile)!


Alex Vakakis posted on 2/26/22

Amanda was a very kind and sweet human being. She was one of the first people that welcomed me in the Department of Mechanical Engineering when I arrived there on August of 1990. Together with the other people (Tammy, Celia,...) made me feel just like home. And when I encountered some difficult times since then, she was one of the first to hug me, full of sincere compassion. A wonderful. wonderful human being she will be missed. I will always remember her presence in good and not so good times.


Ann Allen posted on 2/25/22

Amanda had a huge heart and that extended to reaching out to her mother-in-law in the time of her greatest need. Amanda was instrumental in finding a care home for her; however, it didn't end with that. Amanda visited regularly and which brought great joy to her MIL and extended to other residents. Amanda cared for Roger throughout his illness even though she was going thru horrendous health issues. We, Roger's family, are greatly indebted to her and loved her very much. She stayed in touch as long as she could and I will truly miss her and her e-mails. Ann


Debbie Rohde posted on 2/25/22

I am the queen of Amanda’s Red Hat chapter. We will miss Amanda being a part of us. She was always so much fun and always thinking of others. I wish I could have spent some time with her during the last couple of months but with COVID and her illness that wasn’t possible. Just wanted her family to know we loved Amanda and she will be missed. ❤️



Jennifer Repking posted on 2/24/22

Heaven received another angel! Be free of your pain Amanda Lou! Hugs


Brenda Carlson posted on 2/24/22

Mike and Carol, So sorry to hear about the passing of your son. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Always, Lon and Brenda Carlson


Tony & Cheryl Fearday posted on 2/23/22

Sending our sympathy for the loss of you your family member, Tommy. He was our neighbor and always friendly to us. We will keep all the family members in our thoughts and prayers.


Sheila West posted on 2/22/22

Dear Carol and Mike…I send you my love and care at this sad time of loss and grieving for Matthew. I yam so blessed to have become friends with Matt during our time spent together (7 yrs) at DBSA mental health support groups and coffees. He had such an insight to how to stay well and stable in spite of difficult times. He taught me and others the importance of living life as a journey and not a marathon…Matt’s words I will miss you young man⭐️


Phil and Dixie Duffy posted on 2/21/22

We were so sorry to hear of Matt’s passing. We know your faith will comfort you during this very sad time and that wonderful memories will help heal you. Keeping you and all the family in our thoughts and prayers.


Anna Marie McClintock posted on 2/21/22

Myra and Jim welcomed me to Russell Street in 1990. Although I didn’t get to know Jim, I loved knowing Myra. I remember her walking the little ones to school. I enjoyed seeing those grown-up little ones mowing her yard. It was a loss to the neighborhood when she could no longer be seen outside caring for her yard. I miss her, it will always be Myra’s home to me. I regret I cannot be at the service tomorrow. She was a wonderful friend and neighbor.


Msgr. Mark Merdian posted on 2/20/22

So sorry to hear of Matthew’s death. May God give him rest


Claudette and Ted Gonsiorowski posted on 2/20/22

Carol and Mike, our deepest sympathies are with you during this heartbreaking time for you. May your faith bring you hope and comfort and may Matt rest in peace.


Patti Cardoso posted on 2/18/22

Mike—you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May Matthew Rest In Peace with our Heavenly Father and may the support from family and friends provide some comfort at this difficult time,


Don Beitz posted on 2/17/22

Carol and Mike, I am so sorry to learn of the loss of your son Matt. I know how proud you were of him and his family. May God grant you much comfort through these tough times!


Bob Heffernan. (class of '71 posted on 2/17/22

Sorry for your loss. Tommy and I were classmates at Centennial. I had seen him off and on over the years. I remember him fondly. God bless all of you!


Ron & Karen Schaufelberger posted on 2/16/22

Mike and Carol we are deeply saddened to learn of your son's passing. We didn't know your children but it reads like he was a very talented young man and we know your hearts are breaking. May God bring you peace and comfort you during this time of sorrow.


Carolyn and Mike Ragsdale posted on 2/16/22

One of the best memories was certainly your performance as the Genie in Aladdin at St. Matthew. Hilarious. You were always kind anytime you waited on us. You and your family are in our prayers..


Rachel posted on 2/16/22

Even in difficult times he was funny and cracking jokes. I actually frequently use a joke of his in my line of work to help put people at ease. I didn't know him well, so the fact that he left such an impression in such minimal interactions speaks so much to his personality. It is so wonderful that he will ultimately continue to make people laugh in their difficult times. Love and prayers


Michelle posted on 2/16/22

I am so sorry to learn of Hutch’s passing. We worked together at TGI Fridays and he was such a great friend during my time at UICU. He was a shining light who brought laughter and joy to everyone around him. RIP Friend


Rosemary Laughlin posted on 2/16/22

Art will be long remembered and greatly missed at the Windsor of Savoy for his practical generosity, salty style, and broad involvement. You name it, he had a hand in it--from managing the convenience store and playing Bridge to baking cakes and emceeing Bingo and Trivial Pursuit. He was willing to make suggestions, organize, and follow through. Not surprisingly, he was elected to the Residents' Advisory Board at Windsor. When he passed suddenly away, fellow residents were stunned; he was larger than life, it seemed. Hearts and thoughts are with our beloved Gail.



Christina posted on 2/15/22

Man hutch, this hurts… rest well my friend


Marybeth Eads posted on 2/15/22

Hutch! Seeing him was a privilege. I remember him from Musicals & Madrigals. He always excelled and was a friend to all he met. Matt always spoke to this old Momma of Amanda when we’d meet in CHS halls or out and about. I know your hearts are breaking. He’s healed and maybe doing a heavenly musical with D Max Decker. He’ll be watching over and waiting for all of his family. I am so sorry you’re apart for now.


Carol Jo Morgan posted on 2/13/22

To Mim's family: I will remember her fondly from our shared times at The Bead Lady, which I owned in the 1990s.. She had spirit and good taste!


Glen and Martin posted on 2/13/22

I am sorry to learn that Miriam has passed away. I was in school with her, grade school and at Central High. We lived in the same neighborhood - she lived on Cornell and I lived on Sheridan in Westview. I didn't know Miriam well - I guess we were both a tad shy. But I thought of her as a really nice and kind person. I only encountered her once after leaving high school, maybe said "hi" and talked briefly at some place like the grocery store. Now I read in her obituary about her interest in art and reflect on that mutual interest we had. When I travel by the old westview neighborhood I remember Miriam as I pass by. She was a good and kind soul and she is missed by those who knew her.


Wayne Mammen posted on 2/12/22

Coach Nelson and I were fierce competitors as coaches, but off the mat, we were great friends. I am sorry to learn of his passing and send my condolences to the family.


Rosanne Governor (Benfatto) posted on 2/11/22

Coach Nelson was a great teacher and coach. I loved his Math classes. He was always so helpful. My best memory was being part of the "half Nelsons". Learned a lot about wrestling and had a great time with the others. I encouraged my son to wrestle when he was in school. Coach Nelson will be missed.


Rosanne Governor (Benfatto) posted on 2/11/22

Coach Nelson was a great teacher, coach and role model. He new his craft! I enjoyed his math classes. He was always very helpful. He liked kids and wanted us to succeed. My best memory was being part of the "half Nelson"! It was a great group of girls. I learned a lot about wrestling. I encouraged my son to participate when he was in school. He will be missed.


Patti L Grider posted on 2/10/22

Coach Nelson was a Wonderful man to all of us girls who were the half-nelsons! I was a half-nelson back in 1977, my Junior year! He might yell at his Wrestlers but never at us girls! He was like a Big Teddy Bear!


Craig Mandel Pharmacist posted on 2/10/22

My first job as an RPh was at McBrides Lincoln Square. Bill was so welcoming and a great teacher. I always thought of him when I had my own pharmacy in Glen Ellyn..he taught me so much how to run a retail drug store. AND when my mon was at Carle, he took the time to visit her. What a kind guy with a GREAT laugh. May his memory be for a blessing.


Joyce Blessman posted on 2/10/22

Don and I met Bill and Lucille, when we first moved to Lydia CT, Urbana. We became very good neighbors. We saw him every Tuesday night after that at Attie's where the neighborhood would met for dinner and catch up what and how everyone was. Bill didn't take much but was very pleasant to be with. My condolences to his family.


mark a. doane posted on 2/10/22

Mentor: A great man, coach and teacher. One of the few Renaissance Men that I have known. Peace, Grace, Mercy and Love for family and his many friends. m.a doane Hwt. *71


Raymond Baker posted on 2/10/22

Very sorry to hear the loss of our beloved coach, mentor, and teacher. Coach Nelson led me through three years, ’74-’78, of advanced math classes at CHS. He was a tough and gifted teacher who paved the way for a rewarding 40+ year career in engineering. As my wrestling coach he brought that same ethos; work hard, self-discipline, achieve. I remember watching his face during matches and it was pure joy. He reveled in the competition, the sport, and always spurred us to deliver our best. Coach, can never repay you for your love and guidance. It was a blessing to have known you.


Joe D Webber Jr posted on 2/10/22

My condolences for your loss.


Joe D. Webber Jr. posted on 2/10/22

My condolences to the family. I was raised by Lee & Loretta Webber (Clyde's sister) and knew Clyde and his family. Clyde certainly lived a full life and we are all thankful for his service in the military.



Monke posted on 2/9/22

She inspired us all, the tribe will go on! Monke forever


Ron & Karen Cook posted on 2/8/22

I was soon introduced to Ron on my arrival in C/U to open the Logos Bookstore next to Campus. Without his kind & competent guidance, we never could have survived in the environment. Our first visit to Temple Baptist resulted in an invitation to a Sunday dinner experience at Ron & Anita's home along with our 4 children. He was a kind and caring Christian gentleman, blessed with wisdom and strong values.


Richard H. Foley posted on 2/8/22

I had Bob Nelson as a math teacher for three years in high school--1970-71-72. He was one of the best if not the best teacher I ever had at Centennial. He was also my football coach for three years. It is not an over statement that at the time he was a beloved teacher and coach for me and a number of my friends. We fondly referred to him as "Bulldog Nelson" because of his build and his toughness. But we knew he genuinely cared about his players and his students. I was sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to family.


Nathan Rath posted on 2/8/22

Coach Nelson was a great man and golf coach. He was funny, supportive, and patient. I have very fond memories of him and wish the family all the best. He will be missed.


Sandy Golliher posted on 2/8/22

I am so very sorry to hear about Mr. Nelson. I had him for several math classes at Centennial. He was a tough teacher but he was always encouraging and I loved his sense of humor. I have always had good memories of him from high school


Debbie Demlow posted on 2/7/22

I knew Alice since I was 14 yrs old. She was a sweet woman. Lost connection yrs ago but still is very sad to see she has earned her wings. R.I.Paradise Alice. You and Joe are together again.



Minette and Marietta posted on 2/7/22

Laura, so very sorry about the loss of your mom.



Kathy and Maria posted on 2/7/22

We will always remember Chad's beautiful smile and his warm and loving heart.


Mark Klaus posted on 2/7/22

My thoughts and prayers to the Nelson Family. Mr. Nelson was a great man... He was my math teacher many years ago and way also my football coach. He pushed everyone to be the best they could be. Firm, Fair and a great heart.


Deborah Day posted on 2/6/22

Mr. Nelson was a wonderful man. My sincerest condolences to you all.


Marta Kay (Turner) Shinker posted on 2/6/22

So sorry for your loss. Mr. Nelson was a great teacher. Helped me get through algebra at Centennial. Will always remember him.


Rich and Lee Ann Montgomery posted on 2/6/22

Ron taught me that I could be a Christian and be successful in my career. He served at Temple Baptist Church as a deacon and was the first Sunday school teacher my wife Lee Ann and I had as a married couple. He was a blessing to our family. Rest, dear brother, and we will see you on the other side.


Mark Hartman posted on 2/6/22

Mr. Nelson was my Algebra II teacher at Centennial. He was TOUGH but fair! Mr. Nelson was a good man and coach! His family is in my thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace


Lisa Howell Sharpe posted on 2/5/22

We had great fun while learning enduring truths in youth. Prayers of comfort and peace to all.



Dick Knieriem posted on 2/4/22

Ron, a special neighbor, fellow Rotarian, but mostly a good friend and model gentleman. I will always smile when I recall our many “mail box” discussion. His informed Rotary Club observations and sincere Christian faith were a guide and inspiration. To Ron’s wonderful family, my sincere condolences.


John C. Alexander, Potomac High School '71 posted on 2/3/22

I just learned of Rich's passing and offer sincere sympathies. Rich was a year ahead of me in school and was always a friend, one of my favorite Dodgers fans. He carried a positive outlook that will be missed by many. I join you in spirit as you celebrate his life and legacy.


David Dosier posted on 2/2/22

Chad and I covered a lot of ground in Canton growing up. There were a few summers I bet we played tennis almost every day. I will miss my old friend and regret terribly not keeping in touch as we became adults.


Brenda Rose posted on 2/2/22

To the family of Chad. We are all so sorry to hear of his passing. He was our Classmate and friend. He will be remembered for his gentle soul , with a smile that was always beaming. Chad may you Rest in Jesus . Your CHS Classmates "WE ARE THE CLASS OF 87"


Jeanne Hoefling posted on 2/1/22

My condolence in the passing of your husband.


Per and Mel DeGeeter posted on 2/1/22

Katy is in heaven with "her Joe". What a wonderful lady. We loved our phone, email and text exchanges with Katy even those in which she said she would like to be with Joe - what an example of a couple's love. She will be missed; but we are convinced that we can call on her to intercede for us with Jesus. Rest in peace, Katy


Mark and Gala Murphy posted on 2/1/22

Courage, peace, and healing.


Barbara osiek posted on 2/1/22

Tinja, I am so sorry to hear about your husband, Chad. I know how much you loved and cared about him. My sincere sympathy to you and to Chad’s family.



Juliet posted on 1/31/22

Glad to know LaVonne returned to monke. Love forever


Kevin Teal posted on 1/31/22

Thanks for sharing Rich with us. God Bless and Keep Y'all.



Rev. Robert K Freeman posted on 1/31/22

Thank you for your leadership.


Nettie Howell posted on 1/31/22

Prayers for all Bates family. We are grateful for having known Ron and having enjoyed his friend ship. Many fond memories of his humor and joy of living. He was a dedicated Christian. He will be greatly missed Homer and Ann Howell


Ann and Homer Howell posted on 1/31/22

Ron is remembered with may fond days of fellowship at Champaign. He was very active with young people and a great Christian role model. Ron had a great sense of humor and Homer and I treasure our times with him and Anita.


Christine Mochel posted on 1/30/22

Dale and Wally - please know you are both in my thoughts and prayers after the loss of your grandmother and great-grandmother. My condolences to the rest of the family.


Carl Holland and family posted on 1/30/22

Heartfelt prayers to the family of Ron Bates. We remember him with fondness and give thanks to God for his many gifts and his role in our lives in years past. Much love and comfort to all at this time --from the Carl Holland family


Carol Jeanne Muster posted on 1/29/22

Dear Susan, I read with sadness of Ron’s passing, but with joy for his life and for the time you shared with each other. May many happy memories comfort you as you grieve his loss and may the promise of Christ’s resurrection bring you abiding peace. Hugs, Carol Jeanne


Carol Jeanne Muster posted on 1/29/22

Dear Susan, I read with sadness about Ron’s death, but with joy for his life and for what you were able to share together. May your good memories be a consolation, and may your hope for the resurrection of all things give you comfort at this time of loss. Thinking of you and praying for Ron and for you.


Bill Mulvihill posted on 1/29/22

He was dedicated to helping the student athletes be the best they could be.


Bill Mulvihill posted on 1/29/22

I worked with Carl during his tenure as Director of Athletics at the University of Cincinnati. May he Rest In Peace and May God hold him in the palm of his hand. Our deepest sympathy to the family


Pat Blake posted on 1/29/22

We are sorry to hear of the loss of Ron. We’ll all be thinking of you in the days ahead as you mourn his loss, celebrate his many accomplishments and a life well lived. Lisa Bates’ family - Jeanne Wieland, Phil and Pat Blake, Hank Wieland and Taunia Northouse.


Dan & Elizabeth Nelson posted on 1/28/22

Very sorry to hear of Wayne’s passing… Our prayers to you Lavonne , and your entire family


Woody and LaVerne Iles posted on 1/28/22

Dear Susan, We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Ron. We met him several times at church and enjoyed hearing his participation in the choir. We pray that God will have His arms wrapped tightly about you during these difficult times. You are in our prayers.


Wilberta Pickett posted on 1/27/22

Esther was the wife of Bob Greulich, best friend of my late husband, John Pickett, the two having gone through college together - two years at Earlham College, Richmond, IN, and Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Later when I was hired to be the Organist/Choir Director at the Reid Memorial United Presbyterian Church in Richmond, IN, Bob hired John at St. Regis Paper Company's plalstic plant. Later they both transferred to Cleveland, ON with St. Regis. Esther was also a very good Earlham friend of my second cousin, Barbara Nell Leisure Williams. She was always a lot of fun with a light hearted view on life and a humorous take on events in their lives. We've always kept in touch at Chirstmas till the last two years when we didn't hear from her. When I contacted the Sr. Living Apt. where she had been living, they couldn't tell me whether she had died or not because of primacy rules. I finally traced her death by contacting this funeral home. I would love to hear from any of you kids via My dear John died Dec. 29, 2020, but I am getting along quite well. Our five children have been very helpful and I've had much support from other family, and many friends here at Longwood at Oakmont, a CCC near where we lived in suburban Pittsburgh, PA where we moved in 1965 and where our children grew up. John ended up working for Westinghouse Corp. as Director of Hardware/Software Aquisitions, a job he loved. Oh, yes, Bob was the best man at our wedding in 1951 in Elwood, IN.


Wilberta Pickett posted on 1/27/22

Esther was the wife of my husband (John Pickett's) best friend, Bob Greulich, Esther's husband. They went through college together - two years at Earlham College, Richmond, IN, and two years at Indiana University in Bloomington. When i was hired as the organist/choir director at the Reid Memorial United Presbyterian Church in Richmond, where later Bob hired John to work for him at St.Regis Paper Company's plastic plant there. Later John followed Bob to Cleveland, both being promoted there by St. Regis. Esther was a very good Earlham friend of my second cousin, Barbara Nell Leisure. We've kept in touch all through the years and Esther was alwasy a barrel of fun - had a light-hearted approach to life, had a humorous take on so many events in their lives. We always heard from Esther at Christmas time till the last two years. Now, my John died December 29, 2020 and I had not heard from Esther the last two years. I had no luck trying to find out if she were still lliving when I called the senior living apartments where she ha been living. With all the privacy rules, they wouldn't tell me anything. I finally traced her demise by contacting the funeral home in Savoy, IL and was pleased - not that she had died, but that I finally knew her fate. I extend my sympathy and love to all of you, her children, about whom we heard a lot through the years. We visited Esther in Matoon several years ago and she gave us a needlepoint piece she had made for Bob. It says simply, "Accountant," which he was, and which John was. It now hangs over John's death and I treasure it. I would appreciate it if one of you children of Bob and Esther would get in touch with me. I took the liberty of reporting Esther's death to the Alumni offic of Earlham College. John and I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 1965 where our five dhildren grew up and we have lived ever since, the last 12 years at Longwood at Oakmont, a CCC near where we lived. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. Blessings.


