Condolences for Dr. Noel Brodsky

Michael posted on 9/22/22

Like many, I was lucky to have Noel as an econ professor. He was exceptionally strange, heartfelt, kind, and intelligent (and funny, yes, I wouldn't skip over that, Noel). We met swimming during public hours at Eastern's pool and he convinced me to take his class, where I learned about supply/demand curves using otters and whiskey as learning tools. We would swim three times a week and chat about anything and everything, and he bestowed upon me the nickname 'Aqualung'. He showed me his old Jaguar, the 'Mousemobile', and we became friends such that when I graduated, he hosted a get together at his home to celebrate, and we shared an old Scotch. Noel was a delight, pure and simple. He made people smile wherever he went, and I hope we can learn from him: don't take things too seriously and try to make the world better in your own way. I'll miss you Noel, you left us too soon.


Hernan Velarde posted on 5/26/21

Shalom, Noel. You were one of my favorite professors at U of I in 1987 when I took statistics with you. You inspired me to continue in economics and today I have a master's in economics thanks to your love in all things economics. It is always hard to hear that people like you leave this world so early. May you rest in peace and thank you for your devotion to helping others.


Mark Garrett posted on 11/5/20

I just learned of Noel's passing and my thoughts and heart go out to you Ann and the girls. You were the best neighbors I had on Jackson St. I wished I had remained in Champaign as I am sure that I would have enjoyed a dive or two with him. I will sincerely miss him.


Mike Curme posted on 8/11/20

Ann and the rest of Noel's family and loved ones, I'm very sorry to hear about Noel's passing. I am thankful to have known him in our time together in UofI's graduate program. He was clearly a gifted teacher and scholar who positively impacted many.


Minh Dao posted on 8/8/20

In our first year at Illinois I still remember Noel gave me a Sharp calculator as a Christmas present which I still had when I retired two years ago. We studied together for our theory prelims and had many fond memories. We ended up being colleagues at Eastern Illinois for twenty years and Noel retired a semester earlier than I. He will be sorely missed by his former students. I still remember him passing my office on his way home and saying Bonne nuit. Noel, my dear friend, you have lived a good life and may you now Rest In Peace.


Brooke and Marcelo posted on 8/8/20

Though we never met Noel directly we heard many stories about him through Alyssa. She is one of the most wonderful people we know and always speaks so highly and fondly of her dad. We wish we could have known him and we are grateful for his gift of Alyssa to us! Lots of love to Alyssa and all of the Brodsky family. We are thinking of you all.


Jim Bruehler posted on 8/8/20

Rest in peace, my friend. My heartfelt condolences go out to your family. You always walked to the beat of your own drummer! Well done, sir! You have left a fine legacy!


Lynn Genschaw Winn posted on 8/7/20

What a wonderful dedication to Noel. Ann, I am thinking of you and the girls...I am so terribly sorry fo your loss.


Jennifer Bell posted on 8/6/20

On behalf of the Alexandra Bell family (Jennifer, George, Alex, and Chris), I am sending our condolences on the shocking and all-too-soon passing of Noel. While I only had the pleasure of meeting him once when picking Alex up from having visited Serena, I know that Alex thought highly of him – and especially appreciated his love of Menards! He sounds like an amazingly wonderful husband, father, friend, and community asset who will be forever missed by those who were fortunate enough to have been in his life. He will remain forever in your hearts. With Warmest Thoughts (and a special hug to Serena), Jennifer Bell


The Jerry Kaplan Family posted on 8/6/20

As a neighbor of the Brodsky Family when we lived on Foothill Drive in Champaign our kids spent lots of time together. Noel helped us so much as we learned how to manage the challenges of early dial up internet. Such fun memories as we watched our families grow up. Our deepest condolences from all the Kaplan Family Kim and Jerry, Joel, Todd and Rachael 7935 E North Lane Scottsdale Arizona and San Rafael, California.


Randall Kangas posted on 8/6/20

Noel and I were grad students together and spent many long lunches poring hot peppers on pizza in Champaign, while finding solutions to the worlds big problems. I always enjoyed running into him in town, he was a good and interesting man, our condolences to his family.


Hannah posted on 8/6/20

What a wonderful obituary. I did not know him, nor his family, but after reading this I feel like I did. A lovely tribute to a man well-loved.


Michael Hagley posted on 8/6/20

I will miss you dearly Noel. Getting to know you was great as we shared some of the same passions. You were a great guy. Your IBM model 2 will be in good hands for as long as I live



Kai Nemoto and Sean Massung posted on 8/5/20

Noel His legacy at our house is the computer desk. He said attaching a sliding keyboard section under a boring 4 leg desk will turn it into a very useful computer desk. It was the best invention ever :) Love, Kai and Sean with all cats


Kerry kenny loman posted on 8/5/20

I've never met Noel, but after reading his obit, I sure wish I had. What a great tribute to an obviously amazing guy. Sending condolences to the entire family.


Joe finnerty posted on 8/5/20

Noel was not only a student of mine, he also was a teacher an a good friend. RIP Joe F


Umeeta Sadarangani posted on 8/5/20

My heart goes out to all of you. I am so, so sorry. It is hard to believe someone so full of life is gone. The tribute captures his spirit so beautifully and with such love and humor that one can already see he will live on through you. Deepest sympathy to you all from Marilyn and me.



Sami Alabdulwahab posted on 8/5/20

You left us, but your moments stay with us for ever. God blesses your soul.


Sami Alabdulwahab posted on 8/5/20

Feel sorry for your loss. Noel was a great man I have ever met in my life. He was helpful colleague and supportive friend. God blesses his soul.