Condolences for Nita Sparks

Dlynn Baughman Melo posted on 3/21/20

Danny and Julie, wow. Memories, from something like 1957 when my parents moved to Champaign from Indiana- and we lived on West Williams street and you all lived around the corner.Those were such days of trust, innocence, goodness and our neighbors were like our family. The Gettles, the Idlemans, the Sparks, the Davis's, the Grahams, the Dysons, the O'Neals, and so many more! I just happened to Google your Mom's name today to see about her and found her Obituary. I am sorry for your loss but I am so glad that your Mom, Nita, had such a long and prosperous and happy life! Please know that all three of us "Baughman kids" (Dala, Dlynn and Brad!) have spoken of you all over the years with such fond and happy memories of those old days. We wish you heavenly comfort as you move on in your lives without your bright and cheerful Mom! When God said in John 14:2 "In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." He was really speaking to YOUR Mom! Mansions in heaven, she must be elated! (


Beverley Stewart posted on 2/17/20

Dan and Julie I was so sorry to read of your mothers passing. What a wonderful woman and always fun to visit with. I met her when I came down to Urbana to look for a home to buy. That was early 2009. We set out on a Monday morning to look at homes she had found I might be interested in. She was right first one we saw. A great realtor. Have had several lunches with her always a very fun get together. She spoke often of both of you. I know you miss her but try to remember the fun times and good memories.


Pat Ziegler posted on 2/17/20

Dan and Julie, It was a sad day when I saw that your mom had passed. We were neighbors, a long time ago, when you both were young. It has always been great memories when I see pictures of you with Mike when he was a baby. I last saw your mom when I made some drapes for her in Champaign. She always had a great smile and we told stories about those times. I am sure you will miss her but have good memories and they are yours to keep.


JudiO’Connor posted on 2/17/20

My condolences to both of you. I enjoyed getting to know your mother. I frost met her when she was still working. She was so happy and proud of all she did and what she had accomplished. Over the years we became friends. We enjoyed our time together. We had lots of laughs. She was a strong lady. I will miss her


Sally Adkisson Nathan posted on 2/16/20

Julie and Dan, You have my deepest sympathy. Your mom was such a good friend to my mom, Eleanor Adkisson. I always loved your mom's big smile--she was such a positive person.



Jimmy Stewart posted on 2/16/20

What a great lady, friend and mentor. I will miss our talks and especially your advice and help over the many years.



Jimmy Stewart posted on 2/16/20

What a great lady, mentor, and friend to me. You were always a source of advice and help. I miss you already.


Leslie Hamilton posted on 2/14/20

Nita, I loved your spirit and strength. Thank you for being in my life. You’ll always be in my heart.