Judy H posted on 1/27/22

My condolences to all the deWittes, Leachs, and Frazers for your loss. I will never forget his kindness and knowledge (especially about birds, animals, nature).


Phyllis Williams posted on 1/27/22

I am so sorry for your Father’s passing and so thankful for his example of pacifism and his love of the natural world. May each of you feel comfort surround you.



Brady-Stuyvesant posted on 1/26/22

Sharon was joyful, caring and lovely! She will be greatly missed and cherished. Go with God, dear Friend!



Brady-Stuyvesant posted on 1/26/22

Mary and Ron



Kim Roberson posted on 1/25/22

Our sincere condolences to Mrs. Youngerman's family and friends. The obituary was the most beautiful I've ever read. She surely led an amazing life. I did not know her personally but my family would like to thank her family for mentioning my grandmother, Daisy Jackson. Yes, they were tennis buddies and friends and the thought that her family even remembered my grandmother's name brought so much joy to our hearts. Thank you and God Bless you.



Susan Pawlicki posted on 1/25/22

Lois was my supervisor at the University Library for many years and I remember her so very fondly. She was unfailingly pleasant to work with and she liked to laugh--and since we handled most of the new books coming into the library, there were often images or titles that struck her funny bone. Lois was a great cook and it was always fun to see what she brought to "Cookie Day," the day we celebrated the birthdays of everyone in the office that month. I still make her refrigerator pickles and banana zucchini bread every year! She was a kind and helpful person, and the world could do with more like her.


Julie Peterson posted on 1/24/22

Lois was so welcoming and helpful to me when I joined the violin section of the Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra. I remember going with her to rehearse and perform in an Illinois Council of Orchestras concert at Orchestra Hall in Chicago. What a thrill to perform on that stage!


Gary D Rosenbeck posted on 1/23/22

Vic and family. So sorry to read about Mary. Such a wonderful lady back in the southland days. After Vics advice she sold first of many pair of glasses.. Also a few Postrip meetings at Insbrook> I'm sure she will be dearly missed but you all have many great memories over shadow the sorrow. Again our sympathy Gary and Deanne Rosenbeck


Marci Dodds and Cody Sokolski posted on 1/23/22

Tim was such a nice, kind, generous soul. Everyone felt better in his presence and we are the richer for having known him. He will be so missed. Our love to Kim and the family.


Marci Dodds and Cody Sokolski posted on 1/23/22

Cody and I knew John to be a warm, outgoing, genuinely nice person. He will be missed, but not forgotten. Our condolences to the family.


Marci Dodds & Cody Sokolski posted on 1/23/22

Cody and I send our deepest sympathies to Vic and your family. A donation in her honor has been made to the Humane Society.



John & Mary Alumbaugh posted on 1/22/22

Holding your family in our thoughts and prayers… with some fond memories of our Good Shepherd days together. ❤️



Karla Fisher posted on 1/22/22

Lois was such a fine example of a Christian woman, and someone I considered to be a very good friend of mine. And when she played her violin, you could almost hear the angels singing along with her. I loved your Mom very much and I will miss being able to call and talk to her on the phone. She was amazing and always had good advice and an amazing laugh and smile. God bless you in this deepest time of your grief. We are praying for you and your family.



Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju posted on 1/21/22

Fond memories & salutations to my quirky guru of the Champaign-Urbana of 1972.


Julie Schutzius posted on 1/21/22

Thank you for being a ray of sunshine and a wonderful friend. I sure am going to miss your beautiful soul and contagious laughter Ms Mary! I was blessed by you <3


Greg Koerner posted on 1/21/22

In the Spirit of God, may we appreciate and celebrate the gifts that Tim offered others. I remember especially Tim coaching little league and golf at STM. Holy Cross school has truly lost a great alumni.


Bob & Roberta Ludwig posted on 1/20/22

Lavonne we are saddened to hear the death of your awesome husband. Although we have not been in contact for several years, your family was still in our hearts! Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your kids.


Marvis Rhodes posted on 1/20/22

To Vic and the family of Mary: May you find some comfort in the sorrow that you bear, knowing that there are many hearts that do understand and care. May you rest in peace. UHS CLASS OF 59


Crystal Thiele posted on 1/20/22

I have many fond memories of spending time at the Schmidt's house, especially during high school. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt made a safe space for Kim and her friends to hang out. One favorite memory is how they helped us to plan a surprise birthday for Kim and sent her downstairs into the basement where we were hiding out to surprise her. I had my hand on the light switch to flip it on and Kim went to hit the lights and the same time and she grabbed my hand instead! We still laugh about it. You will be missed, Mr. Schmidt.


Elnora Webb posted on 1/20/22

“God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:3,4)


Pete Heinricher posted on 1/20/22

I'm saddened to hear of Wayne's passing. He was a good man and a fine co-worker.


Jeremy, Angie, Rucker, & Karsten Allen posted on 1/20/22

We are so sorry for your loss! Thoughts and prayers to all of you! A donation has been made to the Boys & Girls Club in memory of Tim!


Karen Miller posted on 1/20/22

Steve and I were sorry to see that John passed. We will miss seeing him at Krannert and all the various other functions . He has had quite a resume in life and you can both be proud that there should be very few regrets . I am out of town Friday so we will not be able to attend the visitation , but I will look forward to seeing you (Terri) sometime in the near future. Karen Miller


Cheryl Huffman posted on 1/20/22

Kim, and family my thoughts and prayers are with you. God give you all peace and comfort after the struggles of Tim's battle.



Sheryl Fitzjarrald posted on 1/20/22

Wonderful man and a great mentor


Skip&Ann Neely posted on 1/19/22

Lavonne and Family, So sorry for your loss. Lots of good CERL memories!


Lori Ellinger posted on 1/19/22

It was my great pleasure to get to know Wayne through C-U One to One Mentor Program. He was a wonderful mentor and friend to his mentee. I always enjoyed Wayne's visits to the UHS Mentor Room. I will never forget his bright smile and sense of humor. My condolences to you and your family.


Debbie McGough posted on 1/19/22

So very sorry for your loss. Thinking of you all


Edward Japel posted on 1/19/22

Lavonne. So sorry to hear about Wayne. I will offer prayers for Wayne at St Malacky Catholic Church (Rantoul), My wife Helen passed away 2 years ago, FYI.


ELLEN CUNNINGTON posted on 1/19/22

Dear Terri, Wendy, Gala, and Catherine, We are so terrible sad to know that John has gone from your lives. He was an outstanding man with a great sense of humor. We can remember so many great "gourmet" dinners with John and Terri sharing good food and much laughter. We will think of you as you grieve this terrible loss.


Pam Strzesak posted on 1/19/22

To the Schmidt family. I live in Savoy on Wesley and I walk once a day past your house. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne on my walks He always had words of encouragement to keep me going. Latter I was also introduced to his wife. So to Lavonne and family I extend my sympathy for the loss of Wayne.


Marsha Vogel posted on 1/18/22

Wayne is my 1st cousin an I am so sorry to hear of his passing. We had so much fun growing up together. Last time i seen Wayne &Lavonne was on our flight to visit our daughter n his daughter in Colorado. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his wife an family.


Tom and Marie Slattery posted on 1/18/22

We are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Kim, and your family


Tom and Marie Slattery posted on 1/18/22

Our condolences to Kim and her family. We are so sorry for your loss.


Marie and Tom Slattery posted on 1/18/22

We are so sorry for your loss. We miss him and have many happy memories of great times with him and family. Prayers and thoughts are with you.


Steven R Earley posted on 1/18/22

Susan and family - its been so long since we have been in touch, I often wondered how and where you were. Your Dad had a good long life, but its not easy for us to say goodbye I know. I am in the KC Area now after many years in CA - love to hear from you sometime. You are in my thoughts.


Ford Bartholow posted on 1/17/22

Tim Murphy - our friend


Ford Bartholow posted on 1/17/22

Murph- you were one of my (and most of the CCC brats’) friends and we will never forget our fantastic times together. You were the best! Thank you for the great life experiences - God bless you my friend


Mary Small posted on 1/17/22

My sincere sympathy to your family on the passing of Lois. We enjoyed each others company for many years as members of the Ottawa Amateur Music Club, especially the Christmas meetings at her home.


Carol Mata posted on 1/17/22

I am so sorry about the passing of Mrs. Irion. Such a beautiful, gracious soul. I am grateful for her friendship given to my mother. They would go to bible studies together. She is forever in our hearts.


Leslie Shipman Ziel posted on 1/15/22

I am so saddened to learn of Mrs. Irion’s death. Nancy, you know how much time I spent at your house when we were growing up. I loved your mom. I have so many wonderful memories of her! My deepest sympathies to you, Susan, & your families. Your mom lived her faith daily - always an example. And, she was such a beautiful musician. What a blessing that she’s rejoicing in heaven! I can only imagine how much you’ll all miss her. Peace.


Linda A. Duke posted on 1/14/22

Susan and Nancy, My mother Adah Davies was a friend of your mom's at the Windsor. My brother emailed to let me know your mother had passed. She was a force! And her love of music broughts so much to those around her. We lost my mother a year ago in August. Seems like an era has come to an end. And I am so sorry both of them had to endure a pandemic near the ends of their lives. My thoughts are with you both, Linda Duke


Rochelle Funderburg posted on 1/14/22

So sorry for your loss. We will miss Lois--I especially looked forward to hearing her play the violin in church--I was glad to know such a special person


Wayne and Franne Davis posted on 1/14/22

The wallpaper that Mr. Carr so carefully and artfully applied on the walls of our home many years ago is still here. We are among their former clients who appreciated them and will miss them. Our sympathies to the family.


Tony Courier posted on 1/14/22

So sorry for you loss, Susan. Stay strong through this difficult time. I was blessed to work with you at the UofI in the early 1970's. Great memories.


Barbara and Russell Bender posted on 1/13/22

Don, We were so sorry to hear of Barb's passing. We had some good times together in Urbana High School and our friendship was never ending.


NORM BARTLETT posted on 1/13/22



Patrick Green posted on 1/12/22

My deepest sympathies go out to you ,You will be in my thoughts and prayers Bonnie


Cindy Tanner posted on 1/12/22

Richard, Susan, and Debbie, I was so sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Please know that my thoughts are with all of the Buschbach family in this sad time.


Greg Grady Monticello IL posted on 1/11/22

Deepest sympathy to Bonnie, Jack, Bud and the entire Blue family.


Robert Warner posted on 1/11/22

There are countless memories about Barb, from stopping over and visiting Her and Don at Home, or going for a bite to eat with Them , to betting on a horse or 2 when she felt well enough to go to the otb. whatever the occasion Barb always brought a bright spot to my day and I will miss her more than any words could describe.



Megan Mckoy posted on 1/9/22

I took care of Nancy at cu rehab for the last year she use to leave me notes all the time expressing her appreciation of how I cared for her I will forever keep those notes please let me know when the celebration of life service is



Megan Mckoy posted on 1/9/22

I took care of ms Nancy at cu rehab in savoy for a year she always left me notes expressing her appreciation for me caring for her I still have those notes and I'm going to put them in a scrap book and I will always cherish those notes and the sweet memories of Nancy please let me know when the family will have a service to celebrate her life I would like to attend


Art Orsted posted on 1/8/22

Condolences to gerry and his family.


Rhonda Wrona posted on 1/8/22

I will miss Carol’s smile and humor. Sending prayers for her family.


Sally Denhart posted on 1/6/22

So sorry to hear about Nancy! She was a good neighbor and a nice woman. I had a couple of dinners at her house and she was a good cook, too! Hugs to her family at this rough time!


Stephen Love posted on 1/6/22

I will always remember your fathers love for fireworks and setting them off at the John Street compound. Your father brought light and joy to many and will be missed. I am saddened for your loss and my condolences go out to the entire family. You father made an impact on many peoples lives and what I remember most about him is that he was always there for all of you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed Papa Cline! You will be missed.


Ellen Brantley posted on 1/5/22

I have fond memories of Nancy and her love of music. Her passion for the theater was contagious. My condolences to her family.


Ginny McDade posted on 1/4/22

Mike, Jim, Liz & Bill- I’m sorry for the loss of Papa Cline. He was quite the character, and I always enjoyed being around him . He will be missed!


Amy Schneider Revilla posted on 1/4/22

Me Knoke was one of the kindest person I have every met. He never had a cross word to say, and was respectful in every way. I worked with him with the Garden Hills Neighborhood Association for several years. He was a good neighbor and a great asset to our neighborhood! He will be missed!


steve g. budwash posted on 1/3/22

Earl was my uncle and married to my mother’s sister, Lois. He was also my last related surviving member of the previous generation. He was a great uncle with a overwhelming presence. My condolences to my cousins and their families.


Connie H posted on 1/3/22

I am so so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. I work in the dental office that he comes to and he was one of my very favorite patients. I always looked forward to his hugs and sweet soul. He was always so very sweet to me. He will be missed dearly. :(


Tom Slattery and Marie Slattery posted on 1/3/22

We are so sorry for your loss. Corky was a great friend. We enjoyed many happy times with him and Terri


Kathy Rhoads posted on 1/3/22

We enjoyed our time with Howard at Circle of Friends Adult Day Center. He had a great sense of humor. We miss Terri too. Thinking of you all at this time.


Marie & Tom Slattery posted on 1/3/22

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.



Dawn posted on 1/3/22

So Very Sorry to hear 9f Loss 9f Jake. He and My Son Brad were good friends when we lived in Champaign. Praying for the Family and his Friends RIP Sweet Boy


Beth Hedge, Nancy Hill posted on 1/2/22

Tim, Mindy, and Todd, we are thinking of you as you celebrate your father. We have joyful memories of your dad through the years - he was such a kind and generous man. We will be unable to attend the service on Thursday, but please know you are on our hearts.


Gary Rosenbeck posted on 1/2/22

So sorry about Jacob . I know what you two thought of him back in the IDOT days. Way to young . Covi in the family so didn’t want to take a chance. Again so sorry for your family and sending my most sympathy.


Marilyn Blanzy Myers posted on 1/2/22

I have fond memories of Sunday breakfast after Mass at St. Matthew with “Corky” and Terri. It was always full of diverse conversation and often included many others from church. With love and prayers to your family. God Bless you. Marilyn



Sherry and Brian Dreibelbis posted on 1/2/22

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. We have many fond memories of Corky at family gatherings.


Miranda Sanderson posted on 12/31/21

Jacobs smile was so contagious. He was a very proud person and accomplished so much. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. RIP friend.



Ron & Abeer Bolger posted on 12/31/21

Our Deepest Condolences


Roxy McDaniel posted on 12/31/21

Lavonne, so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandson. our grandchldren are a special gift from God. praying peace for you and your family.


Scott and Tammy Burton posted on 12/31/21

Prayers & hugs to family Jacob was such a handsome guy who seemed always happy. I remember holding him as baby and watched him grow into the wonderful man he became. He will be missed by all who knew him. Love you Jacob❤️


Laura Chavez posted on 12/30/21

God Bless the Morrow family, Jacob had a beautiful soul. He’ll always be in our hearts and I’ll cherish his memory always.


Deborah Evermon posted on 12/30/21

I am a grandchild of his parents. What can I say. Uncle Earl, Aunt Lois, Dee Dee and David became part of my life. Every time we were together we kids seemed to always get in trouble. Of course here comes Uncle Earl to deal with us. I cut count the times we got a swat or two from him. I was broken hearted when I was called about his passing. I loved Uncle Earl and Aunt Lois so much. I know he had a happy productive life. He had just called me a few days earlier to wish me happy birthday which I will cherish the last I love you !


Joe Gumbel posted on 12/30/21

Condolences to all your family for such a tragic loss. Prayers to all of you.


Ted Beach posted on 12/30/21

Sincere sympathy on Earl's passing. He and I were teammates at CHS and have stayed in touch. I have influenza A virus so cannot attend visitation. Very sorry!


Laurie LeRiche posted on 12/30/21

Condolences and prayers. May God hold and comfort family and loved ones.


Rebecca Craddock posted on 12/30/21

Sorry for you loss Prayers for Morrow family


Anna and Bob Glasa posted on 12/29/21

We are so sorry for your loss and hope that many good memories will provide comfort as you grieve Kevin’s passing.


Eric Hirschi posted on 12/29/21

Kevin was an extremely talented musician, a good friend and an incredibly strong individual. Pushed me to be a better guitar player and I'm glad I was able to share the stage and practice space with him at least a handful of times. Rest in power friend. Consider these words my runes to your memory.


Christopher Summers posted on 12/29/21

Remembering the few times that I met Jake. Just like his friend Devin one of the very best from generation X. Jake, you will be missed



Sherry Dreibelbis posted on 12/29/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with and your family.


Kenneth Budwash posted on 12/29/21



Vickie and Randy posted on 12/28/21

Our thoughts and prayers to all of you! Your dad was a wonderful man!Treasure the memories ❤️


Lippold Haken posted on 12/28/21

I always looked up to “Mr Knoke” at Plato in the 80’s. Always a good role model.


Betsy Boyle posted on 12/28/21

Dear Karen and Bob, I am deeply saddened to learn of Kevin’s passing. May you find comfort and peace in the days to come.


Mark and Renée posted on 12/28/21

We are sorry of the death of Jiggs. We are unable to attend the visitation and funeral because we are celebrating our family’s Christmas on Wednesday with Kevan and family arriving that day. We will be thinking and praying for you.


Robert Wilson posted on 12/28/21

I believe knew no stranger but made friends with all. I will always remember him first for being Debbie and Gary's Dad but mostly for the many chats we had when he came to Kraft to do Canteen stuff. We had many great conversations, and I will miss him a lot. Rest in Peace my friend - you will be missed!



Jake Bates posted on 12/28/21

I'll always remember having a great time making music with you. Your talent was an inspiration. Rest in peace, brother.


Deborah S Bersig posted on 12/28/21

Jim and Marie were the best neighbors. My deepest condolences to Mary and Mike and family


Karen Street posted on 12/28/21

A man of honor and respect, who loved and protected his wife, son and daughter. Shalom Mr. Strater and peace to his family.


Floyd Bundy posted on 12/27/21

To the family of Earl Harrison. I knew Earl for several years and considerd a good friend. We worked together a lot in the Masonic lodge. I always considered him to be a man of character and integrity. He always had my respect. You have my deepest condolences and I know he will be missed.


Ruta Rauber posted on 12/27/21

I met Linda while taking ceramic classes at Parkland College. She was an inspiration to me and helpful in offering encouragement as I struggled to better my skills on the wheel. She shared stories of her travels, her children and her grandchildren. My deepest, deepest condolences to all of you.


Marie Slattery posted on 12/27/21

Dear Barry and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed getting to know Linda through our Wednesday coffee get togethers. I miss her smiles, warmth and generous spirit. In her honor, a donation has been made to daily Bread Soup Kitchen in her name. Marie Slattery


Jim Weaver posted on 12/25/21

I was stunned and saddened this Christmas morning to learn of John's passing as I randomly went to his FB page. My connection to John goes way back to his high school days when I was John's Campus Life leader. Memories of special times with him are abundant. His loss will be felt deeply by many, but the impact of his life will be felt for years to come! Rest in peace, John.


