Condolences for Phil Hoggatt

Nancy Lopeman posted on 8/7/22

I will never forget Phil and your family. Phil was my mentor with SCORE and when I decided to move the project to North Carolina SCORE in C-U continued to help me. I grew up with Angela and WISH that I would have been closer. I asked my brother represent me at the visitation and give you all hugs from me. He went to the funeral home instead of the church. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers and have been for many years. Thank you for your hospice work and volunteering with SCORE. Everyone was blessed to have Phil and your family in our lives. God bless you all, Nancy Lopeman


John Elder posted on 8/7/22

Phil was a great guy and always interested in other people and in serving the Lord. He always had a smile on his face. He will be missed. May all of you in his family be blessed. LOIS and JOHN ELDER


Dobriana and Zbigniew posted on 8/4/22

We are very sad to lose a good, kind and well-respected neighbor. Our condolences to the family.


Brian Hull posted on 8/4/22

I will always fondly remember E. Phillip Hoggatt. I was a 24 year old in 1979 looking to buy my first house. I went to other lenders in the area with $15,000 of my own money saved up, but they black balled me from getting a loan. I was getting discouraged after 3 weeks of disappointments until I ran into Phil at Urbana Savings and Loan. He gave me the loan in 24 hours! Phil and I would always warmly greet each other, whenever I seen Him in public, God bless Phil Hoggatt. A great friend he will ALWAYS be to me!!!!! Sorry for your family's, and Urbana's loss!!!! Brian Hull


Dan Setters posted on 8/4/22

To Phil's family, We have lost a very warm and loving friend and leader. Having worked with Phil over the past 30+ years he exemplified the life that Christ said we should live. He was a great example for us all and was willing to share his story with all who asked. I will miss his living example and walk with the Lord that he can now witness in person. Thanks for sharing Phil with all who took his time away from family and personal relationships. May he rest in peace along with Poly and in His Grace.


Phyllis W Williams posted on 8/3/22

Phil was a wonderful, joyous man and we are so sorry he has passed from all of you. May you feel God’s comfort all around you. The family of Elmer (d 2003) and Patricia Brazelton


Barry & Jean Baker posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Adam. Jean and we’re saddened by the news of Phil’s passing. I was always looking for to hearing from him in the days prior to the Indy 500 wanting me to reserve a spot in the yard him. He will be missed by the all of the race fans here in our yard.


Barry Baker posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Adam Jean and I are saddened to hear of Phil’s passing. I always looked forward to his phone calls in the days prior to the Indy 500 and seeing him on race day.


Bill and Ellen Fondren, Inverness Florida posted on 8/3/22

Andrew & Tammy we are so sorry to read of your loss. Your dad was a friend of ours for many years and the last time we visited with him was in Florida for Tammy's dad. We enjoyed renewing our friendship. May you find peace in the memories that you shared. He was a wonderful person and had many friends. God bless you all.


aaron ammons posted on 8/3/22

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Hoggatt. I met him several months ago when he stopped into the County Clerk's Office where his dad, Elmer P. Hoggatt, was once the County Clerk. I had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Hoggatt, learn about his work with hospice patients, and take a picture I will cherish. Soon thereafter Mr. Hoggatt to speak to the Exchange Club in Urbana. It was clear to me that he was a genuine, caring person and loved by those around him. He will be missed.



Laura Sutherland posted on 8/3/22

A lifetime of memories with the Hoggatt family. Two weeks ago I had the honor of having a heartfelt and sacred conversation with Phil about end-of-life. I will treasure that time always. His handprint is forever on my heart.


Sally Stewart posted on 8/3/22

Phil was such a great person. I have known him a long time. So sorry for your loss. I will miss seeing him at quarterback club.


Jill (Snow) Gray posted on 8/3/22

He will always be Mr. Hoggatt to me! Dad of my childhood friend Angela, whose friendship I cherish! Always had a smile and a hug, such a sweet and loving man. Praying for the entire family during this difficult time and sending love and hugs for healing. Godspeed.


Denny and Sheila Lincicome posted on 8/3/22

Phil gave us our first loan when we got married 57 years ago. He was so helpful and kind. He also called me after my Aunt became ill and offered advice with her care. He was a nice man and will be missed! Condolences to all