Valeri DeCastris and Dave Beccue posted on 12/25/21

David and Linda… and here I asked you when I saw you tonight in Rockford how she was doing after learning that you had gone to Champaign. And You told me why you made the trip. What sad news. She sounds like she was an incredible person who gave so much of herself to the betterment of society. Our deepest condolences to you David and Linda.


Denni Shurts-Hubert posted on 12/20/21

What a loss to your family as well as all of the antique dealers in the area..He will be remembered and missed by many..


Anthony Beasley posted on 12/20/21

It was a pleasure to know you and an honor to care for you, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Rest In Peace


Brad Wegrich posted on 12/20/21

So sorry to hear of Iain's passing. Really enjoyed reacquainting with him and Sue these past few years. Our history goes back almost 40 years through the antiques business and I learned much from Iain throughout. We shared common interests and were kindered spirits in the business. He is sorely missed.


St Joseph Animal Hospital posted on 12/20/21

We always enjoyed Ian and his kitties.


Peter, Andrew and Matthew Goldreich posted on 12/15/21

The world Anita reaches mourns the passing of a wonderful woman but her spirit, energy and fortitude burns brightly - and will do so for eternity. Anita was our mom's best friend in college - and that started a life-long loving friendship between our two families. Anita initiated a wonderful tradition - celebrating our family's Passover and New Year's with flowers delivered to our home and our parents reciprocated with flowers on Easter and Christmas. Anita offered loving support to our father after our Mom passed in 2011 and continued the tradition of holiday and birthday recognition with us after our Dad passed in 2015. Anita's selfless compassion for our family, the honor of friendship traditions, tireless energy and positive will are inspirations we carry forward as we celebrate Anita's life and offer condolences to her family.


Roberta Hofmann posted on 12/14/21

She was the companion of my youth, energetic, raw, persistent, childlike, and open.


Bob Doty posted on 12/13/21

I just saw this notice and send my condolences to all of John’s family. He and I met in 1972 and shared faith in Christ.



Margaret Schrock posted on 12/10/21

I am grateful that Dave got me started in career services at the University of Illinois back in 1990. We shared a farm background as well as both being graduates of Illinois. He made some significant contributions to the field and to the lives of many.


Jim Hannum posted on 12/10/21

Dear Jack, I am sad to learn of your wife, Emmor's death. I know her decline was clear, but losing her is a tough event to experience. I was touched by your mention of reading her the 23rd Psalm when she was comatose. I hope she heard you! I'm thinking of you and your family.


Steve and Bev West posted on 12/9/21

Mike was a dear friend one of whom we will never forget. Being life long friends, in the army and drafted around the same time. Joining us as best man at our wedding back in June of 1972. Yes I have a lifetime of fond memories of the times we spent as friends the fun times. We are both proud to have you a part of our lives. Godspeed! Mike you won't be forgotten you will remain in our hearts forever!



Bryan Cox posted on 12/9/21

Will always miss you, mom. Hugs. Give one to dad for me. Jojo is now worth your both.


Janet (Stoecker) Kiener posted on 12/9/21

Our family grew up across the street from John and his mother on Maple Street. I have many happy memories of my older brother and I spending time with John. The fact that he didn’t mind me tagging along shows what a kind person he was from the very beginning. He would stop in to visit with my Mom in later years and his visits always delighted her. John was one classy, kind and funny guy. My deepest condolences to his family.


Donna Greene posted on 12/9/21

Mike, You were truly a great boss to have in the employee's corner. Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and the protecting nature that you shared. You will be truly missed. I'm happy that I was able to be one of your employees before you retired.


Rodger Alvis posted on 12/8/21

Thanks Mike for many great times when we lived together several times back in the 70’s God bless you bud



Stacey Haskins posted on 12/8/21

Condolence to the Swope family on the passing of Joseph Swope. He will be missed by some of the residents here at Champaign Urbana Nursing & Rehab. from staff member Stacey Haskins in Food Service


Randy Rose posted on 12/7/21

So sorry to hear of Larry's passing. I enjoyed teaching with Larry, he had such a great sense of humor, and was always helpful to me when I was starting out. Also enjoyed working with him during the summer when we would do various construction projects. I am sorry that Jim Rowe and I did not get a chance to have lunch together one more time. He will be missed.


Sandy Bing Bailey posted on 12/7/21

I am so sorry for your loss, and our prayers are with you. Barb was a very sweet and lovely woman. I have fond memories of Barb and my mom, Martha Bing, chatting daily as they shared coffee together and playing bridge often.


josh posted on 12/7/21

I loved miss monke. she was my one and only.


Rich Hensler posted on 12/7/21

I had the good fortune to work around Joe on a few occasions. He was a fine gentleman and good union brother.


Kelly J Bilbrey-Putnam posted on 12/6/21

I'm so happy that you were my brother-in-law. Your blue eyes sparkling, and your wonderful smile will be missed. You brought so much joy to my sister, and the entire family. Rest in Peace Mike


Linda Kelley posted on 12/6/21

I've heard stories of your Dad, Joe Swope, since I was a little girl. My Dad, Harry Hoffman, worked with Joe for a couple of years in the early 1960s on the Painter crew at the University of Illinois. My Dad is 96 and when I showed him the obituary today, he recalled the first time that he met Joe Swope... There were new tennis court towers installed on campus and my Dad, Harry, was originally working with Charlie Middleton on the scaffolds, however apparently Charlie got spooked by the height and your Dad, Joe was sent to work with my dad on painting the aluminum spotlights/towers. First thing Joe did was do a stretch of his legs and Dad said that Joe did not panic at all at the height and he would hang out over the scaffold and paint - no problem. Unfortunately I don't have any old photographs to share from that time, wish I did. My Dad only stayed on the Champaign campus for a couple of years before transferring to the Chicago campus in 1965, but obviously his friend Joe Swope made a huge impact on his life back then because he's remembered him fondly all these many years. Our sympathy goes out to the family.


Richard Revell posted on 12/6/21

I worked with Joe on several jobs. He was for sure a real gentleman and a great Union brother.


Shelly Payne Haddad posted on 12/6/21

Anne, I am sending you and your brothers all peace, strength and love as your say goodbye to your mother; your first love. That my Orlando neighbor’s sister, Sally Stillwell knew your mom from her Champaign Illinois community, is testament to her bigger than life loving spirit.


Paul Beiersdorf posted on 12/5/21

May John's memory forever be a blessing. Kathy, too many years have separated us, but friendships continue forever. Wishing you strength and comfort.


Bob McCormick posted on 12/5/21

So sorry for your loss. I was a student of Mr Lang’s and remember him fondly as an excellent teacher who cared for his students and had a fun sense of humor.



Vicki lorenzen posted on 12/5/21

To the man who gave the best hugs and always had a smile. Family and friends will miss you. Love and hugs to all.


Jim Carroll posted on 12/5/21

Mike was a great guy and friend. We hung around in the early 70"s and worked together in construction. He was easy going and we had some good times and parties in Bloomington. I only wished that we could have gotten together after retirement to share some drinks and good times. I moved away in the 70"s to Colorado. God bless Mike


Lisa McElwain posted on 12/5/21

Sending you and your family love, prayers and hugs. Mike always had the most sincere smile and I will miss that and his zest for life.


Eric Sebens posted on 12/5/21

I have many great memories of John, John was my friend and insurance agent for most of 35 years. John was a very wise caring man if integrity. I am sure John will be greatly missed by this world and especially the people he touched closely. I will miss John a great deal, His family was very blessed to have him for the years they did.


Bill posted on 12/5/21

Hey brother cousin sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care


Lance posted on 12/4/21

Aww man.. I just recently found out that Mike died. Such a young age. I was a childhood friend, or should I say teenage friend of Mikes from 14 through our early 20s. We had a lot of great times growing up. We both took different paths in life, and I've always wondered what happened to him. Having found out that he was a prominent figure in the gaming world, was a pretty cool surprise.. It sounds like he was loved and that he inspired a lot of people that he came into contact with. What a great life he had. It's unfair that it was cut so short, but I hope he died in peace. My thoughts go out to his family. His memory will live on. Peace brother.


Randy and Linda Laugges posted on 12/4/21

We we so sorry to learn about John’s passing. He was not just a trusted insurance agent for us for decades. He helped us through many family events with his kindness, patience and listening ear. Randy enjoyed talking with John about our kids and vice versa. We were sorry to see him retire but hopeful that he’d finally be able to enjoy time in retirement. Sadly that was not the case. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family during this difficult time.


Allen Rosengard posted on 12/4/21

I was on the Swim Team with John at Illinois State University. I was so very happy to see him at the reunion in 2011. He was a very good young man that grew into a truly great man. He will be missed.


Kennerh Jerich posted on 12/3/21

We just learned that Dr. Cox passed in October. Marge and I are beyond saddened to know that Dr. Cox passed. The last time I visited with him was just before covid19 shut down Illinois. We are forever grateful to Dr. Cox for welcoming us to the Secondary Education Department at the University of Illinois. We are sending our prayers for his family. May he rest in heavenly peace. Drs. Ken and Marge Jerich



Patti Meyers posted on 12/3/21

I am so sorry for your loss, I have such wonderful memories of your mom and dad….


Gene and Rosemary Mourisse posted on 12/3/21

Kathy and family, So saddened to learn of John’s death. We still have fond memories of our times together in Lion’s club, snowmobiling, celebrating Gene’s 40th birthday, being our 1st CC’s agent and of course getting Rosemary to work the winter snow storm of 1978 in his 4 wheel drive. He was such good man and were blessed in knowing him. Love and prayers


Angie Anderson (cousin to Kathy May) posted on 12/3/21

I am so shocked and sad at the loss of my cousin John May. I have wonderful memories of him at our beloved family reunions. Got him to try Spotted Cow for the first time and he loved it. Being from Wisconsin and all, I had to boot leg a few of them over the border to various reunions so we could toast to the good times. I am going to miss him so much. What a class act. I will hold him close in my heart forever. My love and prayers go out to the Kathy May Family as well as Johnny and Luan Kozlichki and Family. Now we have another guardian angel watching over all of our family. We are so blessed.


Theresa Kessler posted on 12/2/21

Please accept our condolences, George and Katherine, and all family, for the loss of your mother. We had the privilege of meeting your mother several times and she was always so lovely and friendly. Let the memories of Anita bring you comfort. Give your voice onto the Lord and know that He will guide you through. Theresa and Jay Kessler


Theresa Kessler posted on 12/2/21

My condolences to you, George & Katherine, and all family, for the loss of your mother. Jay and I had the pleasure of meeting your mother several times and she was always so lovely and friendly. Let the memories of your mother bring you comfort in times of darkness. Give your voice onto the Lord and know that He will guide you through. Theresa and Jay Kessler


John Walsh posted on 12/2/21

Lots of good memories with Mike while we played golf. He could hit shots no pro could duplicate. Lots of good times at our lunches on Friday. He was a great boss and a great friend!


John Kelley posted on 12/2/21

My condolences to you, Rich, and to all of your family at your mother's passing. We honor her life of service, in particular to the hospital. She helped to build health care for the community. May she rest in peace in the loving embrace of our heavenly Father.


Ann Riley posted on 12/2/21

Our love and deepest sympathy goes out to my dear Anita’s family at this very sad time. Anita was such a good work colleague at the Graduate College. More importantly, Anita was such as an absolutely delightful, fun, witty, generous, warm-hearted friend for me, Ann, to have for many years. I will miss her so very much but will cherish forever our friendship and in recent months our special telephone chats. RIP dear Anita. Ann and Tom Riley


Teri Reuter posted on 12/2/21

My deepest sympathy to Anne and her siblings for the loss of their loving mother, Anita. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Anita, I've heard about her energy and impact from Anne. May you all find peace in each others' company. With love, Teri


Steve and Sandy Chapman posted on 12/1/21

We are so sorry to hear of John’s passing. As a neighbor for over 20 years, we were always thankful for John plowing our driveway which he did out of his own kindness. Our thoughts are with Kathy and the family.



Gary Scaff posted on 12/1/21

I am so sorry for your loss. John was good friend. When I was asked to serve on a Cursillo Weekend I asked if John was on the Team because I knew if John was there it would be a great Weekend May The Lord Bless all of The May Family


Fr. Dwight P. Campbell posted on 12/1/21

Dear Kathy & family, I was saddened to learn of John's death. Please know that I will offer a Mass for the repose of his soul, and keep all of you in my prayers and Mass intentions. May John rest in peace, and may God take him into His loving arms.



Gary Scaff posted on 12/1/21



Jennifer Thompson posted on 12/1/21

Kathy and family so sorry for your loss, John was a wonderful person ,my prayers are with you❤️


Sara B. Hiser posted on 12/1/21

Please accept my sympathy at the time of Anita's passing. I was privileged to work with her as co-presidents of the now-named OSF hospital. When I first joined the Board of the Auxiliary she helped me so much learning the history of the organization and planning our proud support of the hospital's service to the community.


Jesse Sutton posted on 12/1/21

Sorry for your loss. My father Lou and John worked at Country together for years. John, Kathy and the May Family were very supportive and helpful to me when I moved down to Champaign for my freshman year of college. I'm thankful and grateful for John's guidance, humor, time, that he shared with me. Rest in Peace John - sending love and positive energy to the May Family


Deacon Pat Comfort posted on 12/1/21

Kathy and family- I am deeply sorry for your loss. John was wonderful to me and helped me with Cursillo preparation when I was part of the teams. God Bless you all!


Joe Stancook posted on 12/1/21

johnand i and several other men in the community faithfully shared our saturday morning cursillo prayer group for over20 yrs. john rest assured:"it will be alright even if its not alright"! Kathy and d children and grandchildrun know that your grief issorely felt and shared.the world will be a much smaller place without john! just know that you guys are enveloped in love. tenderlly cradled!


Mike Pence posted on 12/1/21

I had the pleasure of working with John for over 30 years at Country. Every field visit I took included a trip to see John. He was such a good man and treated me so wonderfully. Rest In Peace, John.


Robert Coverdill posted on 11/30/21

On behalf of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 29, please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of John. We knew John as a passionate aviator who gave freely of his time and airplane to introduce kids to flying. He gave nearly 80 kids in our Young Eagles Rallies their first airplane ride, and was always happy to participate. I know he was crushed when he was no longer able to fly, and we sorely missed his participation. His positive attitude and spirt of giving was infectious! May God give your family strength during this difficult time. John was taken much too soon, but his impact while walking this earth was huge. He will be missed by so many people in so many different walks of life. God bless, Bob Coverdill President, EAA Chapter 29


Dixie Carter posted on 11/30/21

Kathy and family. Mydeepest condolences to you. I am so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. Hugs to you.


Steve Smith posted on 11/30/21

I grew up with John on maple street knew his mom and grandma and Thor the wonder dog. I’m so proud of the man he became. Rest old friend


Dave & Sharon Aschinger posted on 11/30/21

Kathy, So very sorry to hear of John's passing. We have such great memories of you and John at the WATCH weekends at Holy Cross church. We are praying for you and your family during this difficult time.


Dave & Sharon Aschinger posted on 11/30/21

Kayhy, So sorry to hear of John's passing. Such great memories of you and John at the WATCH weekends at Holy Cross. We are praying for you and your family during this difficult time.


Bruce and Kay Suardini posted on 11/30/21

The May Family. Kay and I were so shocked to hear of Johns passing. Kathy and Family our sincere condolences. John gave his time, talent and resources to The Prairie Center as a Board member to better serve our community. I will miss his smile, jokes and all the kidding he could give you. I know he will be missed, Rest In Peace my friend


Bruce and Kay Suardini posted on 11/30/21

May Family. We were so shocked to hear of our friend Johns passing. Kathy to you and the family our sincere condolences. As a member the The Prairie Center Board, John gave his time, talent and resources to make a contribution to the community he served. I will miss his smile jokes and all the kidding he could give out. I know he will be missed, Rest In Peace my friend


Kathy Bruning Reible posted on 11/30/21

Kathy I am so very sorry for you and your family. John's death is an incredible loss. He was such a big family man, you all meant the world to him. Kathy you and Jihn had such a strong bond. This will be a very sad time, but your strength and love in God and your religion will get you thru this sad time. I love you my friend.


Kathy Bruning Reible posted on 11/30/21

Kathy and family, I hurt very much fir all you are going thru. Losing John is a Huge loss. He was such a big family man, they meant the world to him. Kathy and he had such a strong bond and enjoyed life. He will be missed so very much. Again Kathy I am so sorry for Johns passing. Just be strong my friend and I will say prayers for all of you.


dianna m black posted on 11/30/21

Dear Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know my thought are with your family during this difficult time.



Bernie & Rosie (Bruning) Tholl posted on 11/30/21

So very sorry for your loss Kathy. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. I know your strong faith will carry you through.



Luke, Eryn, & Eva Kozelichki posted on 11/30/21

Uncle John and Aunt Kathy flew Mom down to Memphis to help set up Eva's room before she was born. Uncle John was so pumped because he got to land at MEM! Great memory! Even better person!


Marty Sierra-Perry posted on 11/30/21

Brian was a loyal supporter of KAM. He and Gloria served as de facto hosts at KAM events with their Time,Talent, and Welcoming spirit.


Loretta Thirtyacre posted on 11/30/21

Kathy and family, my heart goes out to you in your time of great loss. My Darrell passed 8 months ago so I know your pain. I will walk beside you in prayer. Hugs.


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 11/30/21

Very sorry to learn of the passing of John. He was my insurance agent while I led IL Crop Improvement Assoc.


Dave Boyd posted on 11/29/21

John was a very special friend of mine. Not only did we do business together, we did a lot of recreational, fun stuff together. We flew airplanes together, played golf together, and just sat in his office and talked together. Playing golf together was the most fun. We teamed up in numerous foursome tournaments and we won several. In fact at the Legends course our 4-man team tied a course record with 7 birdies in 9 holes. Every putt seemed to go in the cup. Probably the most humorous incident was when we were driving to a tournament together and I told John that I had this new Vitamin B power drink. It would give us some extra pep for the game. I mixed up some as John drove. When we were about 15 minutes away we drank the drinks. Well, apparently I over did the drink powder mix because as we arrived at the course we both began to have a Vitamin B "rush". Our faces turned red, we felt hot and prickly all over and I think our hands were trembling. Needless to say we didn't do very well on the first 2 or 3 holes while the "rush" went away. John would not let me forget that one whenever after we played golf together. John was a great guy and a good friend. I will miss him very much.


Sunny pook posted on 11/29/21

Mr, John. My best friend and I knew Mr John for almost 30 years. He helped me alot beside Insurance problems. We go out lunch very often. I'll miss him very much. I lost a very very close friend. We're like family. Wish you rest peacefully. We love you John and your family too. From Sunny and family's..


Shirley Anderson (lst cousin of Kathy) posted on 11/29/21

My heart aches for Kathy and her family. John was a blessing to all of us.


Tom Franklin posted on 11/25/21

Very sorry for the loss of Barb. Really a great lady.


Troy Marables posted on 11/24/21

on behalf of the Presbyterian Foundation and New Covenant Trust Company, your family is in our prayers.


Dave & Andy Keeling Families posted on 11/23/21

From the first time We entered TI, it truly was a "Place Where Friends Meet", whether you were a Local or an Out - Of -Towner, Toby and the entire Herges Family welcomed you as a Regular. Our thoughts and Prayers are with Christine and the entire Herges Family. God Bless you Toby.


Bob Doty posted on 11/22/21

My regrets that I will be unable to pay my respects in person. Godspeed.


Meredith Daw posted on 11/22/21

Dave was a special role model and mentor to me throughout my adult life. We met at the University of Illinois when I was just 17 -- Dave was my instructor in a freshman leadership seminar. He was a natural teacher, and I hold many of his important lessons close to my heart: showing up for friends and family, being proud of who you are, and giving your best each day. As an upperclassman, I worked closely with Dave on the Career Center Advisory Board. He instilled in me a passion for career services and, in particular, for helping people at times of transition – a gift that came naturally to Dave. We remained friends through the years, and I have such fond memories of visiting him in Champaign. He would drive me through town in his van and proudly show me all of the new buildings on campus. He will be dearly missed.


Tom Widener posted on 11/22/21

My Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family


Mary hendrickson posted on 11/21/21

Christine and family, we’ve been praying for you all, and will continue to do so. Our hearts and prayers are with you all. Mary Hendrickson, Ryan’s mom.


Dennis Horn posted on 11/21/21

Thank you Richard for the privilege of sharing service history. USN and UIFD. Rest In Peace brother.


William Rader posted on 11/21/21

Toby Herges. Your kindness and perseverance marked you. Marked all of us that knew you. And now you’re home. Well done.


Joseph T. Miller posted on 11/21/21

So sorry to learn of Brain's passing. We worked together at UIUC in the Student Academic Affairs Office. Brian always had a smile and a friendly word for everyone. My condolences to his family.


Donna Hutchcraft Fackler posted on 11/21/21

No words can describe Toby, one of the "good ones", with a smile that was so infectious, it lit up the room. All my thoughts and prayers to entire Herges family.


Skip&Ann Neely posted on 11/21/21

So sorry for your loss Love and hugs to the family Skip and Ann Neely


Donald Cinnamon posted on 11/21/21

I just heard from a friend about the passing of Toby. He was truly a unique individual who I saw grow up to be a man. He has been a survivor all of these years and was very happy for him when he married and then became a father and have a nice family. I know a soulful spirit like Toby will always be in our memories for a long time. My condolences go out to everyone in his family and hope they know how much Toby was loved by us. And God holds him in his arms now.



Spring pirtle posted on 11/20/21

A beautiful woman and hard worker!


Spring pirtle posted on 11/20/21

A hard working lady here! We worked together at 518 county Market in Champaign a few years ago. I also socialized with her a few times! She had a heart ❤️ of gold, hard worker and always good for a laugh. She will be missed by many !


Holmer Family posted on 11/20/21

To Our Dear Neighbors and Friends, Christine, Macy Kate, Mallory, Tobin and Tate, our hearts are broken and we send our love to you and your family over the loss of Toby. Your family is like family to ours. Us like so many others have experienced Tob’s kindness, gentleness and generosity all the while battling that terrible disease. Truly a remarkable human being. Praying for God to comfort you and ease your sorrow.


Greg Grady Monticello IL posted on 11/20/21

To Christine, Barb & Butch and family, Toby has taught us all how to handle adversity and our heath problems, He never complained and told me after my own health scare this is Gods plan for us. He was the bravest man I ever had the privilege of knowing. I am proud to call him my friend. We are all better for knowing him. When I would see him at Tumble Inn He would always ask about my family. Toby is gone but he will live forever in his children and his family. God Bless the entire Herges family. May Toby Rest In Peace. The Tumble INN will not be the same without him. Thank You for being my friend.


Becky Ryherd posted on 11/20/21

Deb, to you and all of your family I am so sorry to here of your mom passing from earth, but know as you say, she is in a wonderful place with her lord. I did not know she lived in Augusta. My mom was older, but lived there her whole life. ❤️❤️ Sincere sympathies


Pamela Noga posted on 11/20/21

Toby was the big brother I never had and I am a better person having known him. My condolences to his entire family, all of whom exemplify kindness and love.


Margaret and Tom Bonnell posted on 11/20/21

Please accept our condolences that we send to Toby’s entire family. We were introduced to them as the in-laws of the Matthew Leskis‘ family. Upon meeting him, we knew him to be a kind, caring and generous man. He will be missed by the whole community.♥️


Linda & Jan Kotynek posted on 11/20/21

Please accept our deep condolences to Christine and children, Barb & Butch and family . May God comfort all of you today and in all the coming days. With much love the Kotynek family


LOU REID posted on 11/20/21

Toby you were loved by many Tamara and myself will miss you God Bless


LOU REID posted on 11/20/21

Toby we will miss you and always think of you Tamara and myself loved you and always will Lou


Tom Herges posted on 11/20/21

Prayers and condolences to all. A great soul has been taken.


Sheila Gillette posted on 11/20/21

I had the pleasure of meeting Toby after mass one day just after his first surgery. Christine wanted me to check on something for him and I had the pleasure of checking in on this amazing man many times over the next 22 years. As Dan Rodawig said, he never complained once and was always asking me to check in on Christine, even if he was suffering at the time. Toby is my hero for how he lived life, loved God and cared for his family. He experienced many miracles and now he is with God and in peace. I pray that Christine, Macey Kate, Mallory, Tobin, Tate and the rest of his family and friends can find some of that peace knowing he is not suffering any more. Love you guys.



Dan Rodawig posted on 11/19/21

I’ll never forget standing in the Saint Matthew’s gym ~20 years ago at coffee and donuts after mass, and Toby announced that he had his cancer diagnosis. Immediately, he said it was a part of God’s plan for him. I couldn’t comprehend it back then. It sucked, quite honestly. Through all the prayer vigils, the trips to Mayo, the last rites, the treatments, the remission, the reemergence of cancer, the strokes, the last rites (again, again), he was an absolute warrior and didn’t complain about the hand he was dealt. It was never about him when you talked to him, it was always about, “How are you doing? Can I get you anything?” His selflessness and his Faith were absolute perfect testimonies of God’s will and God’s plan. Right there, for all of us to witness. It’s really difficult to understand. Yet it’s so simple. Toby’s strength, his resolve, his fight, and his unwavering Faith are something to behold for us all. Thank you, Toby Herges for showing us the way we should all be. Christine, Macey, Mallory, Tobin, Tate, and the family, may God be with you, and with us, as we mourn. And may our tears be eventually turned into dancing, for we know that Toby is having a catch right now with the angels! ⚾️ Godspeed and God bless. ✝️❤️


Jane and Michael Wlochowski posted on 11/19/21

Our sincere condolences and love to Christine and her family. Toby was truly a wonderful, kind and generous person who will be missed by many but will remain in our hearts forever. Love Jane and Michael Wlichowski


Lynn Jones posted on 11/15/21

I was a caregiver at Windsor of Savoy. I knew Dave well. I would play Friday night trivia with him. We shared lots of laughs and memories. You will be missed my friend!



Kate Dyani Swan posted on 11/14/21

Condolences he was a generous empathic role model for so many.


Joyce & Mike Day posted on 11/13/21

We are so sorry for your loss. Dave was an amazing man, he will be greatly missed!


Jim Hansen posted on 11/13/21

RIP John.


Brenda Ludwig posted on 11/13/21

Hello, I saw where Dave passed away. I just wanted to share that my husband(Gary Ludwig who passed away six years ago), thought so much of him. They were on campus at the same time. Of course, they were rivals ,Gary being a Farmhouse man. When Gary and I lived in Champaign early in the 70s, I know they would run into each other and he always committed on how he enjoyed seeing him. My sincere sympathy goes out to you. I know how tough this is. And on a different note. I have 2 grandsons that are on campus and are AGRs It was hard for them with their grandfather being a Farmhouse man. I told them he would just want them to be happy. I will share the obituary with them. Brenda Ludwig


Ibrahim Abbadi and Kay Neal posted on 11/13/21

We are so sorry for your loss. May God give your family peace.


Wayne & Sharon Kurth posted on 11/12/21

Very sorry to hear of Jim's passing. We attended church with his parents Ray and Alice Householder for over 40 years and got to know Jim through them. May God comfort your family during this time of change.


Julie Higgs posted on 11/12/21

To know Rodney was to know what love & laughter were meant to feel like. To hear his voice thru his jokes, jabs, tales, or readings was to be in the presence of a bard and great story teller. His deep calm voice comforted while his jovial tones will always make me smile. He was a man comfortable with his life and he made you feel at ease and loved to be around him. He reflected all his passions in his actions from his walk with God to dancing about on stage to celebrating his identify deck out in rainbow shirts to holding your hand in a moment of deep pain. He was a true friend and dear brother. He leaves a hole that only God will fill until Rodney and I meet again in Heaven.



Linda Flowers posted on 11/12/21

Kim, your mom was such a sweet lady. I always enjoyed when she visited the lab with you. Thinking of you today. ❤


Mike Sheppard posted on 11/12/21

I got to know Jim through SURS. He was always so easy to work with...listened and could interpret the need and ultimate solution to a problem. He really enjoyed talking about family and was so proud of Natalie & Niko. I always enjoyed hearing about the antics of the dogs and pony and how much the animals were a part of the family...and of course the fresh eggs were always welcome! God Bless the have great memories.



Yongqing posted on 11/11/21

I have been so proud to be one of his Ph.D students. He was a genius inventor and so passion to make new products to make people’s lives better. He was so influential on my choice of career, and on my finding the joy of solving problems and creating new products. I wish I could learn his vision of science and his capability of turning science into business or products. I will always remember his smile and his love of sport and music.


Ann Erdman Meyer posted on 11/11/21

So sorry and saddened to hear of Jim’s passing! We had a nice visit at our 40th class reunion. I was introduced to his wife, Nancy. It so happened we knew each other from our dairy backgrounds. He was so proud of his children! God bless!


Darlene Wilson-Johnson posted on 11/11/21

Ms. Kathy you will truly be missed. I promise to keep a close eye on Janice for you. ❤ Darlene


Emmy posted on 11/11/21

Thinking of you all at this time.


Carol Stuff Stanek posted on 11/11/21

Sending my deepest condolences to the entire Hinton family. I was blessed to have known Mrs. Hinton since 1970. She will be dearly missed by many.


Dave Dennis posted on 11/11/21

My condolences on Jim's death. He was a solid and unassuming guy of dependable character.


Debbie Mundell Sly posted on 11/11/21

So sorry to hear this news. My condolences to his family. I went to school with Jim from Kindergarten to high school graduation. He was always such a nice guy. Always smiling and laughing. The last time I saw him was at a class reunion, maybe the 25th. We had the best conversation about his children. He was so proud of them. So sorry for your loss.


Karen Lunebach posted on 11/10/21

Kathleen was so strong, she survived meningitis of the brain, and many other things. She will be missed terribly. A special thank you to all the caregivers, Kim and Trudy.



Karen Lunebach posted on 11/10/21

You will be so missed Mom. I love you so much. You were and will always be amazing.


Rich Gouge posted on 11/10/21

My condolences to James' family. He was in my grade school class where we played the best basketball of our lives--Cropsey Bulldogs! He played center. Most of us were strong and scrappy farm kids. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you in this time.


Dale Rascher posted on 11/10/21

Nancy & Family Sorry for loss My thoughts & Prayers are with you I worked with Jim at SURS


Monica Wolinski posted on 11/10/21

Very sweet,kind and caring person.Steve thought the world of her and has some great stories,but more about Royce lol



Lei Che posted on 11/9/21

It was a great honor to have know you and be one of your students. Rest in peace


Carol Grabher posted on 11/7/21

Lovely lady--enjoyed knowing her when she and Royce were at Evergreen Place.


Carol Grabher posted on 11/7/21

Very lovely lady-enjoyed knowing her when she was at Evergreen Place>


WESLEY D SEITZ posted on 11/7/21

Royce I'm sorry for your loss. Jean was a truly wonderful person. She will be missed.


JAMES R SHEARL posted on 11/7/21

Dr. Hinton and family; so sorry to learn of your loss.


Karin Hayes posted on 11/5/21

My deepest sympathies to all of Jean’s family. Jean was such a kind woman, with a smile that could light up a room!


Karin Hayes posted on 11/5/21

Jean was such a kind person-I don’t remember ever seeing her without a smile on her face. She made the world a better place and I feel privileged to have known her. My sympathies to her family, especially my wonderful friend, Meg.



Jim Hansen posted on 11/5/21

I recently learned of Johns passing. John and I were best friends growing up in Champaign. I have many many memories of experiences that we shared, like our trips to the boundary waters of Minnesota back in the 1950's. Jim Hansen


Steve McNamara posted on 11/1/21

Sandra -- Joe was one of my very best friends at Uni High and it was great to ve with you two in my visits to Urbana on the occasions that you were in California, Joe was a wonderful person. He enriched my life and many others. Kay and I hope you are welll.-- Steve McNamara



Kennedy Hayes posted on 10/29/21

Always such a light and always made me laugh with his jokes, you will be dearly missed!


Sara Burrus posted on 10/28/21

Don and I were co-workers at Edison Middle School--even co-taught sometimes. I don't think there could be a kinder, more pleasant person. I am so sorry for the family's loss, and wish you peace and comfort at this sad time.


Johnette and Dennis Sparks posted on 10/28/21

Dennis and I want Pat and the children to know we are thinking of them during this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss and extend our condolences. May your precious memories bring you peace. Johnette


Johnette Sparks posted on 10/28/21

I am so sorry for the Gerber family’s loss. Don was such a good guy. I taught right next door to him at Edison for several years. Don was always so friendly and helpful to all students and staff. May you all find peace in your special memories and may the Lord hold you in His hands during this sad time.


Amy Johnson posted on 10/27/21

I am so sorry for the loss of Mr. Gerber. I am a former student of his from Edison. I became a teacher myself and can tell you that he is one of the teachers that I still talk about to this day. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


George Fahey posted on 10/27/21

I sat beside Don and Sharon at the Illini basketball games for many years. We had the greatest conversations on all sorts of topics, even basketball on occasion. It was a great pleasure getting to know Don and Sharon, and their presence made the game so much more fun. When the Assembly Hall was renovated, we lost touch, but I'll always remember Don's welcoming nature and friendliness. Please know that the Gerber family is in my thoughts and prayers.


Sharon Barnhill posted on 10/26/21

Linda, Wanda and family: I just heard that your mother passed away recently. Please accept my sympathy for your loss. Your mother was one of the "church mom's" at Rock Creek who I thought a lot of. Take comfort in the memories of your time together.


sheila garrett.. posted on 10/26/21

what a great guy. he loved his family unconditionally. and also a private person.. lots of love for his mother. his greatest hero. what a great loss we have with his departure. may the the family find peace and love as they go forward. he will be truely miss by all.



Randy and Becky Martin posted on 10/26/21

Our deepest sympathies along with our prayers for comfort are with you during this difficult time. God Bless You All


Earl and Astrid Berkson posted on 10/26/21

Rosalind was a truly wonderful and amazing person. Our deepest sympathy.


Jerry slabe posted on 10/26/21

Chuck Charles was the only one of my fishing buddies who I could say what I wanted politically. Will miss our cocktail infused conversations,, And his company.


Jamie Goodwin posted on 10/25/21

Dear Kathi, I am so sad to hear of your loss! Your dad must have been a wonderful man to have raised such a bright and caring daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Kay Holtz posted on 10/24/21

Dear JoAnn, I am so very sorry to learn of the death of your dear Jerry. I have happy memories of the times when we shared an apartment in Dyersville, Ia., - above the Maiers couple, along with Mila and Rita. I even recall attending your wedding In Elkader, with my future husband, Jerry. Such happy times. Sadly, my husband passed away in 2020. So now we both are in the sisterhood of widowhood. Please accept my deepest sympathy, Kay Hermsen Holtz


Carolyn Seppala Ackerberg posted on 10/23/21

I am so sorry to learn of Nancy’s passing. We were friends when her family lived in Hibbing, MN, and then in St. Paul, MN. As happens, you lose contact, and then you search on line. She was a vibrant, intelligent, caring friend. I am so sorry.


Christos Tsitsaros posted on 10/23/21

John was a dear friend at the Fitness Center in Champaign. He was a warm, kind-hearted, gentle person, always available for the others, ready to communicate and make those around him feel good. Since I came back from my country this summer, I returned to the gym (after not having gone there for about a year due to COVID concerns.) Since August, I saw John a number of times and we had some excellent chats; I was truly happy to have found again such a nice friend and was looking forward to seeing him every time I went there. Simply, his smile made my day. I was shocked by his passing. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his kindness and the joy he's given me with his modest, enlightened, kind demeanor. May God grant him memory eternal. He will keep living in our hearts. Please, accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of beloved John.



Carolyn Throgmorton posted on 10/23/21

You were so sweet and loved


Kathleen Holden posted on 10/23/21

Ken and Tanja modeled love, commitment and courage. His academic contributions in the field of healthy aging will continue to benefit older adults.


Heather Miller posted on 10/23/21

Carolyn was a valued friend and I enjoyed our many years of friendship. Most recently we partnered as "reading buddies" for WILL's Book mentor program. I will miss her conversation and company.


Kathleen Holden posted on 10/22/21

Ken and Tanja were a team that inspired so many of us. Each one made this world better with their intellectual and administrative accomplishments.


Vera Blume posted on 10/22/21

During a visit to my family - Philipp, Paula,and Adrian - I was graciously invited to Ben's house for delicious food, Bingo, and great family time! I won't forget Ben and his infectious 'joie de vivre'. Best wishes to his large family!


Ginny McCarrey posted on 10/21/21

My heart grieves with entire Cox family. I had the pleasure of working with and for Dr. Cox in the Department of Secondary Education for about 15 years. He was a pleasure!!! One of the greatest bosses I ever had. And this was before computers became a staple in the office. I loved being able to read his hand writing!!! Faculty meetings became 'Wine & Cheese parties' late Friday afternoons. Loved the smell of his pipe & laughter.


Tom Widener posted on 10/21/21

I remember a young couple who needed help putting Christmas toys together when Jerry and JoAnn lived on W. Healey in Champaign and a lot of fun years at Allstate Insurance. Having lost my Rose in May of this year I know what you are going though. Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family.


Elizabeth Stern posted on 10/20/21

I shared many years of Carolyn's expertise and good humor at the Division of Management Information, before she followed her heart to pastoral care. She was a very special person. My deepest condolences to Katy and Patty.


Katherine Ryan posted on 10/19/21

A woman of great spirit and heart. My deepest sympathy.


Rosemary Laughlin posted on 10/18/21

Generosity, intelligence, peace, and action speak in her obituary. Mary Kay and Patty, I send sympathy for your loss and wish you joy in recalling her virtues.


Tanya posted on 10/18/21

I worked at F&S with John and saw him almost daily. He always had a smile and such a friendly attitude. I am so saddened to hear of his passing. He will always be remembered as such a bright spot at F&S by myself. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Liz Medaris posted on 10/18/21

A gentle, truly kind woman.


Ginny Conron, retired chaplain from OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center posted on 10/17/21

Dear Katy & Patty, and extended family members, I was on the OSF Pastoral Care Team, and served as a chaplain with Carolyn. I always found Carolyn to be very intelligent, organized, responsible person, and extremely compassionate with the patients and families she ministered with at the hospital. She was a wonderful team member. At our pastoral care meetings, Carolyn would always bring candy or vegetables to add to the enjoyment of our lunch She did a wonderful job at coordinating the Eucharistic Ministers who took communion to patients and families in the hospital. Carolyn will always have a special place in my memory, as to know Carolyn was to love her. My spouse, MIke, and I send our heart felt condolences to Patty & Katy, plus to all of the extended family. This world is a dimmer place without Carolyn's presence among us. I now live in Maine, so I cannot be available for the celebration of her life, but please know that I will be there with my thoughts, prayers and spirit. May God shower his comfort, strength and peace to the entire family and all those who grieve Carolyn's passing. We will miss her until we meet her in heaven, Mike & Ginny Conron, Brunswick, Maine


Jerry Johnson posted on 10/17/21

Don was my PhD thesis advisor during 1968-69. He was instrumental in helping me find a topic and he gave me encouragement along the way. We became good friends and often saw each other during my visits to Urbana and at mathematics conferences. He was a great story teller and had a ready sense of humor. I enjoyed his company immensely and will miss him.


Mary Ellen Howe posted on 10/17/21

Carol was a special lady who loved her family and friends. I am blessed to have been friends with her,.


Pat Coombs posted on 10/17/21

Jan, I was so very sorry to read of Don's passing in today's paper. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I worked with Don in the Math Dept for 35 years, He was always so very supportive of all the staff.


Mike Kurlakowsky posted on 10/17/21

Johnny, so sad to hear about Carol death. It has been years since we saw each other but you have my sincere condolences. I know when Carol arrived at the gates of heaven my dear wife Judy was there with open arms to greet her and boy would they have a lot to talk about. Stay strong and we will get to meet them both one day when are name is called. Mike Kurlakowsky


Jerry Watzlawick posted on 10/17/21

I met John about 25 years ago through friends and worked in the same department with him for a short time at UIUC. He was always very open and honest and fun to be around. He was always good for a conversation, be it serious or light-hearted. I offer my condolences and prayers to his family and all those whose lives he touched.


Father Edward U. Ohm posted on 10/16/21

I worked closely with Carolyn in pastoral care at OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center in Urbana. She was always a joy to work with and was close to the pastoral care staff. She will be missed. I will remember her and her family in my upcoming Mass intentions and Rosaries. Eternal rest, grant unto her soul, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. Requiescat in Pace.



Victor John Fleener posted on 10/16/21

When I lived in Champaign, Illinois on Lancaster Drive John Rhoades was my neighbor. He was always cheerful and very kind. John always had nice things to say. He was also very funny. I remember when he was mowing along the road on a hot day. I put a cold drink against his neck. He jumped and laughed. I gave him the cold beverage and he drank it. We had a good conversation. He was just a great person. I am very sad he is no longer with us. God Bless.


Victor John Fleener posted on 10/16/21

I was a former neighbor to John. He was always very kind and friendly. He cheered me up with his personality. I am very sad John is no longer with us. He was a great person. John is missed by everyone who knew him. God Bless. Victor John Fleener


Karma Ibsen posted on 10/15/21

John was such a kind hearted friend at our gym. He lifted my spirits every time he would greet me with that tremendous smile.


Drew Tyler posted on 10/15/21

Mandy and Lara, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. John was a great man and he was always able to light up the room. You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dennis Shipp posted on 10/15/21

Remember Carol from High School in Centralia. She had a very sweet personality. So sorry that she departed this world and her loving family.



MHS Class of 1991 posted on 10/14/21

Thank you for being a part of our lives, John.


Margie Veach posted on 10/13/21

I met Carol when we worked a book rush at I.U.B. She was beautiful , sweet & kind and fun to be around . Through the years we have exchanged Christmas cards . I will miss her .


Margie Veach posted on 10/13/21

I met Connie through my husband , she hung around with a group of friends that my husband did . This was nearly 20 years ago . Connie was a very dear friend . When my mom was in a nursing home recovering from a fall Connie would go in to see her mom and then visit with my mom . I will treasure our friendship always and will miss her a great deal . Love her .


Linda Riggle posted on 10/12/21

Connie and I got to be friends when we meet in juniorhigh.We were members of Mahomet-Seymour High School class of 1970 and we shared the same birthday.I just learned of Connie's death on Facebook.Sad to hear of her death.



Alice Dilts posted on 10/12/21

Hail the Traveler! That which is remembered lives on



Roger & Debbie Schieber posted on 10/11/21

Dear Aunt Dee and Family, We are so very sorry for your loss. Our hearts are broken too. Our family has many, many years of memories to cherish of Uncle Bill. He was the sweetest, kindest, loving person. Will miss his sweet smile and funny humor. Always joking around. So proud of his years in the Air Force to serve our country. An all-around wonderful person! Rest In Peace Uncle Bill. Keeping all your family in our thoughts and prayers. We love you. Take Care and God blessings to all of you. Love, Roger, Debbie and Family


Susan Minyard posted on 10/7/21

I had planned to at least come to Les' visitation, but my morning appointment ran much longer than planned. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Les, and your whole family, was such a big part of my church life and my memories through my earlier years. I feel your loss! With great sympathy, Susan


Patrick and Rochelle Riccobene posted on 10/7/21

Beautiful Eulogy, what an amazing man! Loved reading stories about his lifetime filled with adventure and successes. My condolences to the family, may God Bless you all.



Wime Hart posted on 10/7/21

My sincere condolences to the wife Sandra, Children and Grandchildren . Even though I only knew you for short time, it was nice being around you. May your soul Rest In Peace.


Giancarlo Cozzani posted on 10/5/21

Our most sincere condolences to the whole family



Susan Kapacinskas posted on 10/3/21

Rest in peace, Joe.


Karen Rabbitt posted on 10/3/21

I'm so very sorry to hear of Joe's death. I worked with him at Tax Aide for several years. He was humble, funny, and an excellent mentor. He often spoke of his family with great love. I'm sorry for your loss.


Mike Henderson posted on 10/2/21

Connie was cute in High School. We were friends but she was good friends with the girl I was dating so we never dated. Good memories of her.


Bruce Rogers, Jr. posted on 10/1/21

I have great memories of Mr. Short from my time with Troop 101. All the camping trips and other events he helped make possible with his time and effort. He was kind and always there for you if you needed anything. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Dorothy Rigg posted on 9/30/21

So sorry Ceanne to read that Ron had passed away.i first knew Ron from Shorts IGA I love that grocery store then in 1995 BankIllinois merged with Champain Nat Bank and Ron and I were working at the same place. He was a great guy and when my Ron would come into the Bank if your Ron was on the first floor he would come over and talk to my Ron. Maybe they will meet up in Heaven and talk again..I believe that when you go to Heaven that you are well Hugs to you and your family


Gary L Scaff posted on 9/30/21

Great photo of Ron looks a lot like his Father I have a lot of great memories of Ron So sorry for your lost PRAYERS coming your way


Mark Medley posted on 9/30/21

Mr. Short was a wonderful man. I enjoyed our conversations and meetings in yesteryear, as his son Roger and I were great friends at Illinois College. Mr. Short will be missed greatly.


Carole Fisher posted on 9/29/21

We are so sorry, Ceeann. Roger remembers the trip he, our Roger, your Roger, and Ron took to watch a golf tournament in Indy. That was a fun trip! We will be praying for you, Roger, Julie, and their families. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Carole Fisher posted on 9/29/21

We are so sorry, Ceeann. Roger remembers the time he, our Roger, your Roger, and Ron drove to Indy to watch a golf tournament. That was a fun trip! You, Roger, Julie and their families will be in our prayers. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Sean M Gould posted on 9/29/21

My condolences to the Short family. I always found Ron to be warm and welcoming. Peace be with you all.


Larry Waters & Eileen Waters posted on 9/27/21

Our thoughts and condolences are with your entire family at this time.


Larry Waters posted on 9/27/21

Larry & Eileen Waters


DeShon Harris posted on 9/27/21

My condolences to the family and I’m so sorry for your loss, sending hugs and prayers ❤️


Bob Varndell posted on 9/25/21

My buddy Tommy was one of the toughest guys I ever really got to know. Not tough as in raisin' Hell and kickin' butts--Tough as in he endured more blood draws and catheters, organ scrapings and removals (more than any ONE human being should ever have to), all with hardly a whimper or complaint. As Pat Nelson put it: "If anyone of US had to go through that sh*t, we would be like balled up on the floor, thumb in mouth, and cryin' like a baby". Oh...but NOT Tommy! He could be a little hard-headed every now and again (but can't we all!?). After a major procedure, he might have been instructed to take it easy--no driving or lifting for say, two or three weeks. Well, it wasn't unusual to see him out and about just TWO days later making his usual stops and scooting heavy chairs around so friends could join him. As I understand, he was categorized in the medical community as being, "non-compliant". This was a title that he was kind of proud of! One time, after a major surgery that required that he recover in the hospital for at least a week, he decided that since he was there to "rest" (which he deemed as impossible with all of the alarms and interruptions), the best place to "rest" was at HOME. So...he clipped all of his IV lines, dressed himself, and headed to the nearest elevator. As he told it, he almost made it past the nurses station when his nurse noticed him, jumped up and said something along the lines of, "Thomas--two things: first, you're much too weak to go home now so you need to stay here and rest and second, YOU STILL HAVE ALL OF YOUR IV NEEDLES IN YOUR ARMS!!" In Tommy's own smooth way he said, Ma'am, the doctors say I need to "rest" and I see no reason that I can't get that done at home so sweetie, kindly pull your needles out of my arms, I'm going home. Gawd...I LOVED that man!! Tommy was a gentleman's gentle man; he was a door holder and a chair scooter. He was not at all fond of when one of us (PAT!) let lose an "F-Bomb" in the presence of a lady. Quickly after the "infraction", he would clear his throat, look down his nose and shake his head "NO". Now, around the guys-no problem--around the "fairer sex", NEVER. One of my ever lasting memories of my buddy will be the way he would enter a room. He'd enter, come to a dead stop, lift his arms out wide in a very welcoming gesture and as he leaned back slightly and with a smile ear-to-ear would say, "Hell-Low People!! While I will surely miss my buddy I find comfort in knowing that the pain brought to him from the countless surgeries and procedures is over now. He has a bevy of relatives and good buddies to fish and golf with and he has found peace. PEACE MY BROTHA'!!


Steve Lemons posted on 9/23/21

I knew Connie a bit from high school and then later when she came to work in my department at Illinois State University. She was a joy to be around, always smiling and upbeat. I was sad when she left ISU and moved to Champaign. My sympathy to all in her family.


Pat, Shep, and Ryan Kelly posted on 9/23/21

Diane and family… We send our prayers to you all on the loss of Connie. She certainly was a fighter with a fierce spirit! How fortunate she was to be surrounded by people who not only cared, but cared for her during her long battle. May fond memories keep her near to you.


Ann Stribling Verderber posted on 9/23/21

My sincerest condolences to the Carper family for the loss of your sister and Aunt Connie. As I traveled to the Mayo Clinic to deal with my own brain needs, please know my thoughts and prayers were with you all. God blessed Connie with the strength to fight her own fight. What a courageous woman. Rest In Peace Connie


JANET M RUDICIL posted on 9/23/21

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Connie. I worked around Connie serveral times over the years in the pipefitting trade. She was always very friendly. I always enjoyed talking with her. Please take care.


Chuck Voigt posted on 9/23/21

Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. The support that John and the others in the group have given me over the years has been invaluable to me. I'm so sorry that Covid has kept me away from the meetings for so long. David, Sten, Gene, John, and I were in the first generation of survivors that sat at the Round Table at Carle. Now, two of those seats are empty. I'll miss John very much.


Bob Swiney posted on 9/23/21

Tom was a real fisherman, he fought through pain and sickness to be on my boat for the annual walleye trip to Lake Erie, never complained, never a bad word spoken or a bad thought revealed a true gentleman and someone I was proud to call friend Tight Lines and following seas my friend, you will be missed and remembered. Capt. Bob


Billie Krueger posted on 9/22/21

We know God is saying to John, Well done, good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:21 Our thoughts and prayers are with you Sharon and your family. Billie and Larry Krueger


Betty Reinhold posted on 9/22/21

Dear Sharon and family, so sorry to hear about John please accept our condolences and prayers to you and your girls. Betty & Richard


Jane L Solon posted on 9/21/21

Heaven just got another Angel and we on earth will have a huge void in our lives. Rodney was such a caring, wonderful, humorous person. I still have his Santa picture to remember him by and all the memories of events at the DMBGC and annual meetings at UICCU. God Bless your soul Rodney!


Claudia posted on 9/21/21

John was a friend since elementary days in Kimberly. During the last 6 years we were in touch once again as my husband was dealing with cancer. John offered compassion, kindness and concern during those very frightening days. As odd as this sounds, it was a highlight to see he and Sharon at my husbands funeral. As difficult as it was for him to travel he shared his time in Wisconsin with me and my family. His upbeat and hopeful messages continued up until his own last days and he said he was comfortable and at peace. Heaven truly gained an angel and I am sure John is already enjoying his heavenly family. Go now and rest, no more pain, appts , waiting and worry. You have earned your heavenly reward, dear friend ❤️


Jerry Kuchenbrod posted on 9/21/21

I began my construction career under John over 30 years ago and appreciated his friendship at Broeren-Russo. My wife and I send our condolences to John's family.



Julie Shelley posted on 9/21/21

4 Hope and Rainbows



Sherri Jakobsson posted on 9/20/21

You will be missed Rodney xoxo


Margaret Robutz posted on 9/20/21

Rodney was my classmate & neighbor for many years. His siblings were friends with my siblings. His mom was best friends with my mom. A lot of history. He was just so positive & jolly all the time. And lots of laughter too. We had our differences sometimes but that didn’t matter to us. We had that special bond of growing up together in that little town of Tolono. He loved the arts & so did I. We always had a good time together. I will miss your beautiful smile & laugh. Maggie (Margaret) lots of good memories to hold on to.


Dixie Phillips posted on 9/19/21

I have known and loved Rodney most of my life growing up in the same town. He was a man who walked his talk of Christ and the gospel. His voice was captivating as was his acting. He was a genuine person who loved with his heart from Christ. He will be singing and celebrating in his new heavenly home. Rod, you will be greatly missed and Jace and your family will be showered with prayers.


Emma Henigman posted on 9/19/21

Phyllis, Amy, and Erica, To say that Art will be missed is an understatement. I will cherish all the years of memories that I've collected with both him and you all. I know that he has touched so many lives during his time here on earth, from his days as a pharmacist to his time out doing what he truly loved, hunting with all his friends. Please know that you all are not going through this alone, and I am here for anything that you might need, for a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to listen. Love always and forever, Emma


Cindy Cain posted on 9/18/21




Murray and Susan Friend posted on 9/18/21

Art was a very good man. He enjoyed coming down to Isaac’s Farm and hunting and we loved to have him come. He will be greatly missed.


Jeff Lewis posted on 9/18/21

I knew Mouse nearly all of my life. His class (Centennial 1971) was very close and he fit in with his partners, Jim Reid, Kirk Karlstrom, Leo Andruzyck and many others. He was part of the 1971 class but stayed in a running gang after graduation that covered the Classes of 1972 and 1973 as well, Among his friends were Bill Smith, Ralph Mendez, Jack and Paul Jarboe, Steve Ward, Greg Garland and a host of others too numerous to mention. He was always a pretty quiet guy but could be persuaded to raise hell if given half a chance. I have three short memories related to Mouse that stand out in my mind; #1. I was out of town for a bit in the late 1970's and early 1980's and would link up with the wider gang when I returned to Champaign. One one occasion I was "drafted" in to see Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter at the U of I Assembly Hall in September of 1980. There were a bunch of us sitting in "C" section who were a bit rowdy and while I was largely unfamiliar with Waylon and Jessi, I was along for the ride and to experience some "Outlaw Country." The hall was not packed, but it was full and there was quite a diverse audience of Waylon fans present, many of whom were senior to us who came dressed up from outlying towns to see the show. We were all packed together and those who came for the "Outlaw" part of the show eventually started to get on the nerves of the very respectable folks from Tuscola and beyond who were there for a special night out. Mouse, for some reason or another was very energized about seeing Waylon and he did from time to time quite vocally and repeatedly express his anticipation during Jessi Colter's portion of the show. Not only were the Tuscolan's not happy about Mouse's fan homage, Jessi wasn't either. Eventually she stopped singing and brought everything to a halt mid-performance to admonish Mouse and all of his "Outlaw friends" in "C" section for their affection for Waylon. Her message was something to the effect of a direct order for all of us to "keep our britches on" until Waylon arrived. In the end everyone settled down and it was a good show. #2. The second memory I have is also Assembly Hall related. This would have been 1975 or so when the J. Geils Band played on a Saturday evening in the springtime. It was little known that Mouse was a good harmonica player and a great fan of the harmonica player in J. Geils, a gentleman who went by the name "Magic Dick," Mouse loved M.D. and was more than turned on and excited that evening every time M.D. took a solo on the harmonica throughout the concert. #3. The last memory I would like to convey was/is a bit personal. During that mid 1970's era, it was not uncommon for close friends to "borrow" items from each other, usually temporarily, but sometimes permanently. I confess that one time when I was visiting the Yellow house that Mouse and his room mates were living in on Willis Street in Champaign, I temporarily/permanently "borrowed" one of his harmonica's. He later let me know that he was aware that I'd done it, but said little else and never requested its return. For some reason my confiscation of his harp, never left my conscience throughout the years as something of a debt that I should rectify. In 2007 or so, while living overseas, I happened to walk by a music shop in Darmstadt, Germany where a complete 10 or 12 harmonica set was in the window. I resolved right then to rectify my confiscation and bought the set along with a shell case for safe keeping. I resolved to deliver it to Mouse during my next trip to Champaign. When I arrived I managed (after two telephone calls) to connect with him and asked him to meet me at Huber's Bar on Church Street. Even though I was a bit nervous about it, I explained the situation, my reason for procuring the harmonicas for him and I handed the set and case over. Instead of admonishing me for my transgression, Mouse began to cry tears of joy and gave me a big bear hug. From that moment on, my debt to him was never mentioned again but both he and I knew that it had been paid in full and my error corrected. I saw little of Mouse after that, but received reports and updates on his health, etc. and I was aware of his struggles via news from Jim Reid, Jack Jarboe and Ralph Mendez. Like all of us he was not a saint but nonetheless lived a full and active life. He was a good soul, a loyal friend, a hard worker, a good Dad and fine human being overall. So Mouse, my friend, you lived your life well on the plus side of the ledger. It was a pleasure to have known you and to hang when life's circumstances brought us all together. Rest easy and take care Hombre. Jeff Lewis Crozet, Virginia USA


Greg Grady posted on 9/18/21

With deepest sympathy to Tims entire family. I used to enjoy seeing Tim at Hubers. May He Rest In Peace. Greg Grady Monticello IL


Rachel Vanetti posted on 9/17/21

I originally met Rodney when he was working on the play, Miracle on 34th Street with my younger sister. I was blessed many years later to have a Christmas session with him while he was working for Illini Studios with my daughter who was 11 months old at the time. Those images have been and will continue to be cherished memories of a sweet and wonderful friend. Rodney supported me and my business since the beginning and I will forever be grateful to have known such a true, kind and warm friend.


Deb Richardson posted on 9/16/21

I met Rodney when I sold Tupperware in the 80's when my kids were little. At the time, I had no idea he was a theatre person and how much our paths would cross in the coming years. I just always will remember how joyful he always was, no matter what challenges he was facing. What a wonderful soul who will be greatly missed. Goodbye, dear friend.


JoeMcNamara, Palm Springs, California posted on 9/15/21

My Condolences!


Rita Manning posted on 9/14/21

I so enjoyed working with Ron after Joyce's death when I worked at Carle Hospice. I felt very blessed to have known him and walk along side of him as he learned to live with his loss. Great man - I am better for having the opportunity to know him. So sorry for the loss of both your parents. He was so proud of you all - thinking of you all through this time.



Julie laich posted on 9/14/21

Sweet memories of him playing Santa .❤️❤️


Lori Zunich posted on 9/14/21

To know Rodney was to love him. I always enjoyed seeing him whether it be at the Credit Union or Faith. He was so warm and genuine. Prayers for his family and all who must carry on without him on earth.


Renate Ping posted on 9/14/21

Your kind and open heart coupled with your warm, gentle smile never failed to lift my spirits. You always seemed to know the words I needed to hear. I'll miss your kindness, your care, and your compassion for everyone. Rest in peace friend.



Julie Williamson posted on 9/13/21

Fondest memories filled with song, rib cracking laughter,and best bear hugs ever! My prayers to your family.



Suzy Goben posted on 9/13/21

Dear Sweet Rodney…you were so loved, and are missed exponentially already!!


Cara Day posted on 9/13/21

I have no doubt that you made quite an entrance when you arrived in Heaven. You may physically be gone but you will be fondly remembered.


Sally Mikel posted on 9/13/21

Rodney, I will miss your beautiful smile and presence at Faith. I'll miss your participation in skits, Bible readings etc. - that deep melodious voice. I'll also miss seeing your Facebook posts. You helped me be a better Christian by your words, actions and life. Thank you and God Bless.


Robin Price posted on 9/13/21

Rodney will be truly missed. He was also kind to anyone he talked to.


Schelle Miles posted on 9/12/21

Rodney was the best big brother a girl could ask for. He was so kind, protective, and loving. As a young girl growing up in a houseful of brothers Rodney and Jace would sit patiently and attentively throughout the many tea parties I had. Being so young I was unable to reach the sink for the water and resorted to the commode water for the tea. When Rodney discovered where I was getting my water he didn't scold or refuse to have anymore tea parties with me. He gently told me that he would be in charge of the tea because it would be a special and magical tea! As I later became an adult, got married, moved away, and had children of my own he was always a phone call away. We often laughed of childhood memories. He was always a great listener and offered advice. I will forever cherish all the memories of Rodney and hold them within my heart. I Love You Rodney to the stars and beyond. As always, your little sister!


Dave Summers posted on 9/12/21

Rest in peace my dear, life long friend. You will be missed by all that were lucky enough to have known you.



Paula Hearnes posted on 9/12/21

Somewhere over the rainbow fly high Rodney I’ll miss you.


Suzanne Koeberlein Coleman posted on 9/12/21

RIP Dear Rodney! Always so sweet and kind, and such a wonderful life! Your light shines so brightly here and in heaven.


Jerry Carden & Tim Temple posted on 9/11/21

My husband Tim and I have known Jean ever since we started attending the Unitarian church. We loved her quick with, her wide-ranging knowledge on a dizzying array of subjects, and at times she could put you on edge with an observation maybe you weren't ready to hear. Jean knew how to throw a party, and she held countless numbers of events for the UU church. She and son Tom (gone too soon) would host auction events that everyone wanted to attend. Particularly of note was the Bluegrass, Beans and Barbecue events held at Tom's, but Jean was hostess as well- even after having her mobility impaired. Jean and Tom supported so very many property projects at UU. Their theory was, give a large contribution, such as in 2014- they gave half the cost of a new boiler system, with the challenge for the church folks to raise the rest. We always came through, because we were inspired by their unbounding generosity. Especially fun was hearing Jean and Tom kibbutz back and forth... with language not for the faint of heart! We loved both Tom and Jean immensely, and now that they are both gone, I'm sure a few thunderstorms were the result of their 'heavenly' banter back and forth. Much love to the whole Gillespie crew, including their staff, who would come together for the Christmas Eve party at Jeans with Laurence Hobgood and spouse from New York entertaining us all evening. I often heard the various staff members refer to her as Grandma Jean- and they all loved her as their own grandma. With love, Jerry Carden & Tim Temple


Becky Ryherd posted on 9/11/21

God bless you on your journey Rodney. We will greatly miss your big heart for others, your spiritual insights and you.


Paul Mettler posted on 9/10/21

Bob was a very faithful and long-term member of the Mettler Center.


Rev. Robert K. Freeman, Directing Pastor posted on 9/10/21

We the members of Urbana First United Methodist Church send our deepest condolences to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.


Laura Aull Johnston posted on 9/10/21

Sally and family, I am so very grateful to have known your folks when we were young and reconnecting with your dad in recent years has been one of the special things about living in Champaign again. What a blessing his life has been to many, to all who knew him.


JACKIE FREEMAN posted on 9/10/21



Patti Cassidy posted on 9/8/21

I knew your mom from her work at Bottenfield where my children attended school. I’d visit with her at the monthly teachers luncheons. She was always interested in others and was so kind and lovely. After her retirement I’d see her after mass and we’d catch up. She remembered my children after many years. My condolences to all your family.


Joseph Wright posted on 9/8/21

Our condolences to Mrs. Twardock and the entire family. My parents, Gil and Colleen Wright, treasured their friendship with the Twardocks and were very grateful for their early and generous support of the National Academy of Arts. Peace to you all.


Joan Twining posted on 9/8/21

I have many wonderful memories of White Lake. Also, the summer Bob and Mary got me a job at Michlinda Lodge. Best summer job ever.


Joan Twining posted on 9/8/21

I have many found memories of White Lake. They got me a summer job at Michlinda Lodge, best job ever.



Joy Woodson posted on 9/8/21

Sadly to say, as Ryanhart sister of NJ we were separated in our childhood years, so we didn't get to know each other. However, the few times we did conversed his words of encouragement uplifted me through dark periods in my life. RIP brother, love you, and much continued blessings and God protection for the family.


Earl Finder posted on 9/8/21

As Verna Finder posted, we, her cousins, enjoyed many wonderful experiences with Irma and her parents at their cabin at Homer Park and in their homes, especially on election nights, Christmas,family events and and other special occasions for many years. We will hold these good times in our hearts forever.


Julia Whittington, DVM posted on 9/8/21

Dr. Twardock was my professor when I attended veterinary school at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. He taught nuclear imaging and made that technology relevant and attainable to us budding veterinarians. He approached his teaching in a patient, engaging, and calm way that garnered the respect of his students and colleagues. Imagine my surprise when I heard him sing! Dr. Twardock will be missed, but his legacy lives on in the lives he touched and helped to guide.


Bruce J. Kelman, Ph.D., DABT, ATS, ERT posted on 9/8/21

My sincere condolences to the Twardock family. I was Bob’s Ph.D. student from 1971 to 1975. He was a marvelous teacher and compassionate advisor. He taught me the scientific method, to seek new ideas, and encouraged my curiosity. His guidance formed the foundation for my 47+ year career in toxicology. It would not have happened without him. I am so fortunate to have been blessed with his presence in my graduate years.


Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings posted on 9/8/21

Twardocks were first to build on Prairieridge in Robeson Meadows West


Carole Fisher posted on 9/8/21

Mary, we are so sorry. Roger and I have fond memories of our time in Bethel Bible Study with you. May the Lord bless you with His comfort and peace.


Gwain Zarbuck II DC posted on 9/7/21

My deepest condolences to all of the Gillespie Family. Over the last 5 plus years that I've been making house calls to Jean I got to know her quite well. I will miss those visits, helping her through Chiropractic but also helping myself through discussions in a vast number of differing subjects. I enjoyed playing her piano on most all of the visits, she inspired me to practice harder and work on a large number of works which I had not previously looked at. I was very grateful for her kindness in allowing my family to go to some Krannert concerts, Gillespie parties and pool workouts. Mrs. G was a long time backer of Chiropractic, starting as a patient at Zarbuck Chiropractic in 1949 and referring many people as patients over the years. In the 1950s Palmer Chiropractors could not get licensed in IL and Jean served as an officer in the local laymen's organization. This was after my Father and Uncle were arrested for practicing medicine without a license. The support of this group and others throughout the state helped to eventually rectify this situation. Jean will be missed by many. RIP Jean


Marilyn J Oothout posted on 9/4/21

Many happy days and many fun times were spent with Sue in years gone by. She will always be remembered for her giving self. May God welcome her into paradise.


Jan Carter Niccum, President of the CCRTA posted on 9/3/21

My children and I all knew Susan from her days at Bottenfield and I additionally watched her service to the Champaign County Retired Teachers Association, serving many years on the Board. She will be missed.


Karla Peterson posted on 9/3/21

Jean Gillespie was an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood as were many of her family members. Her care and concern for women in need of low-cost medical and reproductive health services was exemplary and so very needed. She will be missed.


Maureen M McCord posted on 9/2/21

Jean and I were neighbors for forty-eight years. She was a good neighbor and I shall miss her.


Bill and Marilyn Hancock posted on 9/1/21

My husband and I sat by Jean and Bob for about 25 years. We enjoyed them so much. The group around uswould often eat together before a game. Jean was funny and obviously very smart. One game a man walked by our seats and Jean said something like "I counseled that man and his wife on marital problems" With out missing. Beat she addd "They are divorced now! Those games hold special memories for us. After she no longer came to the games her son, John occupied them. Our condolences to John and the entire family.


Chris Gorski posted on 9/1/21

My condolences and best wishes to the entire Gillespie family. Irma Jean was a huge presence and I'm sure her absence will be felt.


Elaine Palencia posted on 8/30/21

Ellen was a good friend to our son Andrew when they lived in the same group home. I always looked forward to seeing her. I am so sorry you've lost her.


Justin posted on 8/30/21

I miss you - be at peace my friend.



Marco Garcia posted on 8/30/21

Mike was one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever known. Made me feel like I had been working at Volition for years, even though it was only my first day. You'll be missed, my friend.


Verna Finder posted on 8/30/21

So sorry to learn of your loss of Irma Jean. I have many happy memories of good times spent with Aunt Anna and Uncle Vern and Irma Jean at their cabin at Homer Lake. Thinking of you all.❤️



Steph posted on 8/30/21

Forever a Saint and you won’t be forgotten. Thank you for everything.


Lynne armstrong posted on 8/29/21

Dottie, I was so sorrry to hear of Ellen’s passing. She was such a sweet, amazing lady and will be greatly missed. I think of her often along with others in the group homes. I worked with Ellen many years and she was a favorite. Take care of yourself and god bless.


Gayle Jeffries posted on 8/28/21

I just found out about Ryan Woodson’s passing. He was a wonderful person. He always had a smile and had kind words to share and greet you! He was missed by the school district as he was helpful to all! God bless his family and may you find strength through God’s guidance!


Karen posted on 8/27/21

Dear Karla, Nathan and Katie. We are so sorry to hear of Ryan's passing. Ryan and your family are our family. We love you and cannot imagine how you are feeling. May God be your source of comfort and peace at this difficult time. Love James, Karen, Shauna, Wesley and Leah


Jerry and Janie Myers posted on 8/26/21

Ryan, You will always be my best man friend, and I miss you. I always enjoyed our visits on the phone and the videos you sent to Janie and me. I will never forget that special day when I introduced you to your dear Karla. Being your Best Man at your wedding and Janie being Karla’s Maid of Honor was one of the best moments of our lives. You will always live in our hearts as we share our memories with Karla. I know how much you love God, and I know you are so proud of your family. I’m happy we have such great memories of coming out and visiting you and your family. We will always love you, and you can know that Karla will be held close to our hearts forever. We will be praying for all of your family who you loved and loved you. You will never be forgotten. We know you are having a good time in heaven and I know my mom Carrittus welcomed you in with open arms. Rest in the arms of Jesus. Jerry and Janie Myers


Lihui Zhang & Xiaomeng Gao (Chinese teachers at King) posted on 8/25/21

Ryan was very friendly, helpful, responsible and respectable person. Working with him at King school for many years was a pleasant memory! During the break, he often chatted with us and talked a lot about his family and hometown. He was so proud of his wife and children and loved them so much! We feel so sad and sorry for his family, and you are in our thought and prayers!


Sally Thompson posted on 8/24/21

I was so very lucky to work with Ryan for so many years at King School! As a classroom teacher , I appreciated Ryan visiting my classroom each morning to encourage me and give me words of wisdom when I had those "tough classes" ! Throughout the years , Ryan was always there to help set-up for Veteran's Day assemblies, Civil War programs, 5th grade graduations, and more . He loved to come to all of the classroom dinners we had and I can see him sitting there eating with the students ! The students at King loved him ! He had silly nicknames for all of them and they loved that about our "Mr. Woodson." Ryan was the kind of friend that called to wish you Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and on and on. He never forgot a holiday !! I was really lucky to call him my friend ! To Ryan's family , he always spoke so highly of all of you and I know how heartbroken you must be . You are in my prayers!


Yvonne Vitosky posted on 8/23/21

I am so very sorry for your loss. I can only think of smiles, laughter, kindness & compassion when I think of Ryan. He was truly a wonderful man who took great pleasure in doing everything he could to make our workdays together at King School enjoyable. Ryan always made time for everyone, no natter how busy he was. I thought of him as a brother because he just possessed & embraced that true sense of community. God bless his soul & all of you at this most difficult time. My thought & prayers will be with you.


Cathie White posted on 8/23/21

Ryan is my cousin. I live in Virginia. We all grew up in the same neighborhood going from house playing, eating and sometimes spending the night. After moving to Illinois he would come back to Virginia for visits come by to see me. My heart is heavy. To his wife, children and grandchildren so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest condolences. It's a loss for our whole family. May God be with you and bring you peace in the days and years to come.


Martin Nieto & Maggie Rodriguez-Nieto posted on 8/23/21

So very sorry to hear the passing of Ryan. Praying that the Lord will hold each of you close in these sad and difficult times. All the years that we lived next door he never showed us anything but kindness, a true gentleman he was.


Katie Woodson posted on 8/22/21

For 35-years my dad has given me unconditional love and support. There aren’t any words I can use to properly describe what he has meant to me.


Raymond Dillard posted on 8/21/21

Ryan and I was first cousins, and we both lived in Wingina Virginia. Ryan had one brother named George Woodson, who is decease.One sister named Helen Woodson who is deceased. At the age of 14, Ryan and I went to Connecticut to harvest and pick tobacco in 1971. We earned about $1,000.00 for working. The work was hard and difficult. Ryan and I lived in same house, and we had 11 children in the house. Ryan and I would call and text each week. He taught himself to play the guitar. Ryan could also sing. He loved his family. I will remember him with smiles and laughter. Rest in peace cousin Ryan Hart Woodson.


Janet Tedrow posted on 8/20/21

Alice, so sorry to hear of Mike's passing. May God be with you and give you peace.


Jean Korder posted on 8/20/21

I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Woodson's passing, and am holding your family close in my heart. I knew him over many years with Urbana School District, and he always had a smile for me and a wonderful way of making me feel welcomed and that I was important to him -- even when we passed quickly in the school hallways. He was a wonderful human and we will long remember his many, many kindnesses over the years. So very sorry for your great loss.


Brent Meyer posted on 8/20/21

I had the privilege to work one summer with Ryan when I worked for the School District. He ultimately is the reason Nate and I became such good friends. Ryan was fun to work with, great to talk to, had an amazing heart and always talked so highly of his kids. The world lost a great man, but heaven gained a special person. I will always cherish the times I got to spend with Ryan.


Kay D Cook posted on 8/20/21

Joe was always cheerful and a bright spot in our day. His smile and sense of humor will be missed. Dorothy, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and your family.


Gary Powell posted on 8/17/21

Bryan - So sorry to have learned last week of your mom's passing. I still have so many good memories of her from when we would pal around during our high school days, and then also much later when I would see her, on occasion, when Trinity and Bethel would combine for worship. Take care. I would love to reconnect and catch up sometime. Gary


Thomas Fox posted on 8/15/21

Joe did so much for us at Psi U. His time as treasurer was truly so much more than keeping books and collecting receivables. He would visit the house every week: share stories, offer advice, and help us with whatever we needed. Hundreds of us met him and saw his devotion to Psi U over that time. He truly was the best of us. YITB


Thomas Fox posted on 8/15/21

Joe did so much for so many of us at Psi Upsilon - his time as our treasurer was so much more involved than simply keeping books and collecting receivables - every week he'd be at the chapter house meeting with undergrads, telling stories, helping out wherever we needed it... He was truly the very best of us. YITB


John White posted on 8/14/21

I was sad to hear that Mrs. Hummel had passed on. Having been one of those kids who grew up on William street, I knew Mrs. Hummel as a kind, caring and devoted Mom who dedicated her life to her family. She was an amazing woman and will be missed. My condolences to John, Glenn, Paul, Tom, Mary and their families.


Brian Conway posted on 8/11/21

I was working on a project to get a house with a handicap accessible bathroom for a member of 1st Baptist. This seemed like a small project but it grew into electrical repairs, ceiling damage repairs, and one day I discovered that some other volunteers had gutted the kitchen, even though that was NOT on the plan, nor were there funds for kitchen remodeling. Yet money and volunteers kept appearing, and the house became not just functional, but beautiful. Part of the finished house Being beautiful, what is the appearance of Dick Behrends. At first I worried that he was an inspector from the city, but this man in his 80s worked in the oppressive heat day after day to help a church family have a lovely house. I was proud to call him a brother in Christ.


Don Korte posted on 8/10/21

Sorry to hear about Mike. It's been some time since I'd talked to him. Lots of good memories at VTI and Carterville. Condolences to you Alice and your family


Margaret Morrrissey posted on 8/10/21

RIP Grandpa Red ! Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives! Love Mike Maggie Brennan and Callum xoxo


Karen Kresin posted on 8/10/21

Nick and I would like to send our condolences to you Alice and your family. We will be thinking of you throughout these days ahead and be praying for God to lay his hands on you and give you peace. Mike was such a nice man and we know you will miss him dearly. Nick and Karen Kresin


Phyllis W Williams posted on 8/9/21

Alice and family, we are so sorry for your loss. Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia “Pat” Brazelton, your old coworker


Nancy Steinecke posted on 8/8/21

To My Uncle Richard, I said a prayer for you to thank the lord above for blessing me with a lifetime of your heartfelt Love. I thanked God for the caring you shown me and the letters you wrote me, the pictures you sent me and the endless stories of your childhood with Dad, Aunt Mary and Grandma and Grandpa Behrends. Since Dad died when I was young I would of never known who he was. I know I will see you again, in the meantime give everyone a hug for me. So, I thank you from the heart for all you've done for me and I Blessed the Lord for giving me the best uncle this girl could ever have. You are Loved more than you ever know. Thank you for Loving me back. Love Nancy


Tammy posted on 8/7/21

I will miss you momma.



Susan Beard posted on 8/6/21

To a loving adopted mom who was also my neighbor most of my childhood you'll be truly missed! Thank you for always welcoming me in your home!


Lynn Reynolds posted on 8/6/21

My memories of Ruth are endless & not enough room for the story, but our lives along with my Husband J & Robert Ruth’s Husband began at our kids Elementary School in Jax, Fl, we were all very involved in PTA & Patrols, we shared so many events together & The Phillips were very hard workers, We shared the Carnivals together & spent many nights counting money till wee hours of morning! Not to mention running all over Jax for food, game prizes, etc! None of us complained, we had so much fun at those events & we would have our board meetings for PTA at ChiChi’s which was a fantastic Mexican food restaurant with THE best margarita’s in town! Needless to say we had THE best board members of all time & several others shared this honor with us! We made honey drippers by the dozen & we sold after school everyday & Ruth was always there, in the heat or cold for our Patrol Team, which earned them a trip to Washington, DC, here was Ruth all the way to DC in her wedges, girl don’t you own a pair of sneakers? Ruth would say, I can only walk in wedges & not have my feet hurt! She was always so elegantly dressed & hair & make-up perfect! Ruth was a perfect lady & such a beautiful person, inside & out❤️ This is a very brief memory of our fun times, Ruth always spoke positive about everyone, never met a stranger, kids loved her spunk! She loved God, her Husband Robert & her Children & now with even more Grandchildren & greats, so much more love to spread around, just so sorry a cure hasn’t existed for Alzheimer’s patients, they are so cheated out of so much life, so sad Ruth’s great Grands will miss out on so much of her love, but Robert will be giving that same love as Ruth did❤️ Wonderful memories I have to cherish of Ruth & hope each of you will have lots of wonderful memories of Ruth, a very dear friend❤️ Rest In Peace beautiful friend❤️


Stephanie posted on 8/6/21

I have known my Mommy Nonnie’s love for 70 years. It is going to be heart breaking to know her encouraging words and love are no longer just a phone call away. I look forward to spending eternity with her together with our Lord Jesus Christ After her Glorious uniting with her Lord I know the first person she will want to see again will be our Nanno (grandma) Sissy loved and loves her so very very much. Nanno’s warm embrace was her place of refuge and love during her early years of struggles. May the Love of God through Jesus Christ that my sissy knows fill each one of you that has been touched by her life.


Roberta McEntire posted on 8/6/21

I will always remember our bowling days with Dolly. She was such a special person.


MMarg Jarrell posted on 8/6/21

Exercise in the Wedgewood Pavilion. I was there for several years a few times a week ……still use Gil’s CD often! Good memories. Rest In Peace Gil. A neighbor.


MMarg Jarrell posted on 8/6/21

Wedgewood Exercise in Wedgewood Pavilion


Mary Hecker MacRae posted on 8/6/21

Sincere condolences to the family and especially to Tracy Brinkmeyer. I only wish I had know Mr. Brinkmeyer. He influenced many and left quite a footprint.



Mike Field posted on 8/6/21

Tracy - My best to you. Im sorry to hear about your dad. My dad called me yesterday to tell me. Been a long time. My prayers are with you.


Peter T Tomaras posted on 8/6/21

I endorse all the information and second the emotions evident in the wonderful obituary for Gil. The summary of his life was spot-on. Shared a locker room at Kenney Gym in 1955-6, gymnasts had the gym, fencers the annex. Ever the upbeat, positive, joking guy. Friends in a circle including the Achesons, Dallenbachs, and others. Saw him often early a.m. at the Armory. His treatment for injuries: more workout, however painful. Hard-core athlete. Doubt he had an enemy in the world.


Family of Mary J Lantz posted on 8/6/21

Richard touched everyone who knew him, a kind,caring and charitable man whose memory we will treasure. Prayers for peace and comfort


Lynn T Scott posted on 8/5/21

Gil led a group of women in exercise at Wedgewood Pavilion for many years. He kept my mother going for a long time! May he rest in Gods eternal peace and light


Laura Guest Restaino posted on 8/5/21

My husband and I send our deepest condolences. I understand now where Steve obtained his love of the outdoors. Richard’s inspiration to others to live a “perfect day” will go on through his family, friends, those he touched and read this lovely obituary.


Henry Dawkins jr posted on 8/5/21

Rip Jerry you was great Man will be missed by many


Nancy Forebaugh posted on 8/4/21

I was saddened to hear of Mrs. Hummel's passing. Though it gave me a moment to recall all the grand memories of growing up on William street (neighbor and Mary's age.) Mrs. Hummel was always sweet and tender. Always patient and caring to my childhood antics. Her food! Her recipes! There is only one place where I have ever had homemade ice cream--in the Hummel's backyard. Mrs. Hummel was truly a very special woman and matriarch to an exceptional family.



Amy Gaines posted on 8/3/21



Marjorie Seaman posted on 8/2/21

My condolences to Gil's family. RIP.



Cameron & Michelle Pitcel posted on 8/2/21

Diane was a beautiful and kind soul who always seemed to know the answer to the most obscure questions. She was always there to listen if you needed to talk and was a joy to work with



Dawn Colter Carden posted on 8/1/21

Aunt Diane, I wish I could be there. Thank you for loving my uncle and our family so fierce, so compassionate, so loyal. A hole has been left, but I know I will see you again. In the meantime, hug your sister, your parents, and my grandparents for me. I know you and BMA are having long Alan centered conversation with a thanks for “loving my baby boy” in there. You are loved....


Chuck and Sarah Lee posted on 8/1/21

Gil was a great guy. We bought our first house from him when he didn't know us at all. He called Chuck's boss, got an ok about him, and it was a done deal. He also gave me a hand full of Anthony Robert Martin Trigona hot pads which we used every Thanksgiving and thought of Gill with a smile. He will be missed.


Denny and Sheila Lincicome posted on 8/1/21

Our deepest sympathies for the lost of your husband. We never met him but he sounded like a great person. May your wonderful memories help you at this difficult time


Kim Lafferty-Copple posted on 7/31/21

I am sorry to hear of Mrs. Hummel's passing. I couldn't help but reflect on all of the wonderful memories of growing up on William Street. Mrs Hummel was always there to help advise, console or laugh with us. She was truly an exceptional Mom. May your wonderful and special memories help you thru this difficult time. Your Family is in my thought and prayers.



Dena Wright posted on 7/30/21

I loved you more then you will ever know. We’ve been friends for over forty years and I will never forget you Thanks for loving me back. Love Dena I miss you already


Virginia Wood posted on 7/29/21

My husband and I worked with Alan Arnold several years. During those years we got well acquainted with Diane and enjoyed spending time with the nice couple. We are very saddened to learn of Diane's passing.



GARY L SCAFF posted on 7/29/21

So sorry for your lost. Diane and Family were my friends and neighbors years ago I worked with Diane Dad at the Urbana Post Office. Sending PRAYERS


Ryan posted on 7/29/21

There was never a question she couldn't answer for me (except what was that weird alarm thing outside her office). Sad when she retired, and even sadder now. She was a champ.


Joe Muskin and Susan Pollock posted on 7/29/21

So sorry for your loss Alan. You are in our prayers


Marlyn (“Corky”) Rinehart posted on 7/28/21

My condolences to John and the Hummel family on Bonnie’s passing. I knew this lovely lady from our being members of the U of I Chemistry Circle way back when!


Denise Flora posted on 7/26/21

Thinking of Nancy and all who loved her in this moment before her graveside service. Feeling gratitude for what she and I shared over the years. As the cousin of my mom, Mary Lou, you might not think we would have had occasion to be particularly close, especially since I've lived most of my life away from Champaign. But we had a few of the same interests and that brought us together at various times. We connected early on around genealogy and she passed me many facts and family stories. We connected later around her faith when we spent some time with the same community. My sister and I lived with Nancy for several months while we cared for our father at the end of his life - she was a gentle host who gave us just the space and place we needed. And recently we shared stories of her grandparents to help Mom write her memoirs. I am so happy her worries are over, her work is done, it is time for her hard-earned reward. I hope that includes getting to eat anything you want Sending love to one and all.


Valerie Knupp posted on 7/24/21

My thoughts go out to the entire family. My mother was her cousin and they talked via phone, text and email over the years. I hope they are able to share their memories in the peaceful beyond.


Nancy Johnson posted on 7/23/21

Our deepest sympathies on the loss of Karen. We enjoyed seeing and talking with you both at mutual friends' gatherings. Nancy Johnson and Ken Bengoechea


Gordon and Sophia Rumanes Kernes & Family posted on 7/21/21

We are sending you our deepest condolences. Karen was a wonderful woman with a beautiful heart and smile. May her memory be eternal.


Kevin and Katie O'Connell posted on 7/21/21

Our deepest condolences to all of you on Ruth's passing. We've so enjoyed seeing your family each summer at "the blue house" and hold cherished memories of all of you. Mike and Ruth always welcomed us up to the porch for a visit or a drink...usually with an interesting story or a clever quip embedded somewhere in the conversation. Our sympathies are with you. Her beautiful smile will be missed.


Linda Ross posted on 7/20/21

Mrs Shtohryn came into the parish office occasionally while I was working there to schedule Masses. She was a lovely lady. We joked about the pronunciation of her name. I finally got it right!


Mike Day posted on 7/19/21

Dear Jean & Ken-I am so sorry for your loss. I certainly remember Dan as a person who was very pleasant & eager to improve his health. May he Rest In Peace.


Deb (Thorne) Haarmann posted on 7/18/21

I worked with Eustachia at Mercy Hospital in the early 80s and have fond memories of her. She made the world’s best Christmas cookies!


Nisha and Indra Aggarwal posted on 7/18/21

Dear Liuda and Bohdar, we are so very sorry for your loss of your beloved Mother. She was a kind and loving person and her presence will be greatly missed. Our love and sincere condolences to you and family.


Denis & Viviane Gauthier posted on 7/17/21

To: Ken & the Helm family, There are no words to express how grieved we are at the painful loss you are going through. We tenderly share your grief and we just hope that our sympathy will bring you some relief. May the Lord give you the strength to carry on and the peace of mind to recognize the gift that is his Kingdom.


Kathy & Greg Spancake posted on 7/16/21

Liuda, Greg and I are sending condolences, hugs and prayers for you. I am sure that your Mom appreciated all that you have done for her. This is not an easy time but our hope is that memories of a happier time with help you through.



Sandy Williams posted on 7/16/21

Liuda, I am thinking of you and particularly our last conversation. Thinking of you especially now. I love you and you have my thoughts and prayers.


Teresa Petry Dorsey posted on 7/14/21

I’m sure all four of our parents are having a drink in all our honors!



ann flanagan petry posted on 7/12/21

Ruth made everyone she met feel special. So very grateful to know her and Mike and the whole O'Byrne family.


Joanne Foley posted on 7/11/21

Ruth and I became friends in 7th grade and we graduated together from Champaign High. We enjoyed being Pi Phis together. We celebrated many New Year's Eves together and we were in a pot luck group. What precious memories.


Anne Payne posted on 7/11/21

David and I are so sorry to learn that Ruth has died. A very lovely person to have known in our stock buying club many years ago. Our deepest sympathies to the O’Byrne family. Anne and David Payne.


Quay Ball posted on 7/8/21

Linda, I will treasure your kindness and love for my family forever. You helped me heal from a painful divorce by checking in on me and how I was processing things when I lived in Andrea and Reagans basement. You also took my little girl Avery to the doctor when she had an ear infection and I was out of the country in Ireland on a mission trip with Reagan. You were available and always asking questions that showed your care and concern. I love how you always wanted to play cards at our family reunions and go to the games at Warner and stay current and in the lives of your grandchildren. I celebrate you today as you are reunited with your husband and family and also that you are face to face with your One True Love.



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

Love you so much Mrs Garret. Thank you for being so special to me



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

I loved Mrs Garret very much! Miss you so much! Thank God for Heaven



Laura Evans posted on 7/7/21

Mrs Garret is a wonderful woman enjoying Heaven


Jim Bohannon posted on 7/7/21

I cam't believe I failed to leave a comment here back in April. Paul was one of the finest professionals and finest people I've ever known. I'll never forget the time I interviewed him and suggested we chat about the first amendment. He provided listeners with a brilliant look at our free speech rights, one full hour, all off the top of his head. Paul was one of a kind. I miss you, buddy.


MS posted on 7/6/21

So very sorry for the loss of your dear mother.


Michael Wade posted on 7/6/21

Condolences to the Bannon family


Mark and Vickie Shaner posted on 7/6/21

Linda was one who loved and invested in so many! The impact her and Don had on our sons Austin and Timothy while they were students at Warner University was significant, especially when Austin felt let to start a chapter of FCA on the Warner University campus. The support through prayer, storing FCA materials, and encouragement was huge and for four plus years this chapter flourished and many students came to know the Lord and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Don and Linda loved University students at Warner and were a huge encouragement to so many, but definitely had a direct impact in the lives of our two sons.


Carl and Linda Smith posted on 7/5/21

Les, can't begin to tell you how sorry about the passing of your mom. Carl and Linda( from Touch of Class)



Laura Prowse posted on 7/4/21

My memories of Stevenson HS will always include Heidi. Basketball, volleyball and if course shot put and discuss throwing. My deepest condolences to her family! I will never forget when her little sister came into the world.


Myrle M Blackburn posted on 7/3/21

Les, Cindy and family so sorry for your loss. She was an amazing woman.Thoughts are with you. Sincerely,Myrle Blackburn


Patrick Connolly posted on 7/2/21

I was very saddened to hear that Jackie passes away. She was incredibly compassionate and when Scott and I attended the police academy, she always worried about us. Halloween won’t be the same without her. She made the best popcorn balls in the world! God bless the family and keep them strong.


Peter Brunk posted on 7/2/21

I want to say that if all the people I encountered at U of I during my time pursuing an aviation career, nobody was kinder, more generous, more encouraging than Omer Benn. He showed his love for education and pilot training at every turn. I will miss him dearly.


Peter Brunk posted on 7/2/21

A true patron of education


Lisa Ladely posted on 7/1/21

Vince was a great kid and will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Janet Scoggin posted on 6/29/21

Erin, Kelly & Family: We are sorry for your loss. Your Dad was so proud of all of you. His Uncle Harry, was always pleased that your Dad would take time to come see him. And bring you to his house, when you visited. May you find comfort in the memories you have of your Dad. Love, Jan, Allen & Matthew Scoggin


Merveille Luyeye posted on 6/28/21

So sorry for your loss , prayers


Jackie Anderson posted on 6/27/21

Connie, I am so sorry for your loss. I sent an email to the address I had for you. In case it doesn't go through, I just wanted to send my condolences. I hope to make the visitation later in the afternoon. My Sympathy - Jackie


Terry Anderson posted on 6/26/21

Sympathy for Erin, Kelly, & family



Linda Williams posted on 6/26/21

A wonderful cousin and lifelong friend. I will miss him always.


Eileen Miller H C E Staley Unit posted on 6/23/21

Dee was a long time member of Staley Unit of the HCE I think she joined about 1985. She helped willingly over the years and was always cheerful at the meeting. We missed seeing her smiling face these last few years. So sorry to hear of her passing. She taught us a lot. Hugs to her family.


Debbie Lawrence posted on 6/23/21

I am so sorry to hear about Jackie, my deepest condolences. She was a fantastic SATO asset. She was always able to fix my travel to fit my needs. She knew all the ways around the system blocks! I traveled just under #1 traveler Ron Webster one year so I traveled a lot back in the 80s and early 90s. She always greeted me with a smile and a laugh at my latest adventures. She was fantastic and will be greatly missed.


Peter Heinricher posted on 6/23/21

I worked with Jackie at CERL for several years. She was always a joy to deal with. My condolences to her family.


Francois Grobler posted on 6/23/21

Jackie was one of my favorite people at USACERL; I always enjoyed her competent and friendly support while working there. Condolences to the family and friends.


Terri Norman posted on 6/23/21

i was blessed to have worked in the same office as Jackie for several years, Jackie had a mischievous side, she would come up with an idea and Teri, Marla, and i would carry it out. Jackie always had a kind heart, and always meant well.


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/22/21

We are so sorry for the loss of this good man. Thinking of all of you. The family of Elmer (1930-2003) and Patricia Brazelton


Marilyn posted on 6/22/21

Imie was a role model for all business teachers. She was a true professional being actively involved in professional organizations for business educators at the local, state, national, and international level. I was fortunate enough to travel with her to attend numerous professional meetings over the years. I have many fond memories of time spent with her--she was a true friend.


Walter J.Mikucki posted on 6/22/21

I was saddened to read Jackie's obit in the N-G. Since I traveled a lot in my last year before retirement from USACERL, I frequently interacted with Jackie. I could always count on her to make travel plans to fit my needs. Even more, I could count on her to "have my back" when weather, airlines or unexpected delays necessitated a change in itinerary. She was both professional and personable,both characteristics needed to do her work as SATO. It was a plasure to know and work with her.


Kent and Sharon Taylor posted on 6/22/21

We loved our visits with Jackie when she was in Florida and will really miss her. She was extremely proud of her family and loved to talk about the new babies! Such a great lady! We are so sorry for your loss.


Elnora Webb posted on 6/22/21

Bewley Family, May you find comfort in God’s promise at Revelation 21:3,4. “God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things has passed away.”


Roberta posted on 6/22/21

My thoughts & prayers are with you Amy….


Joanne Cahill posted on 6/21/21

Dee was a faithful member of Staley Home Community Education(HCE) for many years. She loved calling our members to remind them of meetings etc. I knew Dee since 2001 & she was always eager to help in spite of her many health issues. She was a very sweet & caring lady. I was happy when she moved to Windsor of Savoy & didn't have to deal with the stairs in her home. Her son Robert was a caring caregiver & made sure his Mom was well taken care of.


Skeeter Summers posted on 6/21/21

So sorry for your loss Jean, Scott, and families. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Mom was always so sweet to all of us kids that would invade the house. May all your special memories give you peace.


Tony Khan posted on 6/21/21

Brian & Family, I am sorry for your loss. Your father was a good man and he will be missed by many.


Karen posted on 6/21/21

She was a very special.lady and will be truly missed. She was my favorite teacher. She just had that special gift of making you feel like you were the most important student in her class.


PAMELA BROSS posted on 6/20/21

I'm so sorry for your loss. I would see her occasionally and enjoyed talking to her.


Judy Forte Brown posted on 6/20/21

Jackie was a friend of mine throughout 12 of school and beyond. Although I moved far away we've always stayed in touch and I will miss her calls & texts. She was my main contact for our '56 class and helped me keep everyone's email addresses correct. Such a thoughtful and caring friend to me.



Sherilyn A Morrill posted on 6/20/21

Great classmate..she wilm be missed.


Jeff Kirby posted on 6/20/21

I worked with Jackie for many years at CERL. She always greeted my with a smile and many times "saved my bacon" while I was on a business trip. She was well versed in making travel arrangements and always make an effort to make arrangements that were a good fit for the needs of the traveler. She was an asset to CERL and well liked by everyone she can across.


Kathy posted on 6/20/21

I always enjoyed my interactions with Jackie in the Travel Office at CERL. Good memories. My deepest sympathy to the Swan family at this sad time.


Patricia posted on 6/19/21

So sorry about the loss of your beautiful, wonderful father. I never met him, but I can tell he was a wonderful, loving person.


Greg Grady. Monticello IL posted on 6/19/21

Condolences to Rays family. I worked with Ray at Sherman distributors in Urbana in the late 70's May He Rest In Peace


Kimberly (Schalk) McDowell, MSHS 1975 graduate posted on 6/19/21

Mrs. Streeter was one of my favorite teachers at Mahomet-Seymour High School back in the early 1970s. I recall that she was not only a devoted teacher but she was a very interesting individual. Living about a block from her on Main Street, she invited me into her home one day to see the many paintings and art work that she and her husband had collected in their travels. I vividly remember that visit and I've thought of her often over the years. It sounds like she lived an exciting and very rewarding life well into retirement. I extend my condolences and kindest wishes to her family and friends.


W M Karr posted on 6/18/21

Edison, Central


Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson posted on 6/18/21

Dear Teri and family, We are saddened to hear of Carl’s passing.. we remember both of you so wonderfully involved with your boys’ activities and now your grandchildren… We pray God surrounds you with His courage and love…. Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson( former neighbors)


Elizabeth/ Dan Nelson posted on 6/18/21

Dear Teri and family, We were saddened to read of Carl’s passing..he was so young….we still remember both of you busy with your boys and involved with their many activities …and now over the years involved with your grandchildren’s activities! Our condolences and prayers to God that He may surround all of you with his courage and love! Elizabeth and Dan Nelson ( old neighbors)


Sue Landells posted on 6/16/21

To all the Comer family: I am very sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother. She was a very sweet person and was always so kind to my children and me. My parents enjoyed being in the car club with Micki and Norm. Rest in peace, dear sweet Micki. Sue Landells and family


Russ Hamilton posted on 6/16/21

Our community has lost a really good person. I have lost a good friend. My condolences to Teri and family. RIP my friend.


Terri L Choules posted on 6/15/21

Messing up my desk and making me laugh when I was complaining about my girls. You always put it into perspective for me. I will miss you so much!


Gary Montgomery posted on 6/15/21

Tom and Jim, Just found out about your dad's passing. Ed was a blast to sit and speak with at MikeyDs. Found out he worked with my grandfather on the I.C. railroad and learned a lot about the R.R. A great guy.


Jane Morford Hill posted on 6/13/21

Very sorry for your loss. Great memories of shelling beans at the kitchen table.


Laurel Marshall posted on 6/11/21

Always a gentalman. Well dressed man. He had pride in what he did.



Ron and Hope posted on 6/9/21

Please accept our sympathy for Ed,s passing.


Don Muse posted on 6/8/21

So sorry to hear about Ed's passing. Good friend and co-worker. We also served on the I.C. Credit Union together. My sympathy to the family.


Kris Lewman posted on 6/8/21

Neal was one of the most authentic people I have ever met. He simply wanted to help people and solve problems. I was lucky to have had him in my life, even if it was for too short a time. A wise and loving soul.



Steve A Parker posted on 6/7/21

I will miss Ed. He and Mary spent many hours sitting at my parents dining room table having lunch or dinner or just some cards and coffee. Two of the best people I've known in my life. They weren't simply friends, they are family. He and dad shared a love for the railroad and were the best of friends. I know Ed is at rest now, my thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and the rest of the family. God bless. Rest in peace my friend.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 6/7/21

Our neighborhood and Savoy have lost a good man…and a loyal veteran…and a railroader. May he Rest In Peace.


Jan Carter Niccum posted on 6/7/21

The neighborhood and our community has lost a good man…a veteran…and a railroader. May he Rest In Peace.


Marty and Pam Joop posted on 6/5/21

Becky so sorry to here about Kevin. I had known him from the late 60's. I have fond memories of going camping... Got re-acquainted with him thru Jimmy Young and poker. Kevin was great guy and will be sorely missed Pam and I will pray for your family.


Cindy Connolly posted on 6/5/21

Becky I was so sorry to hear of Kevin’s passing. I worked at the County and got to know Kevin there over the years. He was a Great Guy with a WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR!! He always had a joke for you in his passing through on a job. Again I am So Sorry for your loss . May your Wonderful Memories of your HUSBAND AND BEST FRIEND HELP HEAL YOUR ♥️ HEART AT THIS SAD TIME. Keeping you and Kevin’s Mother in my prayer’s . God Bless Cindy and Pat Connolly


Marty and Pam Joop posted on 6/5/21

Becky so sorry to here about Kevin. I have known him since the the late 60's when our parents were friends. Have a lot of good memories when we camping... I back in touch at a poker game that Jimmy Young thru. Kevin was great guy and will be sorely missed. My wife and I will pray for the family.



Rosemarie Jean Jurczak posted on 6/4/21

I am the 'ole' women who started walking past your home 11 years ago now. We fought the same 'C' word for the past 3 years- Bob would always great me and always had an uplifting little morsel to share with me when I was down. And I felt safer walking out that way because of him. He will be greatly missed


Cindy Cain Connolly posted on 6/3/21

Richie and Family I am so sorry to read of the lost of your little sister. May your Good Memories of Liz help heal your ❤️ HEART AT THIS TIME. She is with your Mom and brother’s in HEAVEN IN YOUR Mother’s arms. . Keeping you and your Dad and family in my prayers. Love Cindy Cain Connolly


Larry Waters & family posted on 6/3/21

Connie, our thoughts are with you and all of the family. We sure do remember all of our time spent together as band parents in all kinds of weather! All of you stay well and take care of yourselves.


Cholpon from Kyrgyzstan posted on 6/2/21

Great grandfather with a great sense of humor, was always fit and in a good mood, and of course very kind man, I will always remember, together with grandma they made my year in the US more fun and very interesting! Thanks for everything! My deepest condolences for grandma Bernie, mom Darla, Gina, Craig, Clint, Daniel, Aaron, Tim and all other family members... may his soul rest in peace...


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/2/21

Mike, I am so sorry, words fail. (We worked at the Armory with George Crawford one million years ago.)


Phyllis W Williams posted on 6/2/21

Mike I am so sorry, words fail. We worked together at the Armory one million years ago.


Bill (and Leslie) Pfrommer posted on 6/2/21

Our sincere condolences to the Seaman and Clark families. I was lucky to have played a couple rounds with "Uncle Kevin" on the (Colin) Clark golf outing. An outstanding player and an even nicer guy. I am Colin Clark's father-in-law, in Bloomington, IN.


Bob Doty posted on 5/31/21

Mike and family, you have our condolences.


Bill Dixon posted on 5/31/21

Mrs. Korst life story is inspirational. As a Champaign native raised in the same era as her four children, I always found her to be kind and gracious. My condolences to the Korst Family.


Dennis & Johnette Sparks posted on 5/30/21

We send our condolences to the Feldman family. As Bob’s tennis coach Dennis remembers Bob saying “Let’s hit this one for Judy!” May you find peace in your special memories.


Linda Maier posted on 5/30/21

So sorry for your loss. Jack was a wonderful man who I liked very much. I will miss him very much. My prayers are with the family.


Marie Slattery posted on 5/30/21

Please accept my sincerest condolences to the family for your loss . I knew Judy for many years being in different clubs with her, and always enjoyed working and visiting with her. I'll always remember her beauty, grace and lovely smile. Sincerely, Marie Slattery


Elaine Harmon posted on 5/30/21

I remember Mrs. Korst as she would regularly come to the Mechanical Engineering office to go to lunch with her husband. She was always smiling, pleasant and always kept us laughing with little tidbits about her husband. After Prof. Korst retired, anytime I would see them, they always remembered me. I offer my condolences and am so honored that I got to meet them. They were perfect for each other.


Shirley Wagoner posted on 5/28/21

Sending my condolences. Neal was one of my favorite people ever.


Terry and Jo Beauvois posted on 5/26/21

Sending our sympathy to Bernie and family.


Terry and Jo Beauvois posted on 5/26/21

Sending our sympathy to Bernie and family. Neal was a very nice man.


Hernan Velarde posted on 5/26/21

Shalom, Noel. You were one of my favorite professors at U of I in 1987 when I took statistics with you. You inspired me to continue in economics and today I have a master's in economics thanks to your love in all things economics. It is always hard to hear that people like you leave this world so early. May you rest in peace and thank you for your devotion to helping others.


Donnie Sherrill posted on 5/26/21

We spent many joyful hours with Neal & Bernie at Hoopeston Methodist Church, mission trips, Owl Club, golfing (with Don) and FMC Engineering (with LaVonda), etc. He was a very special person who will be sorely missed. Don & LaVonda Sherrill


John and Theta posted on 5/26/21

We will be traveling the week of services but you truly are in our thoughts and prayers. What a terrific gentleman!!!! I always start smiling when I think of him. He is missed greatly!


Gregory Ryan posted on 5/25/21

Jack was a great man. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Jack.


Jerry Hardesty posted on 5/24/21

I knew Neal from our college days. Bernie and my wife, Joy, lived at the same house, Stratford, on campus. When Joy and I were moving to Highland Park, we would pick Bernie up and take her to be with Neal, who was waiting at a diner. Later they moved the Hoopeston and some of the Stratford girls and their spouses would be there, sometimes to help celebrate Hoopeston Festival. They returned to Champaign and became involved with the same church I attended and even joined the same Sunday school class, Kum Dubble. The Stratford girls and their spouses would still get together.Neal was a worker for most of his years. He loved to farm. We will miss him.


Rich Hall posted on 5/24/21

Dave was a dear friend and classmate of mine. We participated in sports together and shared many classroom experiences together. A great guy, he will be truly missed. Condolences to all the family.


Lyn Nalett posted on 5/23/21

I am praying for you and am grateful for your friendship.


Lyn Nalett posted on 5/23/21




Richard and Claire Everett posted on 5/23/21

Our sincerest condolences for your loss, she lives on in eternity with your memories and many stories from her life. Every person she touched is better from having had her in their lives.



Christine Vanier O’Shaughnessy and Paula Vanier (niece) posted on 5/22/21

So many memories. Uncle Neal taught me to fish in Ohio when I was about seven years old. He took my sister around on the riding lawnmower. He always came to see aunt Mag and got into a teasing argument regarding the Cubs versus the Cardinals games. Whenever he came to see us for many years he brought pudding pops. He would tell the “glad that’s not my kid” story. Whenever one of my children was acting up. Always knew how to tease and make you smile. Always extend a helping hand when someone was in need. He has a saving grace when my mom was ill. My sister and I miss him dearly.



Melinda Morgan posted on 5/22/21

Love you all and am praying for you!


Scott Huston posted on 5/21/21

Cousin Bill and I had several good times together over the last 58 years. The 2000 miles from Illinois to CA limited the number of occasions, but the quality time was always there. Bill was always kind, thoughtful and took initiative to go do something enjoyable. Fond memories include going out to a club see some local Urbana live music, a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to see the Strawberry Alarm Clock, a full day exploring the San Diego County local mountains and deserts— even spotted some wild big horn sheep— all the while listening to tunes and getting to know each other. Last time was in 2008 when Mom (Aunt Edna) and I visited Urbana Bill and Adana and Sara took us on a tour of Indiana covered bridges—- what a delightful day. Let’s celebrate the life of this giving man as we grieve. Love to the family!


MHS Class of 1991 posted on 5/21/21

The Monticello High School class if 1991 remembers and appreciates Mr. Fay and the impact he had on our lives as an educator. Much respect to his family.


Pamela Wilkinson posted on 5/21/21

Bev and Bill were great friends and neighbors of my grandparents, Fred and Lou Hood. They helped each other out many times. I remember going to Marion and Ellen Pasley’s with my grandparents (possibly New Year’s Eve as they were eating oyster soup), and Bill and Bev were there with Kathy. Kathy and I ate all of Ellen’s oranges as if she gave us some exotic treat! I love little memories like this. My condolences to the Hanks family as I know you will all miss her until the time you meet again in Heaven.


Elaine (Washington) Harmon posted on 5/21/21

To the family of Oscar Adams, you are in my thoughts and prayers. When I had the children in school, I remember an involved Dad, always supporting his children and a great funny Dad. Know that you have my heartfelt condolences.


Roger Ellis posted on 5/20/21

So sorry to hear of Bills passing. Always enjoyed talking to Bill when passing by your house.


Mike and Pam Miller posted on 5/20/21

Mike and I met Dave in 2005 when our Daughter Carie married Dave's Son Mike! Dave lived his life the old-fashioned way by studying hard in school, continuing his education to become a teacher and taking on an extra job in the summers! He and his Son Mike had a very special relationship and he was always there for Care and Jo! We are so sad that he is gone but happy that he is at peace! Love you Dave!


Daniel posted on 5/18/21

I am so sorry to hear the loss thoughts and prayers


Sergio Franco posted on 5/15/21

I owe immense gratitude to JD: He helped me through the glorious days of the Illiac II Computer, and then the days of the Salmar Construction, all the way to my Ph. D. degree at the U of I. He has influenced my way of thinking as well as my writing style. Thank you, JD, from the bottom of my heart!


Jim Smith posted on 5/14/21

My belated condolences to the Holm family. I just saw Tom's name in the "In Memoriam" section of the Caltech Alumni Magazine. Tom was a good friend and classmate. He had a great sense of humor and wicked jump shot. And he was always ready to share his knowledge. He is and will remain one of my best memories of Caltech. May he rest in Peace and God bless you all.


Jim Smith posted on 5/14/21

Belated condolences to the Holm family. I just saw Tom's name In Memoriam in the Caltech Alumni Magazine. He was a good friend with a great sense of humor, a kind disposition, and great outside jump shot. He is and will remain remembered. May he rest in Peace and God bless you all.


Vicki wyatt posted on 5/12/21

Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about Jayne’s passing. I can’t believe it. She was such a wonderful person and I am so happy to have known her. Prayers Vicki


Judy Mauck Sentel posted on 5/8/21

So many fond memories of Jayne in 12 years of school we had together. Probably her pushing me in my wheelchair after my surgeries and marching band in high school stand out the most. So sorry for your loss!


Angie from Christie posted on 5/8/21

Joyce, I am so very sorry to hear of Jayne's passing. She was a lovely and delightful person and she will be missed greatly.


Richard "Dick" Shelby posted on 5/8/21

Joyce...I am so sorry about the passing of Jayne. I remember how she excelled in sports at Atwood-Hammond High School and how proud you and Ed were of her. No doubt she has provided you many fond memories to remember her by. My sincere sympathy goes out to you Joyce. Feel free to contact me anytime Joyce.


Pam Sanders Simpson (Sam) posted on 5/7/21

So sorry! Love the memories of playing basketball with Jayne!



Peg Greek posted on 5/7/21

High School memories: marching band, Friday nights at Monicals in Tuscola and cruising the town and just being a friend.


daniel powell posted on 5/6/21

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. I have numerous fond memories of him from my teen years. May god be with you and the family at this trying time.


Brad Coats posted on 5/6/21

So very sorry for this great loss to Marsha's family. She was a class act, a hard worker, smart as can be, and incredibly kind.


Babs & Rick Hazelrigg posted on 5/6/21

Our sincere sympathy to all of Marsha's extended family. May your many good memories of her better days bring you comfort and peace.


Sara Huff Steele posted on 5/5/21

Dear Steve, I am so sorry to have read of your loss of your dear wife, Marsha. I did not have the good fortune to have met her, as our paths have not crossed since high school days. She sounds like a super lady and you were fortunate to have her.


Sandy Bickes posted on 5/5/21

Steve, my sincerest sympathies to you and you family.


Lisa Davis (neighbor across the street) posted on 5/5/21

Sorry to hear of your loss. Marsha always waved to me when I was out in my yard and even checked on me one day when I was on my roof cleaning gutters and the wind blow the ladder away from the house. Luckily I was inside when it happened and not on top of the house. Rest in Peace Marsha. I life well lived.


MARTHA DOBOS posted on 5/5/21

I was a close friend from High School. I'm so sorry for your loss! We had some great times over the years. She was the best friend anyone could ask for. Prayers to you all!


Julian Gorski posted on 5/5/21

Allison, my deepest condolences to you and your family. I knew your mother professionally and as a friend when we were in our 30's. I can still feel her warmth and enthusiasm for life. She will be missed by so many.


Early Careers Teams at UnitedHealth Group posted on 5/4/21

On behalf of the entire UnitedHealth Group team, we want to say how sorry we are for your loss. We cannot begin to imagine the pain you are experiencing. We know how talented Jacob was, as he was set to embark on his internship journey with us this summer, and in his honor, we are contributing to the Jacob Schleinz Memorial Scholarship. Please know our thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Our deepest condolences, Early Careers Teams at UnitedHealth Group


Phil & Donna Matteson posted on 5/4/21

To to Colbert family members. My husband and I wish to extend our sympathy over the loss of your Dad. We had great admiration for both of your parents, and even had a connection with a love of antique cars. We will remember Dick’s constant smile and gentle manner. Best wishes to the family. Donna & Phil Matteson


Laura Karlins posted on 5/4/21

Russ and I are so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. He was a sweet and kind man who will be missed by many. Our thoughts are with all of you at this time.


Cindi holsren posted on 5/3/21

Tim, it has almost a been month that you went home to be with Mom and Dad. I think of you daily and oh how I pray that you knew I was leaving Florida for a surprise visit to see you. You couldn't hold on. I hold the memories we had together in my heart forever. Through all of the good, bad, and , ugly we always loved eaxh other. You weres uch a hard worker, just like dad, and dealt with the hand you were given with such strength and positivity. Until we meet again my sweet brother. RIP. I love you, Cindi


Tom and Laraine Glenn posted on 5/2/21

Our memory of Dorothy (and Earl) is one that always brings a smile. Friendly, hard workers and always glad to see you.


Ted Rogers posted on 5/2/21

Cousin John, to soon, to soon, John was always way out in front of all the rest of us academically, except for the intellectually consistent and persistent Rick Wheeler. Who could challenge and pull even but never maintain a lead. Halcyon days! Peace Be With You, God bless and God Speed, Ted Rogers


Joe Marino posted on 5/1/21

Our condolences to the Habeck family. We’ve had the pleasure to have known Dale for over 15 years. Dale was an all around great guy. We have a few pieces of quality furniture that he crafted for us. Dale will be greatly missed.


Lisa Greyhill (nee Gay) posted on 4/30/21

My sincere condolences to all of Margi's family and "extended family" that shared her life. I'll always remember her laughter and sassiness on ski trips and races. Oh, did we have some fun times!


Betsy Elsaesser posted on 4/30/21

I admired Margi for her many leadership qualities, especially in organizations that were not easy to lead like Pine Point Ski Club and CSMC. She was smart, opinionated, decisive, hard working and persistent. She will be missed.


Mary Knight posted on 4/29/21